Must Watch: Intense Trailer for Mel Gibson's 'Edge of Darkness'

October 14, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Edge of Darkness Trailer

Warner Brothers has debuted the official trailer for Martin Campbell's Edge of Darkness starring Mel Gibson and Ray Winstone today on Yahoo. The movie is about a homicide detective who starts to investigate his own daughter's death and uncovers a secret life as well as corporate cover-up and government collusion. I love a good mystery and this just looks awesome, especially with Gibson kicking ass and Winstone being all mysterious. I really love Martin Campbell, he always makes good movies, and his action intensity is second-to-none. Anyway, if you're looking for a damn good thriller to finally be excited about, start here.

Watch the official trailer for Martin Campbell's Edge of Darkness from YouTube:

You can also watch the trailer for Edge of Darkness in High Definition on Yahoo

Edge of Darkness is directed by New Zealand / British filmmaker Martin Campbell, of everything from The Sex Thief to Criminal Law to GoldenEye to Mask of Zorro to Vertical Limit to Casino Royale previously, as well as the upcoming Green Lantern. The screenplay was co-written by Oscar winner William Monahan (Kingdom of Heaven, The Departed, Body of Lies) and playwright Andrew Bovell (The Book of Revelation, Blessed). Warner Brothers is bringing Edge of Darkness to theaters on January 29th, 2010 next year.

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This movie looks fantastic! Hangin' on the cross, or bangin' in the nails? Yes....

Sneek on Oct 14, 2009


Mel's back

OCP on Oct 14, 2009


The movie looks totally bad ass!

Ron on Oct 14, 2009


At first I was like "another angry daddy revenge movie?" But then it seemed like it gets a bit deeper. And the director of Casino Royale? heck yes and I got a chuckle from Mel Gibson talking about bangin' nails into a cross

-Peter- on Oct 14, 2009


I wonder if i'll be the only one that thinks this, but that trailer reminded me a lot of those cheesy made for tv flicks. I think I've made my point.

Dan the Fan on Oct 14, 2009


Looks so much better then Taken.

OHYEAHH!!! on Oct 14, 2009


It looks a big Mel Gibson fan so ill see it no matter what... i dont think he fits the New York accent but knowing him he'll make it good

John on Oct 14, 2009


awesome, there opening night.

Xerxex on Oct 14, 2009


movie looks boring.

Batman on Oct 14, 2009


Looking forward to this! (Though, I think Mel's accent does sound a bit funky at times, haha.) If you haven't already, check out the original BBC series it's based on- which Martin Campbell also directed- it's a good one 🙂

blink on Oct 14, 2009


#9, i thought hes from Boston...

dan on Oct 14, 2009


So its Max Payne (THE GAME, not the movie. That doesnt count. It doesnt exist. It never existed.) without the drugs?

Originalnotsomuch on Oct 14, 2009


#7 i dont think it looks better than taken. But it's definitely gonna be like taken. Kicking off 0 10 with BAD ASSERY.

movie mike on Oct 14, 2009


#13, he was born in new york but grew up in... austrailia. thought that was common knowledge. mad max and everything. as for the trailer: it's no TAKEN, but I can dig it.

crumb on Oct 14, 2009


Pretty sure he's sposed to be from Boston not NY. Accent is still a bit overwrought.

g on Oct 14, 2009


what's with the gibson accent? what kind of accent is that?

rowdy12 on Oct 14, 2009


WOOHOO, now that's what I'm talking about!

Dave on Oct 14, 2009


Yay! Mel Gibson! 😀 *claps* I'm interested.

Sabes on Oct 14, 2009


Gibson gonna crack some skulls in this movie!

teyhtr on Oct 14, 2009


#11 i hate you and every comment you have ever posted!!! i cant wait to see this, its sooo good to see Mel back on the big screen. And crumb my friend... this looks 80x better then Taken.

DoomCanoe on Oct 14, 2009


Mel Gibson is back and kickin' ass! I'm intrigued by the premise. I'm there!

Spider on Oct 14, 2009


ill be there.

jelipe on Oct 14, 2009


i agree with you OHYEAHH!!! it's better than Taken But Mel Gibson is no Liam Neeson

big789 on Oct 14, 2009


Nice bad ass looking movie.

ZzFDKzZ on Oct 14, 2009


go #14... but the TV series "edge of darkness" (same director actually) preceeds the game either way it should be worth a watch

Janny on Oct 14, 2009


Mel is back, it's good to see Mel back in a Action flick, even though the movie trailer remind of Ransom

Mike g on Oct 14, 2009


The last line, PURE BADASS.

Matthew on Oct 14, 2009


Yep Mel is still a badass and I seriously can't wait for this.

wrongturn687 on Oct 14, 2009


agreed. it's great to see mel back in action. does not look like cheesy made for tv flick at all. campbell's direction of action is one of the best out there now.

CL on Oct 14, 2009


doom, this film does not look better than taken. though i'll be the first to admit that PAYBACK was better than Taken, I don't think this will come close to ether of those films. This trailer is just boring, to be honest, and that's why I'm saying such things. your pal, crumb.

crumb on Oct 14, 2009


Finally the good ol bad ass Mel is back, I can't wait for this and I can already tell its gonna be better then some of the other old timers trying to come back to form stuff like Righteous Kill

Richard on Oct 14, 2009


i would go see this but i don't support ANTI-SEMITES

neonblue120 on Oct 14, 2009


neonblue, stay away from firstshowing. and germany. thanks, crumb. DOWN WITH JEWS! HAIL GIBSON! okay. i'm kidding. but you're retarded all the same.

crumb on Oct 15, 2009


I feel bad about that last comment.

crumb on Oct 15, 2009


Lookin' good...Mel and Ray...

Frank N. Stein on Oct 15, 2009


According to mel the jews did it

ConnachtFan on Oct 15, 2009


im with crumb i dont hate jews or anyone else who istn exactly like me but i dont think gibson is a antisemite just because his father was and he build him a church, everybody loves his or her parents and every parent does make mistakes so honestly that comment was bad but i did laugh because nobodys hunting jews anymore and im sick of this shit, nobody can be a victim forever especially a whole bunch o people(millions perhaps)

yojoe on Oct 15, 2009


This does look great! Mel Gibson isn't "too old for this shit" after all!

Pedro Lopes on Oct 15, 2009


Looks good. Apparently the bad guy turns out to be Mel's mullet, back for vengeance after years in the wilderness.

The Incredible Suit on Oct 15, 2009


The original TV series was made in 1984 and is still an awesome piece of DRAMA. This might be a great ACTION flick but it'll never surpass the original which captures the feelings of the public at the time. Seriously, check out the original! You won't be disappointed.

Monkey on Oct 15, 2009


I'm not understanding the accent Mel is using. It went from Australian to Bostonian to straight American.

esophus on Oct 15, 2009


Martin Campbell done a good job i cant wait for what Martin Campbell does with Green Lantern live action movie. Mel Gibson kick-ass in this trailer im glad his back

tazz on Oct 15, 2009


#7 better than taken? wtf you need to get your eyes checked......and damn it, I am tired of cheesy religious lines, that was a big "Fail" in my opinion.

ADM-86 on Oct 15, 2009


#21 how is this better than Taken? you don't see Mel do any take downs or fighting scenes. he doesn't seem bad ass at all. he shoots his gun like...once or twice? mel does well doing light comedy and there's none here. this movie is going to bomb, guaranteed!

Batman on Oct 15, 2009


"Are you the one hangin' in the cross or bangin' in the nails?" I just found that hilarious but seriously I can't wait for this movie

Nick on Oct 15, 2009


Wow looks great. Just hope theres more to it than some corporate head handing down orders to kill - that kinda makes it impersonal and boring. Mel is looking a little old now, but he still is fresh and great to watch!

dom on Oct 15, 2009


I love Gibson. Tirades and all. That gravely voice - woot. Especially with all the kiddie actors coming up - we need more gravely voice'd actors.

Klinger on Oct 15, 2009


This fkin rocks!!!

Bash on Oct 15, 2009


So good to see Mel in front of the camera. Looks like he hasn't lost a step. @48 (Klinger): I agree. You don't need explosions or excessive amounts of shells - you just need steely eyes & an arsenic-sandpapered voice.

dELVIS on Oct 15, 2009


Mel is a brilliant actor! I'm glad to see he's back at it. Can't Wait!

JCal on Oct 15, 2009


Looks good...Mel is back!

Trey on Oct 15, 2009


This looks like it's going to be a great movie!

Robbie on Oct 15, 2009


Looks awesome 😛

splinter on Oct 15, 2009


I hope they cut it a bit tighter.

goliad on Oct 15, 2009


That was awesome! Nice to see Mel back in front of the camera in an action flick. Reminds me of Ransom. He's got that crazy look in his eyes. "GIVE ME BACK MY SON!!!"

K on Oct 15, 2009


Glad to see Mel back.Must See.

Fisherr on Oct 15, 2009


The jew comments are out of order.

jew on Oct 15, 2009



Dusty on Oct 15, 2009


+1 to mel 🙂

arg3s on Oct 15, 2009


Sorry, but I thought "Taken" stunk. Horrible dialogue with the most ridiculous and unrealistic situations. This has a top notch director and an award winning screenwriter. So it automatically gets my money.

Film Fan on Oct 15, 2009


my favorite part was when he was like "Go ahead, make my day punk" and then he goes all vigilante and then he kills a bunch of dudes..that was my favorite part..

Lando on Oct 15, 2009


I hate it when my favorite actors get older...But this flick looks pretty good!

pipo on Oct 15, 2009


Damn this looks crazy. Mel is definitly back. Love it

box3r on Oct 15, 2009


Heeeeee's BACK!!!

Shelby on Oct 16, 2009


two sylabul daaaauuummmmm

sam on Oct 16, 2009


Ray Winstone !!!! Nuff said 🙂

Marty on Oct 16, 2009



Korm on Oct 16, 2009


I loved the last line in this trailer. Pretty clever ending. However with Gibson's personal track record they'd be smart to change that line because of all the people who are going to freak about antisemitism. Seeing this preview kind of made me miss seeing a good Mel Gibson movie, which is surprising because I really haven't missed him over the past couple of years. But I'm excited to see this. It looks like it will rank right up there with Ransom and Conspiracy Theory as far as Gibson thrillers go.

ImaginaryVisionary on Oct 16, 2009


I hate Mel Gibson.

Jordan on Oct 16, 2009


I really dont like Mel Gibson at all.

U2Rlovebirds on Oct 16, 2009


Looks great, I look forward to it. Everybody loves disgruntled mel.

DSTAR on Oct 16, 2009


WOAH! Looks great. Casino Royale was wicked so I'm definitely watching this one. And besides, Mel's in it! He may be disgruntled but he's a good actor.

DJ on Oct 17, 2009


"You had betta decide if you're hangin' on the cross, or bangin' in the nails" Ok Mel. We get it. You directed Passion of the Christ. Geez. But I gotta seriously say it's good to see him in front the camera again. George Clooney must be shakin' in his boots. btw... is that a Boston accent he's doing?

Duane on Oct 17, 2009


I recently saw "Death-Sentence" with kevin bacon and now seeing this trailer it looks almost the same.. So im not too excitet to watch this in cinema but will for sure be on my renting list for dvd

atomix on Oct 18, 2009


Ransom 2 anyone? I hate the lame Boston accents. Nice try. Maybe I'll rent it.

Nate on Oct 19, 2009


This my kind of movie! Mel is a wonderful actor. I'm sure I will love this movie.

Mellie on Oct 19, 2009


Mel kinda reminded me of Glenn Ford in that trailer... just sayin'

kitano0 on Oct 20, 2009


All of the above comments are valid and relevant but the most important thing has not yet been discussed: Did Gibson kiss a dildo?

Bolognaise on Oct 23, 2009


Kick Steve Innes's ass out and get Gibson back as Mad Max at any cost!!! If he's anything like this then Fury Road will dominate. Fuck Innes and his black coupe anyway, never heard of him before this. Fuck Renner too - what arrogance to even assume he could fill Gibson's shoes.

Harmon on Oct 23, 2009


Martin Campbell knows how to direct an action scene. I'm down.

shadow on Oct 23, 2009


Ha ha! I'd almost forotten. In the Brit original, Bob Peck goes through his murdered daughters stuff, finds her dildo or vibrator and kisses it. I hope to Gibson take the whole thing in, right up to the injection moulded balls, and not gag. Gibson, you got a real pretty mouth there, boy.

Webster on Oct 27, 2009


Kiss a dildo? Kiss a frog? Really? Who would be able to tell in the mire of car screeching car chases, kicked in doors, guns pointed at a variety of heads. This is a TYPICAL (yawn) movie where the main character would have to be a cop with nothing to lose. Detective Thomas raven (Mel Gibson) investigates a murder-- though the deed was inadvertent and meant to kill him. Hmmm. A mystery from the get-go, but even more so, he's given a seemingly good reason for a vendetta, for waving around his hand-gun and for following through with threats....things I've thought of doing when my neighbor's dog poops in my front yard. I would never pay to go see this movie, but my husband would. The premise is a conspiratorial whodunnit requiring the audience to buy a HUGE bag of popcorn. It's my guess that the Edge of Darkness has similar storylines to Gibson's previous appearances in the series of Lethal Weapon flicks -- I actually liked the first one because the action kept me sitting on the edge of my seat, while the humor allowed me to take a sigh of relief...for a minute or two. Perhaps I'll go see the movie premier. If I stay for the whole thing, that's a pretty good sign that I'll give the movie at least 4 stars on a 7-star scale.

Lynda Starwriter on Nov 5, 2009


Correction: The main character's name is: Detective Thomas Craven.

Lynda Starwriter on Nov 5, 2009


This i would like to see, however that Campbell director has directed some not so good movies, but Mel looks great!!

TRE on Nov 13, 2009


PLEASE, some things should never be tampered with. The ONLY true version of "Edge of Darkness" was the 1985 production featuring Bob Peck, Joe Don Baker and Joanne Whalley. It is a continuing sign of the lethargy pervading Hollywood that they have to keep re-hashing originals in an attempt to satisfy accountants and executives. There is very little artistry left. The 1985 original was a dark, bleak commentary on government cover-ups mixed with corruption in the nuclear industry. It was gritty, real and more than a little prophetic. Supported by a wonderful score by Eric Clapton and Michael Karmen is, and remains some of the most gripping cinematic entertainment I have ever seen. Do yourselves a favor. Watch the original and then be prepared to be disappointed if you go and see this remake.

TruthSayer on Nov 20, 2009


Mel Gibson? Nah. He's old and seedy looking. Besides, ever since his outburst, it's too hard to achieve any suspension of disbelief when it comes to Mel; one always knows that behind the writer's script, he's a complete moron.

Moonbeam on Jan 6, 2010


Too derivative. Someone stick a fork in Mel. I think he's done... It's nice to know there are places one can go to see previews other than this site WITHOUT all the commentary. I would rather NOT have someone else's opinion on my mind before I hit a theater. F For those of you awaiting SHUTTER ISLAND, he's a patient and all the docs and friends are in on deceiving him. Seems he killed his wife by her request after she killed the kids and he's conveniently forgotten. Of course you probably figured that out because of the piss-poor preview... Also, the fact a lot of your previews get taken down for copyright violations tells me you and your site are in it for the glory rather than the joy of film. GFY.

Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large on Jan 8, 2010


I like this one... Interesting to see Mel Gibson work with DeNiro. on Jan 29, 2010

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