Must Watch: Full Trailer for Kazuaki Kiriya's Goemon

March 22, 2009
Source: Twitch

Goemon Trailer

Late last year, we featured a crazy teaser trailer for a Japanese film called Goemon from visionary director Kazuaki Kiriya, of only a film called Casshern previously. Thanks again to Twitch, we've got the newest full-length Japanese trailer to feature today. I said previously that the first 30-second teaser was mind blowing, so you can imagine what my reaction will be to the full 138-second trailer. Unfortunately this is in Japanese, but you should still be able to enjoy the incredible visuals without understanding the dialogue. This just looks phenomenal in so many ways, and I really am anxious to see it as soon as possible!

Watch the full Japanese trailer for Kazuaki Kiriya's Goemon:

[flv: 598 232]

For more info, head to the official website for the film:

Goemon is both written and directed by Japanese filmmaker Kazuaki Kiriya, of only Casshern previously. The screenplay was co-written by Kiriya and Tetsurô Takita. The film hits theaters in Japan this upcoming May, but no word on when we'll see it in the US just yet. Apparently Warner Brothers is releasing this in theaters over here as well, so I expect we'll hear more about it sometime soon. I really hope this debuts at Cannes this year as well, as I'm dying to see it and will be there! In the meantime, check out their website.

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This guy should make the next Dragonball Z movie

dre on Mar 22, 2009


This guy shall be do the reboot of DBZ I read it on IMDB!!!!

Earthenergy on Jan 23, 2011


Looks sweet and insane. An American studio could never pull it off thats for sure

dan on Mar 22, 2009


yeah I kinda agree with this you #1 this looks really sweet and I dont even care what its about.

s on Mar 22, 2009


CRAZZZZY! That's gonna be a rollercoaster in theatres. amazing.

Nick Sears on Mar 22, 2009


jesus christ, this looks like a video game movie, AND THAT IS FREAKING SWEET. THIS GUY SHOULD HAVE MADE DRAGON BALL ROFL.

danielvutran on Mar 22, 2009


Casshern, the trailer looked really, but the movie was crap. Probably the same crap. Don't get your hopes up.

casshern on Mar 22, 2009


Mortal Kombat graphics... Some cool parts in the trailer, let's watch that one on DVD

Max on Mar 22, 2009


As some other are saying. This director with a well written script and the right cast could make the perfect Dragonball/Dragonball Z film. Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures should buy the rights from Fox and get Kazuaki Kiriya to direct. Kazuaki Kiriya for the next Dragonball film (He would be able to give justice to the source material)

Craig on Mar 22, 2009


God this movie looks stupid. The reactions I'm reading reminds me of when I saw the first Casshern trailer. I thought this guy was a godsend but after watching it, I was dumbfounded, ashamed, and embarassed because I had told all my friends about how kickass it was gonna be. This time around I'm not gonna be fooled. I'll wait for the movie comes out to judge it but for now I'm gonna continue crapping all over this thing. It's funny seeing Choi Hong Man in there hahahaha.

teyhtr on Mar 22, 2009


looks fucking great,one to keep an eye on.

zetsu on Mar 22, 2009


American movie audiences want nothing but safety and familarity. Stock standard characters and stories. They couldn't even comphrehend a film like this, let alone process it.

Blake on Mar 22, 2009


final fantasy much?

jon on Mar 22, 2009


Are you kidding me ? This kind of bullshit is avaliable almost daily on japanese TV. It is not pretty, it lacks plot and the actors are into this because it pays more than a japanese soda commercial.

Shige on Mar 22, 2009


this looks good if they do a reboot of Mortal Kombat or Dragonball this is an example of how it should be done also i agree with Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures should do a Dragonball reboot or even an Mortal Kombat reboot.

movieboy1 on Mar 22, 2009


This would be amazing on the big screen.

L on Mar 22, 2009


I think Casshern was pretty good, the story got repetitive at the end, but the visuals were amazing. I think these films are a little like some anime series, they look incredible but the story sometimes let's them down or it is too broad for a western audience. Like being finally introduced to Gundam after seeing Transformers and wanting to see lots of mecha blowing stuff up, but instead getting politics and long periods of dialogue. A movie I'd like to see get made would be a live action version of Tekkonkinkreet, the story is linear and wouldn't melt too many minds. The anime itself is a work of art. Trailer here: Dragonball was a joke, that's one for the reboot pile I think, what a waste of time and money.

Crapola on Mar 22, 2009


good times nice to see some studios popping up else where around the world making epic movies i look forward to a diffrent perspective

werdnafaz on Mar 22, 2009


Yes, i too enjoyed casshern. This director deserves "visionary"

Buttons on Mar 22, 2009


Looks sort of like Robin Hood crossed with Lord of the Rings crossed with Hero. Cool.

scm1000 on Mar 22, 2009


lol yay like you've been all over this movie,.....this is the first i've heard, i'm not even gonna watch the trailer..wheres watchman , i thought that was the ducks'on lets talk bout night owels nipple suit.........i hope i get a free bowl of soup with both dvd's

BadKarma on Mar 22, 2009


Well if you guys want more movies likie it go pay to see it then american studios will pay to bring him over for your dragonball and bleach movies. I would like to see him make a bleach movie.

MrSammich on Mar 22, 2009


Nothing appealing here. Reminds me of the Kessen games, but at least you get to play those.

Zso on Mar 22, 2009


Wow people get so worked up, I think the visuals are sweet but I wont judge the movie till I see it.

Johnny Crow on Mar 22, 2009


This is just another Japanese action flick with nice graphics (which is a shock by itself--have you seen Japanese TV?) and high production value, you wanna watch REAL Japanese film? Go deeper than the torture horror or action shit. The real good cinema is the stuff that never reaches American audiences on a grand scale. Check out Swallowtail Butterfly, Hotel Venus, Crazed Fruits, or Gohatto. Sadly, only two of those films are released on DVD in America. Considering a majority of you probably don't understand what in the world they are saying, you are going just on the pretty pictures. And yes, it IS full of pretty pictures. This looks NICE, nice like Red Cliff looks nice, but it's not going to be a masterpiece epic. *shrug* I'll watch it in theatres, and I'll like it, but will be something I've seen before. Japanese cinema is just as saturated as American cinema, and it DOES produce some amazing films, many many amazing films, but so does America. And to stir the Dragonball bowl some more, I'm a HUGE fan of the series. And I LIKED Dragonball Evolution, saw it right when it came out in Japan. Sure, the plot was disgustingly wrong and so was the character design (IE Bulma) BUT the script was very reminiscent of Dragonball, humor wise. Especially Roshi. As an action film, it had really nice graphics. As a film, it was entertaining. As a rendition of Dragonball, it failed. But I still like it. *shrug*

Stacia on Mar 22, 2009


Eh. It hasn't made me interested at all. Too much CGI will ruin this movie

Dan W on Mar 22, 2009


this looks freakin awesome! I love the dramatic middle part of this trailer!

Scott McHenry on Mar 22, 2009


baxter you know i dont speak spanish

Jont on Mar 22, 2009


this reminds me of the japanese version of sin city

????? on Mar 22, 2009



Lego on Mar 22, 2009


Looks really amazing :/ No idea of what its about, but the effects are nice and it actually looks a lot like Final Fantasy -games in some scenes.. 🙂 Would be amazing to see this dude direct a Dragon Ball Z movie indeed.

max on Mar 22, 2009


Looks crappy to me. Especially the special effects. The special effects budget on this movie looks worse than our nations TV show SFX budget hahah. Seriously. Japan's video games and anime storylines are epic, but when it comes to live action film it seems like there is no budget at all and worst crap ever produced. Even though this movie is mostly done in green/blue screen it still doesnt feel like it clicks. The only movie in full green/blue screen that did was "300." Zack Snyder pulled it off there, and I mean BIG TIME. I just dont understand why Japan can make epic VG and Anime storylines and when it comes to live action their movies are just really really bad. If it was on USAs Metacritic I think it would rate about 60% range.

Mike Balrog on Mar 22, 2009


@32: Yes, the quality of Japanese media is much lower than ours, BUT they do have some wonderful cinema done on horrible budgets. Don't even watch Japanese TV or dramas if you are American, it just rots your brain. Seriously, when I watch TV here I go straight to the American channels we have haha. SO I suggest you pick up some films that aren't Japanese horror or action, if you can. Crazed Fruit is an excellent Japanese black and white film. Hotel Venus is probably the best Japanese movie I've seen, if you can get your hands on it, watch it. It's in Korean and filmed in Russia, so don't worry when they aren't speaking Japanese haha

Stacia on Mar 23, 2009


@ dre: that´s exactly what i thought! This looks more than Dragonball than this shite Movie which is coming out in May 😀

Kai on Mar 23, 2009


Wow that looks great. I hope they don't ruin it by dubbing in terrible voice over actors. Let su enjoy it and read what the true story is. Nice catch Alex!

Atomic Popcorn on Mar 23, 2009


It's not mean to look 'real', it's a live action anime. I enjoyed Casshern but it needed more fighting and less anti war preaching, this looks to have the fighting part down! I really hope it plays in cinemas over here in the UK. And yeah, the budget was around $6 million for Casshern.

chris on Mar 23, 2009


Action/Sound effects/VO remind me of the opening to Omnimusha 3. Can't wait to see this.

Nick Sears on Mar 23, 2009


@ 35 £6 million dollars that's crazy, you couldn't even hire an actor for that in Hollywood. I think the same could be said for Night Watch which was a great film, but made on a $4.2 million dollar budget, the restrictions push creativity whereas studios with inflated budgets and egos pump insane amounts of money in, to make mediocre films. I'd rather watch a film that was trying to do something different in the cinema than the same old, those films are for reruns on cable.

Crapola on Mar 23, 2009


It looks like quality film making has now been offshored too, I guess unique concepts can only be found abroad. I agree that this is what the Dragonball Z film should have looked like.

peloquin on Mar 23, 2009


yep it was defo $6million.. and Night Watch is a good comparison. To think those film makers made those movies when Speedracer (the closest eye candy style over story and substance western equivalent i could think of) cost $120 million.

chris on Mar 23, 2009


Wow! It's like a Japanese car commercial! But for a cell phone!

Feo Amante on Mar 23, 2009


Cool a Dynasty Warriors movie.

Companyvo on Mar 23, 2009


Casshern was fucking amazing great sound track, great anime to film, and amazing dark super hero story that ends with you pondering the worth of mankind. so i cant wait to see this!

DoomCanoe on Mar 23, 2009


This looks like it has cool fights and visuals, but I abandoned all hope when I saw a guy with bleached hair and a sword bigger than his entire body. My dire hatred of anime will prevent me from enjoying movies like this.

dallegre on Mar 23, 2009


you cant be serious... flying kung fu fighters???

moldybread on Mar 23, 2009


The Japanese Zack Snyder! I like!

Mike J on Mar 23, 2009


@moldybread. Al the kung fu movies have flying fighters in some way., this one is only over the top. Think of it as a tarantino movie, but for kung fu.

AllXboxGames on Mar 23, 2009


I've seen Casshern, and I loved it. It was so unique and stylish in its own way. I'm sure I will like this too! ^.^ But of course for all other people, you probably will have to like anime and fantasy etc. So yeah, if it matches your taste, be excited!

Sonny on Mar 23, 2009


one of the coolest trailers ever!! Goemon is a legend... I hope this movie turns out to be as good as this trailer makes it out to be

Janika on Mar 24, 2009


What Dragonball could have been?

chopchop on Mar 24, 2009


wow a definetely must see movie 🙂 i wonder if they decide to do a ninja blade movie would they let this team do it great looking scenes

burak "D'aequitas" on Mar 25, 2009


Goemon vs Oda Nobunaga vs Hattori Hanzo = BADASS

Roberto Dinamite on May 31, 2009

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