Neill Blomkamp Would Love to Return for a District 9 Sequel

August 18, 2009
Source: Fangoria

District 9

It's pretty much inevitable that we'll see a sequel to District 9. The film made an impressive $37.3 million over the weekend, not only surpassing expectations, but making more than its entire budget (not including marketing costs). And the story also sets up a sequel perfectly (we won't say how until below to prevent spoilers) in the end. But like with J.J. Abrams and Cloverfield, will Peter Jackson put a hold on it until they come up with a story that's satisfactory? Well, Neill Blomkamp already seems quite excited to go back, as he recently told EW: "I would do anything to go back to the world of District 9 again. Or District 10."

That's not all though, as Fangoria (via SlashFilm) talked with Blomkamp and got even more out of him:

"I'd love to make a sequel, because it's so creatively rewarding to me; there's just something about [the story]," he told Fangoria. "It's my background mixed with the science fiction that I loved. I'd really like to go back to the world of DISTRICT 9β€”which, without Sharlto's character, would be a very different kind of movie. So I think automatically the two of us will be reunited again, should the public decide that this film is something they want to see and it's successful."

Well, the public has decided, and it definitely is successful. And I can't wait to see the numbers after this upcoming weekend, too, as the positive reviews are only going to help it perform strong the second weekend as well. Speaking of the inevitable sequel, anyone who has seen it knows that Christopher (Wikus' alien friend) will be back in three years time, right? Whether he's coming back to heal Wikus or just save his "people" (or both), we don't yet know, but I'd love to see any/all of that happen. It's also interesting to see Neill mention that Sharlto (who plays Wikus) won't be back because he becomes "one of them" in the end.

Speaking of Neill Blomkamp, even if he doesn't come back for District 10, he's got other ideas already in the works. "I've actually got an idea now for the next film I want to do, which is [another] science fiction movie, but the idea of a full-on horror is incredibly high on my list. This kind of horror/science fiction genre β€” I want to be in that world, that's where I’d like to be." After this weekend, Blomkamp can go wherever and do whatever he wants. He's being heralded as one of the greatest new directors, a young up-and-coming James Cameron or Steven Spielberg (or so Dave Chen of the /Filmcast referred to him). Excited for a sequel?

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Sure. I'm game as long as the script's good.

Kyle Stallock on Aug 18, 2009


oh i'm totally in for a sequel and if it's neill the script will be great. keep those sci-fi movies comin

squizzy on Aug 18, 2009


I would love to return to the world of District 9, but coming up with a decent script may be tough. Maybe another documentary style story from the perspective of the prawn?

Necrothug on Aug 18, 2009


I don't know how they'll do it, but I'm excited to see it!

Ajax on Aug 18, 2009


Enough with the spoilers - issue warnings, boys! Seriously - saw it last night & if I hadn't you would've just ruined it for me. It was awesome. I personally would like to see him do a completely different kind of film first, perhaps a genre-pushing horror / fantasy or even another sci fi that didn't involve aliens, before he returned for something like District 10. Seriously? This guy could raise enough to form his own independent studio if he created a District 9 video game. And I'm not even into video games that much. Just sayin'. Way to go Niell!

Django on Aug 18, 2009


I would agree with Django. If someone read this before seeing the movie there is no reason to go see it now.

Atomic Popcorn on Aug 18, 2009


@6 Like me, the movie ain't even out yet here in the UK -_-'

Ryan on Aug 18, 2009


sequel should happen and involve the return of Christopher with reinforcements..... Blomkamp kept the story very narrow in terms of keeping it strictly to what is happening in South Africa.....whose to say other governments weren't actively involved in the research behind alien weapons and made some advancements in figuring out the alien code?? Christopher returns with an alien army against humans who have figured out and produced mass advanced weapon.... Could be a nice all out war movie on earth There is soo much back story Blonkamp kept out in the 20 years the aliens were on earth there are a million ways he could go with the plot

monal on Aug 18, 2009


To those whining about spoilers- people that haven't seen the movie yet probably shouldn't be reading an article about a potential sequel. Logic should allow you to figure out that there's probably a good chance for discussion involving the story/ending of the first film.

dqniel on Aug 18, 2009


I absolutely loved District 9 and I did like the ending. However after seeing how easily it would be to do a sequel, I honestly would rather not see one. I don't think a sequel will be able to capture the magic that the first movie brought about. I feel like a sequel to D-9 would be like what the second Matrix did to the first Matrix.

Dan W on Aug 18, 2009


Aha the problem is, #9 Dqniel (pretty sure you were going for Daniel there but that letter q is a stubborn whore), that in the first paragraph Alex says he is going to avoid spoilers since it just came out so people read on without fear of them...then bam! He gives away two big parts of the ending. Lol I saw it and it was amazing I loved the film. Original and made you think. You could tell how uncomfortable people were with it when they laughed at certain parts. They felt the need to break the reality of the film.

Maxx on Aug 18, 2009


Yeah you said u didnt want to spoil anything but gave away the ending. Thank God I saw it prior to reading this.

DJ Sil3nt on Aug 18, 2009


A little warning at the top of the page couldnt have gona amiss..its not out here in Ireland until Sept 4th.. So I know the ending now..well done..

fill3rup on Aug 18, 2009


Well said #10 Dan W. Absolutely agree 100%

Maxx on Aug 18, 2009


Eh, I think a sequel would water down the ending. But if Blomkamp has a good idea, why not?

Jonathan on Aug 18, 2009


sequel is absolutely unnecessary and would ruin the value of the final scene. we know in a nut shell what is going to happen, why do we need them to treat as stupid and spell it out for us?

Al on Aug 18, 2009


Sorry but if you haven't seen it. You reeeally shouldn't be looking at an article about possible sequels. Just like you wouldn't go check out the Sound Off article for District 9. A sequel would be amazing to see but I highly doubt they could pull off the perfection that is District 9. They would need to keep the CG completely tight because if they skimp on that in the next it would be way too obvious. Enough to ruin it for me since it was near perfect in District 9. Keep to no name actors (that we've seen in the states) atleast, not sure if Sharlto has been in anything else. Keep to the low budget feel, it gives it a grit and most honest feel. PLEASE NO SPACE TRAVEL (just incase somebody was thinking about it). Keep it on earth. One of the reasons I loved District 9 was because it was about Aliens from another planet who have a ship that can travel anywhere but we NEVER SEE THAT. Even at the ending. Good stuff.

Jared H on Aug 18, 2009


i loved District 9. it was in my opinion the best movie of the summer and as much as i would love to see a sequel and what happens i dont think that would be a good idea. maybe they could shoot extra scenes and create a super return of the king length extended cut but even then that would most likely be a bad idea. i love how it ended and even though it set up a sequel it also left it open to interpretation by the viewer. i just hope if they do a sequel they do the first one justice and make it even better. more exploding people please πŸ˜€

Chris on Aug 18, 2009


After seeing the film, it leaves a felling that sequel is inevitable, most important, i want District 10 and district 9 be more like T2 & T1, not like matrix's sequels. by the way, Veta digital - company that created effects for this one (and also for LOTR etc.) makes them for Cameron's Avtar as well, and after seieng how realistic the prawns look, i just cant wait what to see what they have done with the Nav'i .

KR on Aug 18, 2009


I would too!

Nick Sears on Aug 18, 2009


I'm down for a sequel, but I wouldn't die if there isn't any. I think it's open ended enough for you to want to come up with your own conclusions. But if they decide to fill us in on what happens, then go ahead.... as long as it retains the awesomeness of the first.

Alfredo on Aug 18, 2009


As much as I would love to see District 9 stay alone and not have any sequels, spin-offs, reboots or remakes, I'm lying through my teeth if I say I don't want a sequel. Neill Blomkamp is the kind of guy who won't let the studio execs mess with his idea. If it's not how he wants it, it's not happening. I have 100% faith in him.

Ian @ MovieViral on Aug 18, 2009


LOL sorry for the British, hey haven't even seen the movie yet and this article spoiled the whole thing! Why are release dates so far away from each other? It's ridiculous...I mean the UK and USA are like exactly the same in movies..should release at the same time. Anyway, a sequal will be kinda useless..This one wasn't that great anyway.

Scott on Aug 18, 2009


You know I think Neill should work on those other films for now so as not to get typecast as the District 9 guy. (Yeah I know it sounds weird. But name three movies done by Lucas in the past two decades that had nothing to do with Star Wars or Indy. Go on I'll wait.) Would love to see his take on horror.

jasonmd2020 on Aug 18, 2009


I have to say I'm not a fan of the sequel idea. Of course they are gonna try anyways. The story was awesome and original, a sequel isn't necessary. We can just go on and recommend this movie to everyone, and update or "Top Sci-Fi movies" lists to include it. I'm good with that and I can't wait for more NEW stuff from Blomkamp

theotherbluth on Aug 18, 2009


I am gonna agree with 22....I get the feeling Blomkamp (and hoping) isnt the the typical hollywooder and will do whatever he wants and will do it perfectly. Though most sequels are usually inferior to the first, I think Blomkamp will be able to change that trend with this. Theres so much he could do with it. For those saying it would ruin the integrity of the first I think it would do the exact opposite if he does it right by giving it even more emotional power then it already has and come on "Ill come back for you" Why dont you just yell "Sequel coming in 2 years". I am really glad this movie is as good as I thought it was gonna be. Blomkamp really blew a breath of fresh air into the genre and just hollywood in general....with all the goddamn remakes and reboots I am hoping maybe he started a new trend of actual original ideas coming out of the theaters.

Cody on Aug 18, 2009


Rather then a sequel I rather see his next project he was talking about (a scifi epic) or a feature length film on his short Yellow.

Degree on Aug 18, 2009


Dick move by Billington to not throw up a spoiler alert

Tom on Aug 18, 2009


^ I DID put up a spoiler alert. In the first paragraph it says, "we won't say how until later on to prevent spoilers." By later I implied later on in the post - so that you can read the first paragraph (before the jump) and only go on if you want spoilers. I'll change it to read "below" just to clarify, but that is MORE than enough spoiler warning. Plus, there are barely any spoilers anyway, you could read this and still be surprised by everything that happens in the movie!

Alex Billington on Aug 18, 2009


YA! take that people! :rallies behind alex with a torch:

Jared H on Aug 18, 2009


You state "Whether he's coming back to heal Wikus or just save his "people" (or both), we don't yet know, but I'd love to see any/all of that happen. It's also interesting to see Neill mention that Sharlto (who plays Wikus) won't be back because he becomes "one of them" in the end." I'm a little shocked that someone who runs a film review website seems to miss plot points that slap you in the face? He's coming back to save his people and will heal Wikus at the same time. Hard to miss this since, you know, HE SAYS SO. Secondly, you've completely misread what Neill said about Wikus' character. He said, as per your quote, "..without Sharlto's character, would be a very different kind of movie. So I think automatically the two of us will be reunited again..." - and you've gone and written about Sharlto not being back. What he said reveals to us that it'd be a different kind of movie WITHOUT Sharlto's character, and so he'll be back for any sequel. It's written right there in black and white! Are you drunk/stoned/both when writing these articles?

Uhhh... on Aug 18, 2009


^#31 - First off, what I'm speculating regarding healing Wikus and saving his people, is that Christopher can easily change his mind. Look at halfway through the movie, he goes to the lab and suddenly has a change of heart. Instead of trying to save Wikus, he says screw it, I'm going home to come back in 3 years and save my people first, then heal him. Who knows if when he comes back they've turned the remaining aliens into something like slaves. He would be pissed. And since no one knows where Wikus is (he's one of them) or what he looks like, he may not even be able to find him to save him. Who knows how the plot in a sequel will play out?! Secondly, yes, but again, going off of what I just said above and considering the fact that Wikus turns into an alien by the end (or at least that's what it implies), how can he be back? Flashbacks? Sure, but it's all speculation. He hasn't written the sequel, no one knows where it'll go or what will happen yet, it's all early speculation. I'm saying that so that we can discuss it, not attack each other.

Alex Billington on Aug 18, 2009


I concur with 31 (Uhhh), although in a less abrasive manner. Also, I think your spoiler warning should be on a line of its own and directly above the spoiler mentioned... and your spoiler is actually a pretty big spoiler, the "one of them" part is never seen in any of the trailers, that's a HUGE plot point to give away with very little warning.

Jon on Aug 18, 2009


Oh btw, I loved this movie and agree with your enthusiasm about it. Incredibly original and very well done throughout, can't wait for the DVD. I was pretty amazed when my friend casually asked after about 20 minutes "Is the whole movie going to be like this?" (with a disgusted look on his face). Then again, this friend didn't like Wall-E either, so clearly his taste can't be trusted πŸ™‚

Jon on Aug 18, 2009


For those of you whining about spoilers this is what he said above. And the story also sets up a sequel perfectly (we won't say how until below to prevent spoilers) in the end. See where it says "We won't say how until below"???? It's pretty obvious that there would be spoliers below. Jeez give the guy a break. Don't blame the writer if you didn't read what he wrote.

ObiWop on Aug 18, 2009


On another note, if you think you can do better than Alex does, go start your own fucking website. What a bunch of whiners, ooooh you spoiled the movie for me. Those of you who read it(the spoiler warning) and kept reading, you have noone to blame but yourself. I hope you enjoy the part where Wikus is making another flower out in the trash like the one he left for his wife. ooops........spoiler alert......

ObiWop on Aug 18, 2009


Sequel? I'm already sold on the whole damn Trilogy as long as the director stays. Amazing movie.

Mark Drennan on Aug 18, 2009


Aha ObiWop He changed it to "below". Before it said "Until later on" which implies another time. Not "until the next paragraph" lol plus its just internet folks complaining...I mean what else do we have to do but judge others who have more success πŸ˜‰ When I am successful I would be disappointed if I wasn't pushed by some people. Well not physically pushed because I am one weak son of a gun.

Maxx on Aug 18, 2009


Well, if a bigger budget is in store for its successor... this can only mean hollywood execs will get their greedy little hands on it and taint the District 9 brand. Hypothetically speaking. But it's inevitable. A-listers will be involved, the depth will be lost and the quality diminished. I just hope they "keep it real" and give moviegoers another reason to support the series. Honestly, i really don't care as long as it has nothing to do with FOX. KEEP IN TRUCKIN'!!!

BinYe on Aug 18, 2009


I need to see a sequel to this!! District 9 blew my brain all over the theater

Caleb on Aug 18, 2009


Maxx, I liked your reply.

ObiWop on Aug 18, 2009


Think the guys got talent. I'd love to see a sequel.

JimD on Aug 18, 2009


How about a Prequel on what happened before it or how exactually it got there?

Kris on Aug 19, 2009


absolutly brilliant, i wan't to know what happen next

nuno on Aug 19, 2009


I know they're coming out with a sequel. I'm a little sad, because sometimes the story is better left unfinished (see Gone with the Wind). HOWEVER! I am, at the same time, excited about this, and I really want to see what they do with a sequel. The original was so thoughtfully developed, and so intelligently written and portrayed--I would hate for Big Studio Bullshit to intrude and ruin what is a truly great film.

RStewie on Aug 19, 2009


That's absolutely stupid. Sharlto HAS to return. He's GOING to. You can't have District 9 or 10 without Wikus, you just can't! Sharlto's going to be in 10, it's rhetorical. Amazing movie, though. One of my ultimate favorites.

Shamwowboy on Aug 26, 2009


Heck yes!!! I say lets as long as hollywood stays out. that and the same crew who work on the first come back. my only problem is how will they begin the next one...maybe some quick news footage??

BJSAvell on Sep 2, 2009


I will be definitley waiting for the sequel, hopefully they could bring Wikus back and Christopher can change things.

Fisherr on Nov 15, 2009


please tell us soon if there would be a sequel. We probably will have to wait 3 years before any clarrification, but i would like to know a soon as possible.

BJSavell on Nov 30, 2009

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