Must Watch: Trailer for Crazy Drug Comedy Next Day Air

January 12, 2009

Next Day Air Trailer

It's that guy from that TV show and that guy from that other movie! Summit Entertainment has debuted the trailer for Next Day Air, a high concept comedy about drug dealers, drugs, and two pot smoking delivery guys. Donald Faison (from "Scrubs") and Mos Def (from Be Kind Rewind) star as two delivery guys who accidentally drop off a shipment of drugs to the wrong address. I hate to make this comparison, but this looks like a much more comedic version of something like Snatch. And to be honest, it looks pretty hilarious and just downright fun. I'm especially glad to see Faison on the big screen leading a comedy like this.

Watch the trailer for Next Day Air:

[flv: 596 322]

When a misguided delivery driver delivers a package containing concealed bricks of cocaine to the wrong address, it sets in motion a desperate search and battle for the coke between the furious dealer that sent it, the fearful intended recipients that missed it, and the accidental recipients that plan to flip it.

Next Day Air is directed by ex-music video director Benny Boom, who is making his feature directorial debut with this film. The screenplay was written by first-time writer Blair Cobbs. Summit Entertainment is bringing Next Day Air to theaters everywhere on May 8th this summer. See you in theaters?

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Reader Feedback - 35 Comments


"That guy from that other movie"? Mos Def is a rapper/poet first actor second. Looks terrible

Dan W on Jan 12, 2009


Looks awesome.

Darunia on Jan 12, 2009


hey there's a icon on the top right of this trailer! cool! has that always been there?

Andy on Jan 12, 2009


This trailer has a "direct to video" quality about it. I think it looks pretty good, and I'm a huge Scrubs fan so I'm looking forward to seeing anyone from the cast of that show in a decent movie....but this preview needs work. It looks like something you'd see on a DVD menu and think "never heard of this" the trailer, make a note of it, and then never hear a word about it again until you pass it on the shelf one day in the video store on the "staff picks" rack. But....with that said I think this has potential to be worth watching.

ImaginaryVisionary on Jan 12, 2009


Mos Def can save a bad script and I've loved Donald Faison since Remember the Titans so I'll give it a shot.

Johnbo on Jan 12, 2009


I watched the trailer before reading Alex's description, and my first reaction was that this was a black version of a Guy Ritchie movie. That being said, I can't wait. I'm also really happy to see Donald Faison getting some more work. Scrubs is a great show, due in no small part to Faison.

Diego on Jan 12, 2009


LOL that looks like a hoot. To bad we have to wait til May. =)

Web Based Training on Jan 12, 2009


Dan W. Mos Def is an Actor first, when he was a teeenager then turned rapper/poet. Get your facts straight!!!

REAL6 on Jan 12, 2009


yea, its a guy ritchie bite but one could say the same for smoking it has the look, multiple character, possible twist...Now, I hope it can all come together...Wood Harris is a good actor, Mike Epps is funny..Faison and Mos can carry a role..i think it will be good and probably rake in some cash before going str8 to dvd...

nameRequired on Jan 12, 2009


Eh I think it looked ok. Not really a unique plot though. Could be a sleeper but I doubt it. I think Ill pass.

Johnny Crow on Jan 12, 2009


#6 this was a black version of a Guy Ritchie movie. #10 Eh I think it looked ok. Not really a unique plot though. Could be a sleeper but I doubt it. I think Ill pass. Agreed.

Keith on Jan 13, 2009


mos def is fun to watch

james on Jan 13, 2009


That looks terrible.

Atomic Popcorn on Jan 13, 2009


I'll watch it, Mos Def is the man. Did have a Guy Richie edge to it, but Steve Soderbergh also did films like that too, with very similar music...

Crapola on Jan 13, 2009


Haha yeah it is good to see Faison finally get a good leading role. I thnk he's hilarious. And the trailer does have a very Snatch, RocknRolla theme to it so it does look like one of those all over the place whats happening next movies, altho it cud just b good editting, lol. I'll be watching this for sure

C Dot on Jan 13, 2009


Im excited about this film too but I think its the credits sequence that pushes it into the 'Ritchie' or 'Smoking Aces' areas. Will see this at the cinema if I can

Marcus on Jan 13, 2009


looks decent..too comedic though...but I'll give it a shot nonetheless

Trey on Jan 13, 2009


DAMN!, thoose bitches were hot!

The Awsome Dude With Sunglasses on Jan 13, 2009


looks funny........looking forward to it.

dan on Jan 13, 2009


Looks like it got a lot of potential. But i'll wait for the red band trailer before i really say something.

Markus on Jan 13, 2009


looks good, hope we didnt see all the good stuff in the trailer. looks like it could be fun.

zach s on Jan 13, 2009


I still remember Donald Faison from the, "Clueless" television series. lol!!^^ He was pretty much, "Wayne Brady" before 'Wayne Brady' was 'Wayne Brady' 😀

LW on Jan 13, 2009


To #8. This may be true, but it is his rapping career that has made him as well known as he is today. Many people start out doing something only to become more well known in another. And even Mos Def can not save this movie.

Dan W on Jan 13, 2009


I love Donald and Mos, but damn that looks awful. It looks like one of those movies they play on Comedy Central about once a week, and you may catch the end while waiting for a Daily Show, but you'd never tune in on purpose.

Josh on Jan 13, 2009


yeah wow, #24 pretty much nailed it perfect, some cheap black comedy that channels use to take up airtime at like 3 in the morning. As much as I love weed this looks fucking dumb

Cody on Jan 13, 2009


that looked wicked

darrin on Jan 13, 2009


mos def and the dude from scrubs? thats gotta be hilarious!!! I think I'll see this in the theater and leave terminator and transformers for dvd rental...

lando on Jan 14, 2009


I like how this trailer uses the "Kansas City Shuffle" from Lucky Number Slevin.

Andrew on Jan 14, 2009


This looks hilarious can't wait.

Ryan on Jan 14, 2009


this actually looks good

neonblue on Jan 14, 2009


movie looks funny i will be tuning into it but was i only the only person that noticed Cali the chick from Real Chane of Love

Walker on Jan 15, 2009


This looks so totally awesome - Mos Def & Mike Epps are both hilarious, yet still under-recognized comic talents, and the dude from Scrubs absolutely deserves his big screen debut to be surrounded by such immense talents. Trailer starts out so-so, but once Mike Epps shows up and the funk music starts blastin', it picks up the pace *& interest considerably! I imagine the film itself might follow the same kind of arc. Let's hope the marketing can focus on how good it gets, as opening weekend approaches.

Jimbo Slims on Jan 15, 2009


this looks real funny but Mos Def better be in it throughout the movie or it will only be ok

Silver on Jan 16, 2009


Looks like a rip-off of "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" with an African American twist. Does America have so few movie ideas that they have to copy foreign films? Remember "Quarantine" that ripped off, almost scene for scene, from the Spanish film "Rec" and now this one. Of course when we do copy a film idea we almost always manage to royally frig the thing up.

Defeatedfrog on Jan 16, 2009


I want an intelligent black comedy, not another movie about misplaced drugs.

Geass on May 7, 2009

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