New Moon Breaks Records, But When Will Fanboys Strike Back?

November 22, 2009

New Moon

Uh oh. The Twilight Saga: New Moon finally hit theaters this weekend to an estimated $140.7 million total, putting it in 3rd place behind The Dark Knight ($158.4 million) and Spider-Man 3 ($151.1 million) on the opening weekend box office chart. But it did break other records. First it set the midnight record earning some $26.3 million on Thursday night and it also set the biggest Friday one-day box office record, raking in some $72.7 million on that day alone. But then all the Twihards decided to get some sleep and it died off to settle in 3rd place just below two other big blockbusters for the weekend overall. Phew! But what's next?

Of course, we've got one more (or maybe two, counting Breaking Dawn) big Twilight openings still coming up. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is already set to hit theaters next June 30th. And if the Twilight franchise can do this well in November, just imagine how well it'll do in the summer. But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm wondering how or when the fanboys are going to strike back. As a die-hard fanboy myself, I'm a little bit more than pissed off by this. I'm thankful that it didn't break all of The Dark Knight's records, but its broken enough to get under my skin. So what movie can we fight back with? What is waiting out there?

Iron Man 2I might as well start with Spider-Man 4, but that's so far out (scheduled for release on May 5th, 2011) that it's not really the best movie to rely on as our savior. Plus, we don't know anything about it (villains, etc.) and considering the bad taste Spider-Man 3 left in everyone's mouth, they've got a lot of work to do to make sure it breaks records again, but it has potential. And of course I could also mention James Cameron's Avatar, but that movie is in the same boat right now. It's just too damn hard to predict how well it'll do, which is a whole discussion for another article, not this one. While those two have potential, they're not what I'm looking for.

So how about next summer? Well, we've got Iron Man 2 hitting on May 7th. And then there's Ridley Scott's Robin Hood (which could do well if the trailers look good) and Disney's Prince of Persia movie hitting in May as well. Then in June, we've got Pixar's Toy Story 3, which may just have the best chance (that's a helluva franchise to bring back some 11 years after the last sequel). In July, there's The Last Airbender (which has a very strong following), Predators (which could well because it's a popular franchise and everyone wants to see a good Predator movie), and Christopher Nolan's follow-up to The Dark Knight, titled Inception (which could be a huge sleeper hit).

Tron LegacyWhile all of those might do well, I'm betting that it's either going to be Iron Man 2 or Toy Story 3 that break records next year. Why? Well, first off, they're both sequels to highly successful and well-loved franchises, and we all know sequels usually kick ass at the box office. Secondly, they both have great buzz so far, and all the footage we've seen from both has been very well received. Both of those movies have the potential to break records if things go well. And if anything, this means I'm more the likely to keep hyping up those two in particular, in hopes that at least one of them will boot New Moon out of the #1 spot once again.

Lastly, there are a few others that could hit big that aren't opening in the summer. The first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows hits next November. And if that movie is as epic as it seems, well, it could break a lot of big records. I mean, that's the seventh movie in a franchise based on a book series that has been making more money every time a new movie comes out. Twilight is only on its second movie. The other one I want to mention is Tron Legacy. I've got a feeling that movie could open huge. We haven't really seen too much from it yet, but I've got a feeling it'll connect with fanboys in a big way when it opens on December 17th, 2010. It may be late in the year, but fans will line up for it, especially to catch it in 3D (which may be in more theaters by then).

You may be wondering why the heck I'm even writing about this. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've felt a sense of pride knowing that the movies at the top of the biggest opening weekends chart have all been superhero movies or fanboys movies that deserve that spot. Before Spider-Man 3 broke records, it was other movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Spider-Man (the first one) and Transformers and Star Wars and X-Men that topped the charts. Plus there's already been a little battle, as Shrek the Third (a franchise I hate) nearly took a top spot in 2007 when it came out. But thankfully it was knocked out by these other movies.

So if you're a fanboy like me and upset that the wretched Twilight franchise has reared its ugly head on the box office charts, what movie are you going to get behind and support in hopes that it'll knock New Moon down a few notches when it hits theaters? Is it Iron Man 2 or Toy Story 3 or Tron Legacy or even Avatar? Or will we have to wait until 2011 to see another movie that could break records? What do you think?

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probably the next twilight movie LOL

nelson on Nov 22, 2009


three more openings* Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and Part II of Breaking Dawn!

Alex on Nov 22, 2009


i don't get all the hate for twilight. i personally hated the first one and wont waste money to watch the second one until it comes out on red box, but i still don't get the hate. if other girls want to watch them good for them. I mean they aren't good movies or even good books at all. but if you don't like them don't watch them and don't hate. thats my two cents 🙂

mariah heinlen on Nov 22, 2009


i think the hate is it gets so much hype in the media and gets too much publicity and is making too much damn money for such a crappy franchise.We fans here jsut dotn see the appeal of it at all we owudl ratehr wait for a real vampir movie . you know when vampires are actually scary and don't wear designer clothes with make up and can walk in the sunlight and vampires who actually are violent.

nelson on Nov 22, 2009


Well man, I hear ya. But the thing is, what can all fanboys salivate over? TDK was EVERYONE. Fanboys did not make it make a bill. People who never seen a batman movie saw TDK. The closest fanboy thing to topple this is either a Star Wars or Matrix. Due to the eventual failures of them both, I just can't see it. Batman 3 without the heat that Ledger brought won't make close to wat TDK made. So it looks like the teenage girls have stuck two fingers right up at us. HH

Have Hope on Nov 22, 2009


I say, "Here! Here!" "Twilight" and "New Moon" are just fully front-loaded films. Seeing as how I know someone who saw the film three times on Friday, I can only say the film will drop next weekend. And yes, I am terribly ashamed to know the person I just mentioned.

Josh S on Nov 22, 2009


#4 - That's exactly why I'm writing this... To see if we can get all the fanboys to rally around a few OTHER movies so we can focus our attention on those and get them to do beat Twilight at the box office. Simple as that. I don't write about Twilight that often - this is the first time I've written about it in a while! #5 - No way, you're crazy man, haha! TDK was a success because of fanboys. The "everyone" part of that drew the regular non-record-breaking box office numbers. It was the fanboys who helped hype it up and push it over the top to set every record. Simple as that!

Alex Billington on Nov 22, 2009


I kinda agree with post above. This obviously is a series not for us, so theres really nothing we can do about now. However, I'm not gonna lie that these numbers are really impressive for such a female driven flick and yeah it probably doesn't deserve this kind of success, but as I said before women for some reason see something in this we don't and will support these movies no matter how horrible they end up being. Also I think it's pretty obvious that IM2 will be the next movie to break records, so if I were you I wouldn't worry about NM numbers for too long.

wrongturn687 on Nov 22, 2009


Alex, I'll tell you a true story. A girl, who is not a film fan at all. She has NEVER seen a Batman film. She watched TDK. This was the same story across the world. Women, girls, non-film fans, all sorts went to see TDK because of the Ledger factor, him dying and his last performance. It was something that everyone wanted to rally around. There just has not been something were all fanboys can say, YES, this for us! Nothing has appealed to all fanboys. Whereas with women, they have a more collective unconscious. Once you appeal to the emotions, relationship and realness with a bit fantasy involved, then you've got them. For guys, you need a little more because men just have more varied tastes than women HH

Have Hope on Nov 22, 2009


This article is stupid on every level. No nothing will beat new moon simply because twilight fanbase won't let that happen. If IM2 beats New Moon's opening then Eclipse will take it back and more. Sorry I hate twilight franchise but you cannot underestimate power of girls. Also, Avatar has zero chances of doing that much opening weekend. Infact, it will have an opening weekend in the range of 35-55M domestically. The fanbase of Twilight is united and they don't bitch and moan about anything. Fanboys on the other hand are idiots and bitch and moan on everything. Also, Avatar doesn't has the entire film geek community united. Hell there are bunch of sites that say crap things about Avatar because it wasn't what they expected. They wanted James Cameron to do some hardcore sci-fi action movie along the lines of Aliens and T2 but that isn't what we are getting. I mean it isn't even based on anything yet they are complaining.

JoJo on Nov 22, 2009


#8, Iron Man won't break these records. There are quite a few guys who did not like the comedic, mainstream direction they took iron man in, me included. It cannot rally people to see it FOUR times in ONE day. Impossible. HH

Have Hope on Nov 22, 2009


While I'll concede that Twilight is a poorly written book and an equally artless film - the fan-base of which is almost certainly 99% female - I'm really disillusioned that you see this movie's success as somehow creating a battle of the sexes at the box office. As a female, I've supported all the "superhero movies or fanboys movies" you mentioned above, many in their opening weekend. What can I say, I’m a chick that loves comic books. When you go see Iron Man 2, I’m pretty sure there will be women in the theater with you. I know I’ll be there. So call me the fangirl that strikes back, or whatever, but don't cry about Twilight's success. I have never read or watched Twilight, as I find it misogynist and borderline appalling, but I'm offended by the idea that fanboys, and what you consider to be "fanboys movies" somehow deserve success, whereas franchises primarily supported by women are somehow less deserving.

Leaux on Nov 22, 2009



HR GIGER on Nov 22, 2009


#10, I find that seriously hard to believe since the last movie grossed almost 320mill domestic. The last Twilight flick didn't even crack 200mill and it opened to much bigger numbers than the first IM. From what I remember people loved that flick when it came out and while you may not have liked it the general audience did which is a much more important demo than the fanboy crowd. It may not beat NM opening day or midnight numbers, but it will certainly have a bigger opening weekend and a final domestic cume that should be over 400mill.

wrongturn687 on Nov 22, 2009


This whole competition is stupid. Yes, Twilight is shit, but you just have to accept the fact that A LOT of people like it.

James on Nov 22, 2009


#10 - You say you can't underestimate the power of girls, but up to this point, it's been fanBOY films that have topped the charts. I get it tho and you're right about girls, I'm NOT saying Twilight shouldn't have made this much money, in theory. What I'm saying is, can we support another upcoming movie and with fanboy power kick Twilight's ass at the box office. If you want to support this cause, good. If not, oh well. 🙂

Alex Billington on Nov 22, 2009


I hate to break it to you Alex, but Ledgers death is the pirmary reason TDK did so well, at least opening weekend. No doubt the amazing reviews and buzz helped it out, but without the death of Ledger and the expectations of what he would be like in the film I dont think it would have cracked $100 million opening weekend.

Pudie on Nov 22, 2009


Who cares how New Moon did? Let tween girls have their thing too, if fanboys can have TDK and countless other films made for them.

immature on Nov 22, 2009


While I don't understand all the hype for the Twilight series, I could see why this was a box office hit. Had this come out two years ago, it probably wouldn't have been the same. The vampire fad is peaking right now and young girls love Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. It's got everything going for it. Plus, the book of Twilight had quite a following. It's very simple why it had a big weekend. As for the next big fanboy film: I bet it will be Avatar. Do you know how many people wanted to see the trailer on the first day? In the first hour, the mini-site that Apple set up to debut the trailer for it broke because so many people wanted to access it. Currently, it has around two million hits on YouTube. Next summer also looks to be a good summer for fanboys. Iron Man 2, A Nightmare on Elm Street (okay, it's in April, but still pretty close to summer), Predators, Inception, The Expendables, The A-Team, Jonah Hex, to name a few. Next summer will be big for fanboys...but unfortunately Eclipse has to come along and ruin everything.

Alex on Nov 22, 2009


I cringe everytime I hear the word: FANBOY. Sounds like some EMO shit. But as for Twlight, I'll pass. my girl loves it and has seen it 4 times. Makes me want to spit on her.

REAL6 on Nov 22, 2009


#10 is obviously a Twilight fan, despite what she says because of how unbelievably defensive she got. Anyway, thats what pisses me off more than Twilight itself, is the fans. They spend their free time searching for sites that don't have a favorable opinion of it, and they write positive things about it. Thats what happened on boxofficemojo when 3k new members created accounts mysteriously just to vote Twilight up. Its happening again with New Moon. I happen to be a hybrid of 1/3 Fanboy 1/3 Classics 1/3 Indie myself. Fanboy, lets face it, is the only thing that can reclaim the title from Twilight, which simply is a bad series. Not the worst series in the world, we just hate it so much because of the fans. They are in love with something thats absolutely terrible.

Al on Nov 22, 2009


sorry for my first post, if it was a little bit incoherent, I wrote it in an angry rage.

Al on Nov 22, 2009


#17 your wrong everyone was going to watch TDK anyway cause it had the most iconic comic book villain that is the Joker.

d-man on Nov 22, 2009


23 - haha, nice work using the name "Robbie" so as to seem that you are a dude.

Al on Nov 22, 2009


I loathe Twilight, and all it's anti-feminist, anti-sex conservative propaganda, but getting up in arms about "beating it" is pointless and kind of stupid. Male driven movies rule the box office 90% of the time. Once in a very great while, a female driven blockbuster will occur. The last time something like this occurred was Titanic 12 YEARS AGO. So let them have it. I don't see having a chick flick like Twilight make $400 million being that much worse than an equally stupid "dude flick" like Transformers 2 make as much money as it did. I mean, both are retarded and appeal to the worst (non) taste of either gender. Needing to squash Twilight's box office feels slightly sexist...like I said, male driven movies are over 90% of blockbusters. So once in a blue moon, a chick movie makes real money. No one's penis is going to fall off as a result.

Eric on Nov 22, 2009


bring back Blade so he can f**k up them Twlight Vampires for good

johnny on Nov 22, 2009


What pisses me off so much about Twilight isn't the movies per se, it's the undeserving awards that the first film received at prestigious Award Shows (There's no doubt fangirls will make New Moon and the rest of them to come do the same). Here are some examples: Best fantasy Movie Coraline Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Twilight - Win Watchmen Up X-Men Origins: Wolverine Best Movie Twilight - Win Slumdog Millionaire High School Musical 3: Senior Year Iron Man The Dark Knight Best Female Performance Kristen Stewart - Twilight - Win Angelina Jolie - Wanted Anne Hathaway - Bride Wars Kate Winslet - The Reader Taraji P. Henson - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Best Fight Robert Pattinson vs. Cam Gigandet - Twilight - Win Anne Hathaway vs. Kate Hudson - Bride Wars Christian Bale vs. Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight Ron Perlman vs. Luke Goss - Hellboy II: The Golden Army Seth Rogen and James Franco vs. Danny McBride - Pineapple Express Yet again, beating TDK just shows how f'ing stupid and embarrassing this is to the film industry. In my opinion, Twilight didn't deserve to win any of these. Not one.

Sean on Nov 22, 2009


I hope Daybreakers will be a success and remind people of the fact that 'real' vampires are fierce, violent and ruthless creatures. The don't say stuff like "Bella, your breath is my gift", thparkle in the thunlight or get their clothes at Hot Topic or GAP. They feed on humans without remorse and turn to charcoal if they strut around in broad daylight. Yes, Louis from Interview With The Vampire had a conscience and felt bad about killing people, but even he wasn't as douchebaggy as the whole Twilight universe. And don't even get me started on the werewolves...I mean, really?! From now on I will always have my dog whistle with me and blow it furiously, whenever a teenage, topless latin dude starts acting frisky around me.

SuicidalOptimist on Nov 22, 2009


27 - the reason it wins precisely proves my point. Those awards were voted for online. They seek out everywhere Twilight is nominated, even if some of these award shows in question aren't the Twilight fanbase, and they waste their lives voting for it.

Al on Nov 22, 2009


Oh man. All those movies named in the article will be small time compared to the mammoth that will be "The Avengers" movie. The buzz generating from Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, & Hulk's Movies thrown together as well as the other additional super heroes and characters people know and love, & the fact that such an ensemble of super heroes will be taken in a more serious light with more dedication. I think The Avengers movie will rape the box office and box office records, right now it's just a sleeping giant. MARK MY WORDS, YOU WILL ALL SEEEEE.

Kenchi on Nov 22, 2009


1. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is making Way more money than that piece of bloodsucking shit new moon 2. I'm Fucking sick of cocklight! And 3. To All My Fellow Fanboys We Must Boycott Against Twilight But We Must Destroy This Movie Series Once And For All. Go Fuck Yourself Twilight!

Maddog79 on Nov 22, 2009



sam on Nov 22, 2009


# 30 Don't underestimate the power and determination of prepubescent girls and other easily impressionable women. I am quite sure there are male fans to the Twilight franchise as well, but most of it is still made up of screaming little girls that feel her vagina tingle for the first time. And that group is a force to be reckoned with. Just look at the unbelievable following boygroups like the Backstreet Boys, Take That or NKOTB had (and latter is actually still selling out arenas). If only we could globally brainwash all those people...

SuicidalOptimist on Nov 22, 2009


What sam said fanboys will never "unite" they will be too busy arguing with each other....this is kind of a joke from where Im sitting.

Cody on Nov 22, 2009


I need Daybreakers to wash this vampire movie out of my memory! My votes for IM2 to break records....I Hope!

I am Ron Burgundy? on Nov 22, 2009


the only fanboys fil i could think of is rocky, indiana jones, or star wars. TDK was ok.. but i mean it only made this much money becuase ledger was in 10 things i hate about you and all those teenage girls went to see TDK, i rem vividly some girls from high school was like, omg that guy from 10 things i hate about u jst died, 🙁 lets gow atch TDK lol.

PinkSushit on Nov 22, 2009


COME On iron man 2 hurry up we need you now to save us!

Richard on Nov 22, 2009


The End is Near

Clover on Nov 22, 2009


Yes Twilight Should Die And I Hope It Burns In Hell

Dave on Nov 22, 2009


I don't see fanboys ever overtaking the Twilight people based on one simple fact: all the geeks, nerds, and fanboys in the world couldn't outnumber all the stupid teenage girls, bored housewives, and stupid fad-hopping moviegoers in the world. Never underestimate the sheer power and buying force of large groups of stupid people.

Pete the Geek on Nov 22, 2009


OK i had to go see New Moon in theatres since i seen twilight on dvd and i have to say for an movie to be considered a girly movie. New Moon acutally had an ongoing sense of action. For maybe 5 minutes of the movie it got a bit boring till it started to show a sci-fish presense of werewolves versus vampires. The fight scenes are cool in the movie. If only there was more. Im an action movie junkie and this somewhat teased me for more action. BUT Trailer for Daybreakers staring Ethan hawk and wilem defoe is a must see vampire movie!!! check out the trailer!!!!

MovieGuru on Nov 22, 2009


This Is some fucked up shit big time. I hope someone out there can fucking kill Twilight.

Ninjas Rule on Nov 22, 2009


Hi there! This discussion has moved drastically away from predicting which movie will be the next opening weekend blockbuster (written by an obviously chauvinistic and biased writer) to about how much guys seem to hate “chick-flicks” that are doing better than their preferred hard-core action packed movies. Ladies and gentlemen please.... Yes, there are a lot of ways that the books and movies created by Mrs. Meyer could have been improved a thousand times over. Yes, teenage girls are silly with their obsessions with sparkly vampires who have crazy-stupid hair (and I vehemently agree that vampires shouldn’t being saying things like “Bella, your breath is my gift” -#28 LMAO! That’s just ridiculous). And yes, I believe that one day there will most likely be another movie franchise out there that will knock the Twilight saga and it’s “Twihard” (cute term BTW) fans out of the Hollywood ballpark. However, as it is, Twilight is here, and it is gonna be sticking around for a while. I am not your average young woman. I am not a girl, nor am I impressionable in the sense that it is being used in these arguments. However, I will admit that I have seen the first Twilight movie and will probably see the rest of them as they come out. They AMUSE me. And a lot of my friends are Twihard fans. If I didn’t see it they’d be telling me all about it anyways. I’m also betting that a lot of other movie goers are going because of the same reasons. A couple of my male co-workers and friends, some of whom are womanizers or try to be, are also going to go see these movies for the sole purpose of impressing dates (or potential ones). You know what? It’s a good play too. Titanic proved that as it is still the HIGHEST GROSSING FILM IN HISTORY since its release 12 YEARS AGO. Not even The Dark Knight could blow that movie away. Sorry guys. So what does all this mean for you blood-squirting, bone-crunching, adrenaline movie junkies? Well, first off, STOP referring to yourselves as “fanBOYS”. It’s pretty geeky. I can also guarantee that at least half of the opening weekend tickets sold to the movies that you love and want to see kick Twilight’s grossing ass are being sold to other women like me, and more importantly, your girlfriends! We, the holders of the twin chromosomes, really like these movies too! The writer of #12 makes this same point and nobody seems to be getting that. “Fanboys” are not singled out or being persecuted by the movie industry. There is no conspiracy out there to make sure that movies like Twilight and New Moon will be continuously coming along to dash all your hopes and dreams that only “He-Man” movies will be making it to the top of the charts. In reality, it all settles down to what the masses want. And what they want is romance, hot dream guys rescuing girls with normal problems (giving the illusion that it could happen to them) and as close to a tear-jerker ending as you can get. You don’t believe me? The Dark Knight, Ironman, Spiderman, Avatar, Robin Hood, Prince of Persia, Transformers, Star Wars, Star Trek and almost any movie that you could think of (again I say ALMOST ANY) has these basic elements within their story telling. Hey, wait a minute... Aren’t some of these same movies that the author of this article called “fanBOY” movies? Maybe there is a conspiracy out there after all ‘cause I like all those movies and I like romance too.... Hmmmmmm. Weird. (The Twilight Zone theme song plays in the background) Get over the success of the Twilight saga. Get over your bigoted claims on action movie success (or lack thereof if you think they’re not doing well enough; though the people responsible for making them might disagree with you being the multi-millionaires that they are). If intended audiences were really meant to be that separated they would be segregating theatres. Go play a tackle sport with your friends and scratch something inappropriate in public to get it out of your system and MOVE ON. By the way.... Toy Story 3 is my prediction for the next biggest record-breaking-on-opening-weekend blockbuster hit. It’ll happen. Just you all watch it! 🙂

Miss Shoe on Nov 22, 2009


PS: Learn some new bigger words you guys.... You're starting to come off as retarded with all your profanity, unoriginal material, and silly repetitive threats like “Fucking die Twilight” or “Someone needs to fucking kill that movie”. You can’t kill a movie or its fan base or its legacy in any way shape or form, so how smart does that make you guys look. My favourite comment was about how young girls are “feeling their vaginas tingle for the first time” (#33). Really? How would you know? You have obviously NEVER been near one before!

Miss Shoe on Nov 22, 2009


Next biggest movies for me is Iron Man 2 and Toy Story 3. Another year of sequels!!

MovieGuru on Nov 22, 2009


I need to get a M4 Carbine With A Red laser scope and a granade launcher AN M1014 Combat shotgun A glock 18 Hand Grenades And missile attack to kill all of these's stupid Motherfucking Vamps and wolfs so it can make me feel better

Poppin Cap in Twilight ass on Nov 22, 2009


#43, thank you. Just, thanks. Hear, hear!

Leaux on Nov 22, 2009


Jeez #43. Jeez, couldn't sum that up in less sentences? @SuicidalOptimist: "From now on I will always have my dog whistle with me and blow it furiously, whenever a teenage, topless latin dude starts acting frisky around me." xD You remind me why I love you so much. 😉 I'm kind of sick of Twilight, but I'm not going to nerd rage over it's success. I wasn't into books like that in my teen years. I was into stuff with more depth than sparkling vampires. I don't get it, it's after my time like emo boys and their nut crushing girl pants.

Sabes on Nov 22, 2009


Harry Potter FTW

Lacey on Nov 22, 2009


Additionally, #43, you rock.

Lacey on Nov 22, 2009


It's obvious that Twilight is retarded, we all know. But who cares if it makes money? Everyone who sees it is either working an angle to pick up chicks, are Mystery Science Theatre-ing the shit out of it, or are tweener girls and stupid people. Don't worry about whether or not Toy Story 3 can gross higher, just think about how the next time you're at a party and someone tells you about how they love Twilight. You just smile and nod and say, "It's great isn't it? I love poor female role models and glorification of unhealthy relationships." It's not like they're gonna find a point that's pro-Twilight that will overrule your anti-Twilight ones. Twilight is actually a gift, so rarely do we fanboys (I myself prefer the term "nerds", or simply fans) have something to hate that sucks this bad. It is actually a fact that Twilight is lame. It's got a terrible message, terrible story, terrible characters, and most of all terrible, Terrible, TERRIBLE movies. So take Twilight for what it is, a present to us fans, that we may exercise our debating skills and use it to our advantage. Just don't knock it too hard or you can't use it to pick up hotties.

Da Man on Nov 22, 2009


And just fyi, my choice is Iron Man 2.

Da Man on Nov 22, 2009


My take: Twilight is just one of those trend that comes with seasons. For those who love, enjoy while you can. Its like youth, when you become adult your life will be full of shits that the last thing on your mind will be those pale looking vampires. For haters: sorry, you've still got to bear the remaining part of the so called 'saga'.

dex on Nov 22, 2009


Twilight won't be here for long. They are pumping out these movies so fast, they know the fad will die very soon. Eclipse coming out in the Summer? God I can't wait till all this shit is done with.

Sam on Nov 22, 2009


My hate is towards all of the hype. personally, i feel sorry for the actor's because it seems to me that Rob may never amount to anything as popular ever again and become tagged as the "Twilight guy"...kinda like the old TV shows...Jeleel White will forever be known as Erkel...and nothing else...

JL on Nov 22, 2009


I did stuff on opening night...obviously didn't help the numbers but I killed off several thousands.

Tra la la la la di da on Nov 22, 2009


Oh Boo Hoo. You people have both First and Second why can't we girls get something for once. Or is it that you frickin men can't stand it. Well to flipin bad.

Me. on Nov 22, 2009


Alex, I'm not sure Inception, with a budget of $200 million, would be considered a "sleeper" hit even it is successful. Also, don't you have to shake your head at the fact that only 9 of the top 50 grossing movies of this decade are "original" films? And by originals I mean films that aren't biopics, based on a book, comic book, video game, toys, etc. Compare that to the fact that only 8 of the 45 films nominated for Best Picture this decade (so far) are from original screenplays. Face it, Hollywood loves its sequels.

Travis on Nov 22, 2009


Iron man 2 is the one we should all get behind and help hype up. you have to look at the bigger picture, the iron man 2 movie is still in the avengers franchise, im non stop hearing "oh man i cant wait till the avengers franchise gets started on there movies" they already have, iron man, the incredible hulk, iron man 2 in may, these are all part of the franchise. lets wined the clocks back a couple summers ago. when iron man came out, if you happened to go to a mid-night showing im guessing it was pretty empty, no body thought this movie was going to be anything to write home about. iron man was won of the best surprises i will probably ever get in my life time. a couple months later the incredible hulk happens. just about everyone was a bit skeptical when seeing this movie due to eric bannas monstrosity of the hulk. but what happened? oh that movie rocked some shit! oh well yeah it was a good movie, theres a lot of them out there. look at the material, we took the most ostentatious fictional characters and made them adaptable to the general public. whats even more impressive is that both iron man and the incredible hulk are origin stories. not saying an origin story will be worse but a huge audience that this franchised has attracted is the action lovers. and origin stories are know to carry on plots to long or almost have a more mellow drama feel to it. lets cut out the middle man, with the time thats left until the iron man 2 trailer hits the public your only talking 5 months to hype up this movie. thats not that much time. realistically if they wanted to break new moons record they will have to have a ridiculously good trailer to draw in the audience. so lets play it safe and cut out the middle man, twilight may have more tickets sold for a franchise this year but once marvel releases, iron man 2, thor, maybe a capitan america, and on top of it a movie where all these characters intertwine, this will be the biggest grossing franchise in human history. all it needs is a little push.

jake on Nov 22, 2009


Next huge record breaker besides twilight or harry potter? How about the hobbit? It will be huge for fanboys.

moves on Nov 22, 2009


It is truly amazing how much you people have such conviction over something so little, I doubt any of you care this much about the soil your fucking standing on.

Cody on Nov 22, 2009


I've gone to see all the big franchises with dates, friends and brothers. Movies like LOTR, Star Wars, Spiderman, Underworld, sport movies, action movies and some I left liking. There were definitely ones that I absolutely hated but I never hated them to the point where it actually made me mad that other people liked them or that they did well. I would never begrudge someone their happiness. That's why your reaction to Twilight always confuses me. I find it a little arrogant...kind of like you've deemed it unworthy and thus anyone who likes it is an idiot. I've read the books and while the movies lack something for people who aren't fans I also realize that they weren't made for me. The demographic is teenage girls. I don't want to be mean or harsh but I just don't understand it. It's like you have a personal vendetta against Twilight. Personally, I'm really glad it did so well this weekend. One thing that I hope some people can appreciate is that it sends a strong message to Hollywood. It doesn't have to be just about the boys anymore.

janet on Nov 22, 2009


Toy Story 3 FTW!!

Pekpek on Nov 22, 2009


Alex is on crack if he thinks The Dark Knight was Fanboy driven in its opening weekend box office numbers. If it weren't for Heath's death Im sure it would only have done in the high $80-90 million like Iron Man did. Im sure more people would agree with my argument than the fanboy driven argument. Seriously, its the Fanboy himself saying that TDKs ticket sales were based on Fanboys themselves. Riiight. Dont kid yourself.

GP Productions on Nov 23, 2009


Miss Shoe, I have to disappoint you. I have been near a vagina before; in fact my own is very much attached to my body. Sorry if my rather crude choice of words offended you, but you have to admit that the Twilight movies are indeed aimed at young girls' awakening sexuality. I mean, in the first Twilight movie the sexual tension between the two lead actors was almost unbearable, it was a constant tease, because they clearly wanted to get it on, but could not. And a LOT of young girls almost go into seizures when they lay eyes on Robert Pattinson, be it on TV or in magazines. So, as a women who had some ridiculous obsessions with actors/singers herself, I am quite sure that there is something tingling going on due to raging hormones. Millions of little girls lay in bed right now, dreaming about "Edward" telling THEM that their breath is his gift. You know it's true. Other than that, I agree with absolutely everything you said in your wall of text, because aside from your superior writing skills (English is not my first language) and my offensive sense of humor, we seem to have a lot in common. P.S.: I can not WAIT for Toy Story 3!

SuicidalOptimist on Nov 23, 2009


Alex, if you would simply look at the economics of the money earned by the film, then you are just following the bandwagon of many PR spinners in Hollywood. I can't recall who the critic was, but instead of looking on the money earned, look at how many watch the film. The ticket cost during the time TDK came out is lower than it is now, NM therefore has a higher earning than TDK or the HP films. Plus it's too sexist to say its boys vs girls, as there are at least 1/4 female in the "fanboys fandom" Fanboys vs Twihards (jeez reading all of the comment increase my voc in a bad sense) is the most ridiculous debate one could start, as it would not make any sense to either party, as both are deranged with their support of their particular movie/obsession. Instead of saying that fanboys should rally against Twilight, we should always take in comfort that most of the so-called fanboys films are not as stupid & has a good impact in culture & entertainment in comparison to Twilight (with the exception of Transformers 2, Spiderman 3). As the saying in the Matrix goes "Ignorance is bliss"

Bishop8496 on Nov 23, 2009


well guys here it is as we real fans of the genre feared it is yet another success i am not against Twilight books and/or movies but the IMO un deserving hype it is getting in regard to its genre i always hated when all the vampire hunters and vampires go at it "Crouching Dragon / Drunken Monkey / Slithering Cobra" style (i can relate that the hunters may be trained in martial arts (never could see how and what good it would do them against inhumanly fast, agile and strong vampires with the exception of Blade who is also a vampire :D) but come on, how come all the vampires can all Kung-Fu -as if, as they are turned, the ways of the ancient eastern close combat techniques are downloaded in their brains) was weird enough, but diamond skinned, day walking friend to the humans, romantic as hell wanna bees. and i thought it could not go any worse there was twilight reality. dont get me wrong. this is not me dissing at Twilight books and films. every film has its own viewer and books their own readers. its their choice. i am actually voicing my really huge dissapointed in the genre. in its writers in its directors lack of original yet loyal to the genre productions.. IMO Vampires are fierce predators and should be portrayed as such. of course they long for companionship, for love, for warmth but at the end of the day they are predators 😀 as punny humans, we should really be afraid of them 😀 and its been so long since we have seen some real hard core vampire flicks, and are/am longing for the spectacle for some for a way too long time. we wanna see more of Near Dark, The Lost Boys, Innocent Blood, BS's Dracula, Let The right one in, even Blade I, II style vampire flicks after i state my dissappointment in the genre, about New Moon, gotta admit that the wolves of the forest (i cant bring myself to call them werewolves sorry fans 🙁 ) were the almost only good thing about the film the concept was good, the base was developped better than it was done with "el vampiros" 😛 even most of the wolf cg were good i can say that the only scenes that made me smile were the ones that had fury muts were in 😀 well cheers

burak "Daequitas" on Nov 23, 2009


One question. Why are boys associated with awesome films and girls associated with crappy preteen nonsense? I guess I am a fanboy then...

Lindsey on Nov 23, 2009


@ 68 and actually to all those say their minds on this subject lindsey, i believe its not a boy or a girl thing a fan is a fan regardles of the sex its a film a genre or an actor/actress that some one is a fan of if those fans have said "We love whats his name so much we would see every films he is in, yeahhhh" ok thats something 😀 but being a fan of twilight films??? all everyone/"fanboys" is trying to state is that, The books and the films are being over hyped due to the actor based fandom, and not the actual film and story based fandom. hence creating a false idea that twilight is as good a movie as TDK or anyother here mentioned fanboy tagged movie, if not better (and as a hardcore comic collector i really dont think of TDK as a Batman movie but rather a very good handled action-crime-drama.he best batman on film is Batman: Dead End :D) this is what really ticks most of fans, and of course thats my own idea if those same girls have shown such interest in better told better shot movies there wouldnt be such an argument that we are all partalking right now 😀 so what needs to be done is seperation of actor / actress fandom from the movie itself 😀 i may very well be in love with Megan Fox but that doesnt make Jennifers Body a perfect film and it shouldnt 😀 to sum it all up; i dont think its a "boys are associated with awesome films and girls associated with crappy pre-teen nonsense" issue but a boys are actually interested in the film itself. OH i just remembered that i havent said my blockbuster movie for the remaining of the year: IMO its gotta be Avatar. then in 2010 IM2 should be rocking and please "Daybreakers", hit the saloons already 😀 i wanna see some hardcore fangs and blood and scare hope i have stated my mind clearly and havent caused any offense cheers

burak "Daequitas" on Nov 23, 2009


So...not REALLY sure why I'm even commenting here...obviously you are all much younger than me, I'm sure I am old enough to be your mother...all of you... I only "got here" because my google alert for New Moon sent me here to read... Your mama's would all be ashamed of most of you here...anyway! To the point... you guys just "don't get it"...and that's okay...I'm 54 years old, almost never take time to read fiction anymore, too busy running my own business...BUT this story, "got me"...and MANY other "over 50" women too...it's sweet...tender...and really, it's a love story, NOT a vampire story...it was never intended to portray vamps as awful monsters... get a life children...there's more out there to worry about than the fact that this sweet movie, these sweet books, are breaking records, nabbing awards...and making hundreds of thousands of women (NOT just teenagers) very very happy...and might I just remind you...WHEN MAMA's HAPPY...so is everyone else... so let us have our fun...I don't "dis" your shoot 'em up blood and guts movies...everyone has their own taste...why can't you just leave it at that?

twilightGRAMMA on Nov 23, 2009


I'm not a fanboy so I'm not gonna strike anything...

RPD on Nov 23, 2009


I loved Twilight when it came out and loved New Moon even more.....I think alot of people feel threatened by this franchise because it does appeal to a young audience....but dont be fooled....it also appeals to a much larger audience as well....people assume because its a love story and has vampires and werewolves that only teenagers and little girls like the movies.....not true at all.....the amount of guys and older women I saw at this movie was INSANE......it definitley targets a wide age range and more than just one type of sex.....and that intimidates any director, actor thats not involved in it.....think about all the money its making.....its not making this money without talent.....the plots are incredible, the actors are so very talented and Stephanie Meyers is a GENIOUS in her writing.....for somneone to have a dream about a girl meeting a vampire and than turn it into a book and expand on it with three other books and be able to bring it to life and make this much money and have this huge of a fan base is astonishing. So unless you've seen Twilight or New Moon dont hate.....it actually is pretty good....no wait REALLY good!

Ashley on Nov 23, 2009


WOO HOO Ashey #72...I have company! and now...this gramma is gonna disappear, I promise...well I shouldn't promise...:)

twilightGRAMMA on Nov 23, 2009


#72 - I'm 38, male, and enjoyed Twilight. I intend to see New Moon, also...

RPD on Nov 23, 2009


read the books, meh talk about fiction. crappy versions of vampires, retarded version of werewolves, edward being a 200 year old vamp who still lives with his parents. give me a character worth watching and is not wearing more makeup that his girlfriend. on a better note for twilight that actually kept me entertained, i got to witness two 20 year old girls fight in target for the last blue ray dvd, there was hair pulling, ripping of the shirts it was awesome and i have never heard a women shout out " i want to see it in HD" so if twilight will produce more cat-fighting techno chicks i am down.

splinter on Nov 23, 2009


Alex have a good point here ... ! First of all it is a big shame no matter what ... to put (Twilight) on the level of (The Dark Knight) .. !!! But what is going on now ... is proving how low and sick is the new generation !!! ... I mean what in hell you liked in the first Twilight movie !!??? ... The sick way of connection of the teenage in school ...I am sure all the teenagers found their selves inside the characters just for the reason of having problems in connection with their friends and finding the prince of their dream but the prince is not riding the white horse !!! because the prince himself is a horse and white and you can ride it as you wish !!! 😉 It is really low ... near by 90% of the audience is going to cinema to eat popcorn !!! I am sure they are kind a audience who ate popcorn watching Schindler's List or The Pianist too ... ( for your information I am not a Jew ) 😉 ...but again when you go to watch a movie you must know what movie are you watching !!! and the biggest question is Why ? Why are you watching the movie !??? Do you ever thought about giving respect for a movie ..!!! ???? .. I am sure a lot of people did that for the first time when they watched The Dark Knight ...and the reason was the death of Heath Ledger !!! Idiots and morons have the right to watch movies too !!! 😉 ... let them spend their money ..who cares ... I don't ... do you !!???? 😉

Shero on Nov 23, 2009


It doesn't matter. Unlike films such as THe Dark Knight or Iron Man, Twilight doesn't have any longevity or appeal outside of it's core fanbase. No one is going to care about or remember Twilight in a couple of years. Forget it.

SlashBeast on Nov 23, 2009


There's nothing funnier than fanboy rage. Keep it up. This site provides hours of hilarious reading, especially the posts that boil down to trying to prove that movies about dudes who dress up and fight crime are more deserving of the public's attention than movies about dudes who sparkle and get laid. Time to grow up, gentlemen. And I use the term very, very loosely.

Mark on Nov 23, 2009


I think anyone that hates on Twilight should check out Kevin Smith's comments from Comic Con. Sums it up perfectly. It's not my thing, so I haven't read the books and I haven't watched the movies. I move on with my life. @72, I'm sorry, but I hope you can find the irony in stating "get a life children" after you state that "I only 'got here' because my google alert for New Moon sent me here to read"...

S on Nov 23, 2009


1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (Let's not forget who is making a lot of money everywhere, always) 2. Iron Man 2 ( I have high hopes for this one) 3. Avatar (Who knows. Even if I don't think it will be some huge box-office hit, still...) And @60 has an interesting choice: The Hobbit! If we are going to support a movie I think this is the right one. Or Harry Potter DH, but it's just Part 1 so...

me on Nov 23, 2009


i haven't read all of the comments so i don't know if someone's already said what i'm about to say: Yes, the Twilight craze is very fucking annoying. Sometimes I wanna shoot Robert Pattinson in the head so people will shut up. And I agree with Alex, it's disappointing to see a movie like New Moon break some of the Dark Knight's records. Personally, I don't give a fuck if it's a fanboy type of movie that knocks New Moon back down on the list, as long as the movie's good. You guys can talk Iron Man 2 or Avatar or anything like that. But here's my prediction, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 will come out and crush some box office records and then Part 2 will come out in 2011 and break the records all over again because it's the final Harry Potter film and this is what the world has been waiting to see. There's every chance that Part 1 won't break records but I guarantee you that Part 2 will. The anticipation has been building and building for the final movie and now that they've split it in 2 the anticipation will be that much more for the final part, becuase everyone knows, whether they've read the books or not, that the showdown between Harry and Voldemort won't happen until part 2, bottom line.

ZigityZach on Nov 23, 2009


two words: DAFT PUNK; everyone will come flocking

Tim on Nov 23, 2009


everybody go see ninja assassin

sam on Nov 23, 2009


everybody go see the road

sam on Nov 23, 2009


I think Toy Story 3 has the broadest appeal and will therefor do the best out of all the movies listed. Kids will want to see it and their parents will take them (that's 2-3+ tickets right there), it appeals to boys and girls, it has a strong nestalgia appeal for the adults that were kids/young when the first came out.

S on Nov 23, 2009



guh on Nov 23, 2009


I dont know if this has been mentioned but if Marvel keeps cranking out good films with there Avengers build up films, The Avengers movie may be the fanboys savior.

Steve on Nov 23, 2009


77 is right. But i honestly don't care which movie beats it. And Alex, i felt exactly as you did when i found out how much money it got and that it beat a Dark Knight record. But at least we can rest assured that it is indeed a horrible movie, and that tweens these days have no taste when it comes to movies. And im not talking you teens like me, age 15-20, who enjoy good movies, i'm talking about those who think a movie is good because its a teen love story that is based off a book they only heard of and not read.

Efrain on Nov 23, 2009


thats of course after everything is settled.

Steve on Nov 23, 2009


#88 - Steve What Avengers build-up films? There's only been Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.

SlashBeast on Nov 23, 2009


If 'Predators' outperformed Twilight at the box office, I could die a happy man.

Digital Metaphor on Nov 23, 2009


it think avatar all theway i mean com on which dumdass would not go see it at the theater AVATARRRR oh and i agree ith ziggity zach yeah man the last harry potter come on and off course avatar will give its best shot

alan on Nov 23, 2009


Quote from Alex: "And if the Twilight franchise can do this well in November, just imagine how well it'll do in the summer. " Response: This is not a foregone conclusion. Narnia burned when it faced an ultra-competitive summer. That one should have stayed in the Nov-Dec window. More on that below. Quote from Alex: "But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm wondering how or when the fanboys are going to strike back. As a die-hard fanboy myself, I'm a little bit more than pissed off by this." Response: Actually Alex, the only thing you CAN do is hope that when Eclipse opens on Wednesday, June 30, 2010... It will be destroyed by M Night's "The Last Airbender". You apparently did not mention that the epic based on the famed animated series opens on July 2, 2010... The Friday on the same week that Eclipse opens.

SS on Nov 23, 2009


First of all to #43, 59, 67, 69, 76 please for the love of God keep it short This isn't a creative writing course at your local college! Secondly, #4 got it right on the money. Vampires are awesome but twilight just made them look like a bunch of vaginas

Six Three on Nov 24, 2009


#91 Oh I dont know maybe Iron-man 2, Thor and Captain America when they come out, There so far 2 for 2 in good films in the marvelverse and I have confidence it will continue.

Steve on Nov 24, 2009


New Moon can kiss that record goodbye as Toy Story 3 will break it. It has the combination of star power (Tom Hanks, Tim Allen), brand identity (Disney/Pixar), 3D, critical acclaim (Pixar movies are always acclaimed) and the Toy Story Franchise.

stan on Nov 25, 2009


New Moon was only big because Rob Marshall's Nine was postponed to December.

eric on Nov 25, 2009


I am a girl but I would consider myself to be in the "fanboy" group you are referring to, I regularly buy advance tickets for the the origionals to several sequals you mentioned above. Likewise, I am a huge fan of your site and I happen to be a fan of the Twilight Books and to a certain degree the movies. That being said, why not let the fans of Twilight have their day. Did you ever consider that the fans of the Twilight books and movies are as devoted as the "fanboys" that you speak of? That people who love to see their favorite comic book and graphic novels come to life on the big screen shouldn't get to have all the fun. I'm just saying, its fine if you don't like the Twilight movies and also fine that you have never picked up the books and will probably never do so, but to continue to hate on the entire fanchise just because you don't like the idea without seeing the movies or reading the books is a bit over the top and its honestly not in line with what I like so much about your site. I understand that this is your opinion as all movie reviewers have opinions, but honestly, you referring to how much you hate Twilight everytime you mention news about any of the actors, directors, anyone who ever work on the film is getting old. Its honestly making me want to stop reading you site and unsubscribing from your emails until after all the movies have come and gone, which will probably be a while (since I am sure they will not only film Breaking Dawn, but they will most definately split it into two movies so they can make maximum dollars). People who read these or any books that aren't superhero related need something to be excited about and honestly, if these movies/books are making moms and daughters have something in common that doesn't involved gratuatious sex and wild antics or pre-teen stars, I say, good for them. Good or bad, people who like the books and movies are fans too, and it seems they may be more avid fans than anyone anticipated (judging from the fac that there are as many websites, blog, twitter accounts, and sites and there are people that purchased advanced tickets for these movies). There is a place for every fan, Iron Man, Avatar, Harry Potter, and even Twilight and ticket sales speak volumes... I have seen both the movies, not the best movies I would say, but for speaking a fan of the books (and i read everything, from Twilight to Steven King) its just as nice to see a movie based on books you like as it is to see a movie based on comic book heros you love, even if the movies do suck (i.e. Xmen 3 and Superman Returns). If you can't let your Twilight hatred go, at least think of it this way, with the success of Twilight, Summit will be able to continue to distribute more indie films which I love (and I am sure you do as well). So in short, look on the bright side, "fanboys" have a ton of great movies set to come out in the coming 2010 and 2011 summers, so let the Twihards, Twilighters, whatever have their 4 or 5 movies and rejoice in the fact that Marvel will just keep cranking out Iron Man related movies until the "fanboys" stop attending Comic Cons, which I am sure will never happen.

scbennett on Nov 26, 2009


But to your questions, I personally know Iron Man 2 will break this record, and possibly The Last Airbender will be up there too, there is a wide fan base of both the Animated Series and M. Night to make this a contender. Avatar, although it looks like a great piece of CGI work, I am pretty sure the story is too polar to get the masses to come out in droves on the first night or the first weekend. But for thee sake of the cost of this movie I hope it does well. But that is just my opinion.

scbennett on Nov 26, 2009


Fuck Twilight.

SlashBeast on Nov 26, 2009


#93 Brits that would want to see St Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold, which is released on the same day as Avatar. It's the naughty, sexy schoolgirls of St Trinians against the 6 foot smurfs of Avatar in the UK box office battle. Brits are are anticipating St Trinians 2 more than Avatar. St Trinians 2 has star power in the form of Gemma Arteton, Colin Firth, Rupert Everet, David Tennant, Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud and Ricky Wilson of The Kaiser Chiefs. Avatar lacks star power. If you're reading this James Cameron, in the future, leave live action/animation hybrid movies to Robert Zemeckis.

eric on Nov 27, 2009


ugly movie eeuww..

msb on Nov 29, 2009


You need to get laid...if, a big if, you have a girlfriend or wife...she is cheating on you! who care what records this movie broke

New Mooned on Dec 1, 2009


#46 agreed!

geneguru on Dec 5, 2009


It's amusing how some of you speak your opinions like it's a fact. The movies and books may be crap to you...but a lot of people like them, young and old, male and female. Just because it's not your cup of tea doesn't make it dumb or stupid or the people who read them dumb and stupid. I wouldn't appreciate my intelligence being judged based on what books I find entertaining or what movies I enjoy, I don't think anyone would, so why do it? Since when did people become so rude? And since when is this a battle of the sexes? So what it made a lot of money and broke some TDK records? You guys really want to piss and moan about that? To me ths behavior is no different than those fangirls who mob Rob Pattinson...ridiculous and uncalled for.

Amy on Dec 6, 2009


If the rumours about Robert Zemeckis and a Roger Rabbit sequel are true, then depending on what cartoon characters will feature, may actually break New Moon's records. The original's sucess was down to all the different famous cartoon characters they used. An ideal lineup for the sequel would be this: Pixar: Woody, Rex, Buzz Lightyear, WALL-E, Mike Wazowski, Sulley and Boo. Fox: Scrat, Scratte, Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Hank Hill and Bender. Dreamworks: Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Puss in Boots and The Penguins from Madagascar. Aardman: Ginger, Rocky, Babs, Bunty, Mac, Nick, Fetcher, Gromit and Wallace. Disney: Jacob Marley, Cogsworth, Lumiere, The Genie, Timon, Pumba and Jack Skellington. Hanna/Barbera: Yogi Bear, Top Cat, Fred Flintstone, Hong Kong Phoey, Scooby Doo and Dick Dasterdly. Nickolodeon: Spongebob, Patrick Star, Squidwood, Ren and Stimpy. Others: The Iron Giant, Tom, Jerry, Beavis, Butthead, Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny and The Snowman. How's that for a broad appeal lineup to help break New Moon's records?

eric on Dec 6, 2009


#43 #99 Thank you!!! There are a lot of us girls out here who qualify as "Fanboys". Lol. Find a more inclusive term please! I love comic book movies- I'm always one of the first on line at the theatre opening night, chomping at the bit. Nearly got in a fight waiting in line for the TDK over ppl skipping. Love Spidey- altho I hated Spiderman 3 (better get it together for 4 ppl!), Iron Man etc...... And I guess I'm weird because at the same time I also like the Twilight books. Conversely I hated New Moon. The first Twilight movie although admittedly flawed (I can break it down into categories) had some redeeming elements for me. If you didn't read the books, you prob wouldn't understand. Unless ofcourse you were a teenage girl. Lol. Don't get me wrong- I love dark, gritty vampires. 30 Days of Night is one of the best vampire flicks out there, and I am a vampire maniac. Love vampire concepts. Even Vampire Hunter D, Lol. I have high hopes for the 3rd movie Eclipse (which as you should know, is being directed by Slade, same guy who directed 30 Days of Night). Trust me......the 3rd and 4th books of the Twilight books are less romantic, more violent. Almost a 180. Almost.... Could actually be movies some "Fanboys" of the XY persuasion will tolerate. Trust me, even though I'm a girl...OoOoOoooo

Cici on Dec 11, 2009


Oh and yes.... there will be a strike back. I am hoping Avatar will be the vehicle to do it. Everyone has their day.

Cici on Dec 11, 2009


If you look at Titanic, it did better in the long run, which is what got it up so high. The Dark Knight rose fast and fell fast. With Twilight, it may not beat any more weekend/month, whatever sales, but there is the chance that over however many weeks, it will eventually surpass TDK, which would make me so angered.

Allyn on Dec 11, 2009


#110 Titanic was dependant on it's Oscar hype, and eventual victory. Others that used it's Oscar hype for box office sucess included The Lord of The Rings trilogy and Forrest Gump.

Stan on Dec 12, 2009


harry potter and the deathly hallows will do the job

adam on Dec 13, 2009


A lot of people are talking about "Titanic" as proff that male filcks cannot top female flicks. While it is true that "Titanic" was a chick flick, it was also GOOD. Yes, it was good: it had epic scenes, good sets, and while the story and acting was somewhat hammy, it was overall enjoyable. Plus James Cameron, who only did action films up to that point, directed it, so some guys were suckered in. Twilight does not deserve to breathe the same air as Titanic. I guess you can say that the good films will win out in the end, maybe. Anyway, on topic, I think that this discussion on what films could break records is a bit stupid. While I too take pride in the record lits, we must rise above petty barometers such as money when talking about films. Trust me, in about 10 years NO ONE will remember Twilight except for snarky internet reviewers and creepy emo girls who should get jobs, while TDK will still be remembered as a great action/superhero movie with both brains and brawn. It'll be alright in the end...

Ajax on Dec 13, 2009


listen, i think its pretty sexist to start classifying movies into "girl movies" and "boy movies", thats so childish, the twilight series are good, they are not "chick flicks" (i despise that word), it has a really good story and people who say they hate it are just trying to rebel against conformity, they are in my mind just as stupid as all the stupid little teenage girls that obsess over it. i personally cant wait for the hype to go away, then people can start talking about it like any other movie, and appreciate it for what it is, except for the FEW who honestly dislike it. i am a BOY and i love the twilight series. i dont find them "girly" at all. i dont find them "manly" either, i just like the story and the characters. as far as the "poor acting" that some people like to dis about it, compared to most of the movies being made nowadays, its not that bad. i mean, c'mon, look at STAR WARS. even the originals were extremely cheesy as far as acting goes, but add a few lightsabres and robots, and everyone goes crazy for it! dont get me wrong, i love star wars, but i also love twilight. i mean, its like a "romeo and juliet" love story, except with a vampire twist. why do so many young males shudder at anything relating to romance? what, are you afraid of cooties or something? lmao, you guys make me sick. its no wonder why so many girls obsess over edward, its because he's actually what a guy should be and all the guys like you who surround them are just immature assholes who need to grow up. theres more important things in movies then blowing shit up. if you're gonna dis anything that actually focuses on characters and emotion because its "girly", then you're just an idiot who's enforcing gender stereotypes.

Cody on Dec 14, 2009


#110 - Allyn The Dark Knight didn't fall fast. it stayed at the top spot for four weeks in a row, a feat not accomplished since The Return of the King. Twilight doesn't have any longevity. Nobody's going to be pointing to the film favorably in a few years. Just let it die.

Glass on Dec 15, 2009


I don't understand why there is a need to divide the fandom. I had been a fangirl for almost 20 years now I went to the premieres of Star Wars movies, The Lord of the Rings Movies, The pirates of the caribbean, Harry Potter, Spiderman, Star Trek...And now I just added Twilight to my fangirl list of things I obsess about. So why should I choose? I love them all for what they are and all of them are unique and wonderful on their own way. For all my friends that always complained that girls don't get them and are not cool to understand what is like when your favorite comic book comes to the screen, it looks like you don't get us either and somehow that makes you better, all the critiques that TL has is the same critique I had to endure from not fanboy people about my love for silly things like light sabres and warp travel, but I feel very baffled that we finally had something that can bring the fangirl/fanboy gap to a smaller breach and you (fellow fanboys) decide that you are too cool to support our choice and instead pit against it...I'm really disappointed if anyone should understand fangirls should be fanboys, IMO.

Ana on Dec 20, 2009


Sorry little horny teenagers but twilight sucks. I mean, it won lots of awards like teen choice and best kiss whatever.. Let me hear something useful. I think Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 will break the records. Part 2 will be much bigger. Spiderman 4 is also cool.

Ashley Freund on Oct 23, 2010


I hate twilight, it makes no sense. I think Harry Potter will be epic.

Em on Oct 23, 2010


I watched eclipse last night, it was sooooooooooooooooooo boring. I am not planning to see other films because it sucks. Avatar was nice. HARRY POTTER CAN BREAK ALL THE RECORDS.

Pelin on Oct 23, 2010

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