Must Watch: Ridiculous Red Band Trailer for Bruno!

April 2, 2009
Source: MySpace

Bruno Trailer

It has arrived! The first teaser trailer for Bruno! It comes from MySpace, and is very red band, so don't watch this at work, or you will get in trouble! As I said when we first heard reports from the footage at SXSW, Sacha Baron Cohen has definitely kicked it up a notch and has gone so much crazier than ever before. I don't think there is much I need to say to introduce you to the gay character of Bruno, and the trailer does a great job of doing that anyway, so I think it's best to say just sit back, relax, and enjoy this hilarious new teaser. And as I said at the beginning, you've been warned about this one - watch out!

Watch the red band treaser trailer for Bruno:

You can also watch the trailer for Bruno in High Definition on MySpace

Bruno, aka Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt, is written by, directed by, and stars Sacha Baron Cohen, the comedic mastermind behind Borat, Signor Adolfo Pirelli in Sweeney Todd, and, of course, "Da Ali G Show". After the huge success of Borat, Cohen sold the distribution rights for Bruno to Universal for a reported $42 million and began production last year, prey on more unaware Americans and other idiots. Universal will debut Bruno in theaters everywhere on July 10th this year.

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WOW AMAZING that movie looks great. hopefully it'll be great, and will be funny after the first viewing.. FIRST!

Spencer on Apr 2, 2009


OMG That Was Hilarious

nelson on Apr 2, 2009


GREAAAAAT ... großartig, einfach fantastisch, schieb jedem dieser verdammten doppelmoralisten den dildo tief rein... hahaha...

sascha on Apr 2, 2009


I lizzed a little and now I have to change my pants.

Dirty Dutchman on Apr 2, 2009


Holy Moses! Yes. If it is even a fraction as awkward as Borat, it's going to be a great movie. By all indications - it will be.

Bill Rusnak on Apr 2, 2009


HILARIOUS! Finally a(nother, the other being Borat) funny comedy. Go Sacha.

normf on Apr 2, 2009


I liked the long full title of Borat but for Bruno it is absolutely hilarious. Trailer was good, not great, but I had the same reaction with Borat and ended up loving the film so it's all good.

Itri on Apr 2, 2009


I'm excited! I can see how it got the NC 17 rating now. πŸ™‚ Haha. Yeay!

Seductive Flamingo on Apr 2, 2009


This is going to be awesome!

Erwin on Apr 2, 2009


@ #4: At least you didn't jack!

captain subtext on Apr 2, 2009


thank you Sacha for that trailer πŸ™‚

TJ on Apr 2, 2009


Everlasting testimony to why this country deserves whats coming to it.

Cody on Apr 2, 2009


looks more outrageously funny than borat... so it should be great ... there were 91 times the police were called on borat, i wonder how many time they were called on bruno

Janny on Apr 2, 2009



Ryan on Apr 2, 2009


I'm probably one of the few who didn't care for Borat. Sorry! Just seems so obvious it was fake. This does too. Either that or those are the stupidest F'in people on the planet. I'll still give it a viewing... on dvd.

K on Apr 2, 2009


Im sold @13 a few times actually. he was arrested for the fashion show thing back in september. it was on CNN

PJ H on Apr 2, 2009


I'm gonna love the bit with the black baby and those black women giving him shit at the studio hahahahaha that is so spot on. I'm impressed!

teyhtr on Apr 2, 2009


4, great to see in less than a week that quote is spreading nicely

Al on Apr 2, 2009


I am a huge Borat fan but this trailer looked a little weak. Hopefully the moive will be better.

MespoFL on Apr 2, 2009


was that baby covered in bees in that pic? LOL

ocp on Apr 2, 2009


If the 20 minute preview they showed at SXSW last month was anything to go by it made Borat look quite tame. And most of that footage wasn't in the trailer. I cannot wait. I'd pay good money to see that 20 minutes again!

Rory on Apr 2, 2009


Ron Paul making an appearance. Ron Paul Revolution! Choose Freedom!

BK on Apr 2, 2009


Check at the 2:19 mark for his Paulness.

BK on Apr 2, 2009


strange, this Bruno is very different of the other that he acted on the program. the visual is different, the hair too and the other one are much more happy and crazy all the time.

Sanglant on Apr 2, 2009


can't wait....lololololololol

05a88 on Apr 2, 2009


Was he running from a Sheik?! I'll totally see it just for that.

WEAPON X on Apr 2, 2009


#15...Dude C'mon....Sacha Baron Cohen is like the best at what he does. The fact he can stay in Character for all this stuff is beyond me. Coming from an actor, he is off the f'ing charts.

AllmightyKeim on Apr 2, 2009


This trailer is currently showing on the front of The Boat That Rocked in the UK.

Stuart Mellor on Apr 2, 2009


Wasn't this supposed to be directed by Dan Mazer? Anyway. Thanks for the trailer, and bring any news about this movie. Keep up the great work!

Mario Tenorio on Apr 2, 2009


im scared to watch this trailer

Silver on Apr 2, 2009


That was incredible.

Adam on Apr 2, 2009


Gorilla comedy at its finest!

Jay on Apr 2, 2009


HAHAHAHAHA my only problem with this movie is.....wheres the faux hawk?

cmedina on Apr 2, 2009


freakin brilliant...

Sancle on Apr 2, 2009


hahaha So excited

Daniel Mace on Apr 2, 2009


hahaha i wonder if it'll b better than borat...

Torti on Apr 2, 2009


Borat looked better, this one looks too fake, like he has to be fake, Borat made people think he was real, I dont know well have to see.

Richard on Apr 2, 2009


Richard NOBODY knows who he is as Bruno ... It's real and hes making ppl uncomfortable...

kindbuddy on Apr 2, 2009


Methinks the joke is on the audience.

sleepykid on Apr 2, 2009


yea, this trailer looked fucking amazing. except i liked it better when he had the faux hawk hair. regardless, this is going to be nutty.

Roberto Dinamite on Apr 2, 2009


LOL Americans. They're so dumb. Bruno's going to own them - AGAIN!

Blake on Apr 2, 2009


"How do you defend yourself against a man with two dildos?" *boom!* lol!!!

LW on Apr 2, 2009


Rofl we have a winner!

JimD on Apr 2, 2009


Correction Alex, this movie is directed by Larry Charles, not SBC himself.

Matt on Apr 2, 2009


How is this funny?

Mattyc on Apr 2, 2009


I guessI'll breakwith everyone and say it looksstupid. Yay for lame stereotypes! *yawn*

Nic on Apr 2, 2009



Bob on Apr 2, 2009


That was so funny.

Film-Book dot Com on Apr 3, 2009


hahahhahahahahahahahhh the dude makes money by makin fun of americans, cant get any cooler than that! lol lookin forward!

srthsrt on Apr 3, 2009


Bob. "That's such a Samantha thing to say." Comedic Genius.

Crapola on Apr 3, 2009


the films i wanted to see this year are the watchmen,x-men origins wolverine,transformers 2 revenge of the fallen & now bruno(what a good year for some great movies).borat was a classic in my eyes.bruno i think will be just as good(the bit in the trailer around the camp fire with the three red necks talking about which charactors from sex & the city that they are most like is so fucking funny.)can't wait for this one.

zetsu on Apr 3, 2009


That was good. Looking forward to it.

Syphous on Apr 3, 2009


I always thought Bruno was one of his weakest characters from his TV Shows. However the trailer does look very funny.

Harv on Apr 3, 2009


#12 wtf is that supposed to mean? Looking at it again, it looks like they got some real ignorant people duped into playing along, like with the black baby thing which I have to say does look insanely hilarious, and when hes out camping with those dudes, that's freaky, shit, I wonder if he ever got attacked by someone, you cant tell what someone might do lol. My best friend when we were really young (teens) were working at a Mexican restaurant and this really gay waiter used to always flirt with my friend on purpose even tho he knew he was like the extremely straight, so one day this waiter decides to pinch my friends ass and my friend turned around in the resturant in front of all of us and laid him out with one punch, I guess he got what HE had coming to him, that was hilarious too but damn Sasha has some huge balls to do what he does.

Richard on Apr 3, 2009


Thanks for the life story richard..

bobby spanknuts on Apr 3, 2009


Nice going #55. πŸ˜€

Greedo the Rodian on Apr 3, 2009


I tend to like the velcro physical humor more than the shocking stuff. My favorite part of Borat, though, was when he was harassing people on the streets of downtown New York, and that one stock broker-type guy curtly says words to the effect "Get the F out of my face or I'll belt you"

Greedo the Rodian on Apr 3, 2009


The Aint-It-Cool review of the rough cut basically said that it wasn't as fun this time around because people were more wise to Cohen (from the popularity of Borat) and you could read it on their faces that they were being put on. Not entirely, but you can still cull plenty of footage if you're filming every day for 60 days.

Greedo the Rodian on Apr 3, 2009


Haha..can't wait to see it!! πŸ™‚

Susan on Apr 3, 2009


last part hands down funniest "how do you protect yourself from a man with two dildos" BOOM!! also were looking for a lock smith nice dude

neonblue on Apr 3, 2009


There is a GOD that is bigger than THE-GOD!!! His name is Sacha. Sacha Baron Cohen. He will become the messiah of comedy, the quadruple Jesus of Comedy. He makes Will Ferrel look like the two dildos i saw in the trailer. I do feel bad for bringing down Ferrel but look at what Sacha Baron Cohen has done! I see the comedy God right there in the trailer.

Jared on Apr 3, 2009


This is not on pair with Bora or even Ali G, this is the cow running its milk. Wich isnt a surprise, seeing how much bad stuff as come up lately

blutholle on Apr 4, 2009


thank you Sacha for that trailer πŸ˜€ hahaha. So excited!

Paul on Apr 4, 2009


Its gonna be a good one.. get ready to be offended!

JS on Apr 4, 2009


I agree with #12. And, this is another sign of the moviepocalypse.

Zso on Apr 4, 2009


Correction, I agree with #12 if they are talking about the movie itself, not the people in it.

Zso on Apr 4, 2009


was that fucking ron paul at the end?

stevenk4 on Apr 4, 2009


This is idiocracy to the Nth degree. The fact that people fall for this is BS and that there's not so much of it that is simply staged. I'm sure people would just randomly invite someone like that over, like in Borat. There's no way people really are just that stupid like those paying to watch this and are excited about it. This is nothing more than what hundreds of kids do everyday and just don't get paid for. Scan Youtube or some other big video sites and you'll see this same thing. The difference is Sacha has money and release forms to get out of the "trouble" he causes. Fucking weak.

Hey Ya on Apr 5, 2009


Just joking , I loved Borat, I was so jealous of them in the hotel scene, I truly want to see Bruno cause I myself am gay and take it in the ass !!!

Hey Ya on Apr 5, 2009


Looks ok. I loved Borat, and while this doesn't look as good I'll still be there opening day

Rorschach90 on Apr 7, 2009


I understand that this guy is showing everyone that we take our selves to seriously and some times we need to just stop and laugh at our selves. But I really do not find him or his type of comedy at all funny. I put him in line with Jim Carey, Jack Black and Tom Green. None of which are worth my movie going time.

Mike on Apr 9, 2009


This movie will own the box office for comedy this summer. I guarantee.

aaron on May 4, 2009


The trailer looked hilarious. The OJ part is definitely my favorite. Hahah. Looking forward to it!

BronsonChaputa on May 13, 2009


This actor is just crazy.

Hsa on Oct 1, 2009


I went to see this movie knowing it would have some things for shock value like Borat did. However, it was so much worse than I could have imagined. It was not funny. It was vulgar and tasteless. I am shocked that it only got an R rating. I have had numerous people tell me. "Do not go see this movie, it is not funny, it is not entertaining, it is just disgusting." And these are people who loved the Jackass movies! The trailer for the movie was very misleading. It never eluded to the filthy and disgusting images that would be on screen.

anonymous on Dec 24, 2009

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