Must Watch: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland First Trailer

July 23, 2009
Source: Facebook

Alice in Wonderland Trailer

Even though this teaser trailer leaked out early yesterday, Disney has put out the official, improved version today via The Mad Hatter's Facebook page. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland stars Mia Wasikowska as Alice as well as Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Anne Hathaway, Michael Sheen, Stephen Fry, and many more talented actors. As I said yesterday, I'm not exactly that fond of the look of this, but maybe I just needed to see it in high quality (and I also saw this in 3D earlier today and it looked great). Even if you've already seen the leaked version, I suggest you check this out again, as it's refreshing to see it in high quality.

Watch the official teaser trailer for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland:

[flv: 596 320]

Alice in Wonderland is directed by visionary director Tim Burton, of everything from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure to Beetlejuice to Batman to Edward Scissorhands to Mars Attacks to Sleepy Hollow to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Sweeney Todd most recently. The screenplay was written by Disney's own Linda Woolverton, of Beauty and the Beast, Homeward Bound, and The Lion King previously. This is based on Lewis Carroll's beloved series of books that were first published in 1865. Disney is bringing Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland to both digital 3D and 2D theaters everywhere on March 5th, 2010 early next year.

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Not bad but kinda early for a trailer for a movie thats gonna come out next march.

tankmaster on Jul 23, 2009


Should've gotten Dakota Fanning to play Alice.

Zac on Jul 23, 2009


How's this any better? It wasn't the visuals that were the problem last time. It was teh crappy scene selection and randomness of being thrown together. Not to mention, judging from the trailer, it should be called Mad Hatter in Wonderland.

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 23, 2009


I love Tim Burton!

Paul on Jul 23, 2009


Hey its up again............. #2 Sorry I cannot see her as Alice........

SHANEDAV on Jul 23, 2009


Why couldn't Tim Burton have done "The Looking Glass Wars" instead!? 🙁

JL on Jul 23, 2009


I liked the trailer. The top billing for Johnny Depp is a little odd. It's either Burton favoritism, a sign that the Mad Hatter will have a very prominent role in the film, or both. Oh, and #2 I believe the point of this film is that it's supposed to be an older Alice returning to Wonderland. Dakota Fanning would have not worked in that respect (and also reeks of typecasting if I say so myself)

Sean Kelly on Jul 23, 2009


I think its a great choice for Alice... why would I want to see Dakota Fanning as Alice... yuck. Alice has to be someone fresh, naive, untapped. I think its brilliant casting.

Ryan on Jul 23, 2009


yea number #2...thats a dum fuckin Idea yea crack

ISH-ASH on Jul 23, 2009


Johnny Depp and tim burton have ruined a classic story.

NINJA ENTHUSIAST on Jul 23, 2009


Really not that impressed by this at all, it looks like he squandered some amaaaaazing potential that this story has. Can we really keep calling Tim Burton creative when he just does the same shit over and over again? I have to also wonder the budget for this, the effects really don't look that amazing and they should seriously have ILM bucks for a film like this. I of course am asking a lot, but with a story like Alice and Wonderland, Hollywood should be pulling out all stops. I think this would have been more suited for Guillermo Del Toro or Peter jackson. Too bad hes booked till 2030.

Scott on Jul 23, 2009



Scott on Jul 23, 2009


This looks amazing. Quite amazing.

Will on Jul 23, 2009


#2 Really???? did you see push the older she gets the worst her acting gets. plus just no!

Sancho on Jul 23, 2009


Dakota Fanning would be cool, but her little sister just had a role as "Alice" in Phoebe in thats sorta close enough. Plus it was really good. That cat looks creepy as all get out. All I know is I'm ready.

Seductive Flamingo on Jul 23, 2009


looks interesting visually, still have to wait and see if this was just a trailer to get all the girls in the world excited about it cuz of Depp, or if he's really a main character. Also, brilliant trailer cuz it shows tons and gives nothing away, exactly hat you want with something like this. Well played burton, lovin the mocap useage

Stu on Jul 23, 2009


Can't wait for this one! However, March is typically a month of shitty movies so colour me worried...

Mat on Jul 23, 2009


#2 is a fuckin moron. i hope dakota fanning dies. possibly the worst child actress of all time.

tom on Jul 23, 2009


This is one of johnny depps best time burton movie yet!. I know there would be the day that would come were we would see the reasoning for tim burton being such close friends with johnny depp!. This uncoming alice in wonderland movie, is the reason why tim burton had johnny depp do the main role of the mad hatter!, and i'm alittle shocked that girl who plays alice is not someone else who that is already incredibly famous up the yingyang!, from being in so many other big movies like johnny depp himself!. Its all interesting!, isn't it?!. I sure do think its interesting because i know it is regardless!!.

SAMSUNG FANATIC on Jul 23, 2009


#18 You hope she dies? You're a fucking idiot.

Quanah on Jul 23, 2009


Johnny Depp is the biggest star in the world. Of course they gave him top billing and a prominent role, it is a big budget film and they want to be certain to make the money back. I think film looks great and from the little I saw, Johnny Depp's performance very strong

holden on Jul 23, 2009


this is gonna be GREAT!

Nick S. on Jul 23, 2009


I agree with #6. If Burton was able to direct The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy that would be awesome. Its a very dark series and Burton would do it wonderfully.

KAOZ on Jul 23, 2009


As much as I would love to say here "everyone is entitled to their own opinion" I just can't. Everyone is entitled to an INFORMED opinion. Let's wait until the movie comes out, shall we? We can all decide for ourselves whether or not the movie is a success or a failure, a job well done or a day in the butcher's shop... once we've actually SEEN it. There are so many movies that are expected to be really well done that end up being 2 hours of our lives we will never get back. On the other hand some movies we never want to touch end up being one of our favorites. It's coming out NEXT year, and it's a little too early to judge whether we like it or not, isn't it? It's like saying you don't like a certain food if you've never tried it. None of us know for sure until we have tried. For those of you who believe it will be truly great, I personally like the enthusiasm, but we may not want to get our hopes too far up just in case. And those who believe it will end up in the big screen trash, wait and see, you might like it. I AM looking forward to it, though there are some things I wasn't quite... expecting.

RaziyaRodriguez on Jul 23, 2009


That is so poorly edited, but it will probably be a good film. But Alice, why couldn't you put the bunny back in the box?

Cameron Poe on Jul 23, 2009


I'm waiting for this film. I talked about the trailer just yesterday:

soloparolesparse on Jul 24, 2009


I may have missed them, but I would have liked to see some Stephen Fry or Alan Rickman in this trailer. Love me some Johnny, but a look at some of the others would have been great. Or do they do character voices? Either way, I'll see it for sure.

Barb on Jul 24, 2009


@ 18 do you know what your talking about?insulting strangers in the internet how old are you? and saying you wish dakota fanning would die, man you are a childish and stupid Freak!

AdamKing on Jul 24, 2009


Bah, I said it once I'll say it again. This is going to be another icon for the Twilight, Nightmare Before Christmas, Emo core fanbase, because it's fucking Tim Burton. Ugh, I'm sick of Helena, sick of Burton, and frankly annoyed with Depp's recent lack of range. I say recent because before he would play a multitude of different characters, unlike now how there is Jack Sparrow, a smooth talking pirate, who is tricky and manipulative, John Dillinger, change the word pirate to man, Willy Wonka, a zainy hairbrained character that causes mayhem in the world he lives in for the sheer purpose of his own enjoyment, Mad Hatter, copy and paste above sentence. The only role I've seen him in lately that is a little different was Sweeney Todd which was good, I give him credit, I just want to see him really stretch his acting wings on this one, unfortunately I don't think that will happen.

Movieraider321 on Jul 24, 2009


from the few scenes in this, i think depp was a poor choice, or atleast i dont like the look of the mad hatter but ill still see it

harrison on Jul 24, 2009


Magical =)

Robbie on Jul 24, 2009


there's a tea party going on.

uhhuh on Jul 24, 2009


am i the only one that thinks that this is the chocolate factory all over again?

Sebastiaan Vos on Jul 24, 2009


It's not a bad trailer. Like some people said it has some poor editing. However, Tim burton hasn't let me down yet so i'm very excited to catch this.

Dan on Jul 24, 2009

35 sure it´ll be great no matter what, every one that works in the movie are great and you know it, so admitt ok?, and either if it turns out to be good or bad iit´s something you all will enjoy watching. just for the visuals, the story, the characters,etc. so just wait and then enoy it.

dave on Jul 24, 2009

36 sure it´ll be great no matter what, every one that works in the movie are great and you know it, so admitt ok?, and either if it turns out to be good or bad iit´s something you all will enjoy watching. just for the visuals, the story, the characters,etc. so just wait and then enjoy it.

dave on Jul 24, 2009


This will be a better choice since he's not competing with a gene wilder in the back of our heads. Alice and Wonderland has so many spin offs and versions that Tim Burton's will become a spectacular art directed version that a whole new generation will fall in love with.

Mark on Jul 24, 2009


well it gunna have to take a while because they just started shoting and the have to go over it i have all tim burtons films ya me

skystar on Jul 24, 2009


well it gunna have to take a while because they just started shoting and the have to go over it i have all tim burtons films ya me oh ya well i don't mean to bust your bubble #10 but it's going to be the best the old one is poopy

skystar on Jul 24, 2009


so am i #34

skystar on Jul 24, 2009



tig on Jul 24, 2009


agreed, 40. Also, I am slightly irked that Depp got lead billing. I am getting pretty frigging tired of him and this did NOT help.

Barry Napier on Jul 24, 2009


Im afraid that Depp will have too much screentime. The Mad-Hatter isn't one of the largest roles. Also I hope they do the scene with the Walrus and the Carpenter. I'd love to see how Burton pulls that off. I agree, it's Tim Burton, so whether you love it or hate it, you'll at least be impressed.

BVDR on Jul 24, 2009


Johnny Depp has been in a dozen of tim burtons movies of corse he is going to promote johnny depp cause he has a big fan base and you know its going to be a box office hit cause they are promoting it this early!!!!

Justin on Jul 24, 2009


Tim Burton is doing to Wonderland what Todd Phillips did to Old School and The Hangover; giving the main role(s) to unknowns, so they can have bigger roles later in life. This will certinly raise Mia Wasikowska's profile a long way. The storyline is a big reference to The Hangover too ; not remembering a god damn thing about her antics. Although those antics were in a fairyland not Las Vegas.

Stig on Jul 24, 2009


Go Matt Lucas for the Tweedles. They are the only gays in the rabbit hole.

ChrisUK on Jul 24, 2009


looks like theyve repackaged it to look like a mainstream-appeal disney film,i expected it to have a more enchanting,more peculiar and out-of-this-world look.something more disturbing/fascinating,plus alice looks like a complete bore

twispious on Jul 24, 2009


why does the johnny depp look like Elijah Wood as the Mad Hatter?

darren on Jul 24, 2009


why does johnny depp look like Elijah Wood?

darren on Jul 24, 2009


Awesome music, as always. Helena looks great as the Queen!! hahaha and um... I expected the Mad Hatter to be...a little darker, specially for Johnny Depp.

Louie on Jul 24, 2009


i actually didn't like the trailer... I'm confused. I expected to. though Depp as the Mad Hatter is creepy ashell. which i do like.

dave13 on Jul 25, 2009


According to Tim Burton Collective the movie will feature "a spectacular sequence of Alice falling down a rabbit hole". I ain't sure if I should believe that, but it looks nowhere near a spectacular as the land train hijacking sequence in Fast and Furious.

Stig on Jul 25, 2009


Speaking of Dakota Fanning, her role in Push was great, I thought Alice was supposed to be a kid but it seems Tim Burton wanted to go for non-kid Alice and I like it. Dakota Fanning would have been great as young Alice though. Mia Wasikowska is beautiful as Alice and I like her clothing choice. Not sure of Johnny Depp playing Johnny Depp again, like Morgan Freeman playing himself in every film. But then who else. Like #11 said, maybe Guillero Del Toro would have been better for his naturalist take.

AprilCoolsDay on Jul 25, 2009


This movie is going to focus waaay too much on Johnny Depp. It worries me.

TLouise on Jul 26, 2009


Depp ruin's the movie with his dragqueen outfit!! epic fail!!

Jarno on Jul 27, 2009


Its just a traioler and yes burton is completely repeditive, but so is hollyweird.....

Bryan West on Jul 27, 2009


they probably aren't through with the editing and Disney made a huge push to get something out in the summer. Think about it, why would you release a $hit trailer a year from when it comes out. Plus, i think a bunch of the stuff we saw was probably meant for 3D viewing. I'm as dissapointed as everyone else is but let's give the first one minute and forty second trailer a break...i'm sure there is more they just aren't the f*cking rest of the movie....

memphistyler on Jul 28, 2009


Shut up #55 Johnny Depp make 10 times more money than you probably and he can be a freaking duck in a movie and it will be a hit at the boxoffice so there you go buddy shut up

Justin on Jul 28, 2009


#29.. then don't watch the movie (I know for a fact that you will watch it dumbass.)..everybdy who has shitty things to say.. why would we ,who actually like the whole concept of a tim burton alice in wonderland version, wanna read your comment ..if you dont like it then dont say anything. if youdont like johny depp movies and bitch about it..then why on earth do you keep watching the movies??.please shut up .it is so anoying all these people who think they can do better then the actual people who make the movies..It is THEIR version. not yours. if you can do better ...then suprise me. and show up with a most magical en fantastic Alice in a year or 5.. This movie will kick ass for sure.. I just lowered myself to writing an internet comment(the most depressingly and sad way to get people to listen to you and you shitty opinion of wich you think will seperate you from the masses..of wich YOU think makes you unique..whaha.) my god ive became just like you shit for brains

mike on Aug 2, 2009


# 59 is my favorite comment on the whole page. I thought that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was really creapy, but I usually love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. This should be interesting at the least.

welkinawe on Aug 2, 2009


Enough with the remakes people...isn't anyone original anymore!? Or even trying to be original...sheesh!

Markmos on Aug 4, 2009


I don't believe this is a remake. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this story after her first visit to Wonderland? As far as I know. this story hasn't been told before. I also agree with #59. I like some of Burton's films and I also disliked some too but I will keep an open mind about this film and will decide how I found it after I watch it, not before.

Steve on Aug 5, 2009


Tim Burton ruins another classic!

wtfman on Aug 5, 2009


I've seen this trailer in 3D (at Comic-Con) and it was amazing. Seeing it in this format doesn't show you what it's really going to be like. Also, for those who are unclear, this is not the same Alice in Wonderland that everyone is used to. This story tells about Alice's 2nd trip to Wonderland (as a teenager). She doesn't remember her first trip, though, so there will be lots of confusion for her in the beginning. This trailer was put together so that the studio would have something to show at Comic-Con. Tim Burton acknowledged that they didn't have a lot to choose from for the trailer as they're still adding on the special effects and making everything 3D.

April on Aug 6, 2009


Tim Burton's taking a page out of the Todd Phillips book; casting an unknown in the main role. That's what Todd Phillips is notorious for. When Old School came out, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrel weren't yet big mainstream stars. Before his most recent movie, The Hangover, came out in June, Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms weren't big movie stars. Now Tim Burton has used Todd Phillips style tactics with Mia Wasikowska.

Stig on Aug 7, 2009


I thought Dakota was a poor actress in "Push" However that said, I'd still of preferred her over this chick. Just the WRONG look competely. Johnny Depp doesn't look right either. I thought they would separate more from his Willy Wonka Burton makeup style. It just looks like a simple extension of it.

Hibachi Nichi on Aug 7, 2009


Some People Need to Relax...This Film Aint Even Out Yet...RELAXXX

ArmzzKNowSALL on Aug 7, 2009


I don't know....

Google the Oct8pus on Aug 19, 2009


you are all full of shit really apart from maybe a couple of you. the whole point of film making is for directors and actors to deliver their own take on things. if tim burton feels johnny depp is right for the film then he'll fucking use him if you are really that sad to let it affect you so badly and ruin the story then dont watch it dont leave shitty comments about actors they are doing their job respectivly.

lee on Aug 22, 2009


Lol, the Mad Hatter looks like Carrot top and Elijah Wood's love child.

Mr.Big on Aug 26, 2009


I think it would be cool to see Tim Burtons take on Alice in Wonderland. Opinion wise though I think the girl that plays Emma in "The Last Mimzy" would have been a better pic in my opinion and Johnny Depp although I like his movies I think his popularity will over shadow the main character Alice.

MovieWatcher on Aug 26, 2009


About time! Alice in Wonderland is a classic, but you've got to admit it's always been a bit demented. Which makes it a great story for Tim Burton to take on. Of course, the older Disney version and the more innocent ones are alright, but this should be interesting.

Heather on Sep 4, 2009


This trailer looks kinda silly but i bet itll be one of those movies that LOOK pointless but will be really good. i mean it IS directed by tim burton! @ #6 i wish he did "the looking glass wars" too itd pwn!

LaLa-Chan on Sep 5, 2009


#71 Or make Mia Wasikowska more hotter than Megan Fox.

Jezza on Sep 5, 2009


omg love tim burton i think this movie will be really good i cant wait to see it johnny depp i think will be great he look really good and i like that anne hathaway is in it its really cool i cant wait till it come out i think tim burton will make this movie rock and it in 3D witch is super cool i think this is a great movie for tim burton to do because it so him i think i love the trail it was great cant wait to see it

brittany on Sep 10, 2009


Tim Burton RULES! I love hes Nightmare before Xmas - and I think Alice will be even better- from what I see so far there is no doubt about it!

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland on Oct 12, 2009


Seems centered more around the mad hatter than alice

max s. on Oct 15, 2009


Jesus Christ #75, learn some punctuation. It was like reading a 7 year old hyped up on sugar trying to type. Jay-sus. As for the trailer... umm... at least it looks good?

einah on Oct 29, 2009


There was an article saying this will feature in digital 3D, IMAX 3D and Real D. What is Real D?

stan on Nov 9, 2009


Great! Yet again, Tim Burton rams the unattractive and only moderately talented Helena Bonham Carter down our throats, because he's banging her. Seriously, if this kind of cronyism continues to ruin otherwise excellent film concepts, and drags down the once brilliant career of Mr. Burton, I think we need to stage an intervention.

John on Nov 14, 2009


Yea,Peter Jackson should have done it. Then we could have been treated to a half hour sequence of Alice running through the forest.... Yea,that would be great....

Michael M on Dec 5, 2009


Mia Wasikowska is definetly beautiful. She can be a big with the right material. She's practically Down Under's answer to Emma Watson. I know her last name is spelt Wasikowska but is it pronounced Vashakovska? If it is it sounds more Eastern European than Austrailian. That's odd!

Stan on Dec 13, 2009


awesome..can't wait...but do alice and the mad hatter fall in love? because i saw another trailer and it looked like they were gonna kiss

this person on Feb 14, 2010


83, what trailer was this? because i read the first draft script and they do kiss 2 times. but i was curious if it was officialy going to be in the movie

Stephanie on Feb 15, 2010


Wow.. you people are absolutely stupid. It's nothing to fight about. The movie comes out this saturday and I'm looking forward to it. I will judge after I see it. 🙂

Danielle on Mar 4, 2010


No Danielle, This movie comes out on Friday, not saturday!. Some of the people here are obviously judging it from the teaser trailer, not the movie itself!.

Sean on Mar 4, 2010


The movie was allright. My biggest concern however is this: why was Matt Lucas playing both Tweedle Boys? Sure to add to the comic appeal a double act could have been brilliant as the Tweedles. Cases in point: 1. Ant and Dec (Ant McPartlin and Declan Donelly) 2. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost 3. Robert Webb and David Mitchell 4. Matt Lucas and David Walliams 5. Mathew Horne and James Corden

Jeeze on Jun 20, 2010

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