Must Watch: Jackie Chan in Shinjuku Incident Trailer

March 8, 2009

Jackie Chan in Shinjuku Incident Trailer

Before you immediately sigh and click past this trailer just because Jackie Chan is in it, stop and give it a chance! In Shinjuku Incident, Chan stars as a Chinese refugee who ends up in Tokyo and gets embroiled in the local Yakuza gang culture. In essence, it's Jackie Chan vs the Yakuza, which once you see this trailer, you'll understand how badass that is! And best of all, it looks like Jackie Chan is finally returning to form! I really miss the good old days where Chan used to be a hard-edged badass who starred in R-rated films that barely showed in US theaters (e.g. Rumble in the Bronx). Could this finally be a trip back to those days?

Watch the first trailer for Shinjuku Incident:

[flv: 500 400]

For more awesomeness, head over to the official website:

Shinjuku Incident is directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Yee Tung-Shing, of Full Throttle, Lost in Time, One Nite in Mongkok, ProtΓ©gΓ©, and numerous other Hong Kong action films previously. The screenplay was co-written by Yee Tung-Shing and Chun Tin Nam, of Crime Story, Seven Swords, The Warlords, and An Empress and the Warriors previously. Shinjuku Incident will debut in China in April and Japan in May, but it doesn't have an official US distributor yet, so we're not sure when it will show up here. Stay tuned!

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Did Jackie Chan just cap a bitch?

Adam on Mar 8, 2009


looks decent, & mildy intense

xianx on Mar 8, 2009


In the middle of a huge crowd yes.

Panna on Mar 8, 2009


Eh. It seems like every action movie based in Japan has something to do with Yakuza. Either someone wants out, or someone accidentally kills the head yakuza's son/daughter, or a head rival gang member falls in live with the rival gangs head's daughter.

Dan W on Mar 8, 2009


I am a huge fan of jackie chan, I think Ive seen every one of his films like 1000 times, he is my all time favorite martial artist, excluding bruce lee of course. this is sweet to see him in a real kung fu movie again.

s on Mar 8, 2009


Interesting, #5, can you even call this a Kung Fu movie? Looks more like a mob/crime film. Im interested to see Chan in a more serious role like this.

Derek on Mar 8, 2009


i didnt necessarily see any kung fu going on here..... looks more like crime/mob drama to me

Brian on Mar 8, 2009


Looks like an action/drama. Two different society's pitted against one another. Looks really good. Hope i get to see it.

Heckle on Mar 8, 2009


I think the translation is off or something, Im a bit confused on what is going on.

Johnny Crow on Mar 8, 2009


I think I'll skip this one even though I'm a massive JC fan and I'm happy that he has decided to do some drama for a change to prove he's more then a martial artist I hate seeing films were the hero dies with a bullet to the head and found in Tokyo bay!

Carl on Mar 8, 2009


This is the most random trailer ever.. looks like its been cut backwards. I laughed during watching this πŸ˜›

CGartist on Mar 9, 2009


I'm shocked. Looks like a Chinese/Japanese Scareface with Chan as Tony Montanna.

Smiffy1 on Mar 9, 2009


I didn't see that at all my friend.

Richard on Mar 9, 2009


looks good, havent seen jackie chan in a dark movie since "new police story"

newguy on Mar 9, 2009


Are you implying that Rumble in the Bronx in any way represents some of Chan's better work?

Colin Boyd on Mar 9, 2009


Saw this trailer for this a while ago, looks good, plus my main man mr. daniel wu is in it so im there πŸ™‚

spect8re on Mar 9, 2009


It's just good to see Jackie Chan back I think, haven't seen him since The Forbidden Kingdom. Which I thought was hilarious in a good way.

SLee on Mar 9, 2009


#5 i'm going to have to agree with #6. not once in this trailer did Jackie throw a punch or a kick or do any combo. this looks very dramatic and serious, unlike his usual hong kong comedic films. he probably doesn't want to play his typical role in which his character knows martial arts.

Matt Suhu on Mar 9, 2009


I don't see any karate. Jackie Chan without karate is like.... i can't think of anything clever. but its useless.

Brian Ricci on Mar 9, 2009


You are ILL FATED! lol... gotta love the shoddy subs.

9mm on Mar 9, 2009


This looks wicked...I miss old Jackie.

melvis316 on Mar 9, 2009


What do you mean just because Jackie Chan is in this? Jackie is the man.

Aldonn on Mar 9, 2009


this is a must see movie for me...

miracle disease on Mar 9, 2009


#13. I was right, check out the Wikipedia details of the plot. Chan illegally enters Japan looking for old girlfriend whose now married to a Yakuza boss. He ends up as a killer for a gang and starts to get used to the power. It's an Asian Scarface! Superb.

Smiffy1 on Mar 9, 2009


this looks badass i hope they have it in english tooooo

zach on Mar 9, 2009


haha... LOVE YOU... I am ready for the dub... but just not sold on Jackie in the serious faces, I still lost everytime he puts on some random out of character smile and I am ready for the slapstick to start happening

Dusty on Mar 9, 2009


They took the man's hand!!! DICED!

Conrad on Mar 9, 2009


I agree with #23. What is up with the " don't click past it just because Jackie Chan is in it..." Since when is Chan someone to click past?

Chris on Mar 9, 2009


#23 and #29 Yes I agree with you guys, it baffled me that someone implied that Jackie Chan is someone you click past. And #15 And yes, it's laughable that he can dismiss Jackie's name when he thinks that Rumble in the Bronx is Jackie's defining work. I am not saying Alex can't have his own opinion, but it has to be at least knowledgeable or at least appears to be.

Sam2 on Mar 9, 2009


#30 - Okay, first off, I never said Rumble in the Bronx is his defining work, I said it's one of his older R rated films that I loved... And for reference, I want to see Chan get back to those kind of grittier films instead of his recent comedic crap. Secondly, look at Jackie Chan's last few films: The Tuxedo, Shanghai Knights, The Medallion, Rush Hour 3, The Forbidden Kingdom. Did you even SEE The Forbidden Kingdom? It was one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my entire life. I'm sorry, but Jackie Chan HAS become someone you can click past most of these days because of the crap he's been in for the last 5 years straight! Shinjuku Incident is finally an exception!

Alex Billington on Mar 9, 2009


Rumble in the Bronx was rated R?! what was so R about it?

Matt Suhu on Mar 9, 2009



chris on Mar 9, 2009


That trailer was terrible. absolutely horrid.

Keith on Mar 9, 2009


As for me, Jackie Chan will never be a "click past". I do agree that he has been in some shitty american movies lately thats due to the crappy directors and lame story lines. Its just that they dont want him to be BIG in american market because hes asian. Going back to his roots is what makes him what he is. But, dont get me wrong, it looks like hes getting into the same shit. With his upcoming movies, "The Spy Next Door" and new karate kid remake playing as Mr. Miyagi C'mon Mr Chan, why not join Stallone's The Expendables? Some justice will be done there!!

Fearl3ss on Mar 9, 2009


This makes me think of Grant Theft Auto IV but set in Japan. Complete from the Immigrants storyline, the "guide" selling how good life is after the hero steps out of the boat, the mix up with local crime, and the use of violence that spurs the foreigner hero to use violence himself to survive. Even the tone for the "romance" seems similar. Jackie even now uses a gun (I do not believe he has ever done that before in his movies). I am not sure what to think. Is Jackie trying to win an Oscar or something by trying such an off-beat role??? Having said that.. this is a powerful movie. By setting it against the strong Chinese and Japanese low-rung cultures (rather than the simply hedonistic one in most Western pop-culture-crime spheres) it looks very intense.

SS on Mar 9, 2009


This is a very bad ass movie. This film is the official opening film for the HOng Kong International Film Festival. Yes, Jackie is finally back for some real acting that has sweat and blood in it. For those that say they are Jackie's fan, i doubt that you are. Watching his movie many times doesn't mean you're his fan. You don't even know what the difference between a drama and a Kung fu movie. Also, for those that said Jackie without karate is useless, I have to strongly disagree. He's actually a very good actor(not in the crappy hollywood movies), but some of the more local hong kong films. Plus, Kung Fu is not karate, GET YOUR martial art right , you're so ignorant. Anyway back to the movie. I'm really looking forward to see this. It's not just Jackie, but Danial Wu, the Japanese cast, the director, etc. This is going to be good. I like how some of you guys comparing this to Scarface. πŸ™‚

Joe C. on Mar 9, 2009


i have to disagree with the worst movie comment regarding the forbidden kingdom. i saw it and was very fond of the fantasy element, the fact the kid was transported to another dimension (possibly inside his own mind) and discovers the legend of the golden monkey and helps bring him back was interesting. Maybe becuz somewhere i heard that the golden monkey was the inspiring idea that brought about Dragonball which im a huge fan of but just because it was hard to swallow the crazy fight scenes, its hard at this point to film a character being too fast for anyone to defend against or being able to step on air. You just have to get passed the fact that technology doesnt allow at this point and take the story for what it is.

donthate on Mar 9, 2009


Well, I love Jackie Chan's comedy/action films best. Twin Dragons, Shanghai Noon/Knights, Mr. Nice Guy, The Tuxedo, Who Am I?, Etcetera. Just my two cents.

Dan Walimaa on Mar 10, 2009


I've always oved Jackie Chan..but way before his "American" movies. I love his ancient stuff (setting of the movie that is). Modern fav is still the first Police Story..that fight scene in the mall was awesome. And he always had great comedy elements. And Twin Dragons..yes..excellent. Dragon Lord cracked me up the most was my first film of his that I watched. His American stuff was okay..but I prefer his own creations. Oh..and that movie where he's on a cruise ship..can't remember the name..but it was like Speed 2..only that it was good. πŸ˜€

Bry from Chi on Mar 10, 2009


The Chan movie on the cruise ship is City Hunter, I believe. It's another must-see action comedy starring Jackie Chan. I think I'll dig that one out this weekend and watch it again.

Dan Walimaa on Mar 10, 2009


This actually looks pretty good, haven't seen a good asian film for a while now, not since Infernal Affairs.

Ed Stephens on Mar 10, 2009


"I'm sorry, but Jackie Chan HAS become someone you can click past most of these days because of the crap he's been in for the last 5 years straight!" Jackie Chan kicks ass! even in his poor choice of movies as of late, I would watch any of those before lets say, the hack known as Keanu?!!!!! that guy has pumped out nothing but crap (the matrix being the pinnacle of crap) and yet he still gets rolls and all the undeserved hype.. While on the matrix tip, crap like that wouldnt be the same without the obvious influence of Mr. Chan, John Woo, and the likes of all the hong kong action and anime that the bros lifted from...Jackie set a certain standard that, if you werent watching movies in the 80's, you wouldnt understand the impact and evolution its had on american cinema. Yes, like John Woo, his american work was WAY dumbed down and pacified...but I think that says more about us than them. I dont remember hearing anyone say "Man, why do all crime dramas have to be with italians and Irish?" when "the Departed" came out. Who cares that its the Yakuza? This trailer looks like a serious crime drama, and it looks great!

lando on Mar 11, 2009


not the best trailer ill wait to see more before i make any decisions

neonblue on Mar 13, 2009


rofl, jackie did indeed cap a mofo. but this is what we've all been waiting for from JC, so it would seem.

Lego on Mar 13, 2009


I can sleep peacefully at night knowing that Jackie Chan can and will bust a cap in a bitch when he needs to. I've not seen much of his work and the ones that I have seen have been his American films which he usually makes us laugh and refrains from shooting people. I have to say I will look forward to this film.

that guy on Mar 17, 2009


Looks like this is more a dramatic action film like Police Story. Should be worth watching.

Mike on Mar 23, 2009


Is that a sword in his hand in the pic? Where was that in the trailer? And ya its good to see a movie that doesn't have poor Jackie stumble through his lines. Dragging him down to a lvl where hollywood refuses to put him into anything but a low grade comedy. In his native tounge, his acting skills can really shine.

Dating in Toronto on Mar 23, 2009


I am deaf women as I have been watch Jackie Chan all my life to see his wonderful skill of martial arts and include comedy, action. I understand that Mr. Chan is suffered enough by abusive from bad people; it make him exhursted and that make him lost interesting. Probably he doesn't want to play role in his movies, so I understand he's begin ingorant! But I missed old Jackie!!!! I love you, Mr. Chan.

Dione on Mar 29, 2009


?? ???

hero on Jun 29, 2009


?? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??????

hero soft on Jun 29, 2009


Kos om Kolekom welad metnaka

hero soft on Jun 29, 2009


I have seem almost all of his films. better martial artist, but not actor than Bruce Lee. Jackie has made many good movies, a few great ones and plenty of "steaming pile" movies. its bound to happen when you have been in as many as he has. most of his non Asian films except for Shanghi Noon, Rush Hour have been crap. best fight scene ever on film - Meals On Wheels, Jackie vs. Benny "the Jet Urquidez. glad to see he is getting over his "good guy always wins" obsession.

Karl on Feb 4, 2010


Can't wait to see it. I Have been trying to find a way to get Jackie Chan to consider making the Angelheart Anime into a movie. It is the touching story of an ex-assassin who lives in Shinjuku,coincidentally. He has become the feared City Hunter, a tough badass private detective/security/avenger who only accepts requests from females who post XYZ, sort of his bat-signal,signifying being at the end of the road in desperation with nowhere to turn but City Hunter.His pretty partner and fiancee Kaori gets killed in an auto accident on the way to getting a wedding dress for her long awaited marriage.She had gotten a donor card just recently and her heart was harvested.On its way to the recipient it was stolen by a criminal organization to use in their top female assassin ,whose attempted suicide led to the destruction of her own heart.Code-named Glass heart, she shares a skill level similar to City Hunter.She finds that the new heart has a mind and spirit all its own and it leads her to go to Japan where Kaori lived and worked with City Hunter, who is the very antithesis of her occupation.The pacifist spirit of Kaori keeps her from killing, which used to be as natural to her as breathing but it doesnt interfere with her martial arts skills.After some trouble they meet and team up as a new crime fighting team that bonds them as she gets a father she never had and he gets the daughter he never realized he needed as a touchstone to connect to the love of his life. The sense of humor of the hero reminded me of Jackie Chan, who can be deadly one minute and slapstick the next.Lucy Liu as the police detective Saeko.Maybe Ving Rhames as Umibozu, an ex navy seal assassin and now grudging friend of City Hunter who runs a coffee shop with few patrons and bulletproof windows after he was forced to retire when he was blinded.

Texas Ronny on Mar 2, 2010

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