Must Watch: Second New Full Trailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox

September 29, 2009
Source: Apple

Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer

Fox has debuted a second full-length trailer for Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox tonight on Apple. The very first trailer hit way back in July, but I think this second trailer is a definite improvement over that one. There are some very interesting quotes used in this, too. It definitely does look like nothing we've ever seen before, that's for sure. While I love Clooney, his voice just doesn't fit in this. I don't know if it's Anderson's odd recording tactics or that it's just not the right fit, but either way it's one a few things I'm still hesitant about. I'm still expecting to go in and just love this, so stay tuned for my thoughts sometime soon. Enjoy!

Watch the second trailer for Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox:

[flv: 598 316]

You can also watch the second trailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox in High Definition on Apple

Fantastic Mr. Fox is both written and directed by the fantastic Oscar nominated filmmaker Wes Anderson, of Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and also The Darjeeling Limited most recently. This is based on Roald Dahl's classic children's book of the same name. Fellow indie director Noah Baumbach also helped co-write the screenplay with Anderson. Fox Searchlight is bringing Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox to theaters everywhere starting on November 13th this fall.

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I actually liked the first trailer you guys showed more, and I also happen to really like George Clooney's voice. 🙂

Sabes on Sep 29, 2009


Talk about different level of adaptation! The book is TOTALLY different from this movie! Even though I loved the book growing up, I think the movie still looks interesting in its own way. Hopefully they adapted it for the better!

Ron on Sep 29, 2009


This, like Where the Wild Things are and (to a much, much lesser degree) The Christmas Carol just keep on getting bigger. For me, this and Wild Things look like two of the best movies of the year. Carol could be good, although there's a few aspects that might keep it from being even okay (gimmicky 3D, the ever un-subtle Carrey, a odd mixture of really good and really video-gamy animation, etc.)

Timothy on Sep 29, 2009


LOL! the don't curse and point at me joke was pretty funny.

wrongturn687 on Sep 29, 2009



Dark Fist on Sep 29, 2009


i agree with #4. funny stuff. like the animation; stop-motioney (my spell check says that's not a word. is now!!).

machinist's hand on Sep 29, 2009


Gotta love Wes Anderson, the "You Cussin' At Me!?" bit was funny as hell. I'm pretty much sold at this point, the only problem is am I going to the only 20 year old in the audience!? I mean Where The Wild Things Are, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and hopefully A Christmas Carol all geared to kids but originally made for the older generation, I wanna see people in there early 20's, 30', 40's, 50's and so on, not 3 to 15 year olds who are not gonna understand the magic behind these films, unless those kids have parents who have instilled the wonder of Where The Wild Things Are, Fantastic Mr Fox, and A Christmas Carol. But I'm more worried about A.C.C in "oooh" "ahh" 3-D which I find an absloute pain in the foot to watch!

Xerxex on Sep 29, 2009


Feel the same way about the voice, their technique for recording audio live in the actual environments actually makes the sound seems very separate form the imagery. Hmm

Guy on Sep 29, 2009


Sorry guys. I just don't see it. Totally respect Wes Andersons body of work but WOW this looks Terrible! Talk about too many big name celebs, shitty and odd animation (maybe more of a tim burton style clay work would have been better) and to top it all of its a pointless out of touch story! Its too kiddy to get most adults, too adult to get the kids and barely anyone remembers the story. Its NOT in the same category of Where the wild things are, becuz even if kids don't know the book, most audlts do and lovd it. I think this movie will bomb, I hope they had a super cheap budget becuz doubt it will break 30M. If I'm wrong ill admit it and see the movie twice just to make up for it!

skeptic on Sep 29, 2009


While the audio definitely seems a little off, with the mouths etc. I really love the tone of this film. This and Where the Wild Things Are are the kind of movies I know are going to make me feel Happy. I'm on the fence about Christmas Carol. Carrey isn't the reason I'm on the fence, actually. He and the animation team seem to be... making a fairly by the numbers adaptation of the B&W Alastair Sim version from the 50s. And I happen to see nothing wrong with that film as is. But heck, if it makes a ton of new little kids love the Christmas Carol story, I'm happy enough.

Lana on Sep 29, 2009


i'm NOT a fan of clooney. i think his acting is "stiff" and bland. but saying that, i think his voice is perfect for the character of the fox and he (from the trailer) does a good job with it. i think this looks like an excellent, funny movie. much better than "where the wild things are". i just don't get why people have an attachment to that movie. i'm 45 and have been and avid reader all my life.........but never had an interest in that book. of course, i feel the same way about the harry potter books/movies. ( i did try reading those and didn't like them. after reading terrry brooks fantsy novels, the harry potter books seemed below average) i hope WtWTa ends up being a great experience for those of you who are looking forward to it..........i just don't think it should be cited as a barometer of how good another film will be. "fantastic mr. fox" looks like a funny movie with good story; and, i'll be seeing the "fox" film as soon as it's out.

beavis on Sep 30, 2009


I was hesitant of the first trailer, but i'm convinced after seeing this trailer. I personally don't have a problem with Clooney in this, though I think I can see why you might Alex. I think the reason you don't like it is the reason I like the film, i think his voice adds a certain aura to it.. ugh, not sure how to describe it. like it sets his character apart from others, which is right, since he's supposed to be fantastic. i hope that made some sense.

dave13 on Sep 30, 2009



Robbie on Sep 30, 2009


I don't like furries.

Tomb on Sep 30, 2009


Seems like they tried SO hard to make this witty and funny. Just feels boring. And this is coming from someone who LOVES Wes Anderson films.

Marty Martin on Sep 30, 2009


Xerxex, I agree. In the case of this movie and Where the Wild Things Are, I don't think the PG ratings are going to necessarily mean that the films will be huge hits with a younger audience. This trailer alone showcases some dialogue and moments that would go wayyy over a young kid's head. I'm guessing that in both instances, the movies are going to be geared at an older audience and I'm betting that is where the box office is going to differ from say, Monsters Vs. Aliens. I don't know why this thread has multiple mentions of A Christmas Carol alongside Fox and Wild Things. IMO Carol looks like absolute garbage.

Bill Rusnak on Sep 30, 2009


#9 Tim Burton & Henry Selick don't use clay. Puppetry was their sauce of choice. Which is exactly what we have here. The problem with using Tim Burton's style in this flick is they almost never use fur in this way. That is practically the only difference between Henry Selick's (director of animation, Coraline, Nightmare b4 X-mas) puppet's and Wes Anderson's. I personally think they should do this entire movie in the style of The Brothers Quay's animations. That would scare the shit out of the little kids. I actually think it looks amazing, the subtle changes in the fur on every frame is something that cant be helped, but I personally think it adds to the feel of the movie. The movements all look a little jittery in that respect so its good. Comedy looks good, lots of good actors, maybe too many.

Jared H on Sep 30, 2009


Looks great but agree with Alex on the voice over - can't big "stars" leave well enough alone?? Its distracting. Perhaps as we are currently tuned into "Up in the air" and clooneys monolouge there - his persona seeps into the fox. Instead of Fantastic Fox a ghost of clooney is always lurking in the background when viewing/listening to the fox character? Maybe its just me but I wish sometimes we could have unique voices for our animated characters?

rossiegirl on Sep 30, 2009


I'm sold. Now that Shutter Island is not coming out until 2010, my 3 top movies for the Fall are all kids movies...Where the Wild Things Are, this, and Christmas Carol. It's pretty said that the film's made for children in this era are more original and interesting than films made for "adults".

Kevin on Sep 30, 2009


George Clooney is a great pick for this movie!

LuckyLoser on Sep 30, 2009


Amazing. Someone has finally come up with a game more complicated than Quidditch!

Setebos on Sep 30, 2009


Dandy. I'm sold.

Sebastian Selig on Oct 1, 2009


Could be the only Wes Anderson film I can watch all the way through...Oh wait, I did watch Rushmore and The Life Aquatic all the way... Damn, thought I had successfully erased those from my memory!!!!

kitano0 on Oct 1, 2009


what was with the Pixar monopoly crack? oh and this looks fantastic

DoomCanoe on Oct 1, 2009


I wasn't excited by the first trailer but this one got me on board. Can't wait to see this, it's look terrific.

Matt on Oct 2, 2009


Still 'Meh...' to me...

Fed Up With Hollywood on Oct 8, 2009

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