Must Watch: Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds Teaser Trailer

February 11, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds Teaser Trailer

Only three weeks after Quentin Tarantino finished shooting, the first teaser trailer for Inglourious Basterds has debuted. Courtesy of Yahoo, this gives us a good look at what Tarantino has whipped up in his crazy WWII feature, which stars Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Eli Roth, B.J. Novak, Til Schweiger, and plenty more great unknown actors. Let me be the first to say that this looks absolutely phenomenal. I'm a Tarantino fan and I love WWII movies and this looks like an amalgamation of the two that I could've only dreamed of one day seeing! Were there ever doubts that Tarantino couldn't pull this off?!

Watch the teaser trailer for Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Inglourious Basterds trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

During World War II, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as "the Basterds" are chosen to spread fear throughout the Third Reich by scalping and brutally killing Nazis. The Basterds soon cross paths with a young French girl named Shosanna who runs a movie theater in Paris that is frequented by soldiers.

Inglourious Basterds is both written and directed by the infamous Quentin Tarantino, of everything from Reservoir Dogs to Pulp Fiction to Kill Bill to Death Proof previously. The Weinstein Company and Universal have partnered to bring us Tarantino's WWII masterpiece in all of its brilliant glory. After first debuting at the Cannes Film Festival, Inglourious Basterds will now hit theaters worldwide on August 21st this year.

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i think i might have just had an erection in the middle of this. i need some follow-through on roth's swing though

Andrew on Feb 11, 2009


Amazing, I really cant wait for this one.

tankmaster on Feb 11, 2009


man i may be the first one to say this but eli roth looks bad ass lol

nelson on Feb 11, 2009


footage is good, but i think the music/style of the trailer was very "Universal"

Al on Feb 11, 2009


AHHHHHHHH that looks GREAT!!!!!!

-Peter- on Feb 11, 2009


I can only imagine how heavy its going to get in this movie. I'm really interested to see what Ennio Morricone comes up with.

Nick Sears on Feb 11, 2009


Not that excited about the movie dunno why.

Fisherr on Feb 11, 2009


Looks awesome, but like Al said, I'm a little worried about the music. Very unTarantino, and very commercial sounding. It's a teaser trailer though...

Chris on Feb 11, 2009


i can't wait to see this but i'm not sure at the moment whether or not i'm gonna like the way Pitt talks.

FreddyFuckface on Feb 11, 2009


Sadly Morricone is not doing the score

Oscar on Feb 11, 2009


This is gonna be great! 😀 Cant wait to see this!

max on Feb 11, 2009


The only good Fascist is a dead one. Preferably scalped too. I think this film looks like it's going to have a lot of punishment, it looks a little camp too, so hopefully the humour will pull it through.

Crapola on Feb 11, 2009


I am in no way a Tarantino fan but even I have to admit this looks fairly badass.

Johnbo on Feb 11, 2009


it looks like it could be quite good,maybe not good as pulp fiction,reservoir dogs,kill bill 1 & 2 but better than deathproof & jackie brown.hopefully as violent as kill bill then it could be a big hit,fuck knows how his going to work a wicked soundtrack into this film but looking forward to finding out.

zetsu on Feb 11, 2009


Wtf is the bullshit music.... Pitts voice also sounds forced but hey I'm not complaining 😀

ramez on Feb 11, 2009


I love how they show absolutely nothing of Shoshanna's story except for her running through the field. Her arc, in my opinion, is so much more awesome than the Basterd's but it's equally amazing how it all comes together. Can't wait. Hope Tarantino makes movies every few years instead of every twelve.

Fuelbot on Feb 11, 2009


My thoughts? They spelled 'Bastards' wrong

Pierre on Feb 11, 2009


Jizzed in my pants. But really in all seriousness this might be good, anything that pokes at Nazi's is worth watching, and it does seem to really poke at Nazi's. Hopefully there will be a good score, I HATE the use of modern music in movies based in olden days, it ruins it.

xerxex on Feb 11, 2009


Thank god I have a movie to look forward to this summer. With such gloomy prospects as Transformers 2 and the G.I. Joe movie, it's good to know that there will be something worth seeing this summer.

Kevin on Feb 11, 2009


OMG it looks awesome but Kevin man 19, Transformers 2 is going to be good but the G.I. Joe movie I'll have to agree on and say it will most likely flop

Movieraider321 on Feb 11, 2009


I have been on a Quentin Tarantino movie watching spree as of recently.. this movie looks completely badass I can't wait!

CSpuppydog on Feb 11, 2009


Holy shit! ( but Brad Pitt is terrible)

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 11, 2009


Is that the same accent Pitt used in Buttons, or is that Billy Bob Thorton "Uh huh"

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Feb 11, 2009


Didn't like Pitt's acting there. I hope he doesn't screw up this movie! The accent was just AWFUL!

peter.... on Feb 11, 2009


Im tired of all the dumbasses saying...they spelled bastards wrong...shut the fuck up!

TBone on Feb 11, 2009



maxxx on Feb 11, 2009


The music in the trailer probably won't fit into the movie that much. It just played up the action. I am so excited about this. I've been dying to see this made for almost ten years!

adrian on Feb 11, 2009


as much as i want to criticize brad pitts accent (equally bad as benecio del toro's accent in Traffic) i want to think he'll be good in this movie. however that last clip in the trailer of whom i assume is hitler befuddles me a little bit. is this universal trying to be funny with the trailer, or is this the type of style to expect from the movie? i personally hope its the latter.

jim on Feb 11, 2009


Personally, the most anticipated movie of 2009.

Delvis Crasho on Feb 11, 2009


this looks really, really epic. quentin tarantino hasn;t been much of a box office draw, so i'm hoping brad pitt can attract the audiences to go see this.

LeeMan on Feb 11, 2009


This looks awesome. Why is there so much focus on the music in this trailer. The music makes the scenes that are put together seem so badass, which is what I think the movie is going to be, badass. I doubt this will be the type of music in the movie, but a cool eye catching trailer is what has been provided. Shootaaaaa!.

Shootah! on Feb 11, 2009


Yeah I wanna see it I want it to me good, but I don't know if I think its going to be (as good as I want it to me anyway) I didn't get into Brad Pitts character, he seems liked he'd be more brooding or intense, this guys all "an I want my scalps" said with like no emotion or anything, hmm, I hope its different in the movie or something. Also why would he pick some of these dorky ass people to go undercover to kill Nazis, I don't get that, they don't look like they couldnt win a fight with a school girl from the looks of a few of those guys.

Richard on Feb 11, 2009


I feel like Brad will be the weak link in the movie. I think Tarantino was going for more of a Lee Marvin. I'm trying to figure out who Pitt looks like in this, with the mustache. Maybe Locke from Lost? However, I think this scene won't really be important, it's more for trailer exposition. Hopefully, there won't be too many speeches from Brad Pitt... one-on-one conversations will be handled better. Also, it seems like there'd be more dudes, there's a bunch of people in this movie, so maybe it'll be more like a Saving Private Ryan in terms of quick appearances by people. I kinda feel since this was already made into a trailer, that they shot the speech scene early on (and they turned early footage into the trailer) and maybe Brad developed his character more... Maybe this isn't even a scene that made the final cut. I was personally waiting for Rare Earth's "I Just Want to Celebrate" in the trailer.

Greedo the Rodian on Feb 11, 2009


#32, I believe the premise is Jews going after Nazis... so you have a lot of Jewish boys, like the kid from Freaks and Geeks I don't know if it's still Jews v. Nazis, but it was a few years ago when I first heard about it

Greedo the Rodian on Feb 11, 2009


Guys for those of you who don't know this is a dark comedy, it will have funny moments, much like Pulp Fiction did. Now Pitt's acting in it is actually quite enjoyable, the accent is gruff and yet believeable, you all who are complaining just have never heard him speak like that before and are scared of change. This movie is going to be fantastic, no doubt about it.

Movieraider321 on Feb 11, 2009


This movie is an insult to all who fought the Nazis. QT is a fuckhead with no clue. And my predictions are - this will tank, bigtime. Trailer looked crap.

TX9000 on Feb 11, 2009


You know its narrow minded people like you that keep no originality in hollywood, suck a cock #36. God like I said before I really hope this is rated R...but what tarantino movie isnt.

Cody on Feb 11, 2009


I agree with #36. This movie looks like QT is trying to hard. OK, so we know Pitt is in it. But what's with Eli Roth? I think this will be the end of QT. Heis films have gotten dramatically worse over the years. And the whole idea of scaliping Germans is ridiculous. Pitt also trys to hard to sound tough. He's a whimp in real life, so what makes us think he's gonna be tough in this? Bah, I'll pass on this one.

Jake on Feb 11, 2009


was that bj novak? not big on tarantino but this looks like it could be good, the accent isnt workin for pitt though

harrison on Feb 11, 2009


Fuck yea dude. =)

buddhistwisdom7 on Feb 11, 2009


Based on this teaser alone, which is not a solid way to critique a film, it looks cliche. Which doesn't surprise me. I agree with TX9000; "QT is a fuckhead with no clue". He made two good films: Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction (although he ripped off 1/3 of the Pulp Fiction story) and then he's been trying to repackage his "brand" into half-baked ego vehicles ever since. "You've never seen war until you've seen it through the eyes of Quentin Tarantino." Really? I mean, really? Apparently his eyes imagine WWII with a half-assed powerchord sound bed. At best he makes soft-core torture porn laced with inane dialogue that is infrequently spiced with interesting pop-culture references, at worst he's a glorified copywriter. And we all know what happens when copywriters get to make films: P.S. To #37, what the hell are you talking about? As though no one's ever made a film about a rugged band of soldiers that go outside the lines to fight their own war-within-a-war. Shocker. And, quite frankly, it's idiot's that are either too stupid or too lazy to identify and reject bad films that keep Hollywood mass producing shit and selling it as gold.

AJB on Feb 11, 2009


#9 I agree. The way he was talking irked me the way batman talked when he was speaking above a whisper in the dark knight. Hopefully it was just a voice he was doing at their first meeting.

Dan W on Feb 11, 2009


OH Shit! QT again! anonther war junkie movie. crap! but looks good though.

kolokoy on Feb 11, 2009


I don't know why everyone is hating on Brad Pitt's accent? While I can't place it (American south?) I don't think it sounds bad, like it's really not a big deal, and I think people are overreacting, and just making comments on something that they don't know about, like how the hell is ANYONE on this comment board supposed to know where his accent is actually supposed to be from. You have no idea really, and so I don't see how people can comment on its "accuracy" when no one has a freaking clue as to his characters origins. But I do think this has some potential. I def. this will have some camp in it, the bit at the end with Hitler makes me think so.

jman571 on Feb 11, 2009


eli roth can act, direct and write. dude eli's the man

Darrin on Feb 11, 2009


Fucking astounding.

Josh M on Feb 11, 2009


Number 17, that's done purpose, are you new???! Bad ass trailer, I really can't wait!

Conrad on Feb 11, 2009


I'm not a big Tarantino fan. Honestly haven't liked a film he's done since Reservoir Dogs, but this looks pretty cool. Hopefully it doesn't get lost in it's own sauce like most of Tarantino's recent films and it sticks with the quirky brutality that Tarantino does best. The thought of the overtly violent nature of this film is somewhat disturbing but appealing at the same time. Hopefully he can put some heart and actual history into this film to make it stand out amongst his other movies.

ImaginaryVisionary on Feb 11, 2009


I agree with #33, Brad bitt is total miscast.

lil C on Feb 11, 2009


@36: How exactly is this insulting to the people who fought in WW2? You probably aren't aware of the untold thousands of comics, movies, books, toys and lord knows what else that was sold during WW2 that were right in the same vein as this film... just not as R-Rated (because back then, everything was basically the modern equivalent of "G"). Hell, Captain America was basically another version of Brad Pitt's character. A character that's a symbol of the US goes out and beats the crap out of hitler, mecha hitler, zombie hitler, mutant hitler... a squad of guys scalping nazis sounds like something straight out of the EC comics of old... I've not read the script (I don't want to spoil the film for myself), but I've not once been let down by Tarantino. I have loved everything he's done, and I doubt this film will disappoint. So far it looks like a lot of the vibe from this flick will be to sort of re-create not the reality of the war, but the perception as filtered through all the propaganda from both sides. And I dunno if anyone else noticed this, but what else was popular back then? Westerns. War movies and Westerns were all over the place. I think maybe the film is a mix of those two themes. Possibly where the whole scalping thing came from. Regardless, I think the film will be about more than just what's on the surface explanation.

Squiggly on Feb 11, 2009


Pitt looks and sounds out of place...sheesh he may bring this film down. Pitts acting or Q's direction.

WOW Pitt soundsbad? on Feb 11, 2009



kronos on Feb 11, 2009


braaaaaaaaaaaaad piiiit hase don it again3

jimmi allen on Feb 12, 2009


I agree with 50...and 36, dude its a teaser. I hope this makes big bucks so 36 can suck an egg.

jaybear on Feb 12, 2009


@ 17 - pierre bastards is supposed to be spelled wrong "inglourious" is spelled wrong on purpose too... and for those that dont like the way brad pitt talks lol hes an illiterate hick in this movie its done on purpose... the spelling is too it goes hand and hand w/ pitts character being illiterate... im stoked for this movie though!!!! can't wait!!!

kindbuddy on Feb 12, 2009


and #41 - AJB you're stupid.... you go bashing #37 and saying that theres been movies done like this before when you're stupid and don't realize that "you've never seen war until you've seen it through the eyes of QT" is called MARKETING... i dont know who pissed you off earlier today but i think you're hilarious and ignorant all wrapped in one 🙂

kindbuddy on Feb 12, 2009


Why Till Schweiger? Whyyyy?

SK3LL on Feb 12, 2009


I'll be honest, I hate Tarintino's films. But this trailer looks pretty dang bad ass. I'll probably end up seeing it in Theaters. Hopefully it will be good. But my expectations will not be high. One reason why I'm worried that this movie might be bad is because there are 5 parts to this movie. One is in black and white and the others are in differents character settings, but all done in the same time frame. Will see though. Also I'm going to be pissed off is somebody's arm gets chopped off and blood just squirts out for 10 minutes like it's a Kill Bill film again. So stupid!

The_Phantom on Feb 12, 2009


Oh God! Im really tired of all this. An evil nazi movie again...(but they was the same as we are...) Why is it honourable killing german people, and why is not the opposing side? okok I know...history made by the winners. (and jewish interests of course). Do not misunderstand me! Im NOT a nazi. But Im sick from this brainwashing shitmountain, and Im not alone...hope so

blahblahblah on Feb 12, 2009


those who question Tarantino should be ashamed. looks ace.

thecomedian217 on Feb 12, 2009


that music sounds like music from some scene in 300

Aucklander on Feb 12, 2009


Geeez, give Brad Pitt a the heck can you judge an entire performance by just one scene? Or an entire movie, for that matter? Get a grip!

kitano0 on Feb 12, 2009


well i don't know...maybe a good action movie...but i'm sick and tired of ww2 movies... like a chewing on a tough stake

GM on Feb 12, 2009


The Nerdy middle school kid from Freaks & Geeks! THat just about rounds up their entire cast, for making something of their acting careers in their adult lives! I'll admit, I never liked or cared for Eli Roth's movies, personality, etc., but somehow he seems a perfect fit for this movie. I can only hope that Brad Pitt is downplaying what is a very cool charctter in this scene. I like the scar on his neck, tho. Hopefully Ennio Morricone' isn't using Rob Zombie to do this soundtrack, too. 😉

Jimbo Slims on Feb 12, 2009


Ahhhh, the genius of #59 aka blahblahblah - "Why is it honourable killing german people, and why is not the opposing side? okok I know…history made by the winners. (and jewish interests of course). Do not misunderstand me! Im NOT a nazi." So let me get this straight, your not a National Socialist but you think "Jewish Interests" are behind History's winners...righttttttttttttttttt. So #59 ...when does your Hitler Youth membership run out?

robearberbilbill on Feb 12, 2009


#1: Brad Pitt's character "Lt. Aldo Raine" is a hillbilly from Tenessee. He is supposed to sound like that. #2: This is such a small portion of the movie with them lined up. In fact, I dare say it doesn't really matter in the end, just introduces the characters. Expect better things. #3: This is NOT your typical WWII movie. In fact, I dare say this is like nothing else you will ever see. It is NOT a drama and it is NOT an action. It is a Tarantino movie, i.e. comedy, bloody, fast-paced. #4: I for one am extremely excited to see this film and I think it will look (and sound) incredible. Just because a few studio hacks decide to release a trailer with some terrible music doesn't mean that the creator of said film will resort to such basic and shitty music. You know Tarantino...he will definitely kicks some ass with the soundtrack. #5: It is spelled "Inglourious Basterds" which is incorrect, yes. It should be spelled "Inglorious Bastards" but to really get it you would need to read the script and/or see the film. #6: Why did I have to number these? Go see this movie.

splanderson on Feb 12, 2009


Looks awesome, like the screenplay. Really looking forward to this. Could possibly end up being a Best Picture nominee.

britain on Feb 12, 2009


Hmm, maybe it was just a teaser, but definitley not up to my hopes of what I as expecting.

Ryan on Feb 12, 2009



Luk on Feb 12, 2009


this is how it was supposed to be back then and this is how the jews get back at the nazis... yeah you... you with the face im talking to u,, u better read this bitchesss...

David on Feb 12, 2009


It looks like porn to me.

moif on Feb 12, 2009


#33 Errol Flynn

ef on Feb 12, 2009


Eh... another Nazi movie? Who cares.. enough with the Nazis.. enough with the Jews.. enough with the holocaust.... this subject is soooo tired at this point. A movie about the US Civil War would be more interesting at this point.

Enzo on Feb 12, 2009


I love QT. One of the guys that got me interested in film as more than a passing hobby back in the day with Kill Bill (don't judge me--I was 15). Since then I've watched most of his works, still got some catching up to do when I get back to the states. I'm really excited for this, will see it in theatres for sure. I don't mind films that are supposed to be for entertainment only...gore, action,'s just for the sickos who like fake blood. oh, and the squirting of blood everywhere...what about Japanese films? It's ALL OVER the place in Japanese action/torture porn cinema...which is what I believe QT was reffering to.

Stacia on Feb 13, 2009


to everyone complaining about pitt's voice... do you all see the scar on the right side of his neck? i imagine his voice is supposed to be sorta raspy due to the damage done there, otherwise there's no point in giving him a scar to PORTRAY something, period. and no, it doesn't sound forced. it sounds like he's filling the ROLE of a character WE did not create. keep things like this in mind next time you wanna bash somethin. just because we've seen and heard him a million times over in other movies doesn't mean he can't step outside the norm and do something different or "off." it's a tarantino movie for pete's sake! just stop whinin and wait to see how it turns out. my money is bettin' it'll kick ass. just the concept of it seems enough to get me to the theater.

dan on Feb 13, 2009


this looks seriously badass... but pitts voice looks like a leftover from button... sounds just weird... but it looks like it will be a genre defining movie like his previous movies were... it makes other war movies look like a walk in the park...

viral on Feb 13, 2009


Thanks #56, you truly are a kindbuddy. I've jotted down what "marketing" is for future reference, also the fact that the existence of this so-called "marketing" has the power to render untrue statements truthful. Your wisdom has enlightened me and I now look forward to viewing WWII like I've never seen it before in this groundbreaking new film that's sure to be an astounding masterpiece that uses violence only as a means to tell a story as opposed to a distraction from what is likely to be another ill-written ego-boost for a hackneyed writer obsessed with pop-culture.

AJB on Feb 15, 2009


One day, the Palestinians will make a movie like this about the Israeli holocaust against Palestine.

huhwhat on Feb 17, 2009


This really look terrible, seriously, terrible. I kind of laught, first thought it was a self-parodi by Tarantino. Ridiculous, and Brad Pitt's accent? Come on, who casted him to that role? lol.

Thom on Feb 18, 2009


i loves me some brad pitt

Idiot on Feb 18, 2009


Thank you Quentin Tarantino for your molestation of history as it collides with modern romanticism! Let's taint the minds of even more uneducated American youth!

fuck QT on Feb 18, 2009


Thank you Quentin Tarantino for your molestation of history as it collides with modern romanticism! Let's taint the minds of even more uneducated American youth! you're all dumbfucks!

fuck QT on Feb 18, 2009


#62Let's taint the minds of even more uneducated American youth! you're all dumbfucks! Haha, there is always one hypocrate troll who says nothing but "simple mindedness, simple entertainment" blah blah, like some kind of Emo Sage. Regardless, I love WWII movies and Tarantino. This will be a whole lot of fun!

L on Feb 20, 2009



Kenny on Feb 20, 2009


Yay! Tarantino strikes again, and it looks like he will NOT dissapoint!

Maria on Feb 23, 2009


Ever since the Kill Bill series my favorite director Quentin Terantino has been playing the role of producer and the not so great grindhouse. But he's back and better than ever to show us he is the man. Also baseball bat part is best part of trailer.

Gizmo on Mar 14, 2009


Film looks cool to me. Don't take it so damn seriously. Anyone know who the song is though? -- The bass tone is sick -- And Huhwhat...come back from Mars bro. Tell Palastine to save their missiles they lauched into Jerusalem everyday leading up to Israel's counterstrike, they can use them as paperweights for your 2-bit, ill-informed propaganda.

Bearman on Apr 2, 2009


Does anyone know what the music is that has been used for the trailer? Cheers

gary on May 21, 2009


The first trailer didn't really do all that much for me, but the second one that just got released has got me lot more insight in to how the actual film is going to be than the first one - I couldn’t be more excited. I think the so far polarizing reviews have come from the fact that its becoming 'cool' to hate on Tarantino films...every critic just wants him to be the indie film underdog, and now that he's big they all wanna tear him down. Personally, I think this has the chance to be his best film since Pulp Fiction. I also thought it was great that they used “Comin Home” by Murder By Death in the second half of this trailer. It has this modern punk Johnny Cash vibe to it that really sets the mood for some Spaghetti-western style violence…hope its featured in the actual film, too. Also, the extended version of this trailer can be seen at :

brett on Jun 24, 2009


here you can download the trailer song in mp3 OR

Joro on Sep 6, 2009


Wow, you can easily tell who is extreme right wing, not being able to recognize any form of comedy past slapstick. I bet this will be appreciated more out of the U.S. more than within, since way to many Americans are uncultured rednecks or plain stupid big city kids, ie. people who are guido or like/hang with guido's. I'm so glad I grew up in Europe.

Xander on Jan 1, 2010


What a completely juvenile and ignorant statement, Xander. Trust me when I tell you that AMERICA is ALSO very happy that YOU grew up in EUROPE. Try to remember that if it weren't for America, you'd ALL be speaking German today.

EuropeSucks on Jan 1, 2010

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