Must Watch: Jason Eisener's Amazing Treevenge Short Film

July 13, 2009
Source: Twitch


This is the short film you've all been waiting to see (or I hope)! I first saw Treevenge at Sundance earlier this year in front of the Nazi zombie movie Dead Snow. In retrospect, Treevenge was far superior to Dead Snow, as you're about to see, and is quite possibly one of the greatest horror short films ever made. So what the heck is Treevenge about? Essentially it's about what if all the tress we cut down every year for Christmas finally got revenge on us. Director Jason Eisener deserves some major props for making such an awesome short film and thanks to Twitch you can finally watch the full thing online. Definitely check this short out!

Warning: This gets very gory near the end, and I don't think it's safe to watch at work or otherwise. I'm so glad this finally ended up online! It's very rare that I go out of my way to feature a short film like this but Treevenge deserves it. It was the perfect way to end a long day in snow Park City and I haven't forgotten that night since. I even got to chat with Jason Eisener and the rest of the Treevenge crew as well. I love how terribly ruthless and evil he makes the humans look in this - so hilarious! If you dug this short as much as I did, you can find more details, contact, t-shirts, and more over on the official website:

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Good for a Low Budget Canadian Movie, where all the props were bought from Canadian Tire.

Jason on Jul 13, 2009


the baby head bash in the end makes this piece of crap worth watching!!! hahahaha!!!

motherboy69 on Jul 13, 2009


WOW! Some people have quite the imagination! J-Roc rules!

K on Jul 13, 2009


This has potential. . . . . . . . . Just not in it's current state. Funny as F**K though!

link1983 on Jul 13, 2009


And they say Dead Poet's Society is a waste of time. This is totally lame.

grendel on Jul 13, 2009


that was pretty awesome...thanks for posting this

nocsyn on Jul 13, 2009


Now I know why I have a fake tree for Christmas 😀 That was brilliant!! But didn't some of the trees sound just like Ewoks?!

Jill on Jul 13, 2009


Love the Cannibal Holocaust theme in the beginning.

Jevon on Jul 13, 2009


So.....this is kind of like The Happening.....only good?

geekcouch on Jul 13, 2009


JAJAJAJ...At least it's better than Shyamalan's "The Happening"...these trees rocks!

Fercho on Jul 13, 2009


Dont know what you guys are on about, that was brilliant!

NeoN on Jul 13, 2009


That could be the single greatest movie I have ever seen. Except that "Italian Spider Man" is still way better!

Django on Jul 13, 2009


BAHAHAHA...omg this honestly just made my morning. You didnt think theyd go as far as to show the babys death but they did....o they did.

Cody on Jul 13, 2009


i thought the tree would have spared the baby but it didnt and i lololol'd. humans are such dicks,i liked this.

erik on Jul 13, 2009


This is one of the best movies I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have wanted to see children killed in a movie for so long!!!!

RPH on Jul 13, 2009



Florian on Jul 13, 2009


Yea that was pretty good. The song at the beginning and the end made the movie for me. And so did the baby smash at the end

Dan W on Jul 13, 2009

18 tree this year

Greekgod on Jul 13, 2009


That was garbage! Tree POV shot? Gimme a fuckin break.

sumonesumtime on Jul 13, 2009


Makes me glad for that artificial tree I have. The music is so 70's slasher film. I loved this! The baby was the best!

vyperstryke on Jul 13, 2009


Personally I thought it was was hard just watching the first 5 mins

Trey on Jul 13, 2009


This is the same guy that made HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN - ( Pure Genius!!!

cheeseteddy on Jul 13, 2009


I like the Ewok sounds, and "No, this is Christmas, all I want is to fuck!"

whomever on Jul 13, 2009


Ewoks are so crazy bastards! They get violent along with those dolphins. IT took too long though...i got bored as they put on decorations. A bit shorter I would have been into it. I loved the beginning though.

He tries so hard... on Jul 13, 2009


This... is... BRILLIANT!

Syphous on Jul 13, 2009


This was actually pretty funny. The first kill was the best. I could have lived without the baby kill, except that it was an obvious parallel to the sapling stomp earlier in the film, which made it funny.

NadaNuff on Jul 13, 2009


Awesome! Can't wait for Hobo With a Shotgun feature!!!

Pyke! on Jul 13, 2009


That was freaking funny as hell. I loved it.

Barnaby Barrilla on Jul 13, 2009


Seriously hilarious. Brilliantly done with the whole 70's montra. It was great.

Movieraider321 on Jul 13, 2009


way to rep nova scotia! I also enjoyed Jonathan Torrens and Sarah Dunsworth from the Trailer Park Boys showing up.

Bucker on Jul 13, 2009


What movies have you made lately #19? You seem like a douche.

Kevin on Jul 13, 2009


I like how the trees sound kinda like Ewoks

Jesse Wagstaff on Jul 13, 2009


LOL at 31

Cody on Jul 13, 2009


Awesome! Eisener completely captured The Sierra Club's best masturbatory fantasy!

Frank on Jul 13, 2009


That shit was off the chain! Whatever that music at the beginning was it was the balls. And you guys all seemed to like the smashed baby deal at the end but the horrified trees in the back of the van and the guy who said "NO! It's Christmas, I just wanna fuck!" made it worth the sixteen minutes for me.

Da Man on Jul 13, 2009


This is what film making is all about, taking your imagination to another level. Far more entertaining then a lot of movies I seen lately.

carlemile Viel on Jul 13, 2009

37've gotta be pretty f***ing disturbed to think that was even remotley funny, or enjoyable.

will on Jul 14, 2009


This is quite frankly, one of the greatest films I've ever seen! My kind of horror, and even though it has an absurd, comedic premise, it carries a good theme. Fantastic work. Love the homage to Zombie Flesh Eaters during the 'love' scene!

King on Jul 14, 2009


love the opening and closing credits...good concept...I would have tried to keep it that b-movie feel like the credits.maybe even shoot it on grainy 16mm.all in all nice work.

esophus on Jul 14, 2009


Amazing movie. #37 is a pansy, get with the times. everybody is disturbed these days. I like the way the movie was shot. So cult classic. Real genius. Some of the tree sounds were actually dolphins and most sounded like cousin It from the Adams Family. And right near the end there is a guy being sodomized by a tree in his front yard. priceless.

Shaun on Jul 14, 2009


it's like the Happening on acid. so way better... plus nobody got chased by wind ha ha ha. Marky Mark, you should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

Shaun on Jul 14, 2009


That was awesome! I loved the dolphin noise when the tree held the axe up!

TheManWithNoName on Jul 14, 2009


I can't stop laughing at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the trees, the trees have become evil in their revenge! I love it I came close to turning it off...BUT I'm glad I didn't!!!!

xerxex on Jul 14, 2009


This has potential. Not surprisingly the human dialogue was terrible, but otherwise it was downright entertaining. Why do low budget slashers always decide that all people swear all the time? The lumberjacks I got because they were the evil guys, but the random swearing once the trees got to the homes was just distracting. I've never been much for the low budget slasher genre so the violence was a bit much for me (but I get it). Let the Shaun of the Dead boys turn this into a feature length film and it would be absolute genius. Definitely at least 1 obvious dolphin noise. And the subtitles for the trees were f'ing perfect. Well done you crazy Canadiens. Best thing out of Canada since Trailer Park Boys.

BK on Jul 14, 2009


OMG, I am so gunna watch this with my family at x-mas for the rest of my life 🙂

David Banner on Jul 14, 2009


Sadly, it's better than "The Happening".

Ike Iszany on Jul 14, 2009


Is it just me... or does that dude at 13:35 look like he's being butt fucked by the tree?

Crystal on Jul 15, 2009


This has been done already. I saw a short extremely similar to this back in 2002.

Cbake on Jul 15, 2009


And that short would be??...

Pyke! on Jul 15, 2009


kelleeeeerrrrr treeeeeee

buooy on Jul 15, 2009


well this was fuckkng bullshit

jaja on Jul 15, 2009


this was a fan-freakin-tastic film! i despise christmas so i'm going to watch this every day in december just to get me through that terrible music and the hordes of pissed off broke people pretending to be cheery about the birth of their zombie demi-god. Also may i speak for the rest of the 48 or so other people that liked the film and say that if you don't have anything at all positive to say about something that someone else put their money, sweat, and tears into, than keep your negative dickmunching opinion to yourself nobody cares...

stump lover on Oct 19, 2009


I'll go with Disney's Treevenge

Ken hedman on Dec 22, 2012

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