First Great Trailer for Ricky Gervais' The Invention of Lying

June 26, 2009
Source: Yahoo

The Invention of Lying Trailer

Formerly known as This Side of the Truth, the trailer for The Invention of Lying starring, written, and directed by British comedian Ricky Gervais has hit Yahoo today. Here's the concept: Imagine a world where everyone can only tell the truth. And no-one has ever lied. There are no big lies. There are no small lies. Not even white lies. Until one man discovered how to lie. It looks like a quirky, crazy, fun comedy, similar to Bruce Almighty, except this has Ricky Gervais instead of Jim Carrey. I'm not dying to see this, but it does look good. And if you want to see a slightly different trailer, a UK version hit earlier today as well.

Watch the first trailer for Ricky Gervais' The Invention of Lying:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch the trailer for The Invention of Lying in High Definition on Yahoo

The Invention of Lying is co-directed and co-written by Ricky Gervais and first-timer filmmaker Matthew Robinson. Gervais is a British comedian known for the original UK version of "The Office" as well as starring in the Night at the Museum movies as Dr. McPhee and as the lead in Ghost Town last year. Besides directing episodes of "The Office" and "Extras", this is Gervais feature directorial debut. Warner Brothers will be bringing The Invention of Lying to theaters starting on September 25th this fall. Will you see it?

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I read the script for this a while back, and it was pretty good. Looking forward to this. It doesn't hint at the ending at all ether, which is really good. I thought the ending was the weakest part: maybe they changed it; there's a few scenes in this trailer that weren't in the script that I read.

crumb on Jun 26, 2009


we live in a world of retardnation

brayon on Jun 26, 2009


I will see that movie.

keicharones on Jun 26, 2009


Hey, Brayon, I totally agree. I completely wish I was smart, a genius even, too bad I'm fucking dumb though.

keicharones on Jun 26, 2009


do you mean retar DATION or retard nation, because if its retard nation then you didn't say it in the right way. You said "we live in a world of retardnation" which should be said like "we live in a retarted nation or a nation of retards". im sure you meant we live in a world of retardation. hopefully,so you dont sound retarted.

erik on Jun 26, 2009


Erik, Shut the fuck up.

nem on Jun 26, 2009


Erik has a valid point, nem. DON'T HIDE FROM THE TRUTH!!!! on a smaller note this movie looks great!!!!!

Xerxex on Jun 26, 2009


This looks like a really good picture. I love Ricky and the story looks pretty original.

Maria on Jun 26, 2009


looks like fun for both guys and girls really. might give it a shot. ricky's pretty funny.

Buggy166 on Jun 26, 2009


#8 I'm with you. I love everything he does. Will be there when the film comes around.

dexter on Jun 26, 2009


I - want - to - go - to - that

daniel on Jun 26, 2009


I've never liked Ricky Gervais and though I might be biased, and only based on this trailer, this looks like shit. The concept is funny, but I don't think I have the stomach for an hour and a half of the man riffing on this concept.

Mark on Jun 26, 2009


Prize goes to Daniel.

Derek on Jun 26, 2009


I think Brayon and Nem need to go back to schooooooooooool

richard on Jun 26, 2009


This is one of the strangest series of comments I've ever read on a blog idea for movie! Like Maria said, looks original.....

Conrad on Jun 26, 2009


i don't know what the haters are having a problem with. it's a clever plot idea and interesting to think about..........a world where NOBODY EVER LIES. and it looks crazy funny!

dan on Jun 26, 2009


I agree with #2...we DO "live in a world of retardnation", as exemplified by "brayon" and by the obscene amount of money a shitty movie like Transformers 2 makes. Humanity is retarndeded.

Kevin on Jun 26, 2009


What is the name of the song in the trailer?

Jon on Jun 27, 2009


NEM!! you shut up. this doesnt look horrible,but im sure i wont see it in theatres.

erik on Jun 27, 2009


This classic Gervais. Jon !! The second song is ELO, Mr Blue Sky. Don't know what the first song it though.

Marty on Jun 27, 2009


Sounds funny 🙂 Ill be eager to see it when it comes out.

coswell on Jun 27, 2009


I hope that jonah hill doesn't appear much in the film. and Louis C.K., always good to watch him.

Mario on Jun 27, 2009


I laughed. Looks pretty funny. Sex with Alex, the hot prosecutor from Law and Order, yes please.

Moviegimp on Jun 27, 2009


a bit confusing....why would the teller give him the 800 dollars?why would lying help if shes looking at his bank account on the screen?

esophus on Jun 27, 2009


23... this is not the movie for you. Anyways, looks great. Can't wait.

Syphous on Jun 27, 2009


"a bit confusing….why would the teller give him the 800 dollars?why would lying help if shes looking at his bank account on the screen? esophus on Jun 27, 2009" Because the teller assumes the computer MUST be wrong. A glitch in the system.

NotLookingforNoTrouble on Jun 27, 2009


¨The world´s gonna end unless we have sex right now!¨ That´s awesome

Eddy on Jun 27, 2009


Wow, this is such an amazing concept. I love how they've taken the idea that people CAN'T lie, and extended all the implication of that. Of course, if this were true, the world would be COMPLETELY different, so I guess this is a funny take on it.

jman571 on Jun 27, 2009


Fucking hysterical. Gervais' talent lies not necessarily with the material (although, he's often written funny stuff), but rather, the delivery. I think it will be fun...comedy, a little romance, a little moral implication. Lookin' forward to it personally...

Toni on Jun 27, 2009


My previous comment (#25) was not meant towards #23, but rather #24 (esophus). I must have typo'd.

Syphous on Jun 27, 2009


louis ck is awesome. hope he does more then just agree with ricky

lego on Jun 28, 2009


a third take on liar liar

Jason K on Jun 29, 2009


18...Its Mr. Blue Sky by ELO. Looks interesting to say the least!

Seductive Flamingo on Jun 30, 2009


This movie looks really funny but I would see it just because Tina Fey is in it.<3

Sammi on Aug 25, 2009


whats the song called after he gets the money from the lady?

bob on Sep 23, 2009


The first line out of Anna's (Jennifer Garner) mouth is something about masturbating as she greets her date, Mark (Ricky Gervais) for the first time. Whoa! She goes on to tell him that she's not finished with the job, she wants to go back upstairs, leave him sit there alone while she does her...bidness, warning him that he might not hear anything for awhile. I felt embarrassed for ANNA and disconcerted for Mark. I wondered why he just didn't leave, further begging the question of why me and my 13-year-old son were still sitting there, too. We kept waiting for the dialogue to become a little clearer...though the characters were evidently uttering truths, my son and I didn't get where the story was going. In light of our relative embarassment, our disbelief that an entire movie was based on this questionable premise -- we got up and went to the adjacent theatre 10 minutes into this movie and that was five minutes too long. Don't know how it ended and I don't care. Perhaps Anna goes back upstairs and continues to masturbate well into her golden cougar days.

Lynda Starwriter on Nov 5, 2009


The teller gave him $800 dollars because there is no such thing as lying there isn't even a word for it so when she looks at the screen she thinks that the computer has made an error.

tina on Jul 23, 2010

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