Must Watch: Teaser Trailer for 2010's 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'

September 28, 2009
Source: MySpace

A Nightmare on Elm Street Teaser Trailer

New Line has debuted the first teaser trailer for A Nightmare on Elm Street tonight on MySpace, which you can see below in all of its high def glory. Although this is a remake from the (in)famous Platinum Dunes (responsible for the recent Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes), it actually looks great. It looks dark, thrilling, beautifully stylized, and possibly more intense than the original, although I've got to be careful saying that. I'm not the biggest fan of this franchise, but I will be seeing this in theaters and going through as many of the originals as I can. Without further ado, check out the brand new teaser trailer below!

Watch the first teaser trailer for A Nightmare on Elm Street from YouTube:

You can also watch the teaser for A Nightmare on Elm Street in High Definition on MySpace

A new reimagining of the horror icon Freddy Krueger, a serial-killer who wields a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers and kills people inside their dreams, resulting in their real death in reality, too.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is directed by first-time filmmaker Samuel Bayer, who got his start directing commercials. The screenplay was co-written by Eric Heisserer and Wesley Strick (The Saint, Doom). This is a remake of Wes Craven's original Nightmare on Elm Street horror classic from 1984. New Line / Warner Brothers is bringing A Nightmare on Elm Street to theaters on April 30th just before summer arrives.

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... Nice 🙂

judasbarron on Sep 28, 2009


epic fail

Johnny on Sep 28, 2009


wow, a freddy remake? and it's michael bay, so you know it's going to be good. i love freddy's kill scenes and what he is going to do to these kids is going to be horrible. seriously, this movie absolutely has to be the most un- deniably good idea to come out of new line since american history x. and probably the most necessary thing to be coming out this season, considering all the sucky new remakes coming out already. come award season, i hope the academy can remember great remakes, just like this one. and jackie earle haley as freddy? this is a great move, but i'm concerned he could dwarf robert englund's performance. unlike the new halloween, where there was just no need to replace the original. (please only read every other line.)

seanathan on Sep 28, 2009


i hope it's good

L1A on Sep 28, 2009


... but count line 5 and 6 as one line. that was an actual typo:P

seanathan on Sep 28, 2009


Not bad at all!!

tankmaster on Sep 28, 2009


no mention of jackie earle haley?

Brian Barajas on Sep 28, 2009


It's michael bay, so we'll see.

Daniel on Sep 28, 2009


is it just me or does Jackie Earle Haley sound more like Sling Blade than Freddy Krueger?

joe_haguchi on Sep 28, 2009


Looks great, looking forward to it

Kaiser on Sep 28, 2009


he really does look like a burns victim

jules on Sep 28, 2009


dam not till next year 🙁 tho

Madnezz344 on Sep 28, 2009


Hm. This actually looks pretty okay, I guess. Let's ALL just hope they don't fuck this horror classic up like they've done "Halloween", "Friday" and "Massacre".

John Doe on Sep 28, 2009


epic not fail johnny boy...

zeldaprimed on Sep 28, 2009


Jack Earl Harley in Watchmen was amazing... especially the last scene.. <3.

danielvutran on Sep 28, 2009


Save your money and watch the original

crabby on Sep 28, 2009


This look like a regular boring movie, doubled with a bad remake... Fans of the original will probably hate it. Fans of good horror will probably also hate it. It's still gonna make tons of money like all big budget horror films...

SasQ on Sep 28, 2009


I agree with 3. lol There was an explosion in the trailer which (if I'm not mistaken) is Michael Bay's trademark...

Mr. Yuck on Sep 28, 2009


Would've been cool if the Terminator came after him at the beginning, isn't that warehouse where he hangs out. Biff Tannen still bullying folks too. Possibly would've been good to get Polanski direct, after all he knows the mindset of Freddy. That last part was a joke, obviously Polanski is a film director and that makes him exempt.

Crapola on Sep 28, 2009


Absolutely pathetic. Generic, pale imitation of a perfect classic. Jackie Earl Hayley has no fucking business filling those shoes. It's ENGLUND'S CHARACTER. End of. This is forgetful garbage. Someone please put a gun to Michael Bay's head and pull the trigger. Forget this film. If everyone hates all these remakes coming out, then stop going to see them!

Dr. Gonzo on Sep 28, 2009


LOOKS AWESOME not GOOD, but AWESOME nonetheless

-Peter- on Sep 28, 2009


trailer looks alright but i dont find Freddy face scary plus now we have to feel sorry for Freddy. i wonder if Platinum Dunes going to do a remake of Candyman and cast Denzel Washington as Candyman.

youngblaze on Sep 28, 2009


Lack of Englund is upsetting. I am NOT a fan of the way Freddy sounds, and that quick shot of his face looked shitty too. That could be very distracting/disappointing for someone who's a fan of the series. Let's hope I'm wrong though, I really want this to be good.

Syphous on Sep 28, 2009


#21 Dr. From ure mouth to Movie Gods ears what a pathetic last scene of this guy speaking as Freddy, plus doesn't his face looked like they kind of gave a, what's next someone trying to change around words to Frank Sinatra's famous songs too!

Blue & Orange NY on Sep 28, 2009


What THE!! This does look promising, Englund's character was comedy style, this new actor in the shoes of Kruger is more serious type. Teaser made for new audiences is cleverly "painted". So lets hope we have a crafted master piece, what u guys think?? Alex your thought?

agentX on Sep 28, 2009


I can't wait for the Wishmaster remake. I still haven't watched the new Halloweens out of protest.

Michael Field on Sep 28, 2009



Dan the Fan on Sep 28, 2009


Bay did not direct this you dickheads - he produced it.

TTEX on Sep 28, 2009


I'm so sick of that "children laughing" stock sound. I hear it everywhere. Movies, video games, commercials, tv shows... It's worse than the wilhelm scream. The movie looks like it might be alright, though.

Jay on Sep 28, 2009


wow.. this will be the best horror movie all nex year in my opioin but this the best horror waz no doubt "orphan". and #28 there is no need 4 that language i think we r all perfectly aware he produced it! atleasthe has something 2 do wit it

quez on Sep 28, 2009


Meh...I never cared too much for the originals but they look way better than this. #23 is right, I almost feel sorry for him no and I feel like I'll have more of a connection with Freddy than his victims. Sure it looks pretty, visually, but I jumped for the first ones but this doesn't even look remotely scary if I watched it in an abandoned house on the middle of the woods with keeping children singing.

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 28, 2009


thats not biff dude, thats the guy from shawshank, the bully cop

Michael P-G on Sep 28, 2009


Take the burnt half of Two-Face's face from The Dark Knight, copy and flip it onto the other half, and you get what Krueger could have been. Very underwhelming teaser.

Nathan D. on Sep 28, 2009


Did they original Freddy claim to be innocent? (Was he?) It looks as though this version he might be wrongfully lynched. BTW, the original Elm St. scared the @$#! out of me

Trat on Sep 28, 2009


Well....I'm not going to bed tonight!!!! This will rock the cashbach!!!!

Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Sep 28, 2009


#18 I didn't know it was going into development #23 I agree, not scary looking face, as the original, suppose to be sweaty looking, plus more smokey look to it, looks pure plasticyy

agentX on Sep 28, 2009


"Englund's character was comedy style, this new actor in the shoes of Kruger is more serious type" Go watch the two first films again. Freddy is creepy in those and has the perfect balance between oneliners and being scary. The dreams are also great because they at first look like the real world, when they started to play out the dreams in different colorful settings and Freddy started to become a standup guy the sucking began. "Take the burnt half of Two-Face's face from The Dark Knight, copy and flip it onto the other half, and you get what Krueger could have been." I would have respected that kind of approach, to really do something different. I have more respect for Wes Cravens New Nightmare than this, that version of "Freddy" at least went in a new direction. I understand you have to keep the sweater and hat in some sense, but why not make something fresch instead of just setting the movie in present day and copying the rest from the original (the look of Freddy etc etc) As it looks now, I would get more hyped up with Englund being back as a dark/sinister Freddy. This looks like a cheap underwhelming imitation. Change it up more (like using Cravens original idea of Freddy as an older man) or keep Englund ans just continue on the original universe. I respected TCM03 and don't have a problem with remakes. But I believe this and F13th didn't need a remake or change of actors to become interestung or moniemaking again.

ryderup on Sep 28, 2009


dont you guys feel that Freddy face looks like Lord Voldemort LOL

youngblaze on Sep 28, 2009


@26 Wrong. The original Freddy didn't actually start being funny or comedic until the sequels. The tone of his character was very serious in the first Nightmare on Elm Street. I'm a huge fan of the actor playing Freddy in the remake, but this film feels so unnecessary and the lead male actors all look like hipster douchebags. Is the guy at 1:12 seriously supposed to be playing Johnny Depp's character? Sorry, not interested. This remake is produced for a generation that can't be bothered to watch the originals, because they're "too old." Apparently nothing is sacred in Hollywood. Can't wait to see them remake Citizen Kane in color with digital 3D and Zac Efron as Charles Foster Kane. /sarcasm

dax on Sep 28, 2009


Jackie Earle Haley was one of the essential good points in Watchmen. Seeing him in this franchise is very cool...

leinergroove on Sep 28, 2009


Is it me or did I see all these scenes in previous Original Nightmares?

Maximo on Sep 28, 2009


I'm not going to judge this just yet but Michael Bay has produced some big time floaters. The Friday the 13th reboot wasn't all that great and the Unborn was one of the worst horror movies I've seen in a while. The only thing I enjoyed was Odette Yustmans camel toe. Overall, the trailer doesn't look bad at all. It looks watchable. The special effects look great. I agree w everybody about his face though. Maybe it was j the angle. Freddy did become a joke in the later films when Wes Craven had nothing to do with them though so I'm glad they're making him serious again. I wonder what direction they would go towards in the sequels though? Would they bring a storyline similar to the dream warriors? That would be fun to watch with all the new special effects that we have.f\

DJ Sil3nt on Sep 28, 2009



yayaya on Sep 28, 2009


I was skeptical about this when I first heard, but the trailer makes me want to go see it. I wasn't really a fan of the original, but this has me interested.

Sabes on Sep 28, 2009


This looked interesting up until i saw Michael Bay name pop up. You know he's going to ruin it just like he did with Friday the 13th.Now i know he's going to have a lead with fake boobs who can't act and run around screaming just like in Friday the 13th! i was looking forward to this, but not anymore, thanks a lot for bringing back the franchise just to kill it again!

Shelby on Sep 28, 2009


The trailer was VERY GOOD! But I expected that after they cast Jackie Earl Haley. I can not wait to see what he does with is not everday that you get an Academy Award nominee starring in a teen horror film. And guys let's be easy with the comments about the "face". We know all we are doing is comparing it to Robert Englund's. I know it will be next to impossible to do...but WE HAVE TO LET THE OLD FREDDY GO and look at this version for what it is and what they are trying to do. I don't want to see anything about "the face doesn't look right" or "the voice is not scary enough"....stop the comparisons and let's see what this version does on it's on first!!

Jay on Sep 28, 2009


Pleeeeease... I HATE Michael Bay, but he just put his name on this, that's all! It's like Jerry Bruckheimer and CSI, nobody cares after five seasons, the guy is doing something else! He's not directing! ... Teaser looks fine, I'm a big fan of Craven's take (1,3 and 7!) on Freddy, and Jackie won't fail...The question is...Will script/director/taste of remake suck? My fingers are crossed...

m4st4 on Sep 28, 2009


I'll let it stand on it's own -- but at first glance, it makes me sad as a horror fan. I feel they missed the joy Freddy doing this to his victims. I bet yet again, they paint him as a guy out for revenge because of what was done to him -- NOT that he was sick in life and he's now even more insane in death.... I don't need to see Human Freddy... why? why ? why? Backstory does not equal good horror movie killer.

BONO on Sep 28, 2009


Judging by the trailer Haley is gonna be the only thing good about this movie

Alex W on Sep 28, 2009


ttex, we know he is producing, that still makes it one of "his" films (notice how you don't even have the director's name? that's the studio's way of saying "if you like michael bay, this will be right up your alley, even though he isn't directing") the acknowledgment of it sucking by the masses is that he produces three kinds of movies- his own, horror remakes (almost every new reboot has been him), and Horsemen (just watch it to see what bay thinks is a great "original" idea to produce). not exactly the glowing producing resume from the fanboy perspective, is it? ergo, none of us are excited when we see his name attached. and future reference, to avoid this kind of miscommunication and misunderstanding on your part- and to avoid looking like a dick yourself- just try saying something like "do you guys realize bay is producing, not directing, OR are you guys a bunch of dickheads"- just in case we know what we're talking about:)

seanathan on Sep 28, 2009


This movie is gonna rock... just like the new halloween adn friday the 13th

Rustydawg420 on Sep 28, 2009


the image of his face sucks

matthew on Sep 28, 2009


@39 That's exactly what I meant, in the sequels Freddy was a funny character See posts to understand what I mean #26 #36 #39

agentX on Sep 28, 2009


Michael! What did you do to Freddy?!

Dreckent on Sep 28, 2009


Ok. So far half the people here could care less about what this movie has to offer. They just wanna "seem" like they know what they are talking about. Its been months since micheal bay has slapped his name onto something and now that the chance for anonymous middle aged men to bash a millionaire for something that is OBVIOUSLY going to make a decent box office first week, well. It goes without saying. Welcome to the internet! I really hope Mr. Bay doesn't choke on his dinner laughing at you people.

SwampDonkey on Sep 28, 2009


What I like most about Freddy Kruger is the psychological element of his character, much like Hellraiser he attacks you in a dream setting where he controls the enviroment and he eventually claws away at the victims sanity then goes on for the kill. As for the cast people saying the woman playing Nancy will be some big breasted bimbo, do a little bit of research first the cast includes Rooney Mara as Nancy, Kyle Gallner as Quentin, Katie Cassidy as Kris, andThomas Dekker as Jesse, the only outta the two female leads that are chested is Cassidy so there don't fret. Clancy Brown is the guy at the beginning throwing the gas can, awesome. As for Krugers face, we see it for maybe two seconds, and to be honest a burn victim actaully looks kind of like that, so calm down about it. I hope they focused on the psychological elements more than the impossible to catch fright moments, no one get scared of horror movies anymore, blood is scary but something that fucks with your mind is far more scary than blood and meyham.

Xerxex on Sep 28, 2009


Wow! This is more of a Nightmare than the original movies. I cannot believe they would remake Freddy. It is a disgrace plain and simple. You can redo Jason, you can redo Myers (which sucked royally btw) because they had no lines, it is only a big dumb dude in a mask. Freddie was all character and Englund is the one and only Freddie. This is disgusting all the way. And yes to #38 it does look like Lord Voldemort. I couldn't place it until you mentioned that. It also seems like they are making him more of a regular serial killer with a burnt face. "You have nothing to worry about, this won;t hurt one little bit". That is not how Freddie speaks in the movies, he would say the opposite, like hahaha this is going to really suck for you what I am about to do. I am so disappointed in this. Myers was my second favorite slasher franchise and they destroyed that one by letting Rob Zombie make it and now they are destroying my favorite slasher character ever. I refused to see Halloween remakes in the theater and I will refuse to see this. He sounds more like an evil Sean Connery in the end of trailer than he does Freddy Krueger. This has saddened me today to see this. Bring back Englund or just shelf the project please!

Mike D on Sep 28, 2009


Okay folks. First off, Michael Bay. I know there is much hate for him, which I do harbor, BUT BUT BUT, horror seems to be a place where he could be liked. I mean, there really isn't much thinking going on. The movie looks great. And Jackie Earle Haley? FUCK YEAH. As much as I hope that he is better than Robert England, I hope he doesn't get stuck in the role forever. What a great actor.

Angry Chief on Sep 28, 2009


Freddy had absolutely no sense of humor in the original NOES. He was an evil, sadistic son of a bitch. I like that they apparently try to go back to that, his wisecracking annoyed me in all the sequels. It became more of a horror comedy than an actual horror movie. As for the way he looks and talks. I like that too. It makes him seem more real and less supernatural, which to me is a lot creepier. He looks like an actual burn victim rather than the greasy left-over from my latest BK Stacker. And he talks weird because his lips got burned off. Makes sense to me. Well, as far as "sense" goes in a horror movie. =P I'm looking forward to this.

SuicidalOptimist on Sep 28, 2009


Why are all of you saying Bay directed this? Like honestly like 50 of you had said that he directed this...THE CREDITS ARE RIGHT FUCKING THERE PAY ATTENTION YOU MORONS. Like Im actually kind of flabbergasted at peoples stupidity right now. /end self righteous rant.

Cody on Sep 28, 2009


#50 Putting Michael Bay's name in the trailer isn't the studio's way of saying that at all. They're attaching his name, because he directed two of the biggest hit blockbusters in the past few years and they're hoping that his "involvement" (producer credits in Hollywood can be given for any number of reasons) will help sell the film even more.

dax on Sep 28, 2009


Looks great!

Brandon on Sep 28, 2009


This is going to rock, I am a huge fan of the nightmare on elm street series. This is exactly what it needed. I think Robert Englund is an amazing horror actor but we shouldn't demerit Jackie Earl Hayley. Not only was he good in Watchmen he was stunning in Little children. Check it out. I am more worried for the cast of teenagers. The original cast was awesome. I really have enjoyed all of platinum dunes work up to now and am certain this won't disappoint. Roll on next april

Link1983 on Sep 28, 2009


I am hoping this one is good.The old ones where awesome with Robert in the lead as Freddy, hopefully Jackie will perform the same.

Fisherr on Sep 28, 2009


I thought the remake of Friday the 13th was decent. And I thought the remake of Massacre was scary as just wasn't anywhere near as great as the original (hated Leatherface's family in the remake). Halloween, I could live without...I loved Zombie's trailer-trash aesthetic in Devil's Rejects but it was stupid in the context of Halloween (the most frightening thing about Michael was that he was a kid from a good family...he was supposed to be pure evil, not the product of a troubled home life). I love the concept of the Nightmare movies, but only 1, 3, and New Nightmare were any good. I really hope they get this right. Unfortunately, hearing Jackie Earl Haley concerns me...I'm not sure you can have Freddy played by anyone other than Robert Englund.

Kevin on Sep 28, 2009


i wanna say.......NO! Im a really, really big fan of freddy, but thus far this one looks like the dragonball evolution of the entire series. Fuck Jackie earl haley!

Ray on Sep 28, 2009


Look at the credits at the end of the trailer. The man who created this character and the world he occupies, Wes Craven, doesn't get a mention. Not even a story or 'based on' credit. Shameful.

Mathieu on Sep 28, 2009



kisskiss on Sep 28, 2009


hey... that looks ok

DoomCanoe on Sep 28, 2009


Frankly, Haley is far too good an actor to be wasting his time slumming it in shitty horror remakes. Unless this film has bestowed some sort of humanity and passion to Freddy Krueger and not just left him a two-dimetional killing machine, then this film was a total waste. When you remake something like, I feel that the best thing to do is to do something utterly different with the material. Good example is the 'sequel' to the Wizard Of Oz - Return to Oz. The first film was bright and happy and full of nice songs and imaginative characters and colorful costumes etc. The sequel was dark as hell, frightening, featured a very drab color pallet, almost none of the original characters and basically allowed for little to no sunshine and happiness until the very end of the film, and even then the relatively happy ending was punctuated by a pretty dark epilogue. They should have taken Freddy in some entirely different direction. If you're going to stick to the original, then why the hell are you even remaking it? Change the shit up. Make the freddy flick that you always wanted to make along with the ability to totally reinterpret the character. This remake just seems like another pointless pile of crap. No doubt people will go see it, but the majority of them will just compare it to the original, and of course the original is going to win out.

Squiggly_P on Sep 28, 2009


1-2 Freedy's coming for you...3-4 better lock your door...5-6 get a cruxifix...7-8 don't sleep late...9-10 never sleep again... 9-10 FREDDY'S BACK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Sep 28, 2009


I grew up watching Freddy, I Can't wait to see there take on it!

I am Ron Burgandy? on Sep 28, 2009


This looks not even half as scary as the original Nightmare....Robert Englund was awesome as Freddy...his frame seemed to be so much more imposing than Haley's especially when you get a glimpse of the famous 'shadow' shot of Kruger in the boiler room. Im not gonna slate this just yet...but i also think the make up effect on the NEW Freddy looks pretty lame! Reminds me of Gary Oldman's disfigured character in Hannibal?!.....they could have rebooted the series with Robert my opinion!

vegasdanny on Sep 28, 2009


"A re-imagining of the horror icon Freddy Krueger, a serial-killer who wields a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers and kills people inside their dreams, resulting in their REAL DEATH in REALITY" - A bit redundant don't you think.

Ariel on Sep 28, 2009


aawwwwwwwww he looks and sounds different...... everybody loves his orignal voice

Said on Sep 28, 2009


dax, i think that's pretty much exactly what i was saying, although i can see how it could have been missed. i do agree with you that they put his name on the trailer rather than, say, the director in order to sell more tickets (which is what i was saying in my comment at 50). we all see this done time and time again, in order to give a movie more "star power" than it really has (see: putting paris hilton in repo so people would come hoping to see her die), and i in no way deny that happening here. definitely the case. however, just a quick head's up, his producer credit isn't just a tag on credit- he's behind almost the entire re-hash project we've been experiencing the last few years. just check out his imdb- amytiville, jason, michael, tcm, and now freddy. as little as he may be on set for the filming of this movie, that producer credit is completely real and this is truly one of his babies. his slow motion, heavy explosives babies.

seanathan on Sep 28, 2009


The reason Micheal Bay's name is on these horror remakes is because he founded the production company "Platinum Dunes" who is the engine behind all the bad re-makes of iconic horror films. I however do feel like this film is going to be yet another mediocre-at-best films. None of these have even began to rival the films they are based upon. This looks like a poor attempt, the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street" was a legitimate contribution to horror cinema. This trailer feels to me as if it were baiting fans of the series in, with their cuts to the jump-rope girls and the iconic song etc. I would love for this to surprise me and be good but I am sure it will be another luke-warm pile of poo.

Professor Brian O'Bilivion on Sep 28, 2009


Goona be better the Jason I bet, Jason was kinda fail I mean my parents like it because there not like you know movies freaks? Just a normal typical remake nothing great will move will be pretty good.

Kris on Sep 28, 2009


I'm a fan of the original series, I'm sure everyone agrees Robert Englund IS Fred Krueger, still I'm giving Jackie Earl Haley a chance. Now, that trailer sucks. It looks more like an action picture than a horror film. It doesn't seem scarier nor darker, just louder. Glad to see Clancy Brown in it, but that first scene feels a little weird to me, Krueger was always ironic and sadistic, even at the edge of his own death. You can see the cheesy version of that scene, including Krueger's trial on the pilot episode for "Freddy's Nightmares" (the tv show): no more mr nice guy, directed by Tobe Hooper himself. I know the original movie is not perfect, but it's freakin' scary, Wes Craven made an 80's classic because it was fresh, original, weird, grose, dirty, depraved and even a little kitsch sometimes... but this one looks like every Samuel Bayer's music video (and I like 'em). It does look good, but I don't think it works as horror. Yes, the makeup: it does look more like a real burn victim, which doesn't mean it's scarier. I still want to watch this remake, hope it's moodier and darker than this shitty teaser trailer, with a better music score and no stupid sound effects. I blame Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes.

Christ on Sep 29, 2009


The first time i watched this trailer, i kept thinking ''is Jackie gonna do his Rorschach voice or something?''.. LOL I think Jackie is gonna be the only good actor in here and everyone else is just ''there''. But i might watch this on DVD though.

Joseph S. on Sep 29, 2009


I dont like the new guy's voice and the make up ( from what i can see at this point dosnt impress that much at the min ) But i do think the Film is going to be really good because i love the 2 Texas chainsaw movies and i think the Jason Movie looks really good PLUS all New Line Cinema movies are great apart from Blade 3 so it should be good ( SHOULD ) Film looks better than the old ones but the Character does not.

Colin on Sep 29, 2009


Must watch? Do you read your previous posts? for example "After the unfortunate onslaught of news recently regarding ridiculous remakes and pointless adaptations". Stop being such a sellout and call a shit remake, shit.

smacky63 on Sep 29, 2009


Looks alright, Although, Krueger looks like a damn Orc with Leprosy...

Silence on Sep 29, 2009


Something about Bay and his company redoing all these modern horror classics really dilutes the impact, nostalgia and legacy of the characters. Not that the originals were that great but at least they gathered an audience and created a following because of their originality...key word there. These "reimaginings" are just disposable entertainment, although I'd be hard pressed to call them entertaining:( These films are valid proof that when you can't continue a series, remaking it isn't the answer either. Some series just run out of steam and when that happens, they need to die and that's that. @78 'Professor Brian O'Bilivion'... I think you hit it on the head with your comment. Well said!

Marc on Sep 29, 2009


I didn't see a single explosion...

Frank N. Stein on Sep 29, 2009


Seemed 'okay' but the trailer was a little bit of a let down. Nothing much in it that couldn't be shuffled into any old run-of-the-mill horror movie. But that line at the end - sounds like he's delivering it while sucking on a boiled sweet.

Chris on Sep 29, 2009


Did anyone notice that it says Executive Producer Michael Bay not Director the Director is Samuel Bayer

Socrates on Sep 29, 2009


FAO Number 58, Mike D, and all other disappointed fans of the original Nightmare on Elm Street series of movies.... I am the CEO of Platinum Dunes. We thought we were doing right in re-releasing classic horror movies for a new audience but clearly we've touched a nerve. We here at Platinum Dunes would like to apologise for any inconvenience and heartache we have caused. We would also like to stress that Mr. Bay is simply the Executive Producer of the movie project and is in no way associated with the direction. He wanted to take a step back from direction due to the hundreds of sleepless nights he's had recently due to the negative feedback he's had from online forums about his previous project, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Seeing as you asked nicely, we are going to shelve this project and forego the millions of dollars we were going to make worldwide. Sorry once again for upsetting you. Sincerely yours, Big J ps. Noone in the movie business really gives two flying f**ks about your opinion, so either watch it or don't, it's your choice but don't expect anyone to lose any sleep over it. pps. I'm looking forward to this, as the original series was always constricted by budget. This is only a teaser trailer. I'll say that again... a TEASER trailer. Wait until you've seen either a real trailer or the movie before you tell people how sh*t you THINK this is going to be. ppps. You're basing your opinions of the new Freddy on 5 seconds of video footage and about 10 seconds of audio footage. Get a life.

Big John on Sep 30, 2009


What's with the voice? Sounds like Jim Carrey's Grinch character.

snickers on Sep 30, 2009


like i said you got your leads with fake breasts who cant act for shit and Michael Bay who always makes a Big Budget Movie with no freaking plot... you spend so much money on a movie yet cant have a decent plot...

Shelby on Sep 30, 2009


Dude, Friday the 13th remake made crap money for the studio. It only made $65 million here in the US where that series was huge back in the day. Most fans just don't care to see this stuff rehashed again with no new original ideas added to it. The only rehashed series of the slasher genre that someone even had the balls to put a new spin on it was Zombie with Halloween and that royally sucked. He took away all the mystique that surrounded Mike Myers being pure evil and made him a product of trailer trash. And not for nothing but why is everyone bashing people for mentioning Michael Bay in their post? Almost nobody said he directed it they just mentioned he is a part of it. You know Producers have a pretty big role in a movie right? Right. Bay sucks and should stop being a part of these remakes, come up with something new and original and stop stealing ideas from the past and remaking the movies already. This is a big part of why the movie industry is hurting these days so don't go on saying it is going to make millions and billions of dollars because it probably will not. One last thing, having a bigger budget will usually ruin a classic that worked because of a smaller budget. Too often having a huge budget takes away the creativity that could have been there and ruins a movie more than it helps it out. And don't tell me to get a life you asshole because I have an opinion here about this. Why don't you get a life for reading all the posts here and telling me I cannot have an opinion. And I also did not even need to see the trailer to know I would not bother going to see this because Freddy cannot be remade any better than the original movie but the 2 MINUTE trailer (not 5 seconds) just confirmed that. I also love you math skills, 5 seconds of visual and 10 seconds of audio? Yea, that makes sense you asswipe.

Mike D on Sep 30, 2009


Am I the only that sees the face at the end is a mask not his actual face? But this does look really good though. Im one to say im going to see this.

Efrain on Sep 30, 2009


What's with the remake craze?!! I call shenanigans Hollywood! Really, someone needs to bomb that place already.. About Freddy, well I was a fan of the first one, the sequels... not so much. I'll give it a chance but I must say I'm not impressed by the trailer.

Evil Bastard on Sep 30, 2009


WOW, I cannot belive people still fall for this lame HOLLYWOOD repackaged garbage! They will keep making trash since people keep paying for it. I will not even bother with this if it was given to me for free, absolute trash, what an insult to WES CRAVEN.

my name is mine on Sep 30, 2009


Mike D... It's not maths you prick... You hear him BEFORE you see him at the end of the trailer... Duh! I forgot you guys need everything spelling out for you. The only thing I might have got wrong is that it's more like 2 seconds of visual! I want whatever job you have if you think $65 million isn't a lot of money. I never said you can't have an opinion, it's just that yours is wrong. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and some stink more than others. Big J ps. I'm not actually the CEO of Platinum Dunes either :O pps. I never actually read all the posts, read yours and felt more stupid for it, thanks man. ppps. First Nightmare on Elm Street, fantastic concept and story, but it was in NO WAY perfect. The rest of the sequels, VERY easily forgotten.

Big John on Oct 1, 2009


So wait, you felt "more stupid" after reading my posts yet you are an illiterate moron I see. Let's see here, "maths", "need everything spelling out for you". Where did you go to school anyway? Did you get past the 4th grade yet? When I was referring to the time I was referring to the length of the whole trailer you dope, not just when Freddy is in the trailer. And I hate to tell you but $65 million is good for an independent low budget film sure, but for a major studio project that dumped millions into a films production $65 million domestic box office is not good. I would bet they lost money on the Jason remake if anything. $65 million box office does not mean that is what they made after production and marketing costs. Grow a brain before you speak and feel "more stupid" again. One more thing there idiot, nobody ever said the first film was perfect, no film is perfect, but it sure was a classic and creepy as all hell and nobody can play Freddy after what Englund did for that character. Of course, as seen in the trailer they feel the need to show the whole back story of the character, like that is needed for these films? Not really. After the opening of the trailer almost all the scenes are the same as the original movie so what is the point of a remake if you just rehash the same movie again? It is idiotic and all these remakes are just proving that Hollywood has no original ideas anymore. I mean come on, Mike Myers, Jason Vorhees, Leatherface, Freddy and now I hear they have been trying to remake Hellraiser? They need some new writers out there in Crapifornia.

Mike D on Oct 1, 2009


Everybody is saying "oh it's Michael Bay so we'll see" He isn't directing this, he's producing. Jackasses

Garrett on Oct 1, 2009


they should have given it to Rob Zombie 🙂

Eman on Oct 1, 2009


Mike D... This is fun, I'm enjoying this... First things first, I'm English, from England, and I speak English, not the butchered sub-standard sh*t version you guys speak. Oh no! I say colour with a 'u'! 🙁 Kill me now. And I hate to point this out but MATH has never made sense, it's short for mathematics, PLURAL, not mathematic... Math is fookin stoooopid, but we'll put that to one side as that's how you were taught by your parents. You may have wanted to refer to the full length of the trailer with regards to the time, but alas I was the first to mention it and I was referring to just the time that Freddy was on the screen and/or audible. Ah well mate, you lose that one. Don't cry, just try to read things properly next time before you "go off on one". Is that a real phrase too? Or does it not count as a real phrase if it's not something y'all over the pond say? You've thrown a lot of insults at me in these posts... Asshole, asswipe, illiterate moron, dope, idiot... I think someone is projecting. I'm not a qualified psychiatrist, but you definitely have some anger issues mate. Maybe you need some ritalin or something? Have you got ADD? I can get you the number of someone to go and see, just let me know the area of the country in which you live, I'll do the legwork for you. I'm guessing you're not West Coast, more like East Coast or Mid West. East Coast would explain your complete lack of "people skills" and Mid West would explain your appearance as a toothless simpleton. It's touch and go to be honest. I hate to split hairs... well, no actually I love ripping inane ramblings apart, especially when they're spawned from the mind of utter lunacy like yours... but Mike Myers is a comedy actor, and Michael Myers is a horror character. You might not want to get those confused. The argument against remakes is becoming so ridiculously old and stale now. They've always happened. There are very few original ideas and there haven't been for years. Some of the best movies from the 80s and 90s have been "re-made" and you just don't realise it. They've been updated for the modern world and the modern audience. The only people it pisses off are miserable old internet fans. Some are more subtle than others and just involve the basic storyline being re-hashed into a different format. Some are more blatant and involve an identical story with an identical title. I get the impression that A Nightmare on Elm Street lies closer to the second of these two, but you've seen a TWO MINUTE TEASER TRAILER. It's designed to hook in fans of the original. So of course they're going to show iconic scenes that people will recognise. That's how the trailer is designed. And once again, the only people who get annoyed are "keyboard warriors" such as yourself who have too much time on their hands. The VAST majority of the paying public will lap this movie up and love it at the same time. The studios really don't care about the opinions of people like you, sorry to say it but it's true. "The Internet has given everybody in America a voice. For some reason, everybody decides to use that voice to bitch about movies." - Holden McNeil. I'll say it once again, because as fun as it is shooting you down, I have work to do... Get a life.

Big John on Oct 2, 2009


Having seen Watchmen again on DVD recently I can say that Jackie Earle Haley was, quite frankly, one of the movies highest points for me. I own the 1999 New Line Platinum NOES DVD set and have watched all seven movies more times than I care to count. Do I have high hopes for this remake? Not really. I'm not going to scream RUINED FOREVER or anything like that, even though I love the older movies. Why? A few reasons... - I can appreciate what this movie is trying to do in introducing new audiences to the kind of character Freddy originally was: Dark and scary, rather than the wise-cracking clown of the sequels. - While I do agree that Robert Englund IS Freddy, I'm glad that he's not coming back. The guy's getting on in years, and he can't keep this up forever. From what I have been hearing across the internet, he's also spoken positively of the remake and wishes Jackie all the best. Last but not least, unlike the Halloween and Friday The 13th remakes - which I could tell were going to be shit just by looking at the trailer - This remake actually looks to be worth watching.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 8, 2009


I say we take off and nuke Hollywood from orbit. It's the only way to be sure...

Fed Up With Hollywood on Oct 8, 2009


I think this will be a good movie. but dammit if you take one of the most well put horror characters together, and mess it up then I will be upset. I can say freddy was my fav.

dfordaddy on Oct 10, 2009


this lookes like the shit also i have notice the HAND CAME OUT HER PUUUUUUSSSSY

poke Me MON on Oct 13, 2009


Looks okay wait and see I guess.

Anti-Fox on Oct 13, 2009


ima go see it 😀 love horro flick sXC

kimmibee on Oct 20, 2009


hahahaha! It looks like that scarecrow from The Messengers 2 has doned a red an green sweater and thought of terrorising gimpy teens fresh from Gossip Girl or the O.C genre HAHA! poor remake but even though they have ditched Freddys wonderful charismatic humor I for one shall be laughing through this movie!! hahahaha!!

deannekoontz on Oct 23, 2009


The Nightmare On Elm Street remake film making this the ninth Nightmare film looks great. Who else could have been casted as the new Freddy Krueger than Jacke Earle Haley and before him rumors of Academy Award winning actor Billy Bob Thornton. He, sort of brings fear to Freddy Krueger but, not as deliciously as Robert Englund and Jacke Earle Haley(Rorshach/Walter Kovacs/Watchmen movie). Guys and Girls here just go see the movie and tell us what you all thought it was at The new Nightmare movie comes out April 30, 2010 which, is this coming mid-Spring alot early than last years 11th Friday The 13th movie whoever disgraced Jason Voorhies like that needs to be fired and never given a job to direct until that person gets a College degree in directing.!!!

Kevin on Oct 30, 2009


It looks fine. Get over Robert Englund as Freddy. This Freddy doesn't look that scary but it's not like he had a huge part in the original. Freddy had one cool line, "This is God." It's a remake, it's not supposed to be a carbon copy of the original if it was they might as well re-release the original and call it a day.

brandflakes on Nov 1, 2009


I noticed that way earlier someone said Robert Englund played the role in a comedic style. Yeah, he did, in the second trilogy. Have you seen the original.

zxqyv on Nov 1, 2009


Brandflakes, and zyqyv, The New Nightmare On Elm Street teaser trailer looks epic and outstanding. Jacke Earle Haley is going to blow the New Line Cinema doors on this one just like Robert Englund did when he first brought Freddy Krueger to life in 1984. People, need to quit saying, Robert Englund should have gotten the role again in this one. Robert Englund said, Jacke Earle Haley is a good actor and he is. I last saw Jacke Earle Haley in "Watchmen" as Rorschach/Walter Kovacs and he was great at the Alan Moore movie protrayal.!!!

Kevin on Nov 1, 2009


I think this is going to be good I like they way he look cause it really look like he was burn the F*** up. So maybe its a new twist to it the kids lied on him and said some shi**** and then all the parent got together and did this to you.... HELL YEAH I WOULD BE PISS THE F***** Off. and I would come back and KILL every last one of them so hey Im on Freddy side... and to the people that say its not " SCARY or it don't look like its going to make me jump... first off if you seen the first one or hell the first 3 you was about what 8-12 years old we was all KIDS.. we wa suppose to be scared of him and jason and Mike, and leatherface.. We are all adults now so let the kids of this gen. see what we had as kids and stop spoiling it I like the fact that this is suppose to be a Darker side plus when Freddy started having powers and all type of B.S. it was like he was not the boogyman anymore. when freddy vs jason came out.. it was wack... freddy playing a arcarde with jason as the ball.... come on now... it was just to fake...... So I can't wait to see it .... I hope Freddy F**** THESE kids up.

SHOTTAS97 on Nov 3, 2009


It looks to me like Freddie's hand may well rust and fall off after the bathtub scene. That would be a good thing.

Lynda Starwriter on Nov 5, 2009


i hate remakes!

deano on Nov 14, 2009


I'd like to see the return of greater suspense and less reliance on sheer gore. As horror goes, audiences are not "horrified" by blood & guts anymore. It just becomes a passing laugh in the theater. Hopefully this film will retake the suspense angle (like the original John Carpenter's Halloween, for instance). The anticipation of the kill is far worse than the actual event. If this is well done and not a rushed story, it could be very good.

OhPlease on Nov 16, 2009


First of all rob zombies Halloween was fantastic, haven't seen 2nd one yet but am sure thats good. Now sum 1 mentioned that he doesn't sound like freddy which pissed me of coz hes not suposed to be the same so forget the original

Kenrick19 on Nov 16, 2009


@99.....are you serious!?!?!? zombie is the worst possible director choice for horror movie remakes, as you can see from halloween 1 & 2

guh on Dec 6, 2009


lol they could youse those cloves if they diside to make princ of persia 4 you now the one

jimmi allen on Jan 23, 2010


What is ZXQYV on about please? haha. Freddy (original) was ALWAYS charismatic and mockingly so! he was Always damn funny, in ALL his roles...not just the err secound trilogy! mind you some people didnt get a lot of the puns and mock jokes within the first three especially, due to their age, and the era of the releases

deannakoontz on Jan 23, 2010


All the horror remakes are very intriguing to us over at Great nightmare page here!

Horror Movie Remakes on May 15, 2010

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