Epic New Trailer for James Cameron's Avatar in Theaters Friday

October 19, 2009
Source: ComingSoon


Now everyone has a good reason to head to the movie theater this weekend. ComingSoon has confirmed with Fox that a new 3-and-1/2-minute trailer for James Cameron's Avatar will debut in theaters this Friday, October 23rd. They have also confirmed that the trailer will not be arriving online until Thursday, October 29th, so the only true way to see this trailer will be in theaters. We're not sure what film this will be attached to (stay tuned - checking with Fox) but I hope you go anyway and demand with the theater staff that you see it - as I have a feeling it'll be pretty epic and unquestionably worth seeing on the big screen.

ComingSoon also says that "this is THE trailer, the one that will show you much more story (as opposed to the teaser trailer previously released)." Considering there less than two months left before Avatar hits theaters, Fox has to do a lot of heavy marketing to turn this thing into a huge success, and this sounds like the start of their final push. I have a feeling we're going to see a lot more footage that no one has seen yet, including everyone at Comic-Con or Avatar Day. Of course, we'll be bringing it to you online as soon as Fox officially puts it out, but until then, I suggest you head to the theaters this weekend to see the new trailer!

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the marketing for this movie is beyond stupid. Basically everyone who DOESNT work in VFX or goes to specific movies every other week or PAID for a preview in IMAX has never heard of this movie thoroughly or whats it about. Couple that with only 2 months left, i think its about time to start a wide release of ads. If you look at any well marketed brand out there, transformers, star wars, iron man,etc all of them have been lambasted high and wide well prior to their release. Wether they sucked or not, thats a whole other issue. I doubt the marketing on this will do an adequate job but they have another 2 months to proove me wrong.

Buggy166 on Oct 19, 2009


Gotta agree with Buggy166 marketing so far has been lacking greatly, but I need to be sold on the 3-D part of it all, and I need to be sold on paying more to attend an Imax screening.

xerxex on Oct 19, 2009


I love how pretty much everyone I know could care less about this movie. I mean, I'll see it, but it's not something to go whooptie-friggin-do over. Movie doesn't look bad, just not epic in the least.

Atoj on Oct 19, 2009


I'm excited to see a new, meatier trailer since the teaser didn't too much for me. I'll theater hop this weekend. Except just to see trailers...

-Peter- on Oct 19, 2009


WORST. MARKETING. JOB. EVER. 2012 and New Moon have more buzz than this. James Cameron's ego was too huge for him to attach the trailer to one of this year's blockbuster movies. FLOP ALERT!!!

Paulo on Oct 19, 2009


@ 3 - you have no clue what you're talking about, do you? It's James Cameron, you dick. He IS epic!

TTEX on Oct 19, 2009


"Everyone has a good reason to head to the movie theater this weekend." Really? For what? So we can see some overhyped trailer like the last time? This movie is not epic, and I love how everyone I know can either care less about this movie or straight out doesn't give a shit about this movie.

clippers350 on Oct 19, 2009


I hope Fox doesn't think that the fanboys will carry this movie and screw up the marketing the way Warner Bros. messed up Watchmen. They really need to go beyond the fanbase. I have co-workers who are avid Sci-Fi fans who've not heard of Avatar - or they think it's The Last Airbender movie. Like everyone's saying, it's just not on the radar. They also need to emphasize the story (if there is one) over style. So what if it's like nothing we've seen before... Thanks to the digital era we're seeing stuff that's like nothing we've seen before every day. It needs to look engrossing and/or entertaining. So far I'm not feeling it.

Mat on Oct 19, 2009


I love how all these ppl are criticizing a film, that's still months from release - hailing it's ultimate failure. I guess the internets is full of morons like this, who think they're some sort of Geek police. Everyone on here, dissing Cameron need to remember, that they've all achieved less than 1% in their life compared to him. Fucking idiots.

TTEX on Oct 19, 2009


Can't wait to see this on IMAX.

Shane on Oct 19, 2009


wait... is this really not the same movie as that airbender thing? i'm confused.

SkywayCourt on Oct 19, 2009


I dunno if the marketing's been that terrible. I know a bunch of kids at my school who are pretty psyched for this even though there's only been the teaser, and they don't exactly follow movie news sites or anything.

AJ on Oct 19, 2009


how do you know its epic? haha alex loves cameron, maybe a little too much.

jake the snake on Oct 19, 2009


@11 *facepalm*

notalent on Oct 19, 2009


what happened to my comment? hmmm

jake the snake on Oct 19, 2009


what do you mean by *facepalm* notalent. i'm still confused... is that picture at the top w/ the blue animal from airbender or not?

SkywayCourt on Oct 19, 2009


I'LL face-palm all you dumb cunts. Then jizz over your mothers faces. Avatar is the balls! Fucking can't wait!!!!! Cameron is a God.

GR8 on Oct 19, 2009


While I do not doubt this trailer will be "epic" in the slightest.... I thought that judgment was usually reserved for AFTER the trailer comes out. 😉 Can't blame you though. I loved everything I have seen from it so far. The 15 min IMAX teaser was lovely.

Rob on Oct 19, 2009


I don't know, I'm calling it right now people will not go see a movie with stupid blue aliens. Well this may not flop outright, and will probably make good money, it will not be the epic blockbuster it was originally hyped up to be.

jman571 on Oct 19, 2009


#20 jman - I don't think it'll be as big as Titanic, that's for sure (that movie is unbeatable), but... Back in 1997 and 1996 when people heard about a 3 hour movie about a sinking ship, did you think anyone wanted to see it? Titanic went through the same early struggles and, well, you know the rest. Because these are aliens, I don't think it'll make Titanic numbers, but I have a feeling it may end up being a huge hit anyway, just because it's James frickin' Cameron! #14 jake - I will admit that I love JC quite a damn bit... That may very well be accurate. 🙂

Alex Billington on Oct 19, 2009


@TTEX....I only seen like 1 person so far talk about Cameron, most are just mentioning the marketing problems. O.o Shhhh, calm down and get off Cameron's balls please.

Sabes on Oct 19, 2009


"This movie is not epic" Do you guys even know what 'epic' means? It fits into the 'epic' genre of cinema very nicely. If by epic you mean good, well great, more dilution of the English language. If 'Avatar' is not epic, what do you people think is?

chrad on Oct 19, 2009


Alright. You can talk shit. But come December, everyone here and on slashfilm and every other blog will probably find themselves in the theater with an Avatar ticket.

Zachy on Oct 19, 2009


@alright=youre fucking right man.

jelipe on Oct 19, 2009


I went to Avatar Day, and it looked amazing. Anyone here been to Avatar Day and thought it was bad. Just calm down for the moment and wait for the new trailer to come out this Friday, whether or not you see it in theaters or online, wherever. James Cameron is up there with Lucas, Spielberg, Scorsese, etc. Just believe in that fact that he can make good movies. Who here did not like Aliens, or Terminator 2, or even Titanic? Avatar might not be your cup of tea, but at least don't cut it down before you've seen it in its 3D glory. Anyone who thinks otherwise, I don't give a flying fuck about your opinions.

Martin B on Oct 19, 2009


lol yea, i asked everyone i know at my dorms about this film, and NO ONE even knows about it. They better start their marketing soon and fast!

Nikhil Hariharan on Oct 20, 2009


The second you find out someone doesn't know about it, they know about it. That's viral marketing.

CrackDown on Oct 20, 2009


? iam asking what film is the trailer in Cinemas going to be shown on Astroboy, Saw VI.

Cineprog on Oct 20, 2009


Fuck you haters... Everyone smart enough knows who Cameron IS and what he is capable of doing with camera, so please, stop...go to f-ing AICN and start spitting some serious shit there! Oh, I forgot, AICN hasn't even posted this news... AVATAR IS GOING TO BE HUUUUUUUGE!!! Arguments? Imdb, James Cameron fimography, end of story.

m4st4 on Oct 20, 2009


#28 Airbender? Yeah, I saw that crap...It's pretty much ok, but still crap compared to friggin mech vs. Na'vi battle on a distant planet! Shyamalan Vs. Cameron? Hahahahhahahahahhaha...a joke, that's what it is you stupid KID!

m4st4 on Oct 20, 2009


#23 And Zachy, ma nailed it so...this case is pretty much closed.

m4st4 on Oct 20, 2009


#1 no one paid for a preview in IMAX, tickets were free on the website.

andy on Oct 20, 2009


Alex, I'd rather see a film about a sinking ship with a great cast than a film about blue aliens and their struggle Apocalypto style.

dom on Oct 20, 2009


Wow, I see most people giving their opinions in a civilized way then getting attacked for it and being hurled insults. Makes me sad for humanity when civilized conversation can't be had anymore. #6, thanks for calling me a dick when I didn't attack a single thing. Just gave my opinion, as you gave yours. No use for calling names if someone doesn't agree with you.

Atoj on Oct 20, 2009

35 one knows what this is if they haven't been to some huge movie with the stupid teaser that shows some ugly ass fake looking blue aliens. Cameron was an idiot using Avatar and with the trailer of The Last Airbender out, I know plenty that assume it's the same film and are more disappointed when they found out what Avatar was that they have to wait for The Last Airbender and who was the idiot that took its name...I explain, they say "oh" and we go about our lives.

Tra la la la la di da on Oct 20, 2009


I love how people like to compare notes between George Lucas and James Cameron. Obviously when it comes to how "awesome" and "epic" Avatar is when compared to Star Wars. In the first place, I guarantee that George is probably excited, not to mention James Cameron was there to see the first star wars movie and became a film maker because of it, so based on that alone people should shut the fuck up about the comparisons. I know I'll be called a fanboy, or that I'm still sucking on George Lucas' teat.. and whoever says this would be right. I have no problem sucking down new Star Wars stuff (yes, I do like ALL of the stuff that George has done) But I have not had a single hair raise while watching those Avatar trailers. Not a single one. They don't inspire me, they don't look original, and they don't look REAL. It looks so incredibly fake and how is the story unique? Granted that the star wars series doesn't have a LOT of things that make it unique aside from electronic swords and a new name for magic, but at least it had those to enhance the story. Avatar has a crippy boy getting "jacked in" to a creature that could best the height of any pro basketball player, is blue and looks like a retarded elf. WHAT makes this movie look so interesting to people? I'm asking in all seriousness, because I don't see it. Everyone is setting themselves up for a massive let down. It has been so hyped and there's hardly a damn thing out about it, but everyones saying it will beat the fuck out of star wars and any other movie. When star wars was gearing up for release, not a damn person thought it was going to be ANY good, that George was a fool for using orchestrated music instead of disco. When it came out, it was such a surprise hit that Kenner wasn't even prepared for the marketing. People had to wait a friggin' year to get their hands on any toys. So if this is kinda the route that Cameron's going with the Marketing, it makes him look less egotistic to me. James Cameron keeps saying that he's revolutionizing film making. No footage I've seen has made me believe this. George NEVER said he was revolutionizing the way people make films. He just wanted tools to tell his story and realized that he had to build it himself, and if it benefited everyone else so be it. So compare these to filmmakers as you like, but there more than likely wouldn't even fucking BE an Avatar if there was never George Lucas OR Star Wars, as 80% of todays filmmakers wouldn't have been inspired. James Cameron FUCKING INCLUDED.

Dresden on Oct 20, 2009


I love that I haven't been saturated with Avatar crap yet. I hate being excited for movie and then having to see a million previews before the movie comes out. The longer they wait the better in my opinion. Oh, and how much you want to bet that all the people on here who say it's a flop because no one they know has heard of it are the same people who say it is way overhyped? Who needs cognitive dissonance when I can live in my ignorance filled bliss?

Buzz on Oct 20, 2009


Dresden, did you go to Avatar Day and see the footage in 3-D? I would agree that the 2-D trailers weren't all that exciting, even on a giant IMAX screen. The 3-D version, however, is amazing. Can't wait to see this in IMAX 3-D.

Pete on Oct 20, 2009


Pan a movie because of the marketing campaign? HAHAHAHAHA! James Cameron is the best.

zibo fricka on Oct 20, 2009


STOP WITH AVATAR! Even if this meets the hype like Dark Knight or Iron Man did last year, this site seriously needs to stop. New trailer, thanks for letting us know. Some pics, ok maybe. But there were several Avatar Day posts that were just ridiculous. Please, please stop, you are making me hate this movie already.

branden on Oct 20, 2009


Stop your crying and maybe get some pussy or something. That might make you feel better.

M-Cat on Oct 20, 2009


# 38.... Dude I love Star Wars material in excess, just about more than 99.7% of everyone...but I'm also excited to see Avatar, and will enjoy it for what it is. I think the one thing it has going against it, is the "weird" factor, it hurt A.I., it hurts most Tim Burton movies, and it may not have a broad appeal to get the kind of repeat viewings many expect it will need to reach legendary box-office status. Having said that, I'm sure I "dig it the most" many times have I set in a theater on opening night and been among the minority walking out of a multiplex thinking wow what an enjoyable film only to over hear comments about how awful something was. No matter how harsh the criticism may be for Avatar, I'm hear to tell you that going back to 1984 Cameron has never made a bad film...SO it will be good. Will it be what you and mass audiences want, maybe not...but it will be good. BTW #38 keep fighting the good fight and uphold the name of George Lucas the father of the tent pole/blockbuster/theater camp line etc....

Kamish on Oct 20, 2009


Ok so I was meaning to address poster #37, sorry for the FUBAR!

Kamish on Oct 20, 2009


i totally agree with #41....avatar this,avatar that...cmon!!!it looks like GAY BEOWULF!!!!

splinter on Oct 20, 2009


Gay Beowulf. Smurfs in space. Retarded elves... Nice...So, I guess online community really IS that stupid? You see, can't be civilized with What kind of dork gets to say such things? And also, to say them out loud when we are talking about James Cameron? Do we really need this: -Terminator -Aliens -The Abyss -Terminator 2 -True Lies -yes...Titanic? Common...go to your Transformers, G.I. Joes and yeah, Smurfs 3D and shut the f-up!

m4st4 on Oct 20, 2009


When we hear James Horner's score in the background of this trailer...When we see Sigourney, Lang and Rodriguez chick, the ending scenes - ''mother of all battles''...I hope that at least 1% of these haters will admit their mistake... Others will buy the ticket, for sure...

m4st4 on Oct 20, 2009


Whenever something about this movie pops up, the comments make me lose any excitement and quite possibly make me hate this movie a bit. So much nerd rage. In reality none of us know how good it will be until it actually comes out and we see it in its entirety, stop hating on each other so much over -opinions-

Sabes on Oct 20, 2009


#42 So me being a nerd and going crazy over Avatar WILL get me some? Idiot.

branden on Oct 20, 2009


#36 Tra la la la la di da Wait, James Cameron is an idiot (must be with all that success) for 'stealing' the name of Avatar: The Last Airbender when he started working on this film before that cartoon had even begun airing? Stupid.

chrad on Oct 20, 2009


@ Pete, 39 No, didn't go to Avatar day, obviously. It might look INCREDIBLE in 3D. But every picture, poster, billboard sign and a large portion of the DVD sales will NOT be in 3D, so it's going to look like a cartoon for the most part. Unless everyone sees it in 3D, which not everyone will. Unless I'm very confused and every showing that will be coming out will be in a special new 3D projector shipped to every theatre across the globe.

Dresden on Oct 20, 2009


James Cameron + Blockbuster - Bill Paxton = FAIL Aliens... Paxton... True Lies... Paxton... Titanic... Paxton... Terminator... Paxton (Cameo) Sure the Abyss didn't have Paxton but it had Micheal Beihn and a Chris Elliot Cameo which is close enough. Seriously though I've had to put up Micheal Bay or my FX money shots, and we all know Devlin and Emmerich's only good FX disaster (pun intendend) was Independance Day (cuz of Bill Paxton ham-for-cheese doppleganger Bill Pullman) so were all due for a Cameron fest. Oh and I'm seeing this in IMAX cause we only have DIGITAL IMAX here and Avatars the only thing I'd actually pay extra for seeing it there. ever. BTW Bill Paxton - cheesiness + hamming it up = Bill Pullman

Akirakorn on Oct 20, 2009


I would love to attend the premiere of this movie.

Fisherr on Oct 20, 2009


It's a movie. Appreciate it for what it is. We feel so bad for what we feel in our own lives that we must always find something wrong with whatever some one else is doing. I love movies!!!!!! It is hypocritical to talk crap about a man who is one of the few people that makes you so compassionate about these posts in the first place.

David on Oct 20, 2009


Marine looses legs, marine gets into avatar mmo program to be Na'vi and get legs back. Marin/Na'vi go to slendid edenesque planet named Pandora, is amazed by local flora & fauna, gets to meet hot blue half naked alien/elf (Na'vi). Meets tribe of said sexy blue alien girl, gets to know their culture after few trials. Loves their culture. But Oh noes...Marine forgot evil/racist commander wants resources from PANDORA and will get marine/Na'vi back on track of mission. Marine/Na'vi warns tribe, gets them fired up and they end up on full scale war...ending guessed it hot sexy Marine/Na'vi + Alien blue chick who's half naked love making Moral of the story...don't mess with the Zohan...wait I meant don't mess with nature...ergo the Na'vi rules!! OK...I really enjoyed that movie way back when it was called " Dances with wolves " won bunch of Oscars and was probably the last time Kevin Costner did a film I liked. Listen I'm not hatin'...I'm an avid moviegoer/buff/cinephile and I love a good flick. But so far this AVATAR is an old story, told in a new setting with special effects that is as per Cameron redux the way LaLawood makes movies...Please...The Last three films to actually influence Hollywood in the past decade were " The Matrix 1999 " " Sin City 2005 " and " 300 " Those 3 showed that telling stories and making movies could still happen and ACTUALLY dictated how movies have been made in past 10 years. So for Cameron to tell me he's gonna do something new in this sarcastic/twitter/facebook/blog/forum/ world scape and not market a movie that took longer then '' Eyes wide shut " to actually film & produce is a lot to back up. I'm not saying the movie will be bad or worse then this years movies (except District 9 / Zombieland / Law Abitting citizen ) I've yet to see any publicity telling me I need to see this flick even if my life depended on it. Cause I still love to see new movies and not remakes or reboots or rehash. I still want movies to blow me away and inspire me in my writings. But DUDE!!!! Don't sell me an old tech made new and tell me photo realistic CGI is here, when I've seen only a 15 min. bit and a teaser...It's your job to sell this film to movie...even the story is an old one and has been done to death (eg. Pathfinder 2006 ) This movie will make buckets loads of money for the suits and producers who are backing up this gamble...but will it make the industry of film jizz in its pants once more...Remains to be proven So fanboys...go rent " Dances with wolves " and you'll have seen the main story plot of AVATAR. Go see this new film for the effects nothing more, but don't say it will be epic b4 it's even out... " Superman: Returns 2006 " was supposed to be epic and they marketed the crap out of it! Haters of AVATAR...see the movie, form an opinion...then hate, not just sound like a marine who just lost their legs and is thinking of gettin in on that new Na'vi program... Cameron made 2 good movies story wise and they were great ones...Aliens & Terminator2...but those were forever ago... Do we judge Sorcese that way...remember Taxi driver...great film, but different era and the fans who saw it didn't have forums to bitch about what was wrong with it. Look at DePalma...his best film ever Scarface! Coppola...Apocalypse Now....Spielberg....Saving Private Ryan...Christopher Nolan...The Prestige/Dark Knight...Kubrick...2001/Clockwork orange...the list goes on... Directors change with the decades and can never reproduce the lightning of their work twice...But they can still tell good stories. But for us to keep judging them on their greatest films is laughable now a days...those who go to the movies are more attuned to the way films are made and have less patience with creative decisions made by them. There's a LaLawood saying..." You're never as good as your last movie " And it's true...I'm ready for " Inception " or " Iron Man 2 " or any other movie trying to get my 10 bucks. But I,ll bitch when it fails after I've seen it, but at least...their were no promises and I'll judge it by it's self, not because previous films were EPIC/AWESOME/JE NE SAIS QUOI... That young director from District 9 blew me away and I can't wait to see what kind of movies he'll be making. So he better bring his A game...or else District 9 will be his only great film to judge him on. Nuff said!

Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Oct 20, 2009


Ok...#55...You lost your argument at 300, the one that influneced and inspired storytelling...or whatever. What kind of ''movie fan'' says that kind of thing? Also, ''Cameron made only 2 great movies line'' is lame... Or, you don't know about Terminator (yes, the first one), or, more important - The Abyss (Director's Cut please)? Those are great, and True Lies is very good (and great compared to ANY of Bays/Ratners/whatever action directors) And Dances with wolves? yeah, I supposse you could make that assumption...but than again, I've red Avatar scriptment (the old one), and as far as I remember, Wolves didn't have one hour ground/air battle (read: Minas Tirith is a baby), Wolves didn't have ''nude blue chick'' or mechs or ''dragons''...So, take your Kevin Costner movie and give this guy a chance (from the titles you mentioned in your comment, I see that you STILL have something to say...) 😉

m4st4 on Oct 20, 2009


#55 Also... ''fanboys…go rent " Dances with wolves " and you'll have seen the main story plot of AVATAR. Go see this new film for the effects nothing more, but don't say it will be epic b4 it's even out…'' ''Fanboys'', the ones that know what a good movie looks like (and don't point Sin City/300 as a landmark for a later flicks called Spirit or, hm...Sky Captain?-I'm talking all green-screen) have allready seen that movie...Also: Pocahontas, Malick's New World etc. How many times have we seen LOTR story? Friendship, epic battles, fantastic setting? How many times have we seen Indy? Die Hard - to mention one that actually counts! Those stories, emotions, ideas...It's all there since Beowulf for Christ's sake...but that doesn't mean we won't like 'em in the hands of a professional. District 9 is basically The Fly Vs. Robocop, and we (mostly) loved it! Why? Cause Blomkamp knew his job from the beginning... ''Haters of AVATAR…see the movie, form an opinion…then hate, not b4…you just sound like a marine who just lost their legs and is thinking of gettin in on that new Na'vi program…'' Ok, this one is fair 😛 Sorry for grammar and cheers from Croatian fanboy...

m4st4 on Oct 20, 2009


DUDE!!!!!!! @ #56 of course... Chill...just chill...300 influenced how movies are adapted from their first narrative, respecting source material and filming a story in great sweeping vistas, to encompass maximum emotion from scenes. Plus filming of action sequences using 3 cameras running at the same time, then giving you the impression of zooming is something Hollywood is using now. That was my point. Sin City gave cinema a way of shooting a scene with minimal set pieces, giving rise to detail background done right with CG. Sky Captain wasn't the first to use this method, Star Wars 2 did it first, but did nothing in the aspect of story telling and pacing. And MY opinion Cameron out did his directing style in Aliens with visceral filming of scenes in close quarters and did a great job for sci-fi as a genre. Terminator 2 is simply in my opinion the best filmed action movie of the past 10+ years, simply for achieving great practical effects done right, with great dialogues, with great casting, with great scenes with heartfelt emotions and unforced moments of levity. Plus also it out did Willow in the CGI and special effects area. The Abyss is a good yarn, but doesn't age well with time as a sci-fi movie. The acting is good, but not memorable. The CGI effects were the first and are still good to see, but as I said the movie is old. True Lies is a fun comedy/action movie with my fav actor Arnold...nothing more...Arnolds done better and the movie is over rated even for me. And just because you have scenes in AVATAR that have Mechs vs Na'vi doesn't mean it's not a metaphor for Cowboys and Native Americans...It's just guns vs nature...same old same old... And I'm sorry...District 9 is Robocop & the Fly!!! Cronenberg is an artful story teller but difficult to grasp at times and Robocop is just the best cyberpunk genre movie since Blade Runner, even if they don't mirror each other in story telling styles. District 9 is nothing like those's more...It's an actor showing us how WE people treat each other and how we can change drastically when we need to...that's what blew me away. Not the CGI or effects even if they were great...I love a director capable of moving me from start to end credits! If AVATAR isn't a generic sci-fi story with obvious plot points and script holes, then I will enjoy it...but I'm a dire film fan and I critique when I know things simply don't add up...not bitch, but point out what could of made more sense...I want to be entertain...for god's sake...I don't analyze a movie b4 its out, while I'm watching it and after I've seen it...I want to escape So if AVATAR can do that Cameron will have won my 10 bucks...nothing more, nothing less... Nuff' said!

Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Oct 20, 2009


#58 Look, Lazarus, I respect your opinion, ok? I agree with Robocop (although Verhoeven for ME is zero compared to McTiernan back in the eighties, John Milius, or, not to mention - Cameron. Cronenberg is a genius and The Fly is one of my favorite SF movies of all, me mentioning those movies in the same sentence as District 9 was obviously a flatering, i LOVE that movie! One of the best this year...Blomkamp is the first one to compare his movie to those! I don't have a quote but I've red it...) My point? As an objective viewer? Well, sometimes you just need that leap of faith I guess...Like, Guillermo del Toro is doing The Hobbit? I'l probably love it...Pixar is doing John Carter Of Mars? I'm in! Nolan is going to finish his Batman-masterpiece? And so on... And it goes from being a passionate moviegoer, from knowing stuff (years of training), good from one can tell me that Transformers 3 are going to be EPIC cause, you know, at the end, it's just Michael ''let's blow some shit'' Bay...I hope I'm getting this right, but I really really understand your point and thanks for making it clear 😉 At the end, I hope we'll all get along, haters, fanboys and the ones in between!

m4st4 on Oct 21, 2009


Dude we understand each other and that last point about M. Bay...your so on point! Unlike so many haters...I'm willing to have a leap of faith on AVATAR...but I'm not going in blindly like many fanboys! 😉 Keep on rockin it at the theatres bro!

Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Oct 21, 2009


Any news on what this is showing in front of yet?

Shane on Oct 21, 2009


Amelia...Yep, Fox movie... Also, new trailer is like Avatar Day and teaser - minus hate factor...

m4st4 on Oct 21, 2009


I want to murder you all in cold blood, that's how stupid this has gotten.

atoj on Oct 22, 2009


Guys who try to pulll down a film from ROlling Stone to GL is hailing could beat SWs and Titanic are loonies... THis film is a lock to hit 650-1B range... And its proably a few haters who even talk nonsense that no one doesnt know abot this film. It has over 150-200Mil hits on google lol. Its the most talked about movie in NY, CAL, UK, germany, TX, etc.. And the new trailer refreshes its the guy that did Titanic (A frakken nearly 400M ticket seller lol) and Terminator 1 and 2 and Aliens and Abyss. Good luck to the jokers saying it will flop. Im thinking 350- and up to 700+M if they really hit a crecendo and certainly 500-700+M OS. Just wow..on the Avatar Day promotion it had people sweating and standing up clapping.. Greatest movie experience of my life.. And thats only 15mins of the Digital Dimensional 3D version!! Watching that version 3-4 times and the regular 2D version about 2 times. James Cameron for Life. Its just plain stupid to doubt a guy whose last film surpassed everything domestically and especially overseas in one run... News Flash Titanic was only 10+ years ago, not 20 lol. ENough said. Be there on OD...

Kal-EL of on Oct 22, 2009


Trailers also being pushed with New Moon, updating with Paranormal Activity and Saw 2009

Kal-EL of on Oct 22, 2009


By the way.. Go do a google search... GL admitted James Cameron movie looks and feels bigger than SWS.. LOL Poor hating SWS fanboys.... Even GL thinks this is the start of things big and now he wants to use the tech to make new SWs movies. Hah hah.. JC and GL for life. 🙂

Kal-EL of on Oct 22, 2009


# 64 Kal-EL of Hell yeah! and.. #63 Murder your fucking dog you prick...that's how you start

m4st4 on Oct 22, 2009


Watched the trailer tonight- has about a 3.5 minute run time. Found it intriguing and the cgi looked better in this. All I gotta say is Sigourney Weaver sold me. To all those asking what movie it's going to play in front of, it often varies theater to theater... However, we received a trailer for placement on Vampire's Assistant and although our company won't be showing Avatar I put it on anyway- at the risk of being reprimanded. I've done worse.

Mat on Oct 23, 2009


haha 68 i considered doing the same thing... we won't be playing avatar either but since the intermission between shows is short the 3 1/2 minute trailer hurts the staff in clean ups so i decided against it... and i feel like the vampires assistant is not a very good movie to put this trailer on considering its most likely going to bomb and will attract mostly teenage girls who will probably care less about avatar

Rob on Oct 23, 2009


this sucks just putting the trailer in theaters means less people are going to see it saugh astro boy cuase it looked like the movie that would least suck this weekend hoped to see the avatar trailer but it wasnt there and i dont want to have to go see every peice of crap out there just for a stupid trailer people who say that the marketing for this movie is bad definatly have a point cause now fox is just pissing of the people who are excited to see this movie

rowdy on Oct 23, 2009


#70 At this point, ''Fox and his crappy marketing'' are pointless...cause TRAILER IS BRILLIANT! THE BEST MOVIE TRAILER I HAVE EVER SEEN.

m4st4 on Oct 24, 2009


71 you wouldnt happen to know what movie its in front of

rowdy on Oct 24, 2009


71 As I posted above, it varies theater to theater. Just call your local multiplex and ask.

Mat on Oct 25, 2009


The trailer's on the avatarmovie website. Adds a lot more story. Animation still looks a bit ropey, but as Weta are doing the post production I am expecting the final result to be nothing short of spectacular.

Colin on Nov 2, 2009

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