Must Watch: Trailer for Marc Webb's 500 Days of Summer!

March 3, 2009
Source: Yahoo

500 Days of Summer Trailer

Just when we thought things were starting to quiet down, Fox Searchlight unveils a new full trailer for Marc Webb's 500 Days of Summer, the Sundance spectacle that captured the hearts of countless festivalgoers. It's a vast improvement of the teaser trailer, so much so that I think I'm already more excited to see this again than I am to see Watchmen! Well, okay, maybe not really, but that's just because this trailer was so damn good and the movie itself is absolutely amazing as well. The first song in this is one of my favorites, "Us" by Regina Spektor, so check that our and enjoy this trailer. Did I tell you I love this movie?

Watch the full trailer for 500 Days of Summer:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the 500 Days of Summer trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

500 Days of Summer is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Marc Webb, of only a few music videos previously. The screenplay was co-written by first-time writers Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. This just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this week to a standing ovation. Fox Searchlight will be bringing 500 Days of Summer to theaters everywhere on July 17th this upcoming summer.

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looks alot better then the first one, Id actually watch it based on this one.

Richard on Mar 3, 2009


I have this gut feeling that this'll become the next Garden State. One of those independent movies that everyone jumps the bandwagon on because the cool kids list it as one of their favorite movies on myspace or facebook. That said, I can't wait to check this one out 🙂

teyhtr on Mar 3, 2009


OH MY GOD i love the beginning of the trailer!!!! He's listening to "There is a Light that never goes Out" by the Smiths!!! holy shite, that's good writing, cause its true, no ever listens to the Smiths anymore!! (Except myself and a close friend of mine) This movie looks so great. I like both the previous trailer and this one, amazing stuff! Thank you thank you thank you Alex !!!!!!!! I can't wait

Conrad on Mar 3, 2009


great looking movie, looks fun atleast! and again, almost perfect Heath Ledger look-alike.

Max on Mar 3, 2009



Marlena on Mar 3, 2009


Love both lead actors, the beginning I really liked with the Smiths " A Light That Never Goes Out" I love that song! Can't wait.

Stacey J on Mar 3, 2009


Looks great, I'm in.

Nick Sears on Mar 3, 2009


I'm both worried and excited that this'll be this year's Juno. I love having great indie flicks to share with a people, but I don't like being the guy who hates things just because they're popular. I just don't want it to get over commercialized, though I know it will.

Will Schiffelbein on Mar 3, 2009


looks incredible. anal girl, that sold me when i heard that

Darrin on Mar 3, 2009


i dont get it. how is this different than any other chick flick?

kid on Mar 3, 2009


aaahhhh!, I loved it!, it's soooo much better than the teaser trailer..., I really hope that this movie gets the success that it deserves, so bad that harry potter is near their release date

Charly on Mar 3, 2009


The guys acting kind of reminds me of Keanu Reeves...just a little bit. This looks like a great movie though, I'm down.

B-Han on Mar 3, 2009


any man who wants to have anal sex with a chick is just tryin to satisfy his desire to be with a man

Darrin is Gay on Mar 3, 2009


did jgl remind anyone of heath ledger. i thought he looked like him in a couple instances. maybe i'm just seeing things and i'm not even baked yet. hehe

andrew on Mar 3, 2009


Nope, I'm not getting Heath Ledger...

????? on Mar 3, 2009


trailer didn't cut it for me, no interest in this at all

Matthew on Mar 3, 2009


The soundtrack's awesome dude

Jaf on Mar 3, 2009


This really looks great. OH AND ANDREW I TOTALLY AGREE, give him longer hair and yeah, spitting image. Kinda weird hey!!!

Matt on Mar 3, 2009


If you have a passionate opinion about this trailer, be sure to contact "The Film Feed" with your opinions and we'll feature the most interesting on the next episode! Voicemail- (310) 668-182 Email-

Will Schiffelbein on Mar 3, 2009


Is it me or after hearing Joseph Gordon-Levitts voice in this trailer, I'm that much more curious to hear how his does Cobra Commanders voice. Anybody else see the potential?

Nick Sears on Mar 3, 2009


Only a few music videos previously? Marc Webb has directed something like fifty videos.

Fuelbot on Mar 3, 2009


What is it with Hall and Oates? There are sooo many movies out there that use " YOU MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE" in their previews.

Richard on Mar 4, 2009


Hey #20, I was just thinking to myself as I was watching this, that JG-L should play a bad ass soon. His voice and look during a few parts of this preview made me think that. I had no clue he was going to be Cobra Commander. G.I. Joe might suck, but I think he'll do a good job.

Richard on Mar 4, 2009


Much better than first trailer. #2 you nailed it... the next Garden State, which I absolutely loved!

K on Mar 4, 2009


looks fun... you cannot go wrong with levitt and deschanel they are extremely talented... the soundtrack on this is going to be something to own... i am really looking forward to this movie.

viral on Mar 4, 2009


Looks great, can't wait to see it. It's high up on my see in theatres asap list. It's been WAY too long since I've seen a film on the big screen. It's tragic.

Stacia on Mar 4, 2009


I'd watch this film. Love Deschanel and Gordon-Levitt. Don't know about her acting ability, but at least she seems very cute. Gordon-Levitt is just a bad ass without a mainstream hit yet to his name. But I'm sure he'll find it soon, he's such a great freaking actor. Constantly impressed by his talents.

LINKFX on Mar 4, 2009


Anyone know the last song that is played in the trailer?

RJ on Mar 4, 2009


#28 - want to know that too!

Felipe on Mar 4, 2009


#2 Unlike Garden State this actually looks like it'll have some substance to it. Garden State was fucking terrible.

Adam on Mar 4, 2009


#28 the song is "Vagabond' by Wolfmother

RJ on Mar 4, 2009


thank you so much #31!

Felipe on Mar 4, 2009


@30 I don't think 'Garden State' was terrible, but it was one of those indie films that made it big. Naturally, a lot of people put it on an unfair pedestal and proclaim to be the narration of their life or some hooey such as that.

Will Schiffelbein on Mar 4, 2009


wow. someone likes the smiths? one of the greatest bands around? shocking. I'll give it that fault, but it looks good otherwise.

angryKid on Mar 4, 2009


Looks great.

Ryan on Mar 4, 2009


Looks Great

woody on Mar 4, 2009


Why do u love it? how about u explain your thoughts for once/

max on Mar 4, 2009


this looks like a good date movie,i will take my bf. besides no.13 i love anal.

Valeska on Mar 5, 2009


"No I'm Sid!" "Oh So I'm Nancy?" Thats probably the best line of the trailer. I'm gonna go see this now.

????? on Mar 5, 2009


this has gotta be the best indie film i've seen since juno. i love this movie!! and joseph and zooey may have some chemistry going on there...

A.B. on Mar 5, 2009


I'm very excited to see this one. Almost dying. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for JGL.

Lacey on Mar 6, 2009


i can't stop watching this trailer

Josveta on Mar 8, 2009


Ok, regina spektor as background music, awesome bringing back the forgotten guy who played in 10 Things I Hate About You? cool subtle, yet trippy graphics tied in with a cute plot, not bad the fact that i'm straight and found all of those things appealing? sold

Zach on Mar 9, 2009


........shows not over..?!

Marshall on Mar 13, 2009


What's the song beginning at 1:22?

Reza on Apr 17, 2009


Another limited release.... this along with The Informers, Killshot, and The Brothers Bloom all limited. Yet those dumb spoof movies still make it to a national release. /cry

Ken on Apr 22, 2009


Wow, can we stop doing this story line? The unbelievably attractive 'indie' girl hooks up with the nerdy white guy and changes his life. Thrilling. It's sad because I love Zooey. Here's what we had to say about it if you're interested--

Jeff@PopSense on Jun 9, 2009


is it just me or does JGL seem like the next Heath Ledger?

SC on Jul 2, 2009


Why are chick flicks so predictable?!

JussHaten on Jul 13, 2009


what's the song in [(500) days trailer] of this version

pigheadskin on Nov 14, 2009


---skillful ---clever ---AND soooooo routine.

PG 2010 on Feb 7, 2010

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