Must Watch: Full Trailer for Ron Howard's Angels and Demons!

February 11, 2009
Source: MSN

Angels and Demons Trailer

Sony has just debuted the newest full trailer for Ron Howard's Angels & Demons. The thing about watch trailers for Angels & Demons is that there's nothing new that we'll see, especially if you've read the book. We know what's going to happen, no matter how drastic, and it's just a matter of seeing it come to life on screen. That said, though, I still really love this new trailer and I'm very excited for this anyway. It looks like such a drastic improvement over The Da Vinci Code and very thrilling and exciting, just like the book was. I'm glad to see he didn't hold back on anything, including how brutal all of the deaths were. Take a look!

Watch the new trailer for Angels & Demons:

[flv: 596 254]

You can also watch the new Angels & Demons trailer in High Definition on MSN

Angels & Demons is directed by prolific filmmaker Ron Howard, of everything from Willow to Backdraft to Apollo 13 to A Beautiful Mind to the previous The Da Vinci Code. The script was written by veteran screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, of Lost in Space, A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, The Da Vinci Code, and I Am Legend most recently. This film is based on Dan Brown's popular bestselling novel of the same name. Sony will be debuting Angels & Demons in theaters everywhere on May 15th this summer.

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wow, this looks good

Darrin on Feb 11, 2009


Actually looks pretty interesting. Hope people don't take it literally like the last one, though. PS The Catholic position is that the more you know about science, the more you know the language of God. Long Live Benedetto!!

Cogsworth on Feb 11, 2009


this looks like the kind of movie everyone wanted from the da vinci code, but didnt get. count me in.

troy on Feb 11, 2009


Since when is Obi-Wan Kenobi a Catholic?

Farris on Feb 11, 2009


This does look like a better film than Da Vinci Code, however the story doesn't seem as interesting.

Harv on Feb 11, 2009


This book was always far better than the overhyped Da Vinci Code.

Movie Fan on Feb 11, 2009


@5. Agreed. Plus no Silas.

Film-Book dot Com on Feb 11, 2009


I agree with all you guys, this is gonna be one hell of a movie

Scott McHenry on Feb 11, 2009


I agree, this book was really good with one small exception, related to the helicopter you see in the trailer (and which I won't explain so I don't go spoiling it for all of you who haven't read the book yet).

Luis M on Feb 11, 2009


I'll be seeing this movie because of Ewan McGregor, not Tom Hanks, thank you.

Tom Brazelton on Feb 11, 2009


it looks okay i guess. i think it will have the same result as prince will make about half of what da vinci code made due to less hype and the realease date sanwiched on between wolverine and terminator. i think i might be wrong on this one, but didnt Angels and Demons come before the Da Vinci Code, which means Langdon didn't, according to the trailer "expose one of the greatest cover-ups in human history until after this movie

LeeMan on Feb 11, 2009


Yes, looks Muuuch better than Da Vinci Code. And yes, LeeMan, A&G was the prequel to DC

Nick Sears on Feb 11, 2009


11- they adapted the story timeline for the film version so people who liked da vinci would like this even more, because it´s a "sequel".

felipe on Feb 11, 2009


The Davinci code was stupid, I thought it was very boring and full of conjecture and nonsense, it was like... years after Christ an athiest painted a picture of him that might contain an image of a women and so I will throw my faith aside and believe in Leo, um WTF? This on the other hand looks fun.

Richard on Feb 11, 2009


better than teh superbowl spot. but still i hate how they are manipulating the timelines... angels and daemons came before da vinci code...its a prequel not a sequel... infact in DVC langdon mentions his vatican adventure... still this looks OK...

viral on Feb 11, 2009


so i agree with those who say the book was great. lets all hope the movie and the book has alot in common. damn that ambigram on the priest looked kool!!

A.B. on Feb 11, 2009


It's the better of the 2 books so I assume it will be a better movie as well. Even the trailer is better than the Da Vinci Code trailer.

Kevin on Feb 11, 2009


The Da Vince code movie was utter trash. And this trailer looks forced as hell, between the super quick, in your face cuts, epic music, and hilarious attempts at showing action, plus the voice over... ...looks like another piece of trash.

Darunia on Feb 11, 2009


No, Darunia, Transformers was utter trash. Da Vinci Code was just...not that good.

Kevin on Feb 11, 2009


Was not a big fan of the Code, but Opie has a lot to offer. I will see this. Darunia won't like this because of the score.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 11, 2009


Tho I will admit this doesn't look that good. Just like an average action/mystery kind of movie I will still see it becuase I loved the book.

CSpuppydog on Feb 11, 2009


Not a fan of the "DaVinci Code" movie--but I've read almost all of Dan Brown's books..I did think A&D was a better book--so hopefully it translates to a better movie.

CDillon on Feb 11, 2009


Angels and Demons was a better book then the Davinci code. I hope the movie is better too

dan on Feb 11, 2009


Dramatic, and better acting from Tom Hanks (he's got more of an active role), but I don't see much of a plot beyond a bare outline, suitable for plenty of action and de-codifying sequences. (Mind you, this COULD be a good thing.) We'll have to see.

DogChasingCars on Feb 11, 2009


Quick question to all of you: Can you imagine a bunch of vatican priests and illuminati battling it out in the middle of the street, 'Gangs of New York' style? lol!!

LW on Feb 11, 2009



Jake on Feb 11, 2009


FINALLY Angels and Demons was a much better book than Da Vinci Code also, Ewan MacGregor is SEXY

Florian on Feb 11, 2009


#3 the only reason the catholic church even accepts science now is because if they didnt they would lose even more followers. if you cant beat em join em. the catholic church ruled with an iron fist at one time. i forgot which philosopher that said it but there is a great quote "there can only be peace in the land when the last king is hung from the neck by the last priests entrails" what made the davinci code such an amazing book was not the historical accuracy it was the way it made you think "IMAGINE if this was true" made alot of people look at there belief as a little less supernatural. because if the davinci code WAS true would anything really change in your life? would you still have to go to work, love your family, pay your bills etc?? yes. there would be no difference besides the fact that you believe in old stories. P.S. movie looks interesting but i wish that had somebody else play tom hanks role. liam neison would be interesting. somebody a little more serious.

christian on Feb 11, 2009


also the plot in angels and demons is very similar to the davinci code. they are both good books seperately. but after reading both it was almost like reading the same book. i know the stories are a bit different but the way its told and the secret society stuff is just too similar.....and the illuminati is played out!

christian on Feb 11, 2009


looks cool

jimmi allen on Feb 12, 2009


#28 I'm sorry, but it is very clear that you do not know what you're talking about. If you bothered to learn any real histroy and check for yourself, you will see through the ages that the church actually sponsored many scientific endeavours. The modern day 'father of genetics' is Gregor Mendel an Augustinian Monk, a Catholic priest. What the Church is against though is the false use of science, meaning those who for example say evolution proves god doesn't exist. That is a false and unscientific statement to make. True science deals with facts that are indisputable. I can equally say that Jesus Christ is the proof of God's existence, and to a logical point people can accept Jesus as a holy man, but to accept him as divine does take a leap of faith which is outside the realm of science, so science can never truly comprehend faith because science can only accept things through reason alone, which actually means science is limited, because no matter how further we progress in our intelligence we still will not understand everything. Remember it was Einstein who said "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."

ChrisIlls on Feb 12, 2009


I am Da Vinci....

Unseen on Feb 12, 2009


Great trailer...Ron Howard just keeps getting better and better. I used to think his movies lacked...something, but recently (well, since Apollo 13) he has really been jammin'. Go Opie!

kitano0 on Feb 12, 2009


wowo holy shit this just blew me away it looks nicee and great for the summer but with wolverine, up and terminator this definetly caught me off guard count me in i m gonaa have a hard time choosing between these movies

alan on Feb 12, 2009


This was the first trailer that I EVER saw at an advance screening. I guess it is attached to all the prints for THE INTERNATIONAL. It looked pretty solid. Very action packed.

Ryan on Feb 12, 2009


God that looks awesome.

Fisherr on Feb 12, 2009


#31 well darwin was studying to be a priest when he went out into the world to find proof of god and he ended up changing his faith when he saw what the real world had to offer. does that mean the church had anything to do with the creation of the theory of evolution. and as far as jesus christ being any sort of deity its a ridiculous statement. jesus was declared divine hundreds of years after his death. the bible wasnt even put together until 500 yrs after christ died. to say jesus christ is proof of gods existence is like saying presents under my tree on christmas are proof of santa claus. you didnt meet jesus. the bible told you about jesus, but the bible also told you stories about a father that let the town rape his own daughters to protect 2 male angels from being raped! the bible also says if you work on the sabbath, disobey your parents or are a homosexual you can be stoned to death! not a very holy book. science doesnt say god does not exist BECAUSE of evolution. what it says is evolution is natural selection. it is survival of the fittest. a species adapts to an enviornment and evolves. that goes for plant life and the universe as well...that would take the hand of god out of the equation. it would mean each speices, through trial and error decides which road it will follow. but that directly goes against the bible's assumption that god just picks and choses what will happen at know what im not getting into this right now i just got home from work and im tired!!!

christian on Feb 12, 2009


MOVIE DISCUSSION GUYS, NOT SCIENCE VS. RELIGION DISCUSSION. I'm looking forward to seeing this one more than most I feel. I'm very sad that it's sandwiched between two summer tentpoles and will suffer if either of those films do well (which I think they undoubtedly will). I will also agree with everyone who said A&D was a better book than DVC, and mirror their sentiments that this could therefore be a better film. By the way, the antimatter looked freaking cool. Oh, and to #9, I know what you mean with the "helicopter escape," let's just hope that Ron Howard looked at that and said, "Really guys? REALLY? Yeah, let's cut that."

Icarus on Feb 13, 2009


Oh, and Christian (#37), that's why it's FAITH man. Just because you don't want to have faith in it doesn't mean you have to bash the faith of others. I don't give a damn, and can speculate with you till we both turn to dust, but my dad is a pastor, and while I may not share his faith, I respect it. Let it be. Sorry, had to go and break my dedication to lambasting anyone starting a Religion vs. Science discussion. Call me hypocrite 🙂

Icarus on Feb 13, 2009


The Illuminati were? Oh they still are, that you can be sure of.

C. Pas on Feb 13, 2009


Okey dokey. #15 - I'm pretty sure that Langdon mentions his vatican adventure in the book, The Da Vinci Code, not the movie. #25 - HELL YEAH! Like the Jedi at Geonosis! #29 - It's a different story altogether. Opus Dei is not a secret society. That and how many Illuminati movies can you name right now? Excluding this one, I'm sure you can't count them out on one hand. Now I'm sure you are going to go Google, Illuminati to find out but try it before you do that. How many killer robot movies can you name? Transformers, The Terminator, The Matrix, I could go on. What I'm saying is, robots are played out yet they still make those movies. To say the Illuminati are played out is just ignorance. #38 Thank you so "F"-ing much! Keep your religious views out of this forum. No one cares! Talk movies, this is a movie site. PS, I'm Catholic and I love these books. Booyah!

that guy on Feb 13, 2009


By the way, this trailer ROCKS!

that guy on Feb 13, 2009


#31 - I would rather be Lame than be Blind. Eyes are more important to me than my Legs/Hands. You see where I am getting at ? Fact 1: Religion was created thousands of years ago, on the basis of Ignorance to fill out and explain the Gaps of universe that Science could not. A Small Example: To start with, the Stone Age man used to fear even the lightening and thunders during rains in those days and thought God did it to punish him. But today we know that its mere two oppositely charged cumulonimbus or nimbostratus clouds bumping into each other and discharging electrical charges. Even a child studying in fifth-grade knows that today. I am not a hundred years old but what I am seeing today is that most of the major problems arise in this world due to ignorance (lack of knowledge : read Science. Every Academic Study is a type of Science) and due to religious extremism. Especially the latter one is a Mass-Killer and takes us back in terms of Time/Development atleast a hundred years. God and Faith are two distinct entities. Even according to one of the highest studied types, the Psychiatrists/Psychologists: Faith is very important to man-kind to maintain rationality of thinking and stay grounded. It does not matter what you keep faith in: a piece of Stone or a Holy Grail or an Idol, as long as you keep Faith. It keeps your feet grounded and yet be successful in life. God on the other hand creates problems. It's like : My God is superior than yours. My religion/caste is better than yours. Let's kill them because they do not believe in our God. God will cure this disease. God will give you a child and prevent you from dying childless. God is punishing you. ...So on and so forth. God is a man-made thing UNLIKE Faith. And let's accept it. This stand was started by those so-called 'Right-Holders of God(?)' : the Church for some religion and the Mecca-Medina for some other religion and so on...out of Insecurity. Today the Church or any religious organisation accepts the domination of Science only because Science is fast filling the Gaps. See the Survival of the Fittest here ? I am not saying all God-believers think the same way. Infact, most of them think in a reasonable and rational way. While people like me (a Post-Graduate (Physics) working in the field of Artificial Intelligence) work hard towards proving how phenomenons of life work and do fail sometimes, it's easy for religion-followers to say: See, Science is such a foolish entity, It does not even know that this phenomenon was done by Jesus (or Allah). It's simple enough! See the shortcut ? Right from the time I wake up in the morning till the time I go to bed in the night, everything I utilise and enjoy in between, and even the Sleep I enjoy at night, has been provided to me by Science. Science illuminates and opens up new paths, Blind Faith in religion closes down all available options. Science takes us towards the Survival of the Fittest. Religion takes us towards the survival of the Insecure Ignorance. Afterall, today if I feel like I am suffering from some psychological/mental blockage, I would rather go to a Psychiatrist than to a God-man to find a solution to my problem. I can stay alive without God but not without Science. By the way, 'The Da Vinci code-The Movie' was as good as the book. One simply is unable to put everything from a book into a just a 2-hour-movie. TDVC and A&D, both, have their own distinct identities. And I looking forward to join you all in the chase for the Hassasin ...on-screen ...On May 15th.

Amol on Feb 16, 2009


@2 (to Cogsworth and people like him), ("PS The Catholic position is that the more you know about science, the more you know the language of God. Long Live Benedetto!! ") Here: To a lame person, the 'Body Language' of this statement tries to paint the picture : 'Religion has given permission to Science to exist.' But to an expert the statement clearly means : 'Religion IS PRETENDING to have given permission to Science to exist but in reality Religion is lamely hanging on to Science to somehow survive itself. A Trivia for 'Cogsworth': You know who built those beautiful strong sturdy churches? Definitely NOT those guys whom Jesus chose, but surely those architectural engineers n labour workers who were FOUND FIT for the job through interviews among a slew of applicants. See the Survival of Fittest here ? See the secret working of Science here? The reality is that, along with 'Science' n 'Religion' there is also a third entity in the Big Fight that is always in the picture but never gets the limelight: 'Faith'. Of these three, the two that I need to survive in a dignified manner are Science and Faith. And I don't need Religion to have Faith. Elimination of Religion results in automatic elimination of God. To Keep Faith in something means to Look towards something for positive inspiration when one is totally down in the dumps and needs to rise like a Phoenix from the pit-bottom. For inspiration I look towards my parents or anyone of Batman (fictional, yes, but yet so inspirational), Denzel Washington, Einstein, Newton or any of the great personalities world over who have contributed towards the society through their Work and I am not talking Charity here. SCIENCE DOES NOT NEED RELIGION BUT IT'S THE LATTER THAT NEEDS THE FORMER TO MANTAIN ITS IDENTITY. Remember those beautiful strong sturdy churches? Hell, it would be even okay with me if somebody has faith in Jesus too as long as he is considered some holy saint and not some Divine Son of God who is supposed to have created the world as his whole n sole property. And This is just exactly what 'Angels & Demons' is going to show on-screen.

Amol on Feb 16, 2009


...Now to some lighter material. Did anybody notice there was no sign of Hassasin or Kohler in the Trailer ? Both identities have been kept a tight-lipped secret. The parts I will be curious about in the movie are: the Hassassin, the scenes in the church of Vittoria near the climax, the handling of the Vittoria (the female lead, not the church) by the Hassassin.. And... HOW EXACTLY VITTORIA FINDS OUT WHAT HAPPENED AND IN WHAT WAY IT HAPPENED TO HER FATHER. You all know what I am talking about. I hope I haven't gave away too much. And yes, the Branding ('AIR') as depicted in the Trailor was indeed gruesome. I hope they spare no efforts to liven up the scene descriptions in the book.

Amol on Feb 16, 2009


I'm really feeling sorry, I shouldn't have used so strong words to explain my type of Atheism. Even according to Science, specifically Physics, there EXISTS a concept that we call 'Energy', that is the origin of everything.May be THAT concept can be called God by common people. The type of 'God' that I am against is the one that was created by Church in those ancient, ancient days in the name of Jesus to attain selfish personal gains like Power over common people. But then it was true for about any religion ALL OVER the world in those days before the advent of Science. But in Modern times the Church and most Religious organisations have adapted to reality. Also most major religions today like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism (an offshoot of Hinduism) today are a lot more tolerant today due to spreading of Knowledge and education. And these religions know their limitations and also importance of Science. Actually, when I think of it, this movie 'Angels and Demons' should have been based on some majorly blind unpractical religions like Islam which acts like it's existing in altogether different Stone Age universe and tries to force others to follow it resulting in bloodshed. I really think 'A&D' should have been based on blind religions like these.

Amol on Feb 17, 2009


-first novel i highly appreciated...unbelievable story...while reading the novel, it looks like reading a history...

edje's on Feb 18, 2009


If this is something based on some truth out there, we will never have a new pope if it happens. This is one of the most controversial films ever made since The Da Vinci Code. I will surely not miss Angels & Demons.

ana casuncad on Feb 20, 2009


'Bible', 'Gita', 'Kuran' are too written and manipulated by man and not are God-Send(?) as some people like to believe. 'Angels And Demons' is as True as the 'Bible' and Vice-Versa. Who cares about if we do have a NEW pope or the same one continues? The only true religions in today's world are Science and Commerce, both of which run the world.

Amol on Feb 21, 2009


...Even the Pope (newly elected or not) will acknowledge what I said. Because his Church runs on one of those two modern religions (Commerce).

Amol on Feb 21, 2009


Amol - Shut the fuck up and exercise the physics of rotation by jamming a pencil up your ass. Your eyes are more important than your legs and arms because they're attached to your little head which includes your flapping pie hole! Who gives a rat's ass what you believe in? "Right from the time I wake up in the morning till the time I go to bed in the night, everything I utilise and enjoy in between, and even the Sleep I enjoy at night, has been provided to me by Science. " Science invented sleep? How did science provide you sleep? You sleep because you are a dumb animal who's probably exhausted from spewing shit from your mouth. Review the preview Dexter Dickhead and keep your religious beliefs to yourself. It is true that science is responsible for the blow-up doll and artificial vagina you "utilise" each day from the release of tension built up through all of your intense studies that have helped the world. When will the world get to see any of your publications or cosmic breakthroughs as you discover why some people bleed from their eyes or the ghost of the last blow-up doll you fucked to death haunts you?

Joey Marione on Feb 26, 2009


people people com on keep it movies stay out of religious things okay this is a f***kn movies site okay so please talk movies dont talk about other religions if u dont noo shit about them so please okay talk movies keep religion awaya from it as far as possible

alan on Mar 13, 2009


Fact: This movie WILL speak of Science vs. Religion. @ Joey Marione, I was not going to respond to such a non-credible language directed towards me, but what the heck! Your writing reflects some things about you : 1. Insecurity is the base of all Anger. And you are Insecure and (may be Religious). 2. You use Artificial Vaginas. And I have only seen them on the videos. Do you know how it feels to be in a situation where you miss your death by a hair's breadth ? I was in UK for a professional trip and had been to London for a few days but had left about only ninteen or twenty days before the infamous London Train Bombing Massacres occurred. So many innocent people died a horrible death. I stay at Mumbai, India and then I again narrowly missed the 2006 train bombings here. And then there was the heavy shoot-out by foreign- sponsored Islamic terrorists in Mumbai on 26th Nov. 2008 at the famous Taj Hotel and Gateway of India. India, just like US who suffered 9/11, is suffering for no fault of hers. Maybe her fault is that she is a democratic country (like most developed and developing countries ) with freedom of speech being among one of the freedoms that she has provided me. Can't you see the direct connection between the real-life horrifying sufferings bestowed upon us and that phenomenon called Religion?! If innocent people are dying plain horrific deaths how can one not speak of its major cause: The Religion? And here you are, giving me some ridiculous one-off example of about some cocaine-driven people-on-drugs bleeding from their eyes? My Suggestion: Stop watching silly horror movies that give you nightmares. 3. And if Sleep is not a natural, Scientific Phenomena then, please tell me, did your Jesus or Allah gave it to me ? Explain me how. To speak in your abusive language: Discard your clothes because they are made in a scientific way, go nude on the streets and then pray to whatever God you believe in, to provide you some cover to save you from embarrassment. Then talk to me only when he gives it to you. And keep f**king on the streets till your God personally delivers the clothes in your hands. Sorry, that was the most abusive I could get. 4. One more important thing, I use natural vaginas not artifical ones. Because I use the very same mouth that I (may be) used to frustrate you, to manipulate female brains. And one more thing, I never avail of cheap ways like arti-vaginas or prostitutes. And my Friend, I may not saying all this, over some dumb debate to score some silly psychological points against you but unfortunately, what I have said is true as I have closely experienced the useless,senseless horror of religion. By the way, I think 'Angels & Demons' will be worth watching. (Oops, sorry for the understatement).

Amol on Mar 14, 2009


i really want to see this

Kat on Apr 5, 2009


Dude, if this movie is half as good as the book, then it's going to be amazing. I literally fell out of my chair reading the book, so I can't wait to see this movie.

Brady on Apr 6, 2009


i am so excited for the movie.

albert on Apr 7, 2009

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