Must Watch: Official Red Band Trailer for 'World's Greatest Dad'

June 19, 2009

World's Greatest Dad Trailer

Magnolia has finally debuted the first trailer for Bobcat Goldthwait's World's Greatest Dad starring Robin Williams. This isn't a cheerful family comedy, no, this is a very dark, very disturbing indie comedy, so disturbing that the first (and probably only) trailer is a red band one - you've been warned! If it doesn't seem like they're getting into the story much, that's because they aren't, this trailer, remarkably, doesn't spoil the very big reveal. With that said, World's Greatest Dad really is one of this year's best dark comedies, and this reminds me why it was so great. Plus, there's nothing like watching Robin Williams say "f**k!"

The best review of World's Greatest Dad that I'd suggest you read is by Neil Miller at Film School Rejects.

Watch the red band trailer for World's Greatest Dad from YouTube:

A very dark comedy about a man (Robin Williams) who learns that the things you want most may not be the things that make you happy, and that being lonely is not necessarily the same as being alone.

World's Greatest Dad is both written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, who not only is "that guy" from the Police Academy movies, but also wrote and directed Shakes the Clown in 1991, a lot of episodes of "The Man Show", and Sleeping Dogs Lie in 2006. The film first debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and was eventually bought by Magnolia Pictures for distribution in the US. World's Greatest Dad will arrive in very limited theaters starting on August 21st as well as Xbox Live and VOD starting July 24th.

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the trailer didn't really show off much of the story, did it? still, I can't wait to see this

-Peter- on Jun 19, 2009


This looks great! was that the ginger from spy kids? way to not get pigeon-holed.

theotherbluth on Jun 19, 2009


awesome! aww dammit the "Movies are for losers and art fags," that hurt. The dynamic between Robin Williams and Daryl Sabara seems like it is going to be great!

Xerxex on Jun 19, 2009


Looking forward to that. It's nice to see here Robin Williams acting in a dark comedy.

cine_phil on Jun 19, 2009


It was a drive by fruiting!!

LV 426 on Jun 19, 2009


I'm digging it so far. definitely dark.

Nick Sears on Jun 19, 2009


The It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia music worked well. Movie might be pretty good. Robin Williams is better in these movies then kid movies.

D on Jun 19, 2009


Robin Williams is very good in awkward situations. Recently saw him pop up in an episode of Law & Order: SVU. He was great. This comedy looks like it's right up my alley. Cannot wait for this!!!

Angry Chief on Jun 19, 2009


I loved Robin Williams in Death to Smoochie. I'll have to check this out.

S on Jun 19, 2009


i like zombies 😆

virgil on Jun 19, 2009


LMAO #1! The terrorist ran that way! This looks like a great return for Robin Williams seeing how his last few films have been less than spectacular, espcially Lisence to Wed.

Bryan on Jun 19, 2009


HAH. awesome. i'll stab you in the face.

lego on Jun 19, 2009


RW deserves some great films. The last few ones would be Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, and then Insomnia. Shit like RV just blows his credability down the drain. Very very much looking forward to this. Alex, you say this trailer doesnt spoil the twist. Have you seen it before? and if so, when/where?

Marcus on Jun 19, 2009


Eddie Murphy should try following in Robin Williams' footsteps. At least Williams seems like he's not taking every script handed to him. This looks really good.

jason on Jun 19, 2009


i like how they have the annoying red giant letters that they always have attached to horrible stupid comedies but maybe people will think its that and be suprised if they see the normal trailer. either way this look hella funny and really dark

erik on Jun 19, 2009


Great rainbow panties..................Death to smoochy rocked so I will give this a go

SHANEDAV on Jun 19, 2009


Ok I am seeing this.

d1rEct on Jun 19, 2009


Robin Williams and dark comedy go well together. I hope this movie comes out around here.

Moe on Jun 19, 2009


Dude, that's the kid from Spy Kids!! Now he's all grown up and making comedies about porn. Weird, huh?

scm1000 on Jun 19, 2009


looks good. and that's amazing it's from bobcat goldthwait because i did see 'sleeping dogs lie' and it was utter garbage from start to finish. so good for him for continuing to get better and better.

jeff on Jun 20, 2009


no way was that kid from spy kids

eric on Jun 20, 2009


Take a look at how hot the chubby girl from Spy Kids got. those kids grew up fast.

Charax on Jun 20, 2009


looks decent probably wait to watch though......

thejugfather on Jun 21, 2009


haha .I'm digging it so far. definitely dark.

led panel on Jun 21, 2009


Looks fantastic. I love when Robin is restrained. Takes a special director and script to encourage him that way, but like Good Will Hunting, this is his best zone. That or Mork. Love Mork 🙂

Mark on Jun 21, 2009


Ahhh yes, the son who won't give anything in popular culture a chance in order to keep himself safe within a social clique. I'm sure it'll be reminiscent for some 🙂

LW on Jun 22, 2009


"If you don't act like you like your dinner. I will stab you in the face" LMAO This looks awsome.

Ab on Jul 9, 2009


I made up an album, kinda OST for World's greatest dad. Download it here

Texangirl on Aug 1, 2009


If you like a certain type of movie - look for more from the director not the actor. The director gives the movie it's particular taste. I loved "Sleeping Dogs Lie" by Bob Cat, am really looking forward to this one - RW just adds frosting to the cake. "I like turtles"

Pork son of Mork on Aug 1, 2009


This movie is currently offered on video on demand (at least for Charter cable). It costs $9.99 to watch, but you can see it there for a limited time before it hits theaters. I couldn't hardly believe it when I saw the title scrolling through VOD, but I watched it immediately. It's very good, though not what I expected. Although it's considered to be a dark comedy, don't expect to laugh much. The humor that exists is very clever, but there's a pretty limited amount of humor. The story is very original (there's a lot more to it than the trailer shows) and Robin Williams is brilliant. I give it a 7.8 out of 10. I'd say it's worth that $9.99, but I wouldn't quite call it a must-see movie.

AndrewTheFilmNerd on Aug 2, 2009

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