Must Watch: First Insanely Awesome Ninja Assassin Trailer!

July 23, 2009
Source: MTV

Ninja Assassin Trailer

Awesome! The first official trailer for James McTeigue's Ninja Assassin has finally debuted today on MTV. You need to drop everything and watch this - it's one of those kind of trailers. Yes it's stylized and probably not for everyone, but if you love ninjas at all, you'll love this. Let me remind you this is from the same guy who brought us the brilliant V for Vendetta. It stars Korean pop star Rain and also co-stars Naomie Harris and Rick Yune. From the looks of this trailer, the story may be the weakest element, but considering we don't often seen awesome ninja action like this, I think I'll forget that and just enjoy it!

Watch the first insane trailer for Ninja Assassin:

[flv: 596 248]

Watch the Ninja Assassin trailer in High Definition: 480, 720, 1080

A young ninja turns his back on the orphanage that raised him, leading to a confrontation with the clan.

Ninja Assassin is directed by Australian filmmaker James McTeigue, who previously worked as the first assistant director for all three Matrix movies and Speed Racer and also directed V for Vendetta himself. The screenplay was co-written by newcomer Matthew Sand and comic book veteran J. Michael Straczynski, of the "Babylon 5" TV show and the script for Clint Eastwood's Changeling previously as well as the Silver Surfer movie. Warner Brothers is finally bringing Ninja Assassin to theaters on November 25th this year.

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WoW that looks wicked.

DdoubleRS on Jul 23, 2009



whomever on Jul 23, 2009


that was pretty fucking cool.

zetsu on Jul 23, 2009


yes please!

????? on Jul 23, 2009


finally, about time!!!!! It definitly looks a lot better than most of the ninja films that have been coming out lately and V for Vendetta was stylishly done so lets hope that this lives up to the same standards. It was a little dark to see some things but i was still really interested. Can't wait for more trailers. Now all's we need is a release date for Way of the Warrior

darren on Jul 23, 2009


next 300

AWE on Jul 23, 2009


Looks pretty cool. The slo mo cgi actually looks decent. Makes me really want to see a Ninja Scroll movie tho.

Shaun on Jul 23, 2009



tankmaster on Jul 23, 2009


I'm Excited

link1983 on Jul 23, 2009


wth.. im just looking at a black screen.. for american eyes only?

malax on Jul 23, 2009


@10 no i'm in canada and i could see it although it was kinda dark for me

darren on Jul 23, 2009


EPIC! Everything I hoped for and more. #10 It takes a few seconds to load.

Brandon on Jul 23, 2009


Hm...I think the trailer sucks actually. The stunt practice vid was much more impressive. I'm actually kind of disappointed.

James on Jul 23, 2009


i too also feel very disappointed

cmygun6 on Jul 23, 2009


It is cool. This trailer itself shows enough badass action. However I am shocked that the actions, reviewers who already screening this movie, mentioned are not included. I wonder how much cool actions are shown in this movie. I cannot wait until September!

Morris on Jul 23, 2009


fucking beautiful!

ass on Jul 23, 2009


#10 Me too 🙁 I'm so fucking exited for this trailer. I wan't to see it! So... why the black screen?

Jack on Jul 23, 2009


"the brilliant V for Vendetta" wtf

Tomb on Jul 23, 2009



Nick Sears on Jul 23, 2009


this was great been waiting for this trailer too long but it delivered

movieboy on Jul 23, 2009


#14 I was dark and the stunt practice footage looked alot better...but I will still see it

Trey on Jul 23, 2009


Awesome! I've been begging to see a trailer for this since seeing the training video footage, and it didn't disappoint. Rain seems pretty badass, especially considering that he's best known as a Korean pop star.

Andrew on Jul 23, 2009



Dreckent on Jul 23, 2009


amazing trailer cant wait to see it but heres something SPOILER i heard that Rain character wont get the black girl no kiss action with Naomie Harris that happened to Jet Li in Romeo Must Die too where Jet Li kick-ass and save the day but you think Jet Li would kiss Aaliyah but no that never happen same thing with this movie Rain kick-ass save the girl but no action with Naomie Harris.

darkone on Jul 23, 2009


@10 and @11 just press f5 and the next time it works, it did on my lame machine so theres hope^^

AdamKing on Jul 23, 2009


pretty nice....

ME on Jul 23, 2009


can we knw wht trailers are expected before comic con ends??????

Hellboy on Jul 23, 2009


OMG NINJAS. Seriously though, looks like a really nice action movie, was a while since I saw a good ninja movie (closest lately was probably Wanted or uhm... transformers2(?)).

Felix on Jul 23, 2009


That looks ridiculous, but I wonder if the throwing stars and stuff will be getting old by the end.

BBROWN on Jul 23, 2009



Aaron on Jul 23, 2009


@28 lmao, Transformers 2 was an awesome Ninja movie!!!

darren on Jul 23, 2009


it looks ok, about the same level as that other Ninja! movie that trailered a while back. Bit disappointed, but then i've seen so many martial arts movies that they kind of blur into each other unless they are extra special... Goemon looks 100x better and that was made for less than Rains wardrobe budget...come on hopefully the movie will be good!

ChrisUK on Jul 23, 2009



mrmr on Jul 23, 2009


this movie is gonna be kick ass

jp on Jul 23, 2009



eric on Jul 23, 2009


Weak trailer. A story plumbed more times than Lohan's ass. And what a bunch of hacks (Silver Surfer! Changeling! Speed Racer! Babylon 5! V for Vendetta!? These people still have jobs?

RandyG on Jul 23, 2009


The second I saw guns and explosions I was dissapointed.

Dan W on Jul 23, 2009


wow...after reading the title, i was gonna ask why is this "insanely awesome," but now i understand. nice.

Matt Suhu on Jul 23, 2009


Well honestly to me it doesnt look THAT good, normal action flick with ninjas but I NEED A RED BAND TRAILER to truly decide. Even though its rated r for intense bloody sequences of just cant go wrong there.

Cody on Jul 23, 2009


Holy facking a$$ crackers! This looks awesome!

nate on Jul 23, 2009


Go Bi!

SillySil on Jul 23, 2009


This looks cool.............

SHANEDAV on Jul 23, 2009


The abundance of throwing stars coming at you from the screen seemed kinda gimmicky. Some things looked awesome, some things were ok. Hopefully it's good

Alfredo on Jul 23, 2009


I wanted this trailer to be five kinds of awesome. This trailer was seven kinds of awesome with a hind of legendary thrown in. Funny really, I had an idea a while ago for a movie about a bunch of assassins who had ninja skills... clearly Hollywood stole that idea right out of my head. Seriously though, this premise is so simple and awesome, it's a wonder this had never been done before. Just goes to show, if you have a good idea, do something with it before someone else does.

Joshi on Jul 23, 2009


Trailer was boss, although either Rain really did get good at English or he practiced perfecting his lines for hours.

Jaf on Jul 23, 2009


Looks more stupid then G.I. Joe!

ArchAdams on Jul 23, 2009


I just saw some badass shit!

Robbie on Jul 23, 2009


Wow, am I the only one who wasn't impressed by this and the crappy CGI? lol

Sabes on Jul 23, 2009


i wanna see that ninja scroll movie come soon too. lol. but i wanna see this get an oscar nod for cinematography. regardless, this will be pro

lego on Jul 23, 2009


@46 Nothing can look more stupid than Gi Joe except the sequel to G.I joe

darren on Jul 23, 2009


RAIIIINNNNN!!!!!!! This looks good.

Terry Lee on Jul 23, 2009


This looks a little corny...and also like they either are intending to show it in 3D or intended. Either way, definitly a rental.

Big Red Moose on Jul 23, 2009


mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i dunno, looks pretty typical to me. The Warrior's Way looks far cooler....

Brian Barajas on Jul 23, 2009


Ive sent the info about the trailer, why there isnt even a note? 🙁

Vithren on Jul 23, 2009


I Play Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden 2 for fun and wonder when will i ever see a movie even remotley close, God damn! that looked awesome!

NeoSlyfer on Jul 23, 2009


am i the only one that thinks this could be a really good video game?? that movie is going to be awesome!! but most likely it will be an hour and a half

chino on Jul 23, 2009



Dee on Jul 23, 2009


i guess there is no impressing people anymore Jesus Christ this look awesome yet people bitch lol

nelson on Jul 23, 2009


I must say I'm still with the practice video - it was cool since it's real action... I don't know, the action sequence were well practiced and executed but I think the weapons' CGI didn't deliver as they should I guess...

miracle disease on Jul 23, 2009


What, no Chris Farley? He was the freakin Beverly Hills Ninja after all? Yes, he's dead, but CGI being what it is, he couldn't do a walk-on? EPIC FAIL So, if the dudes name is Rain and he has a little brother, is his name Drizzle? I keed I keed. Ninjas are cool and this looks decent. I'm a child of the 80's, so I'm no stranger to ninja flicks. Go Lucinda Dickey! (Ninja 3: The Domination, for you born in the 90's and later)

DLM Entertainment on Jul 23, 2009


So excited I even have to post again! SO STOKED!

Brandon on Jul 23, 2009


the plot sounds exactly like hitman, but with swords instead of guns

Jon on Jul 23, 2009


hahaha..I am with you #30 Aaron... Is this going to be 3D or something.. with all the knives, stars, kitana, etc flying at the screen?????? That aside.. GORGEOUS... looking forward to it

Dusty on Jul 23, 2009


This looks like G.I Joe but with ninjas. Lots of CGI and no real fighting. Pass

Shige on Jul 23, 2009


CGI looked very horrible. Don't try too hard I guess.

felix on Jul 23, 2009


you did not put up the new poster here it is

tazz on Jul 23, 2009


"must watch" your taste in trailers is that of a 10yr old boy

loci on Jul 23, 2009


@47, i agree!

Eric on Jul 23, 2009


Disappointing trailer. I really have no clue what the storyline is about. Here's what we know: Man gets raised by Ninjas. Man betrays Ninjas... That's it? C'mon Alex. Don't get excited yet. This isn't anything we haven't seen in an eighties Ninja film.

Quanah on Jul 23, 2009


Tampax Pearl: The Movie = Awesome!

Mat on Jul 23, 2009


The trailer looks amazing!! can't wait to see this movie.

zerix on Jul 23, 2009


At the beginning after the scenes as a kid and the screen went black I expected him to scream "FOR SPARTA!!!!" and then all of a sudden it was like watching Jet Li and Jason Bournes love child coated in a mess of explosions and terrible CGI. But I love Ninjas so it looks like a no brainer for a pizza and beer dvd session.

Daniel Sharp on Jul 23, 2009


Way too much CGI

j on Jul 23, 2009


insane yes, awesome we will see. I love a good ninja movie. top 3 - Super Ninjas, Shaolin Vs. Ninja, Shinobi. the worst are to numerous to mention.

karl on Jul 23, 2009


Ninja bazoookas! Late night tv viewing if I ever seen it, but in a good way.

Crapola on Jul 24, 2009


Eh, I dunno, I was psyched to see this trailer, but some of this stuff LOOKS like it's CGI, and that's never a good thing. If you're gonna go this extreme, you have to do a better job with the CGI, in my opinion.

Andrew on Jul 24, 2009



Manfred Powell on Jul 24, 2009


I tend to find I'm less fussed about CGI than some people - there are plenty of other fake-looking practical effects, but you just ignore them and suspend your disbelief for a little while. That's the magic of the movies. Personally, I think it's great that the movie mixes intense fight choreography with digital effects. You get to combine the raw visceral thrill of physical fights with the visual beauty of well-composed cinematography. I think this fusion of styles has the potential to breed a new style of action imagery. It looks amazing.

Manfred Powell on Jul 24, 2009


Oh, and the Wachowskis directed the action scenes in this, so you know they will be amazing. Early word is that the action in this makes the House of Blue Leaves fight in Kill Bill: Vol.1 look positively pedestrian. Can't wait.

Manfred Powell on Jul 24, 2009


...if you're an action "quality action" movie me, you'll say: fuuuuuck yeeeeeah baby. ...if you're an "sophisticated" movie critic that likes "other" movies you'll say: bleah! gtfo. Either way, i don;t give a fuck i want this movie out...i need a good action movie with swords and matrix effect n all that sick shit (that others find imature and ..pathetic). Need this boost.

jackiebeaver on Jul 24, 2009


Alex Billington has seen it and says he loved it! The early screening reviews have all been positive! The movie looks amazing!

Rashad on Jul 24, 2009


Is this the same Rain we're talking about who danced-off with Stephen Colbert? "RAAAAAAIIIIIIINNNN!" lol. I love this trailer!

Penny J on Jul 24, 2009


The very same, Penny 😀

Manfred Powell on Jul 24, 2009


Where's Micheal Dutikoff and Micheal Paré this 1986?

Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Jul 24, 2009


Rain as an actor : great Rain as a singer : boring Why am I not casted in this film? Hollywoood liberals!

Stephen Colbert on Jul 25, 2009


Rain as an overall performer : outstanding. ..and you can't deny that!

chris on Jul 25, 2009


At 1:25 in the trailer... is so awsome!!!!! That ninja is so freaky fast!

me on Jul 26, 2009


OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! RAIN is the fucking man!!!

James R. on Jul 26, 2009


looks beastly but it wouldn't work for me on here had to resort to youtube

neonblue120 on Jul 27, 2009


Fucking YES! That looks awesome!

felix on Jul 27, 2009



Chris on Jul 28, 2009


Pretty badass.

Fisherr on Jul 29, 2009


Ah Bi, you do us proud. Looking good!

Jerome on Jul 29, 2009


it looked pretty cool til they showed the ninja dude all grown up with his long lucious hair like keano reeves, and cgi doesnt make the movie good it should onlybe used when necessary, i think my dick can make a better ninja movie than this, no offense, but ill still watch it when it comes out on dvd

adrian on Jul 29, 2009


Looks like they've thrown a thousand cliches into one movie. Unimpressed. I have the distinct feeling I've seen it all before at sometime, somewhere. Might check it out on DVD....maybe.

God on Aug 1, 2009


God Damn.... SHO KOSUGI!!! Now that I know he's in this film I'll definitely watch this. I loved Enter The Ninja and Revenge of The Ninja growing up!!!

gargamel27 on Aug 3, 2009


Looks not insanely awesome... but watchable.

meatcarnage on Aug 4, 2009


They had me at SHO KOSUGI! He was the man nearly 30 years ago and he's clearly still the man. Looking forward to seeing the master ninja back on the screen.

Ninja on Aug 13, 2009


Wow, the visuals look awesome!

brian on Aug 14, 2009


Go. Rain~ This trailer looks great !!

chris on Aug 20, 2009


i think i might be concerned about the ninja from some of the story. it was cool. the trailer so breathtakingly. i know you now is the asia tour concert in Japan, wish you pleasant in Japan!

ism on Aug 29, 2009


the narrator sounds like the Viceroy from the Star WArs prequel.

T-Man on Aug 29, 2009


Oh sht! Is that Sho Kosugi I see getting cut by chain knife? Wicked......I haven't seen him since his 80's ninja movies!

Stephen on Oct 16, 2009


Finally! A hollywood movie starring Asians! I hope this does well at the box office - ALL ASIANS NEED TO WATCH THIS! Then maybe Hollywood will wise up and cast more Asians in leading roles!!!!

HweiYeePtoo on Nov 24, 2009

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