Must Watch: Jason Reitman's Up in the Air Teaser Trailer!

September 9, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

Up in the Air Trailer

Paramount has launched the teaser trailer for Jason Reitman's Up in the Air on SlashFilm following its debut at the Telluride Film Festival this past weekend and in advance of its debut at the Toronto Film Festival this upcoming weekend. While this is a full 2-minute trailer, it's much more of a teaser, featuring a great voiceover from George Clooney (rather, a speech) and a clips of scenes and great moments from the film. It's a brilliant first-look at this and it should definitely have you hooked. Coming from someone who has seen the film (read my review), this does give you a fantastic idea of what to expect. Watch and enjoy!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Jason Reitman's Up in the Air:

[flv: 596 322]

You can also watch the Up in the Air teaser trailer in High Definition on SlashFilm

Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) is a corporate downsizing expert - someone who fires people for a living - whose cherished life on the road is threatened by young hotshot just as he is on the cusp of reaching ten million frequent flyer miles and after he's met the frequent-traveler woman he never thought he'd meet.

Up in the Air is both written and directed by Oscar nominated Canadian filmmaker Jason Reitman, of Thank You for Smoking and Juno previously. This is based on Walter Kirn's novel of the same name first published in 2001. Paramount is bringing Up in the Air to theaters starting on December 4th this year.

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Looks, or rather sounds (Clooney could do trailer voiceovers for a living), awesome!

Luc on Sep 9, 2009


The lower we move the faster we die. Good trailer, film will be a fun fest I imagine.

Crapola on Sep 9, 2009


Wow. I am really geared up about this. I've been looking forward to this feature for some time and this teaser didn't disappoint. Granted it's not as intense as I'm sure the movie's going to be, but this brings in a human feel that I'm sure that will get played out a lot throughout the film. It feels very real. Good job!

Dan the Fan on Sep 9, 2009


Ben Afleck looks soo different with a beard.

Unseen on Sep 9, 2009


#4 Ben Affleck? Pretty sure that was Jason Bateman Anyway the trailer was incredible, I cant wait, my most anticipated of the year, Clooney is awesome.

Derek on Sep 9, 2009


Looks interesting. There is another clip on for the movie. He is in a hotel comparing rewards cards from hotels with the woman that I assume he falls in love with. I loved Thank You For Smoking so hopefully it's like that.

Dale on Sep 9, 2009


I do not see an Affleck with a beard. I do see Zack Galafanackis (sp?) and Jason Bateman with beards.

Stevo on Sep 9, 2009


Loved Thank You For Smoking, liked Juno, looking forward to this!!!

That Awesome Norwegian Guy on Sep 9, 2009


Very interesting! Great speech! He would be awesome narrating a wildlife documentary.

K on Sep 9, 2009


makes me want to rip my clothes of and claim my lover for clooney...

ajr on Sep 9, 2009


He narrated this:, he also did Coastal America for the same filmmaker.

Fatal Error on Sep 9, 2009


Its amazing how trailers can make you take a step back and look at your own life after just a minute and a half voice-over to a collage of imagery.

Nick Sears on Sep 9, 2009


I don't know, it feels like Seven Pounds. Or Juno (the same director). Actors from Juno are in it at least, Jason Bateman and J. K. Simmons. I think it will be enjoyable, but not awesome. Let's hope I'm wrong.

me on Sep 9, 2009


Danny McBridge out of nowhere in the trailer!

jcyo on Sep 9, 2009


I would look so different with a beard. You know what, by the end of that trailer, it didn't seem like he had really made much of a point, or maybe made too many points. I think maybe he should have said - "We're sharks. Sharks wearing heavy f___ing backpacks."

dRailer on Sep 9, 2009



Darren on Sep 9, 2009


#15 I think he made his point quite clear. Read the synopsis and watch it again, you'll understand it better then.

Sean on Sep 9, 2009


uh, i know it's a teaser..........but that was boring. it was just clooney talking in one sleep-inducing monotone. if that speech was much longer it would have put me to sleep. i have to agree with has a "seven pounds" feel to it. i'm sure it'll be worth a watch but nothing close to being a "great" movie.

beavis4play on Sep 9, 2009


I think this teaser trailer is fantastic =)

zeroenna56 on Sep 9, 2009


brilliant fantastic trailer

Silver on Sep 9, 2009


someone quote it the speech for me please! because im going to use it and put it all over my wall

Darren on Sep 9, 2009


Seeing galifianakis for just one second sealed the deal for me. also im a sucker for piano overture, so there it is

BVDR on Sep 9, 2009


This doesn't look anything like Juno #13 #18.

danielvutran on Sep 9, 2009


22- how about i nut and you put that all over your wall instead.

cockblocker17 on Sep 9, 2009


gosh it seemed more disheartening than I was the actual movie this depressing?

janet on Sep 9, 2009


#24 danielvutran I agree with you: this doesn't look like Juno, but it FEELS like Juno. That's my point! However it looks like Juno just a little... those 2 actors I was saying about... and the same director. I think it has to be some Juno in this one... just a bit.

me on Sep 10, 2009


Nothing wrong with a bit o' Juno! Clooney is da man! Now, he needs to do a kick-ass action flick (before he gets too...well, you know.)

kitano0 on Sep 10, 2009


im the sunscreen!!!!!!!!!!! lol great cover of it clooney

alan davis on Sep 10, 2009


Awesome, but is George Clooney's character suggesting we pick up on polyamorous relationships? Or is he saying, while it is unnatural for human's to be monogamous, we do it anyway to maintain balance because our backpacks are so heavy already. Whatever, I'll see it.

Collin on Sep 10, 2009


that was "impressive"/"brilliant"/"fantastic"/"amazing" to many of you???? it sure doesn't take much to impress you guys, does it?

beavis4play on Sep 10, 2009


@#31, So what if some of us loved the trailer? How does that give you the right to tell us that it doesn't take much to impress us based on what impresses you. Please get off your high horse. Personally loved the teaser, will definitely see the film.

Matt H on Sep 10, 2009


What is that song?

seppo on Sep 11, 2009

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