Must Watch: Totally Bodacious 'Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer

December 16, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Hot Tub Time Machine

Now this is a comedy I'm excited about - it looks so awesome! MGM has debuted the full-length trailer for their new comedy Hot Tub Time Machine. This combines everything I love: skiing, hot tubs, time travel, comedy, hot babes, fluorescent colored clothing, and beer. I would've gone and seen this without watching any trailers, but man does this look so frickin' hilarious. This is what you get when you put Craig Robinson, John Cusack, Rob Corddry, and Clark Duke in one hot tub - madness! I love the concept (as in, it's not like Bill & Ted where they go everywhere, just back to 1986!) and I love the humor. Totally can't wait to see this.

Watch the main theatrical trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine from YouTube:

After a night of drinking Red Bull and vodkas, a group of guys travel back in time in their hot tub to when they were younger cads. This was shot up in Vancouver, Canada and at the Fernie ski resort late last year.

Hot Tub Time Machine is being directed by Steve Pink, a part-time actor, producer, and also director of the comedy Accepted previously. The script was written by Josh Heald, an up-and-coming screenwriter credited for the upcoming Mardi Gras. Yes Man screenwriters Andrew Mogel & Jarrad Paul also contributed to this as well. MGM is bringing Hot Tub Time Machine to theaters starting on February 26th, 2010 next year.

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Clark Duke is fucking HILARIOUS. He and Craig Robinson will own this movie.

Fuelbot on Dec 16, 2009


As Bill and Ted would say...EXCELLENT!

Jaf on Dec 16, 2009


Awesome trailer and seriously how can yo go wrong with hot tubs, time machines, comedy, hot babes and beer. It's all there.

wrongturn687 on Dec 16, 2009


Looks fun. Good stuff.

whomever on Dec 16, 2009


ohhhhh LOOK I say FAIL, I Say EPIC FAIL. I'm sooooooo quircky and I am the best critique out there. Listen to what I have to say please, I need attention through the internet. Ahhhh. - Great Cast, Except the fat terd from Sex Drive, this will be great.

Eat My Shorts on Dec 16, 2009


I am so excited for this flick! it looks so good!

Ashley on Dec 16, 2009


i;'m having a hard time with the "hot-tub time machine" concept. it seems kind of stupid to me. that being said, there do seem to be some pretty good laughs.

beavis on Dec 16, 2009


LOL looks crazy retarted but funny as$ hell!

ray on Dec 16, 2009


Hahahahha. Omg I loved that last bit with the girl. This is great, love the cast, love the concept, I really hope this is released widely.

jb_moskow on Dec 16, 2009


Yeah, #7, I think that's the point. Might not be the movie for you. Looks like it could be good so long as this wasn't a trailer that has every funny part in the movie, because if that's the case it's going to be terrible.

Syphous on Dec 16, 2009


Yeah, I would say it is a bit cheesy with the whole Hot Tub Time Machine thing had it not been for the guy saying "'s a... Hot Tub Time Machine" and then breaking the 4th wall and staring at the camera! Looks hilarious!

Yo Yo Yo on Dec 16, 2009


I love that someone finally has executed the idea to have people from the future invent things when they travel back into the past. It's hard to believe it took this long.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 16, 2009


That kid looks soooooo out of place in that group

JP on Dec 16, 2009


I thought the kid was the son of one of the guys

Jaf on Dec 16, 2009


Love the song. I dunno doesn't really look like it would be any funnier than what's in the trailer. Like most of the jokes they just showed me. I liked to be surprised by the cheesyness like in Out Cold or Grandma's Boy and laugh my ass off.

arjones on Dec 16, 2009


i'ma get me some twittagra

lego on Dec 16, 2009


Honestly, I think it looks just okay. The concept is funny, Craig, Corddry, and Cusack are awesome and can hopefully save the picture, but I'm not a fan of Duke and the trailer was about as funny as the involved filmmaker's previous works (I.E. Accepted, Yes Man, which had one or two laughs each, but I would never ever sit through them again). I hope it's better than both of those, but the trailer has not shown me reason to think otherwise. My two cents.

Matt S on Dec 16, 2009


" I smell sitcom !!!!!!!!!!! " or if you prefer...." When is the sequel out! *Totally Bodacious Hot Tub Time Machine2: A drain in time " I'll love this slapstick comedy cause it's done right and it does feel like it belongs in the good old 80's where fanboys weren't born and the onlinemania was nil. My fav quote: What colour is Micheal Jackson...Duh Black! Argghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! LoL

Lazarus from Sparta...DETHKLOK RULES!!!!! on Dec 16, 2009


Damn that loooks like a good laugh!

d1rEct on Dec 16, 2009


ha ha h ah h ah h ahh, dumb, but Lawlsome totally RofLing right now in ma hizzooooooooozzzzzzzzz with bayby Jesuus and Snoop Dawg. Definitely seeing this on the telly.

Crapola on Dec 16, 2009


This looks 100,000 better/funnier than "The Hangover". Which I thought was lame.

TracysWorld on Dec 16, 2009


I'm with #7, this is just fucking stupid crap... THAT IS A COMEDY!!!!!!! I'm in!!!

D. on Dec 17, 2009


"What colour is Michael Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!" kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

D. on Dec 17, 2009


"What's"... sorry

D. on Dec 17, 2009


the last time i laughed at a trailer like this i got THE HANGOVER (epikness) this best not disappoint

neonblue120 on Dec 17, 2009


I'm in.

Xerxex on Dec 17, 2009



guh on Dec 17, 2009


Awesome trailer, lol, look how they change The Hangover's soundtrack to 80's beat

Voice123 - Trailer Voice Over on Dec 17, 2009


haha looks great

splinter on Dec 17, 2009


Great trailer, will die a horrible "SNL-skit-turned-into-a-movie" death.

Nyce on Dec 17, 2009


Saw the first (crappy) trailer months ago...can't wait. Looks fucking hilarious.

Max on Dec 18, 2009


you guys are so stupid!!! you cant time travel in a hot tub!!!! damn idiots! this looks frggn hillarious!!! thanks for no transforming robots or the rehash teen comedy with the same actors playing the same roles..yea im talking to the cast of nick and noras infinite playlist, juno, etc...

replicant on Dec 19, 2009

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