Must Watch: Highly Energetic New Fast and Furious Trailer

January 14, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Fast and Furious Trailer

Universal has debuted a full theatrical trailer for the upcoming Fast & Furious. We've already seen a rather impressive teaser for this, so I'm excited to see that they've continued to step things up yet again. I really love their marketing style - showing us nearly a full action scene. It really gets me pupped up and excited to see more and that's all that Fast & Furious is about. I really think they might've pulled off a damn successful reboot of this Fast and the Furious franchise. Plus it's great seeing all the actors back again and it just looks downright entertaining. I like a little guilty pleasure every once in a while!

Watch the second full trailer for Fast and Furious:

[flv: 598 322]

You can also watch the Fast and Furious trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Fast and Furious is directed by up-and-coming Taiwanese filmmaker Justin Lin, of Better Luck Tomorrow, Annapolis, and of course, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. The screenplay was written by Chris Morgan, of Cellular, Tokyo Drift, and Wanted. Fast and Furious races into theaters on April 3rd.

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Ok thought this was gonna be good with that other trailer, but omfg now I am pumped...fucking awesome trailer.

Cody on Jan 14, 2009


Michelle Rodriguez... hot.

FlaWiio on Jan 14, 2009



Jay Selis on Jan 14, 2009


This is a wonderfully cut trailer. But the use of the Soulja Boy song and the previous films in the series say otherwise.

TheGuyInThePJs on Jan 14, 2009


Looks like crap just like the Last two...

Chris.2324 on Jan 14, 2009


this looks fuckin great, wont lie!!! kinda disappointing to c the amount of cg especially after they bugged up f&f2 with it....but a guess with a scene like that exploding trailer watr ya gonna do ...ha

C Dot on Jan 14, 2009


Guilty pleaszure indeeed!!!! These movies are what they are...mindless, cars and pretty women, yessir! Now, if they throw a little rock-and-roll into that soundtrack....

kitano0 on Jan 14, 2009


Nice chase scene pretty slick minus Soulja Boy the rest looked pretty awesome.

xerxerxex on Jan 14, 2009


A. How is working as a director for 7 years on crap (except Better Luck Tomorrow) big budget hollywood junk up and coming? B. How is this a guilty pleasure over other low rent teenager fare like Wanted, Street Fighter, and the Transporter? C. I can't believe you're calling this a reboot. It's another cheap cash in sequel on a series of movies that were nothing but cheap cash ins. D. Alex, your similarity to is astounding.

Nick on Jan 14, 2009


I'm bored.

dave13 on Jan 14, 2009


I hate soljaboy! This trailer looks prettty sweet however. Wasnt really a fan of the first two and have promised to die before I see the third, but you know... I will see tgis without any problems.

Marcus on Jan 14, 2009


Nick - It's a reboot because they took out the sequel #, brought back the original cast, and are going back to a story set around the first movie more than the sequels. Also, it's not a summer movie. So thanks for that Onion link, but I don't love every summer movie. 🙂

Alex Billington on Jan 14, 2009


hey #2... and #5... You lose... shut the hell up...

Zandhu on Jan 14, 2009


Michelle Rodriguez… hot. Vin Diesel.....LAME! She cannot save this alone. Grade F (fail)

Tim "Cloverfield" on Jan 14, 2009


Damn this looks sweet! I can't wait!!!

Janika on Jan 14, 2009


I like how Sung Kang's character is named Han, just like in Better Luck Tomorrow. And I gotta say, that chase scene...awesome.

James on Jan 14, 2009


Looks like mindless fun. Can't wait.

Ryan on Jan 14, 2009


Looks like "Netflix" sort of fun...

Hassan on Jan 14, 2009


good times...good times.

Matt Suhu on Jan 14, 2009


nope... the opening song is fucking solja boy come on this looks so shitty

kirch on Jan 14, 2009


1:53 - Burnout Paradise anyone?

Taktix on Jan 14, 2009


I agree Diesel is just not a good actor!! But as it has been said mindless fun seem to be right his ally.

mjc on Jan 14, 2009


#9 Bravo, bravo 😀 The Soulja Boy song by itself is going to leave a bad after taste no matter how "good" the film is; hopefully they don't actually put it in. And no this does not even seem like a reboot, the trailer itself seems pretty campy and the over the top action is pretty ridiculous; a flaming truck over Diesels car? lmfao thats the best they can think of....I really hope that it follows the path of the first film, i really really really really really really really hope.

Nikhil Hariharann on Jan 14, 2009


Check out this trailer I hope it will be shown here at FS

markoz on Jan 14, 2009


Why.. why... why...... why...... why god oh why soulja boy.... what the fucking hell is wrong with you ass hole hollywood movie makers.. why the fuck soulja boy.. why... please god tell me why.. Thank GOD they ATLEAST went with Travis Barker's remix version.

nem on Jan 14, 2009


thank u 26, agreed, soulja boy, come on! could have picked a better song. and that ending, sad, so obviously fake it's not even funny. i'll watch it on dvd.

K on Jan 14, 2009


Everybody who doesn't like Vin Diesel needs to watch "Find me Guilty" the movie about the longest trial in history, and a mafioso who defended himself in cour and won getting all the defendants a not guilty verdict! Diesel did a superb job as Giacomo "Jackie" DiNorscio, he gained weight and spent three hours becoming this character.

xerxerxex on Jan 14, 2009


They should have just left it at the first trailer or cut this one short. It just likes the same old lame acting, cgi crap from the second one now. Anything with Paul Walker = fail besides Running Scared.

Dave on Jan 14, 2009


FUCKING AWESOME TRAILER! Looks way...............better than Tokyo Drift. But WTF would anyone want souja boy for a movie trailer? Souja Boy licks Balls!

LC on Jan 14, 2009


I was also wondering how this is considered a reboot, I thought reboot was a retelling or re-imagining of the original, this isn't, this is expanding on the original, I guess its the first true sequel since everyone's back, but I don't think its considered a reboot, unless reboot really means just actually making a squeal that's good enough to revitalize the franchise.

Richard on Jan 14, 2009


They had to play Soulja Boy...

Tom V on Jan 14, 2009


um first trailer was wwwwaaaaayyyyy better...... it looks ok at best oh and everybody trashing soulja boy god damn it first everyone was jumping on the band wagon to love him and now it's this huge backlash i never liked him but im not on his cock like everyone else grow up people!!!!

neonblue on Jan 14, 2009


that trailer made me lose all interest in it. damn that Soulja Boy

-Peter- on Jan 14, 2009


as a fan of the original, this looks really good, why did they move a movie like this to APRIL!?!?!

KyB on Jan 14, 2009


I hope they don't release this in theaters. The first trailer was pretty badass, but this one makes the movie look cheesy. The Soulja Boy song doesn't help either. The song, the attitude, all of it makes it seem like the film is trying too hard to be badass.....where the first trailer actually succeeded in doing so with at least some dignity. Perhaps I'm looking too much into the preview, but with a film like this the marketing is going to be kind of crucial, and this preview is trying too hard, and it comes across kinda lame.

ImaginaryVisionary on Jan 14, 2009


looks great.

tyler w on Jan 14, 2009


The fact that you, the writer, thinks this is going to be good almost makes me want to not come here anymore. Fast and the Furious has been the biggest joke for car enthusiasts since the furst trailer. It turned out too many idiots thinking they have something because they found "not a bad way to spend 20 grand..." *bangs head into wall* This movie has already been scheduled to release ealier because it sucks and it won't compete with summer blockbusters so let's cut the crap and go straight to DVD.

aravena on Jan 14, 2009


No offense but everytime I see a chase that is somewhat "parkour themed" I can't help but think of that scene from Casino Royale where Daniel Craig (James Bond) is chasing Sébastien Foucan (Mollaka)

Sinbad007 on Jan 14, 2009


I agree with rich, this shouldve been the sequel. I like seeing the old cast back. Maybe this will give vin diesel the boost he needs right about now

bigabe on Jan 14, 2009


Can Vin Diesel still sell a movie after BABYLON A.D.....Hummmmm I'm unsure, and soulja boy?.....Really soulja boy.....We're in for trouble if the movie soundtracks sounds like that....

Lazarus on Jan 14, 2009


didnt like any of the others and hate paul walker but i might see this, love me some michelle rodriguez. didnt see jordana brewster in the trailer but shes supposed to be in it

harrison on Jan 14, 2009


Please God let it die already.

JimD on Jan 14, 2009


How is this a Reboot. I think its just another chapter in the life of someone who drives fast cars. No way this is a reboot. Has someone from the studio said that its a reboot? Come on Alex let me know.

AllmightyKeim on Jan 14, 2009


that openin chase felt like a rip off of casino royale. but it looks good though

darrin on Jan 14, 2009


I love how Alex gets so pumped over shit films like this. How much cash did the studio pump into this site?

Thomas on Jan 15, 2009


Okay, first of all. District B17 want's their opening chase back. Second of all, Soulja Boy should be illegal to put on trailers. And third of all, the last scene with the flying oil tanker made me scream "WHY?" No. No. NO. NO!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rgr Dean on Jan 15, 2009


soulja boy can eat my shit. out of all the shit that he has ever produced they picked the worst one. The trailer was pretty sweet tho.

Spunk Chops on Jan 15, 2009


So the new action gimmick is to have a trailer just keep spinning over and over! Why not, we had it in Die Hard 4 and Eagle Eye. It was like when a car would smash into the hero as he was driving another car and you would have the in-car shot. Before that it was something blowing up and flying towards the camera. Anyway, I'm there!

jdslater1 on Jan 15, 2009


"Paul Walker is... Jason Bourne."

Joel on Jan 15, 2009



Atomic Popcorn on Jan 15, 2009


If there was one trailer that could deter me from watching a film, it was that one. They only copied every action sequence from the Bourne Movies, plus the car pyrotechnics from Death Race. And could Vin Diesel shove his head up his own ass any further? Answer: probably....

Boris Van Der Ree on Jan 15, 2009


@Rgr Dean, agreed. This is so sad. I guess the Diesel is in need of cash to pay the mortgage and gets some fan help in his career's resuscitation. Rodriguez for sure isn't going to bitch after being booted from LOST & is more so in need of help in getting out of sub-star purgatory, seriously if her acting wasn't horrible in LOST, BloodRayne?

Johnny Neat on Jan 15, 2009


I'm loving Vin Diesel as a 40-yr old ricer. Nice.

JustinWhy on Jan 15, 2009


Great! Vin Diesel get adrenaline high!

GrowthHormoneTreatment on Jan 15, 2009


Why did they not release this in June?!?!?! this is like the perfect summer flick. normally i wouldn't complain that they moved it up, but y push it up to the worst possible month to put out a movie. i'm excited, just skeptical. And that soulja boy song is very very played out

LeeMan on Jan 15, 2009


soulja boy. wtf?

milk on Jan 15, 2009


That final scene looks a little corny, but on the whole this looks like the Fast and Furious we all wanted with #3. I'm looking forward to it.

Chris on Jan 15, 2009


A reboot would be same title, new cast, new direction, trying to start over, relying on nothing that came before, hence reboot. Batman Begins is a reboot. Rob Zombie's Halloween is a reboot. The stars/studio needed a cheapy hit. Period.

Nick on Jan 15, 2009


Why in the FUCK did they have to play that song in it?

Tom on Jan 15, 2009


only thing i can say it looks good but why on gods green earth that they have 2 put that weak ass rapper soulja boy crank dat in there i mean i dont wanna be in the movie theatre hearin that

Walker on Jan 15, 2009


No offense to every soulja boy hater as I am one myself. But the song sort of suits the trailer.. not sure about the movie.

Alex on Jan 15, 2009


@#42 Jordana Brewster is in the trailer, look again... around 1:46 into the trailer, for a split second. Yeah, I'm bored!

Omega728 on Jan 15, 2009


the first part of the trailer is the best, the rest was just ok, why did they have to use that stupid ass soulja boy song

Richard on Jan 15, 2009


I wouldn't count on that Soulja Boy shit to actually make it in the movie. Just a hunch...

Frame on Jan 15, 2009


I've always enjoyed the fast & furious films. They had some great car chases and don't seem to take themselves too seriously. My fave would probably the 2nd as I thought the play between walker and tyrese was better than between walker and diesel. If you don't go in expecting Gandhi 2 : The Return then they deliver on what they are supposed to.

Payne by name on Jan 16, 2009


love the tagline "new model, original parts".

F.C. on Jan 16, 2009


Is it me, or is Dom getting a BJ in a window at 1:11? I could swear Paul's character says "she's my friend too"? Apart from that, I'll gladly eat some more F&F cheese 🙂

Mike Kingscott on Jan 16, 2009


ha ha #4 my thoughts exactly I'd probably going to see it looks like an entertaining night

Silver on Jan 16, 2009


soulja boy music, please make it stop

just on Jan 17, 2009


Oh yes!! Sooooo excited. The only way they've been able to revive this franchise is my lovely Vin. 🙂

Rachel on Jan 18, 2009


this movie is clearly the best of the bunch i saw it and wow

don on Aug 8, 2009

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