New District 9 Viral Updates: Memos, Videos, and LA Times

June 19, 2009

District 9 Viral Updates

Sadly I was told that the new District 9 trailer that was supposed to hit this week was delayed. It'll be out sometime in July, or so I hear, but until then, we've got some minor updates on the viral that should keep a few of you occupied. Everyone who has been closely following this viral already knows of If you've seen any of the bus stop ads or posters, you've also seen that URL. That site actually launched last year at Comic-Con and hasn't changed, however, there are finally a few updates. First, there's a memo, and second, there is a new video. Exciting right?! But that's not all. There are a few more cool D9 viral updates.

When you head over to and login as either a human or non-human you'll see flashing "Urgent Message" text in the lower right corner of the main box. Click that and you'll see a new memo that was released recently. The memo talks about how the alien named Christopher (who runs the MNU Spreads Lies blog) has broken some MNU laws. Additionally, the unblurred video of the alien from the trailer can be seen on the right - so that must be Christopher. Additionally, if you click the glowing yellow dot found in the very middle, you'll be shown the extended interview video with the woman also featured in the original trailer.

MNU Memo

Other new updates this week include a great article over at the LA Times looking at the entire District 9 viral campaign. They quote our friend Nick Butler over at : "What we see with 'District 9' is a combination of real-life experiences mixed in with game experiences that involve websites and Twitter. It is a very successful viral campaign." There is also a great Flickr account that features a selection of 17 photos and videos of posters, banners, bus shelters, and even video ads for District 9 found around the country (like the one below). The LA Times says that these ads have been put up in America's 15 biggest cities.

As always, you can find out a lot more information about District 9 and the company MNU (that is a very important part of the plot) in our original viral post from last year or by just visiting We'll keep you updated on all the latest from this viral campaign. We'll let you know when the new trailer hits in July!

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Those bus-stop ads are EVERYWHERE around my campus at the University of Toronto. Very good advertising campaign imo. It's clear they're spending a lot of money on it.

jman571 on Jun 19, 2009


There's even D-9 ads in bus shells around Australia.

Fingo on Jun 19, 2009


Thanks Alex for mentioning us. Great that you got that e-mail. This D-9 viral is quite unique and excellent. While i say that the internet viral is weak and Sony has made critical mistakes, the real-world viral is awesome. With the ads, videos, etc, Sony has done a great job with that. Maybe we can get more updates but it needs to be soon.

David from MovieViral on Jun 19, 2009


the mom in the MNU video at the end is hideous

DoomCanoe on Jun 19, 2009


you sure the mom is not an alien?

Xerxex on Jun 19, 2009


lol @ the phone number satan reference.

JimD on Jun 19, 2009


Very interesting film. Can't wait to see how it turns out

Barnaby Barrilla on Jun 20, 2009


I haven't been more excited about a film in years, this is going to be awesome However the marketing is none existent from what I've seen in England, very disappointing Any idea where I can see the rest of the video adverts?

James on Jun 20, 2009


Aye, fook all marketing up here in scotland in all, I was wanting to nick me a poster from the bus stop but i dout thats goin to happen...... sony ya bunch o fud reekin suit wearing toss pots wheres the fackin posters for me to have :o)

LV 426 on Jun 20, 2009


I agree good marketing on their part, but look at the video again and again..........UMMMmmmmm I'm worried that the aliens are looking a little too weak on my side, they kind of look like over grown insects......guys tell if I'm over analyzing way too early, thanks lol

Blue & Orange NY on Jun 20, 2009


#10, From what I got in the first trailer, I don't think the aliens are supposed to be a huge threat. I think the film is going to deal more with human reaction to an alien visit. I'm guessing its going to deal more with the darker side of humanity, and our own over active paranioa.

nate on Jun 20, 2009


If you look at there a few more videos hidden throughout the site (click the red button below the tour option on the main map page). On the video you see the non-humans jumping and running, also when you see one of them smash a clipboard out of an MNU officers hand you can see the power of them, not weak characters. Also if you watch the original short film alive in joburg, the aliens start off in massive battle suits, if they appear in the film then the humans will definatly face a threat.

James on Jun 20, 2009


WTF, has anyone really look into the website..... NON-HUMAN SCHOOL TEACHER position available? So I guess we're not fighting Aliens in this one, lol that's a change

Blue & Orange NY on Jun 20, 2009


O we will be fighting them. We're segregating them and treating them like monsters without a care for their rights. What do you think happens when a species with superior technology, and physical prowess is forced to do what a weaker species says? Oh there will be fighting.....

RPH on Jun 20, 2009


lol RPH, true.... but check the D-9.COM site.....if you play with the site, the site has NON-HUMAN jobs lol also there's a WANTED poster for Christopher lol, I believe he's the one from the trailer.....they have him listed with black hair, 7'2, and yellow eyes.....shit sign up to a NBA contract lol Space Jams is back lol

Blue & Orange NY on Jun 20, 2009


@ #9- LV 426, What the fook is wrong with you?

Bryan on Jun 20, 2009



SHANEDAV on Jun 20, 2009


#9 is saying that there is no viral campaign or posters in scotland, and he is angry at sony for not puting up the posters because he wants to steal one

RPH on Jun 20, 2009


interesting... i never new the scots typed just as they talk. i always thought, if they wrote it out it would be much easier for me to understand yet i sat here re-reading #9's comment wondering what "o fud reekin" meant but i laughed my ass off when he called them "toss pots" also notice the difference between fuck and fuckin fuck = fook fuckin = fackin very interesting....

DoomCanoe on Jun 20, 2009


Yeah i'm digging their viral campaign i see those posters for human only stuff in LA, Pasadena, all over

Gavin on Jun 21, 2009


wow ..Very interesting this film...........................

led panel on Jun 21, 2009


I am fecking so excited! ( Gaelic)

D-9 on Jun 22, 2009

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