Must Watch: Sick and Twisted Red Band Trailer for Deadgirl

July 2, 2009
Source: Bloody Disgusting

Deadgirl Trailer

This is just messed up. No seriously, this movie is f**ked up! Bloody Disgusting has scored a very red band full-length trailer for Deadgirl, an indie horror flick I saw with Peter of SlashFilm last year in Toronto (read my review). We actually featured a short teaser for this last September, but it doesn't even compare to this trailer. I would suggest you watch this trailer only if you can stomach most horror movies and if you're not already revolted at the concept. Basically, two teens find a zombie-ish dead girl in an abandoned mental hospital basement and realize that if they keep her locked up, she makes for a great sex toy. Take a look

Watch the red band bootleg trailer for Deadgirl found on YouTube:

For more info on this film, visit the official website:

Deadgirl is co-directed by up-and-coming filmmakers Marcel Sarmiento (Heavy Petting, It's Better to Be Wanted for Murder Than Not to Be Wanted at All) and Gadi Harel (Nights Like These, Operation Midnight Climax). The script was written by actor Trent Haaga, of Raving Maniacs and other horror films previously. This first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival late last year and has played at other fest like the Alamo Drafthouse's Fantastic Fest. Dark Sky Films is finally releasing Deadgirl in limited theaters on July 24th.

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Not another Teen movie with a zombie like deadgirl...Kidding aside this looks better actually story wise then the mainstream horror flicks out there.

Lazarus from Sparta on Jul 2, 2009


Sorry, the content you requested could not be loaded at this time.

Bernhard on Jul 2, 2009



Crapola on Jul 2, 2009


I just tried it again, it still works for me, give it another shot #3!

Alex Billington on Jul 2, 2009


It doesn't work for me either.

Angelo on Jul 2, 2009


the dialoge is gone....i'm only getting the soundtrack

esophus on Jul 2, 2009


Is it just me or they used the donnie darko soundtrack on that trailer? As for the trailer, i dunno, most of the time the screen was dark as hell, couldnt see much.

mvk on Jul 2, 2009


Works fine for me. Remember seeing this on here before. Hopefully I'll catch it on DVD sometime.

Allen L. on Jul 2, 2009


cant watch....

SDRFG on Jul 2, 2009


I saw this at SIFF about a month ago and I have to say that it was /amazing/. Horror (n) - The strong feeling caused by something frightful or shocking; shuddering fear and disgust; terror and repugnance This movie was one of the most prime examples of that definition that I have seen in awhile, while still maintaining a good story. Just my two cents. Oh, and at the screening I attended, the directors were there and mentioned that they were trying for a DVD release before the end of the year, I believe they said Oct or Nov. They also had some pretty funny things to say about casting the deadgirl. Really fun guys.

Dude on Jul 2, 2009


Damn! That trailer nearly made me shit my pants.

Fingo on Jul 2, 2009


looks good

Trey on Jul 2, 2009


Looks nothing like a horror movie. Doesn't look bad, suspenseful sure, but that's not horror unless you're 9.

w00t!!! on Jul 2, 2009


Sold. any movie that show rapists getting murdered and fucked up is awesome.

Xerxex on Jul 2, 2009


lol @ # 9

Trey on Jul 2, 2009


i dunno , looks cool maybe on cable, trailer didn't knock my fuckin socks off like it was built up to be.

subcelsious5g on Jul 2, 2009


I'm intrigued! That abandoned building/hospital was also used for Duran Duran's "Falling Down" video! I'm checkin' this out!

Spider on Jul 2, 2009


Yeah! Because porking a dead chick, now that's some quality tail right there! Wooot! Might as well screw a bowl of sand filled with maggots and worms. Rumor has it the cunnilingus scene was cut because it was "just too edgy." At least there wasn't an epidemic! Ugh. Hollywood sucks.

Sharkman on Jul 2, 2009


looks amazing...must watch for me

Phizik on Jul 2, 2009


What is so scary about this trailer though? I've a horror guy -- didn't even blink.

BONO on Jul 2, 2009


Is this again one of those racist videos that can't be played if you don't live in the U.S.?

captain subtext on Jul 2, 2009


Can't watch it..

Robbie on Jul 2, 2009


I could watch it... from Sweden. Looked ok, but nothing special. Didn't make me jump or get too excited.

ryderup on Jul 2, 2009


that wasnt a very good trailer i thought.

justin on Jul 2, 2009


Uh...I am disappointed. You made it sound like it was a reeeally hard to stomach movie/trailer. But it seem very horror to me. More like a twisted thriller with some horror elements, like dark corridors, and things jumping out at you to loud sound effects. Sure, it seems to get intense, I will watch it anyways. But if you wanna talk about disturbing, hard to stomach movies, something like Martyrs, Pink Flamingos and Salo is more like it. Those are really "edgy". Maybe I am just too desensitized. *shrugs*

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 2, 2009


It doesn't seem very horror to me.* Gah, I can't type today! /quit internet

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 2, 2009


Definitely seems like something I'd want to check out, love horror films. But there's nowhere I can find that lists the limited theaters it's playing in. Oh well, Minneapolis probably isn't one of them anyway 🙁

Tyler Hayes on Jul 2, 2009



erik on Jul 2, 2009


Not a movie id watch in the theaters but id stream it!

tankmaster on Jul 2, 2009


effing insane!

Brian on Jul 2, 2009


@ # 26, Learn english, German! Maybe then you can type better. 😉 I am very interested though. Rapists getting what they deserve? Awesome.

Sabes on Jul 2, 2009


just watched this 3 days ago. reallly fucking awesome! definitely check it out!

DoomCanoe on Jul 2, 2009



Gigerbrick on Jul 2, 2009


This kind of movie appeals to me more than anything that is out right now. I want to see this movie.

Angry Chief on Jul 2, 2009


#32, don't be a dick, his english is fine. Movie looks interesting, nothing hard to stomach in there though....

Chris W on Jul 2, 2009



danielvutran on Jul 2, 2009


ummm. looks kind of lame.

JL on Jul 2, 2009


I just be jaded or something because that didnt look very scary to me, lime maybe quarantine scary?

Richard on Jul 2, 2009


I've actually seen this recently although in the beginning the dialogue is pretty dumb, the story's really cool and there are some parts that are excellently funny (to me) Yes, i would recommend to a friend.

florian on Jul 2, 2009


If you can't get the girl of your dreams, then you have to settle with the dead girl. The live girl did have orange hair though, bit of a ranga.

Orangutang on Jul 2, 2009


Its not a flick i would go out and see in theaters, but rather on like a movie channel or DVD. Either way im excited for this flick and will eventually see it soon.

Nikhil Hariharan on Jul 2, 2009


sorry, the content you requested could not be loaded at this time

Brian Barajas on Jul 2, 2009


This may actually be a decent fuckin flick, regardless of specified genre. I think the thriller aspect works well and what looks like happens is quite twisted. Can't wait to see it!

C3 on Jul 2, 2009


looks really good,nothing to disturbing, nothing we avnt seen b4 wots the big fuckin deal.

Donza. on Jul 2, 2009


reading this thread reminds me of how many desensitized losers have access to the internet. and #44 - you've seen this before? where? it's a movie about 2 guys finding a "dead" girl......abusing her in a variety of ways and finding out she CAN'T die. just exactly what other movie mimics this storyline? #25 - the "movies" you list are nothing more than violence thrown on film for shock value. the fact you cite them as examples of GOOD horror is a joke.'re waaaaay too desensitized if that's what you need to watch for a horror rush. #13 - you must be ten then? seriously woot.......what kind of torture porn does it take for you to call it REAL horror? #38 - i think quarantine scary is pretty scary. if you were in the same situation as the people in quarantine, you'd be crying like a little girl. #37- you say lame but don't give a reason. you may have a valid point too, if i knew WHY you thought it was lame. it's actually lame of you to say "it's lame" without giving a reason. LOL on topic.......this looks really good. it seems to have a more detailed plotline than i had previously thought and that's encouraging. i just hope it's explained WHY she can't die and how she ended up in that asylum basement wrapped in plastic.

dan on Jul 3, 2009


You are right on, dan. I watched this, ready for what I assumed would be the jump out of my chair, cover my eyes moments, but, quite frankly, it never came. It seems we have become ridiculously de-sensitised. I like the concept, it seems very interesting, and I hope this is less gore and more story than most present day 'horror' films. It might be a good DVD movie, just in case it is really scary. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Barb on Jul 3, 2009


Awww, Dan is a little girl afraid of the dark. Sure if I was in the same situation as Quarantine I'd be scared, but it doesn't make the movie scary and how is this movie scary? Sex with a dead girl...well, that is scary. Who knows what you'll get...AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

w00t!!! on Jul 3, 2009


Barb - It's not that it's ever really scary, it's just an insanely fucked up concept. And they go as far as they can with it. Then, what that's "used up," they go even further. I guarantee you most people will walk out of the theater. Only the few who have the stomach to sit all the way through it will.

Alex Billington on Jul 3, 2009


#45 I never said the movies I listed were GOOD movies. I merely named them, because they definitely belong into the "disturbing and hard to stomach" category. They are just gross, just like you said, pure shock value. And they are not "what I need for a horror rush". Way to fly off the handle and take what I said out of context. From the description of the trailer, I expected something similar. That's why I was disappointed, seeing how the trailer didn't show anything that made me turn my head, or cover my eyes at all. (The trailer had no sound for me, maybe dialogue would have helped here.) Alex made it sound like it was some kind of SAW-like movie, and I prepared myself to be grossed out. That's all. I also said, I will watch it anyways. And just an FYI: I don't need lots of blood, gore and torture porn to enjoy a horror movie. The most suspense and thrill I get, is from movies where you don't see stuff like that at all. Psychological horror is far more gripping, imo, because irrational fears are a bitch to deal with. So, calm down and don't be so judgmental, jeez.

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 3, 2009


um ok...........

SHANEDAV on Jul 3, 2009


this film is out on the net

lui on Jul 3, 2009


Concept is good...but cant see a thing. Damn trailer is too dark. P.S. i can watch it. I'm in MALDIVES...suuuup!

zth on Jul 4, 2009


AICN liked it. Ugh. Interesting concept. Not sure if I want to watch it though.

pat on Jul 4, 2009


Yeah, this looks excellent

David R on Jul 4, 2009


Just saw the film. It's definitely a m'eh. Though I might just think this because I expected great things from this concept; I really thought it was going to be a deep delve into the psyche of youth, sexual confusion, the human mind, and why we make the choices we make. It just left me wanting more, but in a bad way, the same way Hard Candy did, if anyone saw that (though that film was definitely better than Deadgirl). Basically, it would have benefited from a lot more thought about the story they were telling, as unfortunately there wasn't one. Almost nothing happened in this movie, and what does happen is the middle of the road. It's not a horror. It's not a zombie movie. It's not a sexual movie. It's definitely not a "coming of age" story, as the trailer would have you believe. Yeah, it's fucked up. Yeah, they do sick & twisted shit, but nothing you don't expect once you know what the film is about. Everything just seemed way too drawn out, which I wouldn't mind except the writing wasn't anything special. You're right, most people would walk out, but probably because it was so slow and some of the acting was quite poor, even by the main actors. I'd say more, but those who really want to see it will.

Tyler Hayes on Jul 4, 2009


i didnt see anything unsettling in the trailer. but i imagine the movie will be worse... in terms of gore n stuff. and this plot is fucked up... necrophelia?? no thanks.

mrmr on Jul 5, 2009


twisted cool concept! side note: Alex keep up the good work, I think most people enjoy your articles. You must have some pretty tough skin having your everyword anylized daily.

I am Ron Burgandy? on Jul 7, 2009


#55 Tyler, did you really go to see the movie because you " thought it was going to be a deep delve into the psyche of youth, sexual confusion, the human mind, and why we make the choices we make."? Man, go watch some Bergman, Antonioni or Egoyan. And let's call trash the trash - whether it's entertaining or not. And I am still puzzled and disgusted by the fact that the American cinema and gaming industry keeps on producing dozens of sadistic and ultra-violent products - and audiences follow - but healthy, natural sex/eroticism is still seen as a taboo (or becomes porn). And nobody seems to care. Sick. Very sick.

Alex C. on Jul 24, 2009


Yes, I did. That's why I said it. Because the trailer led me to believe it was going to be more than what it actually was.

Tyler Hayes on Jul 24, 2009


I watched Deadgirl over the weekend, and while it had some redeemable value, some of the actors were fucking TERRIBLE. The lead guy was great, and the woman of his affections was cute, but not solid. The friend that turns into the zombie "pimp" went batshiat insane for no reason.... It was maybe a 6/10, and I was hoping for so much more...

dildo on Jan 19, 2010

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