Must Watch: Judd Apatow's Funny People Trailer

February 20, 2009
Source: AOL

Funny People Trailer

Universal has debuted a very long, very funny, and very touching trailer for Judd Apatow's Funny People. This is Judd Apatow's third feature film and it looks pretty incredible, I'd say, and I'm already going to say that it's one of my most anticipated summer releases based off of this trailer. Not only does it have a very wonderful side of humanity that you rarely see captured in trailers, but I laughed louder than I have at any other actual comedy this year. I really think Judd Apatow has another gem just waiting to hit theaters. I just wonder if this is his pinnacle, his masterpiece, or if he'll still go on to directing something even better?

Watch the first trailer for Judd Apatow's Funny People:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch the Funny People trailer in High Definition on AOL

Over the past few years, writer/director Judd Apatow has shown that nothing—not even losing your virginity or the miracle of childbirth—is sacred. About his third film behind the camera, he says, "I'm trying to make a very serious movie that is twice as funny as my other movies. Wish me luck!" When seasoned comedian George Simmons learns of his terminal, inoperable health condition, his desire to form a genuine friendship cause him to take a relatively green performer under his wing as his opening act.

Funny People is both written and directed by comedy mastermind Judd Apatow, of 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, as well as "Freaks and Geeks", previously. The story in the film is inspired by Apatow's own real life experiences. Universal is debuting Funny People in theaters on July 31st this summer!

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Count me in, this looks very funny 🙂

AKUMARED on Feb 20, 2009


that looks absolutely fantastic.

-Peter- on Feb 20, 2009


Holy crap...this, this might actually be great, inspite the fact that jude has some connection with Zohan (A)

sng. Sheep on Feb 20, 2009


"My face is circumcised." This looks incredible, far better than Knocked Up. Though it's kind of odd to see Leslie Mann have the same kids she had in Knocked Up.

Fuelbot on Feb 20, 2009


I actually didn't laugh much the first time, but after watching it a few more times, I found a lot of great stuff. I think Sandler's acting in this is very natural and not over-the-top, and I'll think we'll see his more dramatic side in the finished product.

Jay Beezy on Feb 20, 2009


I hope Leslie Mann has another DOORMAN! type scene.

Chris on Feb 20, 2009


Looking forward to this...Pretty long trailer for a comedy but it was good.

Tyler Durden on Feb 20, 2009


It's 'based on', not 'based off of'.

RandyG on Feb 20, 2009


Haha I laughed my ass off at the very end about the hell part. Should be great.

Itri on Feb 20, 2009


Ok. Let me spew out everything that is terrible about this. 1. Judd Apathow. 40 Year Old Vrgin was ok and since then he continued the trend with "total losers finding way in life because of some stupid reason". Not just the ones he directed but also the ones he produced and was involved in as a writer. Just check his IMDB record all his flicks hgot the same repetitive theme. 2. Trailer. Told us every single thing about the movie. I can already see the kiddy Adam Sandler finding his way and getting ADULT in the end. 3. The real funny thing is that the guy who doesn't do any comedy anymore (Eric Bana), is funnier than any of the guys combined who star in this flick. 4. Every single god damn joke I have seen in this trailer I have alrady seen in Apathow's 40 year old virgin.

Shige on Feb 20, 2009


Ok. Let me spew out everything that is terrible about your post. 1. Okay, he continued this trend for a while. But correct me if I'm wrong but this is not the same thing. He's not a loser, he's dying. I mean come on. 2. How in any way did you see Sandler as "kiddy" in the trailer? I in no way whatsoever saw one resemblance of that. 3. That is a lie. Though he certainly was funny 😉 4. You are just a flat out liar. You obviously haven't heard every single joke in 40 year old virgin. Find me the exact spot where they talked about Bruce Willis in there. Go on, do it. Learn how to express your opinions better, jesus.

Itri on Feb 20, 2009


#11 you are talking about minor details. 1.,Sandler doing his gags and standups not caring about his life yadayada then sudeenly some sudden seriousness with a possible death but wait NO he does not die after all and instead finds the GIRL and the goal. Seen that shit in every of Apatow involved flicks. 2. Did you not watch the trailer ? Sandler is the usual kiddy him self as he always was and always will be (with a few exceptions which were not directed by "comedy" directors) 3. Banas scenes were the funniest ones and following Apatows trailer trend the best jokes are always shown in the trailer. 4. Its variations of the same jokes told using different wording. Everything is the same.

Shige on Feb 20, 2009


I have to agree with #10. However he omitted the F****** HACK SETH ROGEN> God Dammit, every frame he was in was F****** BLOODY AWFUL! Jesus America....wake the F*** UP!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 20, 2009


God Dammit! What is this sick and twisted love affair with such a turd as Rogen. Count me NOT there.

rogenhatersaunite on Feb 20, 2009


Shit. I would see this if it were not for Seth Rogen. Even though this is re-hashed Apathow, and you can't trust Sandler either. Bana did give us a grin. But Seth Rogen? Is there anyone in Hollywood more over-rated? Shit.

slipstream on Feb 20, 2009


Yea 5-teen, the fat kid in this is. And Feo loves this kind of vrap!

feohatestheworld on Feb 20, 2009


Sorry Feo, Crap.

feohatestheworld on Feb 20, 2009


nothing really looked exceptionally funny, but thats fine by me. even without much humor, this looks really delightful and well made.

Al on Feb 20, 2009


Looks fantastic!

B-Han on Feb 20, 2009


they are right, they gave out the entire story, but it looks good

darrin on Feb 20, 2009


Its interesting how much I look forward to Judd Apatow trailers. Not quite, but almost to the level of Tarantino or Scorsese trailers. Looks great, soo happy to have Sandler in a movie where we have less of the kids and nuclear remote controls, and more with the crude humor and actual laughter.

Jordan on Feb 20, 2009


Looks hilarious

NeoSlyfer on Feb 20, 2009


A genuine comedy. totally there!

xerxex on Feb 20, 2009


looks funny but the trailer gave away much to much

RoarSaysAlex on Feb 20, 2009


Was a bit too long. But very very funny. I'm in!

Luke on Feb 20, 2009


Is it me, or did I hear 'The Postal Service' during the trailer? ;o What song was that?

Abrave on Feb 20, 2009


Looking forward to this even more now...especially since I didn't realise Eric Bana was in it. But using the Apatow kids again is a mistake.

Derek on Feb 20, 2009


I wanna see this but it looks like they showed everything in the trailer.

bladerunnerF1 on Feb 20, 2009


I'm pretty damn pumped about this. #22, it is Postal Service, the song is "We Will Become Sillouettes"

Shane on Feb 20, 2009


wow that looks like its actually got some real good stuff happening, im up for bein down

Allen Sharpe on Feb 20, 2009


looks like a fantastic movie

Movieraider321 on Feb 20, 2009


Shit yeah for the Postal Service.

Jimmy Tritone on Feb 20, 2009


#10 I thought Eric Bana was just very annoying in the trailer at least. 🙂 I dont understand how can people not like Seth Rogen 😛 OK, he is in every comedy nowadays, but hes a funny guy and hes very entertaining to watch. If you dont like him, just dont go see this movie.. Or any other Rogen movies! Easy as that! This looks very funny indeed. Oddly enough still havent seen 40 Year Old Virgin, but even if it has the "same kind of jokes" as #10 said, its still a COMEDY... New "revolutionary" jokes are hard to make up! Im up for this one when it comes out!

max on Feb 20, 2009


"you dont pass through fire to get to heaven... I think he went to hell" hahahahaha lmaooo wait wasnt davis spade and rob schneider supposed to be in this too????

zach on Feb 20, 2009


David spade****

zach on Feb 20, 2009


maybe this'll finally bring back enough interest into the postal service to make them do a second album. (i.e. m.i.a and pineapple express trailer) in other news, this looks amazing.

carlos on Feb 21, 2009


this movie is too sweet for me, i kinda expecting for something for phycopathic

ninja on Feb 21, 2009


looks hilarious and amazing if I was high as hell. This looks ho-hum average at best, recycled actors and schtick. Eric Bana is decent though. This movie should have been about Adam Sandler or Will Ferrells carreer, not health, because thats whats dying by them doing this crap over and over again.

Kevin on Feb 21, 2009


i REALLY laughed at the 'trying to kill Bruce Willis' comment. The trailer seemed to give away the whole movie though! I mean, obviously i haven't seen the full movie, but when the trailer shows as many parts of the story line as this one does, there can't be many suprises left for the movie. Still, it could be good, if it can keep the jokes up then the 'journey' will be good even though we know whats going to happen.

chris on Feb 21, 2009


I was skeptical at first, especially because I'm not a big Adam Sandler fan, but this looks really funny.

????? on Feb 21, 2009


Apatow, Sandler (Apatow's old roommate), a comedy about actual standup comedians, an Australian, the usual cast. Awesome!!! Is Paul Rudd in it? Looks like the drama is stronger than comedy in this dramady. Should be a winner.

American Pundit Fighting on Feb 21, 2009


The jokes (although they were good) are just icing on the 'story'. After I've seen this trailer, I feel there's nothing more of the story to discover though. At best, it's a rent, if that.

Chris on Feb 21, 2009


It's so great that Apatow is always willing to try different things, take different approaches. i think this could be a very special, definitely memorable film. Plus, drama always seems to bring the best out of Adam Sandler.

Andrew on Feb 21, 2009


Funny? This trailer was puke inducing melodrama.

Darunia on Feb 21, 2009


i have my doubts about it but i just like the part about the doctor's accent.

jim on Feb 21, 2009


Buncha haters seriously, I mean it was ok but you guys act like youve all seen the movie and walked out god quit ur fucking whining and just dont post if you dont like it....Did you make a movie? no so stfu and go home

Cody on Feb 21, 2009


woot. Jason is in this.

Button on Feb 21, 2009


Really Cody? Would you like to compare a resume'? The reality is, you don't have to be in the business, or a HATER to the have ability to detect even a twitch of talent when it comes to Seth Rogen. He is, as described earlier- A HACK! The trailer does give most of the film away, and the best line was in the Dr.'s office. So the bottom line for me is, I refuse to see films with bad actors. And you cannot even put that tag on the likes of Rogen. HACK!

D-9 on Feb 21, 2009


I am not 12 or even 13 years old. So the comedy ( if you can call it that) Seth Rogen does is just terrible, he is terrible, he has no talent for comedy, he is plain terrible. But like #47 who has to be pushing 15 years old. Rogen is a genius. Cod-e, why don't you shut the fuck up and ask your Mom if you can come home! Rogen has just now reached the apex of the triangle of Horror!!!!

triangleofhorror on Feb 21, 2009


I have just turned 18 and I understand what 50 is talking about. The more immature boys at school think Rogen is just the best ever, however the more mature kids at school have grown out of his kind of humor. I feel Rogen is a mis-cast, and done just for box office receipts in mind. Paul Rudd was mentioned and a real "actor" could play this part and this flick would be worth seeing. With Rogen in this part, all of the "little" boys will flock to the theatre. Hate Rogen, I really hate him!

Nut-Meg on Feb 21, 2009


Will Rogen's run in Hollywood please come to an end. Talk about a forced and lack luster performance. At least look interested in the part your playing you freaking idiot!!!!! My God if you want a wooden performance on screen then insert any bad actor in the part. How about Cage? Maybe he could at least deliver some line. I have seen enough not to warrent attending. Seth Rogen is just a failure. Must agree with the chick 51, this casting is about the money, not the craft.

peloquinfan on Feb 21, 2009


Hey MAX! It's not difficult to understand why people don't like Rogen. And Bana was the BEST part of the trailer. Now that was funny. It's so simple. Rogen is NOT FUNNY>!>!>! But if you a a little kid, I guess he is. And we won't see it. Simple as that!

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Feb 21, 2009


Comments like # 34 has made just drives me insane. And the wrtiting jokes comment is just iCRAZY TALK. INSANE!!!!!!!! The bottom line is jokes are not funny, and anyone with half a sense of humor can write a joke. I will slowly spell it out for you. THE PRESENTATION. THE TIMING. THE DELIVERY! If you don't have any of the 3 elements like SETH ROGEN.......IT DOES NOT WORK! Rogen has none of these talents. It is so simple it's stupid. Dammitt!!!!!!!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 21, 2009


I wouldn't call Rogen a failure seeing as he's a pretty hard working guy. He writes, produces, acts, and knows the business well enough to make the necessary connections in Hollywood. Sure he plays the same character over and over again, but until he goes through his indie rebirth (ie Sandler, Carrey, Myers, Ferrell, etc) he'll continue to use the same performance that's making him money. Once he comes to the terms with who he's become he'll start to take on more performance driven roles in a desperate attempt to change his image. Once we see him change his persona and transition to non studio films we can decide if he makes the cut from typecasted comedian cash cow to talented performance driven dramatic actor (ie such metamorphosis films as Eternal Sunshine, Punch Drunk Love, Stranger than Fiction, etc). So give him time because he definitely has some potential...

peloquin on Feb 21, 2009


There were some humorous bits throughout the trailer, although I found myself LMAO at the end when Jason Schwartzs' character mentioned about going through the fire was going to hell...that was truly funny. I would like to see Judd Apatow put Zac Efron in one of his films. I think he'd be great being that his films to me seem to have drama and comedy combined...wouldn't that be called a dramatey? But I would also like to see Zac Efron in a serious role as well.

athena on Feb 21, 2009


Looks good, not great. I'll definitely go see it but the biggest comedy of they year to me is Observe and Report.

Apollo on Feb 21, 2009


Heh. #47 pushed the hypocrite meter right to the limit. I mean, damn, he snapped the needle off that mother. Probably too dumb to realise it though.

Chris on Feb 21, 2009


Sorry pelouquin. I see what your saying, and I totally respect you ( thus my name) failure I percieve to be the wrong word. His brand of idiotic "comedy" for myself as many others is not my style. The fact Hollywood pimps his so called talent is so beyond me. The middle school fan base will mature and see he really has no talent. I have seen a dozen or so true talented comics who write their own material and have such stage presance that would translate into film that it is truley sad the select few are forced upon us, and unless we are 10 to 15 years old, we just won't accept the medicore dribble from this piece called Rogan.

pelouqinfan on Feb 21, 2009


In pelouquin we usually trust. I cannot give the hack Rogen time, I see no potential, except to get worse. If that is at all possible. Which I am sure he will not disapoint in that regard. The only reason he was cast as support to Sandler is the $$$. I liked 52's comment as well. An ode to our friend, pelouqin! Clover, right on as usual.

D-9 on Feb 21, 2009


Rogen equals Shit!

Simplesandler on Feb 21, 2009


I hear what you guys are saying, but I guess I'm willing to give Rogen the benefit of the doubt because he's pretty high profile in Hollywood right now so he must be doing something right. I personally think he should stick to writing as most of his lines are delivered like he's reading them off a teleprompter anyways. Him and Goldberg seem like they have a good chemistry and with the connections he's made I'm sure someone will always be willing to bring his words to life. I think you misinterpreted my comment as well because I wasn't vouching for him as an actor, but instead saying that we should give him a chance to get out of the slap stick novice roles and than burn him when he fails miserably to make an audience feel an emotion other than humor. Anyone can deliver similar performance to what he does right now as many of you have stated above, but ya gotta respect him for climbing the ladder and playing the game to go after an untapped demographic. Even though films like Twilight, High School Musical, or You Don't Mess With the Zohan are terrible I'm still very fascinated by them because they've tapped into the "moron demographic" and there's a lot of money to be made there. I guess I put Rogen in the same category because even though a lay person would watch him and say "wow, that guy can't act" when a studio exec looks at him all they see are dollar's a phenomenon that I want to figure out the formula to.

peloquin on Feb 21, 2009


And mr. peloquinfan...I'm flattered that you'd spoof my name like that...I enjoy your posts as well so I'll always jump at any chance to debate like this in an intellectual and calm manner. Some others prefer to take a difference of opinion personally and let the expletives fly before the other person can even state their case.

peloquin on Feb 21, 2009


Dear number 5. You are a sheltered dumbass. Punch Drunk Love or Spanglish...both more natural characters than any other role he has ever played...and not over the top...this movie is going to be awesome!

Dick on Feb 21, 2009


I love his movies – they’re all hilarious. I especially liked 40 Year Old Virgin, and I agree with the EverHype ( review that gave it 3.5 stars and called it “Pleasing.” I’m looking forward to seeing how Adam Sandler fits into his already tight and fairly established cast of regulars.

Katie Freight on Feb 21, 2009


"looks like a scene from deer hunter" Im there opening day.

Mike on Feb 21, 2009


Dear number 64, You need to get the sand out of your vagina. I never said Punch Drunk Love or Spanglish had over-the-top performances from Sandler. Why don't you learn to read and interpret properly before calling me a sheltered dumbass?

Jay Beezy on Feb 21, 2009


For reference to what I'm talking about in my above post check out the argument between posts 5, 64, and 67 which illustrate my point quite thoroughly...thank you for buying into the blogger stereotype.

peloquin on Feb 21, 2009


Loved it. It has been a long time since I laughed that hard during a trailer! Bring it on. What happened to Rogen, he went to Thailand and came back with a serious parasite?

Max on Feb 21, 2009


I am just sad conans last show late show was last night

Button on Feb 21, 2009


Wait... am I supposed to be sad? Happy? Laughing. This seems like a weird comedrama that I'm not used to seeing from Apatow. Weird.

Icarus on Feb 21, 2009


i would love to see D-9's resume compared to seth rogans. While he is out there making movies that millions of people love you are sitting on your fat ass behind a computer taking the time to watch a trailer to a movie that you know he is in and then type about how much you don't like him just to piss off people. If you can make a better movie or be funnier than seth rogan then go do it. Until then shut up.

Butters on Feb 21, 2009


I think this movie looks great and I like that Apatow blends dirty and inappropriate humor with serious and sometimes sacred ideas (virginity, child birth, death), and I agree that this could be his best yet. But on the other side of that I think this group of actors is getting a bit stale. I love Sandler, but he's been doing the same schtick since before I was in high school. I used to think Seth Rogan was hilarious, but now watching him is kind of like drinking flat pop. It's not necessarily bad, but he's lost his fizzle. The same goes for Jonah Hill. But I think this is going to be a big movie (guy humor with chic flick sensitivity during the summer is a slam dunk), especially for Sandler who is capable of pulling off both dirty humor and a serious role with believability. My main issue is with Rogan, who I'm hoping can grow a bit as an actor in this film.

ImaginaryVisionary on Feb 21, 2009


I do have to say Observe and Report looks funnier.

Itri on Feb 21, 2009


Dear 72: D-9's reference was to Cody. He wanted to compare his resume' with Cody's since it was Cody that set the challange. D-9 is a film teacher in SoCal. So go ahead and keep watching your "South Park" reruns on your fat ass, and shut the Hell up!

The Real Doc Brown on Feb 21, 2009


Don't worry D-9...I got your back! peloquin for President!...or at least The General of the Arts!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 21, 2009


Don't you all see what a lack of talent in a film does, the hatred of this Rogen hack causes War! ROGEN BE DAMMNED!

roganhatersunite on Feb 21, 2009


That wasn't funny at all! Eric Bana seemed ok. WOW, very disappointed in that. Looks like a slow, sappy, tear jerker... no thanks. Only funny movie Apatow has made was 40 year old virgin and it been down hill ever since.

K on Feb 22, 2009


When the fuck did I challenge anybody... like i said, haters you guys just like to bitch. I never once said seth rogen in my whole post nor did I even put anything to o with a resume. Like I said its just antoher stupid comedy they shoot a hundred a year I mean are you really that angry or are you just trying to make it look that way because the guy before you posted the same thing. I mean Seth rogen may be a "hack" and just lame or whatever but it still doesnt change the fact that hes in movies and that some people like him. I think I could honestly say that half the people who said they hated rogen really dont, they just jumped on the bandwagon after the first 20 posts about how you hate him so much. actually now that I think of it FUCK SETH ROGEN STUPID OMG HES SO LAME STUPID HACK!

Cody on Feb 22, 2009


79, you are a complete idiot.

roganhatersunite on Feb 22, 2009


Hey Cody, guess you cannot detect passion, or jusy true hatred of a worthless un-funny piece of crap. Tell your Mom Kathy Lee to let stop allowing you to go to R rated movies. Why don't you re-read your first post.

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Feb 22, 2009


I think Shige needs a hug!!! He is more bitter then my last girlfriend...

Bezelbub on Feb 23, 2009


wtf.... that trailer was shit!!! Started off good but it got too emo for me.

stevedawg on Feb 23, 2009


when did rogan get skinny?

emil Lamprecht on Feb 23, 2009


@84... When he signed on to do Green Hornet he started working out to get in shape for the role.

peloquin on Feb 23, 2009


Ugh, what a fucking disaster. The only good thing that can come of this movie is the idea of Adam Sandler getting cancer.

Hostile on Feb 23, 2009


i feel i'll probablly enjoy this movie. but i'm getting really tired of jonah hill. i hope he's only a small part in this. so far so good.

crAziemutant on Feb 23, 2009


Looks monumentally unfunny. Hopefully it's only because they needed a crappy PG trailer.

Colin on Feb 23, 2009


This looks really good. Honestly, a lot better than I expected, both from a visual and writing standpoint. Even if you don't care for comedies or Apatow's style of comedy in particular, I think you'd be hard-pressed not to agree that he's definitely improving by leaps and bounds as a director. Either that or he's just working with a much better DP. So yeah, looking forward to it.

chrishaley on Feb 24, 2009


89 He's working with Janusz Kaminski here, who usually does Spielberg's films.

Jay Beezy on Feb 24, 2009


rofl "i think he went to hell" hehe Good to see an Adam Sandler movie that don't suck as bad a Zohan. Oh, wait. Maybe thats cause he didn't write this one =P

Hand Knotted Rugs on Feb 24, 2009


Well looks very funny I love "I don't know how to fight I'm a comedian"

Gizmo on Mar 14, 2009


Sandler's acting is like in Reign over Me. I would like to see it. I almost cried during the trailer.

Daniel on Mar 14, 2009


that does bother me that leslie mann has the same kids in this and knocked up but with a different father. Did he think noone would pick up on that? was paul rudd unavailable?

42 on Apr 4, 2009


#94 I don't think Paul Rudd was unavailable, nor was his price tag too high. Maybe Apatow had originally thought of Paul Rudd playing that husband, but he went for Eric Bana because having Paul Rudd would be too much like Knocked Up, plus Paul Rudd doesn't look like someone who could intimidate Adam Sandler or Seth Rogen, let alone both, and Eric Bana does fit that bill.

Jay Beezy on Apr 5, 2009


Another movie about losers, for losers...Apatow's style is highly conducive to barfing.

Angelica on Aug 3, 2009

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