Must Watch: Gorgeous Trailer for Tom Ford's A Single Man

November 7, 2009
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A Single Man Trailer

The Weinstein Company has premiered the trailer Tom Ford's A Single Man, the critically acclaimed film which has been receiving extraordinary praise since its premiere at the Venice Film Festival. A Single Man stars Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode, and Ginnifer Goodwin and will be hitting theaters in mid-December for a brief Oscar qualifying run. I've been waiting to see a trailer for it because I have no clue what it's about. And I've got to say, this looks phenomenal, and it's frustrating that I still haven't seen it yet. The cinematography looks gorgeous, I really can't wait to experience this on the big screen. Take a look!

Watch the official trailer for Tom Ford's A Single Man:

A romantic tale of love interrupted, the story centers on an English professor (Colin Firth) who, after the sudden death of his partner, tries to go about his typical day, struggling to find any meaning to his life.

A Single Man is both written and directed by American fashion designer Tom Ford, who is making his directorial debut with this film. David Scearce also help co-write the script, which is based on Christopher Isherwood 's novel of the same name. This first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival a few months ago. The Weinstein Company is finally bringing A Single Man to limited theaters starting on December 11th.

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Looks intruiging.

Quanah on Nov 7, 2009


Trailer mistakes confusion for intrigue.

Trip on Nov 7, 2009


bloody brillant

Shakakon on Nov 7, 2009


It's a gay-interest movie about this professor who has this love affair with this college kid. It was really good.

Dominc on Nov 7, 2009


Looks wonderful.

Dark Fist on Nov 7, 2009


Ah, it's one of those trailers for people who want to know what more important people than themselves thought of the film, rather than know what the film is actually about. Nice work, filmmakers! #4 - I would have had ALMOST no idea what the hell was going on here if not for you. Thanks.

Mark on Nov 7, 2009


I'm pertty much sold on it.

xerxex on Nov 7, 2009


#2 It's a trailer. I applaud the fact it doesn't give away every single plot point away like most trailers now-a-days.

Quanah on Nov 7, 2009


Looks absolutely brilliant! Cant wait to see this. Just watched Accidental husband (no idea why! ok, wife made me, but still) and i was like "oh no" when i saw Colin Firth in this trailer for the first time, but it totally convinced me!

coswell on Nov 7, 2009


i thot it was boring actually. TBH u guys dont have to agree with everything that Pixar whore says. bitches. p.s altho i do like julian moore very much. so a must see for moi

PinkSushit on Nov 7, 2009


looks stupid

sam on Nov 7, 2009


#8 A trailer is supposed to (creatively) advertise a movie, and hopefully a little something of what it is about. I had no idea what this was about, thus no desire to see it. Trailer failed.

Trip on Nov 7, 2009


i think julianne moore is a terrible actress; but, colin firth is excellent. this has a quiet intensity that i really like. i'll be watching

beavis on Nov 7, 2009


The mood of the trailer is great, the cinematography looks top notch, and it has the appearance of being something intriguing. Trailer succeeds.

Itri on Nov 7, 2009


psh... this trailer is just trying to put this movie on way to high of a pedestal.

DoomCanoe on Nov 7, 2009


I've seen this film and it's spectacular.

Michele on Nov 7, 2009


@15: I think you fail to understand the idea of marketing. The goal is to make your product look good. Showing potential audiences that the film is receiving rave reviews and critical acclaim is generally a good idea. Honestly, I like the way this trailer is done. Some films shouldn't have much plot revealed in the trailer because it can set expectations and throw your audience out of the film or lessen the impact of certain revelations. Now that I know the guy has a romantic affair with another man, the impact of that revelation in the film will have been weakened for me and alter my perception of the scene and the film in whole. So thanks a lot for that, #4...

Squiggly_P on Nov 7, 2009


I had to double check that it was THE Tom Ford involved in this film. . .those spectacles looked familiar I knew I recognized Nick Hoult from Skins! Pulling a Dev Patel here I see

Jaf on Nov 7, 2009


#13 Do you only like bad actresses? on Nov 8, 2009


Can someone please tell me why they thought this trailer was so brilliant? I agree, a lot of movies give away way to much plot in there trailers, but it would be nice to know what the hell was going on. I gained literally nothing from watching that other than knowing that Colin Firth was absolutely brilliant in his role... who he is and what kind of conflict he encounters, well that is beyond me. I guess this is just an artsy fartsy movie that is WAY above my intelligence.

FritzHatesAlex on Nov 8, 2009


#12 No it did not. Just because an arthouse movie doesn't spell everything for you doesn't mean it shouldn't be graced by your almighty, all-knowing film presence. It's an independent film. Let me repeat that so you don't miss it. It's an independent film. It's not necessarily going to have a "Wow-Factor" trailer. Look at the cast. Great cast. See it for the acting. It's an independent film.

Quanah on Nov 8, 2009


I had to stop it at the 1:37 point. I absolutely hate when a movie trailer tries to persuade me into thinking I could see Oscar worthy performances in the film, then not include any audio of the actual actors/actresses.

TCox on Nov 8, 2009


The trailer is fantastic – specifically the sound. This trailer looks to be trying to accomplish something a little different than usual and I think it works very well. It's attempting to stand out from the typical overly-dramatic, black-out-with-loud-noises, credits-with-final-1/2second-clip-to-trying-to-make-you-remember-the-movie shots. It is very easy to google "the single man" and discover a bit more of the plot if you really need that – it is no longer necessary to give someone all of that information in the trailer.

patrick on Nov 8, 2009


I think this is one of the best trailers I have seen in a long time. No, it doesn't throw what its about in your lap. But you can definitely figure it out, IF you're willing to actually pay attention to the way it is cut, and the shots chosen for inclusion. Also, think about the audience this trailer is targeting. It isn't for people who want blood guts and gore films, or cartoony animation. It shows amazing cinematography and costume design, and in fact some good acting. Good acting is much more than good delivery of vocal lines. Its about those silent lines as well. Afterall, isn't 80% of communication visual(hand gestures, eye movement etc)? Amazing trailer, and I personally am interested to see more in the future.

dave13 on Nov 8, 2009


I really dug the trailer. Doesn't give you a good sense of plot, but it delivers a solid sense of tone and feel. The actual story of the film is secondary to how that story makes you feel, and that's exactly what this trailer -does- give. Can't wait!

Will Schiffelbein on Nov 8, 2009


I think this looks absolutely beautiful! I can't wait the cast looks well thought out too. I normally don't like Julianne Moore but it seems like this role fits her. Colin Firth looks awesome too glad to see him letting his acting skills truly shine. Trailers have become over the years a art form on it's own, this I think has become one of my favorite trailers of the year. I'll be seeing this as soon as I can. By the way #22 have you ever heard of looking at the actors eyes when judging there acting ability? You don't always have to depend on the dialogue to tell if there performance is worthy for an Oscar.

Caitie on Nov 8, 2009


#24 Good call on the "isn't 80% of communication visual" in reference to this trailer, and filmmaking in general. Anyone who's takin' a screenwriting class (which I've taken many, and write as a hobby) knows that there's always great focus on visual presentation...Sometimes at the expense of dialogue. Good call...

Quanah on Nov 8, 2009


Actually, there's another trailer that was released earlier (not by Weinstein Company) that shows a little more footage and no reviews/marketing quotes. So maybe people who thought this didn't give them enough of what the film's about would want to watch that one instead.

Lynn on Nov 8, 2009


Lame. Hated all those quotes by the critics. Would've been slightly more interesting without them.

Golgo 13 on Nov 8, 2009


Impossible to judge anything other than that the cinematography looks great from that trailer.

dqniel on Nov 8, 2009


#24 You are telling me this trailer shows "good acting"? I can pull "hand gestures and eye movement" clips from "Catwoman" and you would think Halle Berry deserves an oscar. I watch a lot of trailers, and although I agree the cinematography looks new & original, the overall trailer failed to give me an inkling about the story, thus doesn't peak my interest. Just my opinion.

Trip on Nov 9, 2009


Agree with almost everyone, i have no idea what's the movie history. Figure it out make no sense, it's like imagine what could be and not what it is. I Like the style althought. D.

D. on Nov 9, 2009


Tom Ford... who would have thought... the trailer (as a sample of the whole movie) looks beautiful and so darn sexy... besides, you can see how the mad men style it's all over the place (the "place" being, the world)

leinergroove on Nov 9, 2009


Nicholas Hoult is really really good. Glad to see him in a movie that's creating some buzz. And agreed, the cinematography looks special. Here's to hoping the rest won't disappoint.

captain subtext on Nov 9, 2009


@ #31, you write "the overall trailer failed to give me an inkling about the story, thus doesn't peak my interest". A naked body underwater. A car accident on a snowy road, with a man *slowly* walking towards a body lying next to the wreck. An apparently perfect married couple. A pistol in a drawer. A threesome - with gay undertones. etc., etc., etc. And a teaser trailer ISN'T supposed to give any inkling whatsoever, thus puzzling and interesting the viewer. If this teaser trailer fails to interest you, than maybe you're just not the type of audience this movie was made for. And, personally speaking, I'm fed up with this stupid habit of American trailers showing you the whole movie, and in chronological order (eg "When in Rome "

Alex C. on Nov 9, 2009


Does anyone if that was a specific song used in the trailer or just general music?

William D. on Nov 9, 2009


The trailer makes me want to know what the hell it's about.

arjones on Nov 11, 2009


"And a teaser trailer ISN'T supposed to give any inkling whatsoever, thus puzzling and interesting the viewer." It certainly "puzzled" me, but didn't "interest" me.

Trip on Nov 12, 2009


I saw THE SINGLE MAN at it's press screening during the Toronto Film Festival in Sept 2009. Visually magnetic. Colin Firth is finally all that he can be as the main character. What a truly grand, enriched portrait of lover lost. I truly hope you all get to see this film. It was luscious on every level. Oh, and for men who won't buy fashion magazines....line up now please!

esther stein on Nov 14, 2009


The argument over this trailer is ridiculous. This trailer was designed with a very specific audience in mind -- it was made to appeal to people who do not necessarily need to be handed the condensed plot or even any idea what's going to happen. It's rather a brief impression of what the movie is going to be like -- atmospherically and visually. Many people aren't going to respond to that, but some people will, and I'm willing to bet that those people are more likely to enjoy this movie than others anyway. Nothing wrong with that. Tom Ford knows what his audience is, and I think that's good, no sense trying to pull in people at the expense of artistry (I have always felt trailers can be works of art themselves). I personally, speaking as both a filmmaker and someone who very much enjoyed Isherwood's book and is highly anticipating the film, think it is beautiful.

jvmoon on Dec 12, 2009

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