Incredible New French Trailer for Christopher Nolan's Inception!

December 23, 2009

Inception Trailer

While we know that the next official trailer for Christopher Nolan's Inception is attached to Sherlock Holmes starting this Friday, this French trailer that just hit over on MakingOf looks absolutely amazing and is a must watch anyway. Since I haven't seen the new Inception trailer yet, I'm not sure if this is the same one showing in theaters on Friday or not, but I have a feeling it's very similar. I think this is its own crazy experience anyway watching the whole thing without understanding what's going on. Try to make sense of it and you'll see what I mean! But besides all that, this does look pretty incredible. Can anyone translate this?

Watch the new French trailer for Christopher Nolan's Inception:

Trailer has been removed at the request of Warner Brothers. Sorry!

If you haven't seen it yet, we ran the teaser trailer for Inception in August. It looks pretty awesome so far!

A thriller set within the architecture of the mind about a CEO who is involved in a blackmailing scandal.

Inception is both written and directed by acclaimed Oscar nominated British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, of Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight. Nolan previously wrote the scripts for Memento, Batman Begins, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight with his brother Jonathan Nolan. Warner Brothers is bringing Inception to theaters everywhere starting on July 16th, 2010 next summer.

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I'm not saying that this is going to be bad by any means, but just because the man made the dark knight doesn't mean that this is going to be anywhere near as good.

Mike on Dec 22, 2009


didn't know ellen page was a part of this project

real talk on Dec 22, 2009


He's a great actor. I'd probably watch anything with him.

Magnolia Fan on Dec 22, 2009


I'm not counting on it being good because its the guy who did the Dark Knight, but it looks original and Chris Nolan proved himself way before the Batman franchise. I'll definitely see this when it hits theatres!

Traveler on Dec 22, 2009


Traveler, you're making it as if Nolan is some 'ho-hum' director despite making a well liked film like Dark Knight. Just because you don't like it, and that's fine, doesn't mean that the whole world doesn't like it. In fact, they still love it. and Gang Bang Gary (aka Traveler) I'm sure you're the same dude. seriously, thank god people like you don't exist in the real world.

Gang Bang gary Jr on Dec 22, 2009


This looks pretty awesome, and thanks Alex for getting this to us so quickly I searched google and you are the only news site to have it up. For those who already hate this movie because they hated the Dark Knight, know that I think Nolan has made his case as a director with films other than Batman (Memento, Prestige, Insomnia).

Jordan on Dec 22, 2009


I can translate: basically Leo's character is explaining that an idea can have enormous power. It has the power to build cities, an idea can transform the world and rewrite the rules and thats why he needs to get a hold of it. The antagonist is hiding something and Leo"s character needs to figure out what it is and therefore go to the root (inception) of the idea of the crime. Here is the translation of the words written Votre esprit= Your mind est la scène du crime= is the scene of the crime anyways hope this helps, it looks like a cool story, a bit far fetched but I think if its well constructed and stands on its own two feet it could be a great film. The actors are pretty top notch and this film will be important for Nolan's career post Batman.

karine ohayon on Dec 22, 2009


WHAT THE FUCK is up with all of you unimpressed Nolan hater?!? SERIOUSLY! Billington's use of the word "incredible" is exactly what this trailer is, and it's in poor quality and in French. A city block folding into itself, a montage of slow-motion explosions, a locomotive train blasting through cars on a city street? That was fucking awesome! I understand that Nolan has a lot of loyal and rabid fans who actively advocate for him on behalf, but do I really need to go down the list again? Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and now Inception? Once a director reaches a certain level, of course the studio is going to preface a poster or trailer with "From the director of...." because it gives movie goers an immediate association of quality filmmaking. I notice that there were no hands raised when the Avatar trailers came out with "From the director of Aliens, Terminator 2" and the complete list of JC's filmography. Get used to the fact that a lot of people are going to be Jizzing on anything Nolan touches for years to come. I mean, the GUY ISN'T EVEN 40 YET, and has put together a resume that most filmmakers cannot claim in their entire careers. INCEPTION is THE film of 2010, and the only reason I'm going to see Sherlock Holmes on Christmas Day, is to see this trailer. SUCK IT HATERS!!!

Barrett on Dec 22, 2009


Thanks for the translation, Karine. I'm looking forward to Inception. Honestly, though, that trailer wasn't too fantastic. Could just be the French, I suppose.

whomever on Dec 22, 2009


Awesome trailer! Wish it was in higher quality!

Chee on Dec 22, 2009


Seriously any Nolan haters need to watch Memento and The prestige put TDK out of mind for once and just stfu. He is the incarnation of any true cinema left in hollywood so dont bash one of the best directors alive. Not to mention Batman begins was truely the best batman film ever made. Seriously if you havent seen any of the former films and your bashin this then your opinion means nothing anyway.

Cody on Dec 22, 2009


@#6, my post was in response to Mike. What I meant is that there is more reason to think this will be great than just because of TDK alone. Clearly Nolan is a great filmmaker and while this film will be boosted by fans of TDK, even if he had never made that movie this one would still seem just as awesome. You read my post all wrong.

Traveler on Dec 23, 2009


...... i need to take french class

Said on Dec 23, 2009


More precise translation: "What’s the most resilient form of parasite? An idea. An idea has the power to build a city… to change the world, and re-write all the rules.. and that’s why I need to steal it."

Shane on Dec 23, 2009


Thanks for translation # 7. Looks good enough to get me to the theatre to watch it. But I wont be expecting much.Doesn't sound very interesting at all. So i'll be going just to see the acting.And not so much about the story (unless theirs a lot more to it then whats said in the trailer) Leo is pretty great to watch in just about anything. Ellen page is great too.

filmfan111 on Dec 23, 2009


The fact that it's in IMAX must mean the sequences are going to be bigger than standard theater fare

Jaf on Dec 23, 2009


french? what the fuck? i mean the movie is hollywood-made so why the fuck the first trailer is french?

Bluntman on Dec 23, 2009


@17 You can bet there is a lot more to the story than what this trailer showed. Christopher Nolan has written some of the deepest and most complete movies of the decade. He just knows not to give the plot away in the trailer. He has kept a pretty tight reign on the plot of this movie (Michael Caine didn't even get the whole script) so I think he wants it to be mostly a surprise when the movie finally does come out.

Jordan on Dec 23, 2009


Memento and The Prestige, suck it cunts.

Falex Villington on Dec 23, 2009


Didn't like DK, but this has got me interested.

Sleepykid on Dec 23, 2009


I want him to try and do real justice to the "Dark Knight Returns" story from Frank Miller. when i first heard the second batman movie would be named The Dark Knight i kinda felt a chill run down my spine. all though people praise TDK all to the heavens (and i loved that film, great crime thriller/action but not batman enough) imo the first one Batman Begins was a better bats flick. enough with off topic subjects and on with the matter at hand 😀 i have faith in Nolan's vision. he has, as many of you have already stated, done real good jobs before Bats. he will and from what i have seen from the trailers already put his goods in this one too. i will enjoy this ride in the theater.

burak "Daequitas" on Dec 23, 2009


Here we go. Translation : What’s the most resilient of parasites ? An idea. A single idea coming from human brain can build cities. An idea cazn change the world and rewrite the rules. This is why I must take it. “Don’t find into your memories, but create new places.” “He is hiding something and we must find out what it is” “We have to get out from here” “it’s over” “Things should not have gone this way” “Help me, help me” And it’s written : “your spirit is the crime scene” Sorry for the mistakes in English, but I’m a poor French girl, so…

annelou on Dec 23, 2009


Thanks a lot for the translations guys! Wow. I have no idea what really is happening, but holyshit! It looks amazing! A city folding itself? Wow. Christopher Nolan, you're a genius. And to all the haters: the best movies of the last 15 years all came from the mind of Nolan and I believe that (apart from Tarantino) he is the only true director that has a vision and originality! I can't wait for this movie (and i want an English trailer with better quality soon).

F.C. on Dec 23, 2009


Did you guys see the freakin' TRAIN in the middle of the street in downtown LA?! I'd heard about it, heard he put an actual train on a street downtown... Don't know how he pulled it off or what the fuck it's doing there, but god damn this is so awesome. I love Chris Nolan!

Alex Billington on Dec 23, 2009


I love people's logic. A director makes one film you don't like and suddenly the world comes crumbling down. Anyway, this trailer looks absurdly awesome. Easily my most anticipated of 2010.

SlashBeast on Dec 23, 2009


I'm not Nolan's biggest fan by any means, but I must say this looks terrific - just like my kind of film. I hope he continues to use the clout TDK has given him to make original films like this rather than get stuck in a rut of Batman sequels.

Mathieu on Dec 23, 2009


Holy shit! That looks freaking amazing!

Governor on Dec 23, 2009


nolan haters, i really dont understand you guys, nolan is one of very very few directers whos got a perfect record. the guy is an incredible story teller and a visionary, and from all the comments you'd think that nolan only ever made tdk. tdk is an amazing film but insomnia and memento are way better and nolan has nothing to prove to anyone, his films speak for himself. in doubt this will be another brilliant film as well.

rockfeller on Dec 23, 2009


i can't understand french,but it still look's shit hot.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Dec 23, 2009


I just want to say that whatever French guy they get to do the voiceovers for trailers is no where NEAR as cool sounding as the American guy. I'm just going to put that out there. I'll see anything with Leo. Or Ellen.

Shannon on Dec 23, 2009


that was one hell of a trailer....cant wait to see whats in store for us at 25th....

Hellboy on Dec 23, 2009


hav any of u guys seen flashforwrd best show ever

Jason on Dec 23, 2009


? can anyone tell me from the Trailer why is the Street and building bending over, is that in is mind or what. The story to Interception is a bit Vague. the VFX look good though, the Women in the Trailer must play a prominate part in the film the one next to Leo Dicaprio, she a looker. 😉

Cineprog on Dec 23, 2009


Memento > TDK.

Spencer on Dec 23, 2009


isnt the girl ellen page?

samuel j on Dec 23, 2009


Saw this trailer at the front of Sherlock Holmes on Monday night, which btw, was very unimpressive. WTF has happened to Guy Ritchie.

Rod Tidwell on Dec 23, 2009


Memento & TDK. Different beasts. Both extraordinary in their respective genres. Comparing them is really pointless. They prove Mr Nolan's versatility - his filmmaking prowess. Just like Mr Kubrick he's incapable of delivering a mediocre film. Consider his artistic prerogatives: the intellectual precision with which he constructs his stories and characters, the way he allows content to shape the visual style, the way he approaches violence (no primitive, sadistic, gratuitous and ultra "cool" bloodletting) confirm that he's a consummate, mature filmmaker not interested in cheap stylistic gimmicks that characterise lesser talents (Mr Rodriguez, Mr Snyder, the Wachowskis, Mr Tarantino, Mr Blomkamp). I'm sure there are quite a few of us who celebrate the fact that such incredible talent has managed to find his place within the realm of mainstream filmmaking.

CCB on Dec 23, 2009


The Prestige > The Dark Knight 5:1

L1A on Dec 23, 2009


Hot damn, I can't wait for this to come out!

Daniel on Dec 23, 2009


Am I the only one who thinks this looks VERY similar to TDK? HH

Have Hope on Dec 23, 2009


It does look pretty good, sort of has a Dark City element to it, the idea of the bending buildings and higher external power. As far as directing Batman goes, they were okay films, just overhyped I think, the first was better than the second, I actually fell asleep watching Dark Knight for the 2nd time, but still I don't think it's the work of the devil and I'll definitely be seeing this.

Crapola on Dec 23, 2009


I don't know what all the hate is for Nolan or this trailer, you just have to admit that the trailer itself is pretty freaking epic, all the imagery is badass, and so is the music. This trailer i better than most of the trailers out right now for movies next year, and we still don't anything about it with this and the teaser. So put all the Nolan hate aside and just enjoy the trailer cuz its AMAZING.

Tony Blanco on Dec 23, 2009


Thanks God I speak French!loll! Yeah #7 did pretty much the translation of it! Thanks it will save me from doing it! All the haters will again be disappointed! Nolan did it and will do it again!loll

Nolanfan on Dec 23, 2009


still me from#44 : Just wanted to add that we hear the character played by Ellen Page scream: "Wake me up, wake me up" as in a nightmare or something from which she is aware...

Nolanfan on Dec 23, 2009


#1 batman begins, dark knight, prestige, and memento. Anything he has touched is awesome, he is the next Cameron for sure. The new golden boy.

Branden on Dec 23, 2009


#38 couldn't agree with you agree.

rockfeller on Dec 23, 2009


#38 I agreed with everything you said until you said Tarantino...I mean are you joking? But yeah as most have said: The Prestige>Memento>TDK. The TDK is overrated but still an absolutely amazing film. But The prestige (Which I just got done watching again last night and I came to see this right after) is easily the best of his work yet in my opinion. I have never cared about characters in a movie as much as I did for Borden and Angiers. Every part of that movie was simply flawless. Memento you have to watch to truly understand how awesome it is because it cant simply be described. Honestly I think Nolan may be the best director in hollywood right now. The only reason this look at all like TDK is because of the cinematography but that isnt TDK its Nolans style, you see it in his other works besides DK also so dont even go up the "this looks too much like DK hes just trying to get our money" card because your wrong. Nolan is the only director that I have no doubt that he will deliver with every single movie he is associated with. To sum it up I freaking love Nolan.

Cody on Dec 23, 2009


Dammit! It got taken down!

1-7 on Dec 23, 2009


Memento is without question Nolan's best film. His only disappointment is the Insomnia remake, which is only disappointing if you've seen the superior original. On its own merits, it's a good thriller.

Mathieu on Dec 23, 2009


How the hell did the French get this before us?

BookWorm on Dec 23, 2009


i cant find a copy of this anywhere

DoomCanoe on Dec 23, 2009


#48 Mr Tarantino is obviously a very gifted director. No question. He just doesn't fit into my definition of an exceptional filmmaker. Yet 😉 I'm not a fan of his cinematic narcissim (as evident in self-conscious dialogue), ever-present, not-so-subtle homages, riffs and constant pop-referencing. I find them distracting and reductive. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned? P.S. I've yet to see "Inglorious Basterds" - maybe it'll mark a radical shift in my perception of Mr Tarantino?

CCB on Dec 23, 2009


#50 original was good, but come on nolan's version was amazing, the cinematography, score, al pacinos acting. it was pitch perfect.

rockfeller on Dec 23, 2009


Taken down! And in French? Someone bootleg the english version!

Glass on Dec 23, 2009


Found a still active video... http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/0a02e37c18/inception-trailer-french

Zach Wu on Dec 23, 2009


Guys, Calm down. This is just the Nolan we know, another great movie is on its way. I am pretty sure this will be one of the best movies in '10.

Kubilay on Dec 23, 2009


THANKS, zach wu! cool trailer.

beavis on Dec 24, 2009


To #50: That's the narrowmindedness of the North American.They think they are the world....HELLO!!other people from other countries watch movies too.....therefore they make money!...Got it? Besides Marion Cotillard (who is French, btw) is in the movie as well...so it makes sense to generate the buzz there as well! Don't you think? 🙂

Nolanfan on Dec 25, 2009


still me from 58 and the same comment about the narrowmindedness still applies to #17: You guys only watch movies and know nothing about what's happening behind the scene and marketing!

Nolanfan on Dec 25, 2009


People didn't like the Dark Knight? I can't believe that, that is the most shocking things I've heard today? What is wrong with these people? Do they just have no taste in filmmaking? Is that like some kind of disease?

Andrew Geczy on Dec 26, 2009


#58/59 - Nolanfan Shut the fuck up, North America is the only region of the world that matters. Fucking frenchies can lick my balls, you cheese eating surrender monkeys.

Governor on Oct 31, 2010

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