New Thor Movie Rumors Regarding Donald Blake

January 2, 2009
Source: IESB

Kenneth Branagh / Thor

Now that it's officially 2009, we're hoping Marvel will finalize all the details for their upcoming movies, including casting. But until we see those announcements, we'll have to keep the discussions going based on scoops and rumors. In relation to the upcoming Thor movie, IESB has provided an interesting update today. First off, they confirm that Kenneth Branagh will be acting in the film in addition to directing it, as a throwback to Jon Favreau's appearance as Happy Hogan in Iron Man. Additionally, they're reporting that Donald Blake, Thor's mortal altar ego, has apparently been recently written into the end of the script.

As we all know, Marvel is leading three of its upcoming movies (Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America) into The Avengers movie in July of 2011. While we've already seen the very realistic world in which Iron Man is set, the problem is that the Thor movie would be supposedly set in Thor's native land of Asgard, which is a mythical city from Norse mythology. So if the entire movie takes place during that time and in that location, how would they eventually connect it with the modern real world Avengers? Apparently the script has recently had a re-write that now includes a modern Donald Blake in it somewhere at the end.

So how will all of this work? For those that may be somewhat unfamiliar with the comics, in them, Thor's father Odin decides that his son needs to be taught humility and consequently places Thor into the body of a partially disabled medical student named Donald Blake. After becoming a doctor and thoroughly believing himself to be Blake, he later discovers Thor's disguised hammer and learns to change back and forth into the Thunder God. My best guess is that the Thor movie might take place half in Asgard, half in the real world, with Thor eventually being sent to Earth as Donald Blake where he later finds the hammer again.

Take this all as a rumor at the moment, however, I have a feeling Marvel wants to keep the story very close to the comics in every way, which means this would make a lot of sense. The more I hear about Thor, the more excited I get. Now we just need to find out who Branagh has cast as Thor and we'll be good to go for its July 16th, 2010 release! For those much more familiar with the comics, does this sound like a good idea?

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I just hope that this director will work at it, along with the screenwriter.

xerxerxex on Jan 2, 2009


I hope they dont screw this one up if they do the whole avengers thing could go to hell.

Curtis on Jan 2, 2009


i believe nobody will care about thor once it hits save for the geeks.' that's just my opinion though

teyhtr on Jan 2, 2009


This is gonna be too weird like the first Hulk

Scott McHenry on Jan 2, 2009


Good comic or not, a movie called "Thor" is instantly going to have a battle against a prejudgment of cheesiness.

SmartGuy on Jan 2, 2009


brad pitt would really be perfect for thor

darrin on Jan 2, 2009


the only way to get past that prejudgment of cheesiness is doing a bang up job on the film and then getting all the fanboys riled up. as a fanboy myself I personally believe as characters Thor is way superior to iron man and hulk. and those did really well. thor's even more badass in my book and if they can really sell that to the main stream and nail the story/character then i think it can be a success. we'll just have to wait and see.

andrew on Jan 3, 2009


I think triple H on WWE should play Thor

MARVEL 14 on Jan 3, 2009


What are smokin #8 that dude cant act as a wrestler let alone be the lead in a major film like this. I think that would just suck. I have to agree 6 Pitt could pull this one off. I think he kicked ass in Troy.

Dirk Diggler on Jan 3, 2009


I agree with #9, I'd rather have an actual actor. Branagh is a genius most of the time so I trust his decision. Plus, I was hoping that his Thor would be a mix of Donald's Earth life and Thor's Asgard life (with of course more Asgard than Earth :))

BahHumbug on Jan 3, 2009


brad pitt is way to small think realistic

nelson on Jan 3, 2009


What about Daniel Craig? He kinda has the look, plus he's pretty well built.

Josh on Jan 3, 2009


Triple H would be horrible! I could see Brad Pitt being Thor. He usually takes his roles seriously.

BatCat on Jan 3, 2009


I would love to see the actor who plays Eric the vampire on True Blood as Thor.

Foomanchew24 on Jan 3, 2009


I am really skeptical about Thor...

KyB on Jan 3, 2009


It's hard to find actors who are REALLY huge who can also act well enough to carry a feature-length film. The actor who plays Thor doesn't need to be a wrestler or body builder...he just needs to be able to create a credible impression of the size and musculature of Thor. Kevin McKidd can do all those things. But the fact is that, as in all comic book films, no matter who is chosen a certain segment of the fan base will be really upset that it wasn't somebody else. So good luck Kenneth Branaugh and toughen up a bit!

Nomad on Jan 3, 2009


I'm really liking the idea of Branagh as Blake. I also dig the McKidd and Craig as Thor ideas (the more I think of them the better I can see it happening). Karl Urban wouldn't be too bad either (he can act and did sword and sandals good in LOTR.... just pretend Doom didn't happen).

BahHumbug on Jan 3, 2009


Here we go again ... first of all, picture the Shakespearean director Branagh attempting to direct Triple H. "I need more emotion." "I'll stuff your FACE with more emotion." ",er ... Thor. Whatever you prefer being called. Though it may be your motivation in the ring to flex your jowls and grunt, the character of Thor is a conflicted son of a God who seeks to prove himself against adversity. "I'll stuff your FACE with adversity." "Yes, yes. I'm sure you WILL, won't you? ...."

Hmmmm on Jan 3, 2009


i'm desperate for don blake to be a large part of this, i think that setting it almost entirely on asgard might be alienating - and who doesn't want to see thor in new york?! i guess we get our chance with the whole avengers thing though...

fanboy d on Jan 3, 2009


Of all the Marvel movies this will be the toughest to pull off. If they get the tone wrong, in the way he looks or speaks, people will rolling about laughing and that will be it. It will be so easy to screw this up. The best comic book movies have all had excellent actors. I think it will be key in this movie.

Agent X on Jan 3, 2009


I still say this is going to flop...the Thor comics were so awfully corny to begin with...I simply dont see a place for norse mythology in the world of Iron Man and Captain America...a hit with the teens & pre-teens at best....jmo...

moldybread on Jan 3, 2009


#21- You need to read Dan Jurgens or J. Michael Straczynski's Thor. The character can come off perfectly serious in the comic books. As for the movie- it all just depends on what elements Branagh decides to keep in and keep out. In him I trust.

BahHumbug on Jan 3, 2009


#14...Alexander Skarsgård plays the part of Eric Northman in True Blood. And not a bad choice I might add since he is from the 'Nordic' region birth wise, being Sweden. Though I must admit I looked it up and have not seen him act. I personally do not like Brad Pitt for this part. Needs to be a bit bigger. He 'beefed' up a bit for Snatch yes, but not enough, and his part as Achillies was fine, damn good actually, but Thor is larger than Achillies in 'canon'. (For lack of better term.) So it sort of needs to be a bit more believeable on film when you see Thor, and CGI would just ruin it if you ask me if it was used to make anyone look bigger. I will agree Triple H looks the part, but I also agree he can't act even for wrestling work. As #20 said...all the movies thus far have had excellent actors and actresses, so you need someone who could pull it off well. *checks Dolph Lundgren off the list* So it is going to be a bit tough no doubt to cast anyone for the part. Triple H? Rather would have Tyler Mane. Though if I had to throw a name out I would say...Vladimir Kulich of the 13th Warrior and Smokin' Aces. He is rather large at 6'5" and looks 'Nordic' though he is from Czechoslovakia.

Khellendros on Jan 3, 2009


triple h...BA HA HA HA HA

bret on Jan 3, 2009


Triple H!! Yes I agree bahahahahahaha. But want a bigger laugh?? How about Hulk Hogan.............Yes I know "sigh"!!! Now I am just being silly!

Pongo on Jan 3, 2009


lmao 18 you made me get 2 drops of pee in my pants that was some funny shit lol best giggle i've had all night.

jason b on Jan 4, 2009


Vladimir Kulich of the 13th Warrior, would be the right choice from a casting director's stand point. But if we are talking block buster, he's a little old now since that movie and i believe the suits would want someone in his mid 30's for Thor and someone younger say 25 for Donald Blake. An unknown actor is out there just waiting to prove his acting chops. The suits need to find that needle in a hay stack. But Kenneth will no doubt stay true to the source material minus the Shakespeare talk. I believe also we've seen the Ultimates version so far of Banner and Stark. They will blend the feel of the Ultimate Marvel line with the back story of the Main marvel line of comics. Thor in Ultimates makes more sense as a character in a real world super hero setting. If anyone has not read Ultimates 1 & 2 you will see what i mean. He is my favourite character in Ultimates, but not in the regular Marvel line (too campy and corny). It will be a tough movie to make and sell, but i know for a fact they will make the movie feel like LOTR with Norse myth and more action woven into the story, and end it by slowly bringing the redemption of Thor as Donald towards the final scenes of the movie. Too much back & forth between Asgard & Earth will feel like a bad quantum leap episode.

Lazarus on Jan 4, 2009


No Blake....No THor. YOU have to do this. Period.

D-9 on Jan 4, 2009


It could very well come down to having a strong supporting cast. Like LOTR, it's not like Elijah Wood's the draw - it's the world he inhabits and the actors its populated by. So I think it DEF comes down to Odin, Loki, and the Warriors Three. Some offball casting such as Hulk Hogan as (the Fat One) would be funny, or complete the circle and have Ian Mckellan, or even Geoffrey Rush as Odin perhaps? It's too bad Chris Farley isn't around to play that big guy (what's his frikkin' name?). But I think if you cast a nice comedic trio as the Warriors, a convincingly sinister and even caricatured actor as Loki, insert Shakespearean actor w/ Hollywood cred as Odin - you can pretty much cast ANYBODY who can read the lines as a "conflicted son, coming into his own" as Thor, give him long blonde locks, a helmet that covers the tops of his eyes, and I will go as far as to say you could cast Tyler Mane - but please, NO Triple H. You could DEFINITELY populate Asgard's warriors w/ Wrestlers, as cameos worth looking for though. I'd venture to say that's evena good idea, from a marketing perspective. Cary Elwes as the Blonde Warrior three, whatever his name is. He'd be PERFECT, and needs some new work after all the SAW claptrap he;s been caught up in.

hmmm on Jan 4, 2009


I believe that for the part of thor that you have to look no further than the wwe and say hello to triple H. I hate wrestling I think it is a waste of good tv but having paid close attention to triple h after a friend suggesting that he would be great for the part I can't help but agree.

chris on Jan 4, 2009


Thor movie would be amazing as a concept really applying it as a movie i am not sure,we need to know more about the movie.Hope it doesn't suck...Won't judge for now,I'll wait for more news regarding the move

Fisherr on Jan 4, 2009


marvel wont screw this up, i have no worries at all. the incredible hulk and iron man were both awesome! so dont fear at all. Daniel Craig would be a perfect match for Thor. #20 said that if the voice is wrong people would be rolling on the floor laughing, they screwed it up in the Video Game Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

dude on Jan 4, 2009


#23, thirded on Alexander Skarsgård His character is a little cheesy in True Blood, but he was outstanding in Generation Kill.

Shikaka on Jan 4, 2009


Brad Pitt is a stupid choice because a) he's too short b) he's not strong enough and c) He's getting old. Triple H is a wrestler and has no acting skills. He's not that big either. Daniel Craig is old Thor must be a guy named James Preston Rogers is perfect for Thor. He's 6' 5" 1/2 and he looks just like him, and he can act. Ask Tom Selleck. Don't believe me. Check him out:

Robb on Jan 4, 2009


I don't agree with any of you. I think that who ever plays thor can act better then the next preson I think it's me me me me me me me me me brad pitt

thor king on Jan 5, 2009


Triple H is a ridiculous choice, just imagine him on set with Samuel L Jacksons and Robert Downey jr for the Avengers hahah. That would be fucking hilrious

midnightlight on Jan 5, 2009


Karl Urban as Thor. He looked pretty jacked (and norse) in the Rings Trilogy.

McDude on Jan 5, 2009


I agree w/ #33 - that guy could work, but again, it comes down to the supporting cast. #34 does have a look, but Outlander's hardly a resume' highlight.

Hmmmm on Jan 6, 2009


yeah lets put another wrestler in a hero movie sure kevin nash did great in punnisher , noooo he didnt there good at what they do stay there daniel craig hell no to smouth for that we put jason statham and have thor driving around crazy i do like james preston rogers he might scare me in a alley thats what we need brad pitt no enough heres an idea jack black since we are not even tryig my pick would be between josh holloway from lost if he bulks up and karl urban.

rene on Jan 25, 2009


Everyone seems to believe that Thor must be large, but what about the Superman and Batman movies? Those actors are not bulky and both characters, especially Superman, are portrayed with huge chests and thick muscles in the comics.

bhi on Feb 4, 2009


I think if they cast James Marsters to play Loki, he'd steal the film...and even make it cool!

Matthew on Feb 15, 2009


I think you just about get away with Hulk and Iron man as films, trying to make them realistic and making us feel they can be a part of the real world. You cant take them that seriously though like The Batman Films which are amazing. I read about Captain America and im not sure if that'll work. You can make the film and thats fine but i can see that being a little too much unless they have a really good script. If they do then great. It would be nice to see the three of them in a film together. Now I really really really hope that im wrong on this, and i hope that all the fans on this site will laugh and say we told you so, but i think Thor would be awful. I cant believe that they are going to make Thor and have him in the avengers. I never did and still cant understand why Thor was even in comic books. Hes a myth. Thats it. He wasnt created by a comic writer. Its almost like... well they've done the ideas on a batman, spiderman, superman, iron man etc... i know i'll just make Thor a comic book superhero. Hes a god! Not a superhero. Hope i havnt upset the hardcore Thor fans but in my opinion, if you put that character in the film, its over.

Anthony on Feb 19, 2009


Ryan Reynolds should play Thor. Thats all.

BAMF on Feb 20, 2009


The movie Thor does not have to be 6'6", a wrestler, or a bodybuilder. The only way they are going to be able to make an Avengers movie with Robert Downey, Jr., and other legit actors is to cast a legit actor as Thor. No wrestler is going to cut it. Whoever they cast is going to have a year to put on the weight to look muscular enough. If they can pursuade Brad Pitt that the script is interesting enough, they will just pay him the $25M or whatever, and that will be the end of it. There is no reason they can't make Thor into a $150M+ grossing movie. Fantastic Four did $150M+ domestic with no stars, and it was not exceptional. Troy did $130M+, and a whole bunch internationally. Most Americans, I'm sure, had never even heard of The Illiad. Next to Pitt, they will certainly target Daniel Craig whose performances as Bond have made him bankable. I'd say 3:1 Pitt, 3:1 Craig, 6:1 McKidd, 6:1 rest of the field.

Michael on Mar 3, 2009


I think Triple H from the WWE would be a shoe in to play the part of Thor, I can't wait for this and the Avengers movie, good times are a coming !!!!

Louis on Dec 1, 2009


I think Kenneth is a phenomenal actor and I know he'll make Thor into the epic movie it deserves to be. I ran into an interview with Kenneth on while testing it for my job at DISH Network. Check it out and the other Thor goodies by simply searching under Thor on the site. This is sure to be a great interpretation of a classic comic book character and I'm pleased with how it's been casted.

Nicole on Apr 22, 2011

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