New Iron Man 2 Viral Clue Only Points to Tony Stark So Far?

December 11, 2009
Source: SuperHeroHype

The Secret life of Mr. Stark

Yesterday a new poster for Iron Man 2 hit the web featuring Mickey Rourke as the villain Whiplash. The background of the poster contained newspaper clippings and magazine covers all about Tony Stark, used to give Rourke somewhat of a motive for this (although I'm not sure if that's the case in the movie). Anyway, following that debut, SuperHeroHype was sent what they called the first "clue" in a new Iron Man 2 viral game. The photo they were sent contains another newspaper clipping (just like the ones on the back of the poster), with the word "Secret" highlighted, and an arrow pointing to some text. But what does it all mean?

Before we continue, here's the photo they were sent with the first clue, whatever that means. Take a look:

Iron Man 2 Viral Clue

Let's put together some basic details. First off, that definitely is Tony Stark to the right, despite that some people think it's Bruce Banner (it's not). Secondly, the title of the article in the photo is: "The Secret life of Mr. Stark". That makes me think we may get to see a little bit of his "secret" life or, potentially, even join his organization. Which reminds me of another viral for Iron Man 2 that hit in July. Pepper Potts put up a "memo" from Stark and included a link that said if you want to be hired by Stark Industries, you could sign-up on the site (an easy way to get a whole bunch of emails). But are these two connected in some way?

Given that this photo hit yesterday, I did some searching around the web to see if I could find any updates. Unfortunately, no one has figured it out yet. Or there's the possibility that it can't be figured out yet until we get more pieces of a bigger puzzle. The text in the article doesn't help and the arrow doesn't really point to anything. I mentioned that the Whiplash poster has a background of newspaper clippings. In this official photo of Rourke on set, his wall has clippings just like it. And you'll notice there's one at the top middle that is this exact photo. In fact, that arrow means nothing because it's a part of the original article. So our only clue is the highlighted word "secret" so far. Let us know if you find anything! Any idea what this means?

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Will on Dec 11, 2009


So far, all I've been able to come up with is a few misspelled words that could possibly be an anagram for something... See results:

Internapse on Dec 11, 2009

3 Since the image was released in a high quality, we can make out the text of the article, which I believe has something to do with the clue (see Anagram ideas above). Here's the article: The Secret Life of Mr. Stark Stark is Iron Man. The genius Mr. Stark, inventor [unclear text] Industries, and international [unclear text] the world with this greatest [unclear text]. Stark discusses his time [unclear text, possibly Afghanistan], and reveals how [unclear, possibly he] formed his new identity. Stunning the world's press, amazing captains of industry, delighting a curious public and thrilling children the world over, Tony Stark, CEO of Stark Enterprises announced this week that he was the man behind Iron Man. The mysterious metal-clad behemoth that has battled terrorists, challenged natural disasters, and rescued thousands of people around the world, had people guessing as to his true identity. Last month, at Stark Headquarters in Southern California, Tony Stark declared that his company founded by his father, will no longer design and manufacture weapons of mass destruction. Stark announced a new era for his company, Stark Enterprises, in which the company would turn its resources to the creation of alternative technology and non-military products. This announcement is a dramatic departure for the company. Such turn of events occurred after Mr. Stark's return following [unclear text] near Bagram, Afghanistan. Stark was at the time traveling in the country to meet with high-ranking military officials with a full military escort when he was attacked. Tony Stark, was feared dead after this attack in Afghanistan for months, until he was discovered alive by the US Attache in Saudi Arabia. Stark arrived at the US Base after being spotted on the steppes near the border of Uzbekistan. Stark was transported by helicopter and treated for his injuries. Obadiah Stane, who has been serving as CEO of Stark Enterprises since Stark went missing issued a statement of gratitude for Stark's safe return. Tony denies having any substatial [Note: missing the n from substantial] injuries or emotional trama [Note: trama is actually spelled trauma] caused from this recent kiddenapping [Note: kidnapping is the correct spelling here]. He instead has been inspired to continue his father's legacy in what he believes to be a greater solution. Finally, the truth is out. The enigmatic Stark [text fades to black].

Internapse on Dec 11, 2009


Advertising here?

JakeTheSnake on Dec 11, 2009


Advertising where #4? I thought the same thing #3, but there's nothing really in that text... Is there?

Alex Billington on Dec 11, 2009


A-A-A-A-A-B-D-D-E-G-I-I-I-K-L-M-N-N-P-P-R-S-S-T-T-T-U are all the letters in the three misspelled words, but I can't make much of the anagram, if it is indeed one. Ten Rings, Mandarin, Stark, Stane, and Industries all show up, but it's hard to make any sense of the rest of the letters once one of those words are removed. I've read the article too many times to count in the past 24 hours, and those are the only 3 words that are misspelled. Also of note is that all 3 words are in the same sentence. If you ask me, I think the article in Ivan Vanko's workshop is slightly different in the title. "The Secret Life of Mr. Stark" compared to just "Mr. Stark" -- maybe something to note, maybe not.

Internapse on Dec 11, 2009


I think the fact that this article is burned around the edges has some significance. Perhaps there is some kind of explosion that occurs in Whiplashes lair or whatever where he has all of the newspaper articles, including this one, on the wall.

microbe on Dec 11, 2009


N King and P. Buckner are actually people who worked on set of the movie N. King = Noelle King (set designer for Iron Man 2 ) P. Buckner = Page Buckner (Art Director for Iron Man 2 )

tazz on Dec 11, 2009


It's meaningless. It's just a clipping from whiplash's wall of clippings and it suggests that whiplash knows some secret thing stark may have done(intentionally or unintentionally) to get in the way of whiplash's dreams, goals, career, etc.

dedmaroz on Dec 11, 2009


Looks like it made up not that brilliant 🙁

Cineprog on Dec 11, 2009


it seems like the words that are spelled wrong have too many letters in them.. What are just the extra letters.?

Ballyhoo on Dec 11, 2009


@11 Substatial = Substantial (missing the N) Trama = Trauma (Missing the U) Kiddennapping = Kidnapping (Added DE) NUDE.

Internapse on Dec 11, 2009


What does this mean? Are you telling me that you cannot figure this out. All the comic movies are based on a storyline that has already been published in one form or another.

crabby on Dec 11, 2009


this is all poppy cock just show us the dam trailer already 🙁

Madnezz344 on Dec 11, 2009



NooMINaK on Dec 11, 2009


Well Secret seems to be big since it has been highlighted and it seems some of the fonts change in the article.

Duck on Dec 11, 2009


is there something in the frame or perhaps mirror behind stark?

pangalacticgargleblaster on Dec 11, 2009


anyone looked at it in a mirror?

nathan on Dec 12, 2009


anyone looked at it in a mirror? or taken any outside the box approach? do a little dance or something. in the words of dick marchinko keep it simple stupid

nathan on Dec 12, 2009


The missing or additional letters in the misspelled words spell UNITED. The otherwise superfluous arrow seems to be an allusion to Hawkeye. The dark crease on the bottom of the page, the lighter area around it and the edge of what is presumably a napkin outside the actual article form the top third of a star symbol. And that enigmatic light blurb-that's the brightest of all the other reflected light-on the side of Stark's face looks like a tiny man. These odd stand-outs have all been noted by multiple people and because a lot of us came to the same realization and conclusion on these things it seems reasonable that the UNITED and the symbols hint at an Avengers Cameo by at the least, the civilian alter-egos of Cap, Hawkeye and Ant-man.

Dartfin on Dec 12, 2009


People are reading to much into this. Other sites have people screaming HULK, Captain America,and Hawkeye,and Avengers...aso I think its as simple as this. Tony`s secret (since whiplash has used a magic marker on the word secret in the article) is that he needs the arc reactor in his chest to live,and that he has no chance without the armor. hence lets get down and dirty at the race trac.... If Ivan Vanko turns out to be the son of ironmonger from IM1 i would not be surprised (there is nothing in the clue to suggest that!!)

daliel on Dec 12, 2009


also this movie has been done filming for a long time now,and noone has been cast as hawkeye ,captain america or anyone else.....roumors and maybe does not count.....

daliel on Dec 12, 2009


A commenter on my site named Mesh said that the "T" is missing from "Industries" and that the "I" is missing from "Military." The missing (and added letters) are T (Industries), I (Military), N (Substantial), U (Trauma), DE (Kiddennapping). If you rearrange these letters, you get U-N-I-T-E-D. Interesting development indeed.

Internapse on Dec 12, 2009

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