Must Watch: Noah Baumbach's Greenberg Trailer with Ben Stiller

November 23, 2009
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Greenberg Trailer

Ben Stiller has gone indie. Focus Features has just debuted the official trailer for Noah Baumbach's newest film Greenberg starring Ben Stiller, Rhys Ifans, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Chris Messina, and Greta Gerwig. This looks like a huge improvement over Baumbach's last film, Margot at the Wedding, and a big departure for Stiller as well. I'm a fan of Baumbach primarily because I loved The Squid and the Whale and I've been waiting to see him direct another film on that level. While this is a comedy, it's hard to laugh at, but it's that honest, heartfelt "life sucks" kind of comedy that I think makes Baumbach's films so good. Anyway, enjoy!

Watch the official trailer for Noah Baumbach's Greenberg:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the Greenberg trailer in High Definition on Apple

A New Yorker named Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) moves to Los Angeles in order to figure out his life while he housesits for his brother and sparks with his brother's assistant named Florence (Greta Gerwig).

Greenberg is both written and directed by Brooklyn-born Oscar nominated filmmaker Noah Baumbach, of Kicking and Screaming, Mr. Jealousy, The Squid and the Whale, and Margot at the Wedding previously. The story was developed by Baumbach and his wife, actress Jennifer Jason Leigh, and the script was written by Baumbach. Focus Features is bringing Greenberg to theaters starting on March 12th, 2010 next year.

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ben stiller is the best!

guh on Nov 23, 2009


looks like a great movie.

guh on Nov 23, 2009


I love Stiller, but the movie looks kinda lame. Why do they always have to put that crappy indie-rock in the background of every indy movie? Might see it just for Stiller and Ifans.

Antioch on Nov 23, 2009


Finally something with a little substance. It's nice to see Stiller do a little work, he's a good actor, you just don't get to see it in all the money-maker, cookie-cutter, hope the parents bring the kids, big Hollywood, empty, films. I am done.

gplongwood on Nov 23, 2009


sold it looks awesome.

Xerxex on Nov 23, 2009


woooo greta gerwig. this looks really good.

erik KEATING! on Nov 23, 2009


the guy did kicking and screaming and (the super indie) highball. both are awesome flicks and that's why he's great. squid was equally terrific, but margot was a step back. only thing missing from this flick is chris eigeman! still looks good.

jeff on Nov 23, 2009


Usually I'd hate on a movie like this, but it looks aight. Ben Stiller is funnie.

whomever on Nov 23, 2009


there is something utterly sexless about this trailer

twispious on Nov 23, 2009



TediusTed on Nov 23, 2009


@ #11 I second that

Victor on Nov 23, 2009


It's nice to see Stiller doing something with a bit of substance. I think this will please and even surprise some of the most hardened critics. If the Squid and the Whale was any indication... I'd have to say I also disagree with Shero. Meet the Fockers was horrible and Stiller's CGI roles like Night at the Museum although entertaining are very dry and shallow. Don't worry Shero, you'll get more brain numbing, irritating crap from Stiller after this film with another shitty Fockers sequel.

Dan the Fan on Nov 23, 2009


My God, finally a movie about my life...minus the happy ending.

Slurry on Nov 23, 2009


Damn cant wait!

Me on Nov 23, 2009


Shero did he do something to you?

xerxex on Nov 23, 2009


this looks really GREAT! i can't wait to see it.

beavis on Nov 23, 2009


Yeah man, this looks deep. Like, sometimes I'm just so fed up with society's monetarily-defined life of happiness being based on "success." It's just such bullshit, y'know? Anyway, this looks like a brave piece of filmmaking, that challenges us as a society to cast off those constraints and see that we can be happy if we just be ourselves on our own terms, y'know? I also like that the film takes a chance, in that it's a comedy that doesn't feel as though it has to be funny. I get it, but I hope that others do too. Not too many though, because it would really suck if it actually hit, because that would mean that it sold out and those people probably don't even get it. Society.

Colin on Nov 23, 2009


I'm there.

Nick Sears on Nov 23, 2009


Noah Bombauch is an amazing writer, this movie is so well suited for these times. Its looks kind of like a backstory of the brother from a Serious Mans character.

Me on Nov 23, 2009


that's me in a nut shell

DoomCanoe on Nov 23, 2009


I have to also say this is a movie about my life. Possibly. I've done the smack the car on the back thing before, and would probably run off if they actually stopped. I used to just hock a fat loogie on the back window whenever a car would cut me off. Or staring at the inflatable oil change guy. Although he seems more of the life of the party. The listless, not using your full talents, thing, this movie really captures it. I've only seen Squid and the Whale, but that movie was kinda different in the same way.

Greedo Lives on Nov 23, 2009


i think this looks great.

Brian Ricci on Nov 23, 2009


I'm digging this. Also, Interpol is a great band.

Angry Chief on Nov 23, 2009


Seems like a very interesting movie. I've loved Baumbach's movies before and I don't think this is going to be any different. This is also going to be a change (a good one) for Ben Stiller. He's definitely a great actor but he's been making some not-so-great movies lately. As for what "success" means, it's pretty simple. If you set out to do something and you do it, you're successful, even if that something is sitting in front of TV all day or doing nothing like Greenberg. People need to stop defining success from others' point of view. Success is definitely a huge part of being happy, but WHAT you succeed in totally up to you. It could or could not include having a high paying job. Just my 2 cents 😀

Wicked on Nov 23, 2009


dude, stiller was the shit in tropic thunder, he is a comedic actor, dont look for tom hanks, look for some fun comedy. I am glad he is switching it up with a little bit more dramatic piece, but don't get your hopes up for a oscar worthy performance.

midnightlight on Nov 23, 2009


Hey looks ok to me. I have felt like that dude in the doing nothing...but getting paid. haha

Gerhardt on Nov 23, 2009


I keep hoping we get another opportunity to see Ben Stiller play somebody other than Ben Stiller as he was when he did Zero Effect way back in 1998. Looking at his resume, it seems such a waste of film stock to use when he could be developing himself into a man for all roles type of actor. I've got my fingers crossed for this movie

pixelblink on Nov 23, 2009



Tone on Nov 23, 2009


Looks as bad as you're usual selection. Go figure.

Wow on Nov 24, 2009


This film is coming out in march so np chance for a best actor oscar nomination for stiller, he looks pretty decent in this film

Nadir Ahmed on Nov 24, 2009


Looks pretty good. Squid and whale was pretty awesome too.

filmfan on Nov 24, 2009


Well at least the trailer had good music provided by LCD soundsystem, yey? ...

coswell on Nov 24, 2009


looks good - will see

bozo on Nov 24, 2009


ben stiller's one of my favorites... usually because of his wackjob characters like White Goodman or Zoolander but he looks good in this squid and whale was great film this looks good

joey on Nov 24, 2009


i feel like this hits home for a lot of people. im gonna be 30 next month and im fucking clueless about life. actually, after writing that im sad now.

Brian Ricci on Nov 24, 2009


This film to me just looks lame, the trailer just Depressed me to death weather its just the trailer witch dose not do justic to the film i don't no. 🙁

Cineprog on Nov 24, 2009


fuckin gold my friends. cant wait.

Trev on Nov 24, 2009


# 6 makes a good point....the reason why Stiller can't handle a movie by himself! Very weak with an extremely limited range. ( Like none)

Clover on Nov 24, 2009


Hahaha...that last scene is my feelings in a nut shell. Looks like a decent indie comedy. I can't really relate to the character, though. I suck at doing nothing.....damned coffee.

S on Nov 24, 2009


Carolyn Burnham: I will see this movie.

Robert Greenfield on Nov 24, 2009


looks boring.

benlomand on Nov 24, 2009


I'd could really care about what happens to the dog...only interesting character in this piece of shit...fuck the rest of it......Ben Stiller always sucks and Jenifer Jason looks like she's been doing crack for the last 3 years...

Huma Cavoolah on Nov 24, 2009


How eloquent

Me on Nov 24, 2009


LCD SOUND SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dannyJ on Nov 26, 2009


Saw this film yesterday and loved its dark nastiness. And judging by the lame comments already posted on here, this site is frequented by Not My People, so it's pointless to explain why I liked this or Margot at the Wedding. You either get it or you don't.

eric on Mar 22, 2010

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