Nearly Full Cast Announced for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood

March 25, 2009

Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett

It looks like the next film from Ridley Scott won't be anything to quickly forget, like A Good Year and Body of Lies. Scott is gearing up to shoot Robin Hood in the next few months and has finalized most of the cast, which will be headlined by Russell Crowe. The project was originally envisioned as a revisionist take on the Robin Hood story told from the point of view of the Sheriff of Nottingham, but that idea was scrapped. This latest iteration follows Robin from his early days in King Richard's army to his return to Nottingham to his creation of a band of mercenaries who challenge the sheriff and eventually try to prevent civil war.

Thanks to this latest news on Hollywood Reporter today, the full cast for Robin Hood is as follows:

» Russell Crowe as Robin Hood
» Cate Blanchett as Lady Marion
» Oscar Isaac as King John
» Mark Strong as King John's henchman Sir Godfrey
» Vanessa Redgrave as King John's mother Queen Eleanor
» Léa Seydoux as French Princess Isabella
» Scott Grimes as Welshman Will Scarlet
» Kevin Durand as Scotsman Little John
» Alan Doyle as Irishman Allan Adayle

Currently missing from the cast is King Richard, although I'm sure we'll hear an update on him soon. Additionally, I'm unsure if Crowe is still playing both Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham (as was the case from the very start), because I thought that idea was scrapped with the early version of the script. However, since there isn't any information that says otherwise, that appears to still be the case. This latest version of Robin Hood was written by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris (Bulletproof Monk, "Sleeper Cell") as well as Oscar winner Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential, Conspiracy Theory, Mystic River).

At this point, I don't know if this is still the Gladiator-like Robin Hood movie that Ridley Scott said it would be, but I'm still excited for it anyway. We'll keep an eye on the production and let you know if we hear more details on the Sheriff of Nottingham. Shooting begins in the UK in July, so stay tuned for updates!

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So far, I'm not excited for this. we'll see what else comes up...

-Peter- on Mar 25, 2009


Um...yea? I'll wait for some footage before I make a judgment call. These kind of things could swing either way.

Hey Ya on Mar 25, 2009


I like the cast so, I'll keep an eye on this.

adrian on Mar 25, 2009


Is anyone else just completely sick of Russell Crowe?

Farris on Mar 25, 2009


Can't Alan Rickman play as the Sheriff again? I don't care if he's old.

vanagwathiel on Mar 25, 2009


I'm sick of Crowe too, I'm afraid he's changed for the worse since the days when he was gladiator, he just has that crazy look in his eyes that aging superstars get

Scott McHenry on Mar 25, 2009


Am I one of the few people to admit that I liked Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves?

Payne by name on Mar 26, 2009


This will be amazing! Ridley Scott, I mean come one! Kingdom Of Heaven, one of my all time favourite movies. Gladiator! This guy was made to do epic period piece movies. This will be a much darker, more violent take on Robin Hood. Costner's version was a great movie but I'm confident this will blow it away. Can't friggin' wait!

K on Mar 26, 2009


I'm really looking forward to this film. How can anyone be "sick" of Russell Crowe? He doesn't make many movies, he stays out of the spotlight unless he's promoting a film and he's fantastic in all of his roles. Crazy look in his eyes? They're called "crowe's feet" Ha.... and I'm glad he isn't going the plastic surgery, botox route of so many middle aged movie stars. He's the real deal. In any case, Alex... you've made an error. Filming for the as yet "Untitled Robin Hood Adventure" begins next week, Mar 30. It may be completed by July.

Sunny on Mar 26, 2009


gladiator-like? That plot synopsis sounds EXACTLY the same as Gladiator but in a different time period... I hope this is good.

Sean on Mar 26, 2009


ARE YOU NOT(TINGHAM) ENTERTAINED??!?!?!?!? (sorry, couldn't resist) I'm really looking forward to this. I loved Prince of Thieves (although, re-watching it now, makes me groan at some of the cheesiness of it). I love Ridley Scott and can't wait to see what he does with this.

Aaron on Mar 26, 2009


No one cares about Russell Crowe anymore. He's lost his box office "magic."

Sean on Mar 26, 2009


Wrong Sean! This will be amazing and Crowe will kick some serious acting ass! He has lost nothing!

D-9 on Mar 26, 2009


no offense russell, u're too fat and too old for robin hood, he would be a good sheriff tho, he would definitely excel in roles audiences love to hate.

Andrew on Mar 26, 2009


Excited to see this, but wish it was changed back to the original idea of showing it from the Sheriff of Nottingham's perspective. That would have kicked some serious ass.

Splanderson on Mar 26, 2009


Andrew: Russell is hardly overweight anymore. He's lost most of the fat he had before. You may have a point about age but, in this era of aging action stars, perhaps not. This is definitely one of my most anticipated summer films for next year (just behind Inception, Iron Man 2, and The Adjustment Bureau). Sunny: right on! I've always found botox to be an extremely foolish thing to have done. Not only does it freeze one's face, there's also the risk of a botulism infection.

elessar on Mar 26, 2009


I would have preferred a younger Robin Hood and Marian.

MBD on Mar 26, 2009


Body of Lies easy to forget? Are you nuts? Great film.

C. Pas on Mar 27, 2009


Brian Bedford will ALWAYS be the best Robin Hood

Otacon on Mar 27, 2009


I love Ridley Scott, but Russell Crowe?? Meh.

RStewie on Mar 27, 2009


hmmm interesting look so far it's good but compARING TO GLADIATOR i dont no but im staying tuned

alan on Mar 27, 2009


Ridley Scott... two words taht make me wanna see any movie - seen 'em all - all very respectable

Savage on Apr 3, 2009


The Robin Hood legend is a favorite of mine. And, while the viewers of the BBC version are legion (attesting to the public’s hunger for heroes) , the show never captured me. Please don’t draw your bows, fans -- but, Jonas Armstrong is just not believable as Robin Hood. I can’t see any band of men (merry or otherwise) following his character into outlawry and danger. Further, his performance is overshadowed by some really good, bad guys. Frankly, I’m looking forward to Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood.” As a director, Mister Scott puts intelligence and guts into his films. And, Russell Crowe will be a convincing leader -- he’s got some edge to his sword!

Elizabeth Woodsmall on May 23, 2009


Ridley Scott is phenomenal. Russell Crowe is PHENOMENAL. (I agree with Sunny #9) "Robin Hood" is a phenomenal story. I've read it and seen all the movie versions and series at least since Errol Flynn. Ridley Scott, Russell Crowe and "Robin Hood", HOLY COW!

Melanie on Jul 26, 2009

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