New Writer Hired for X-Men: First Class, Singer is Returning

December 17, 2009
Source: Heat Vision

X-Men: First Class

Yesterday night, Bryan Singer announced on the "blue carpet" at the Avatar premiere that he would be directing X-Men: First Class, the next movie in Fox's X-Men franchise. Just in case you didn't believe it, Heat Vision has confirmed that Singer is officially directing the spin-off/prequel. They also report that Fox has hired Jamie Moss (Street Kings) to rewrite the script and work with Singer on developing the project. Oh and they also mention that "new characters will also be created," as in they're going to create some new mutants that haven't been seen in the comics. Fox has made some smart choices, so maybe there's hope?

X-Men: First Class will "look at the teenage years of the super-powered mutant heroes seen the X-Men movies and the Wolverine movies." Last year, Fox hired "The O.C." and "Gossip Girl" writer Josh Schwartz to write the first draft of the script. I can't tell you how incredibly thankful I am to hear that they brought in someone else, because I guarantee you his script would've been "The O.C." but with young X-Men, and no one wants to see that. No word on when we can expect X-Men: First Class to hit theaters, but this seems like a sign that they really want to get things going. New characters, new writer, old director. Could be good?

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Any X-Men series where the main characters are teenagers is a movie I will not be watching.

The Man With No Name on Dec 17, 2009


Thank the lord

JakeTheSnake on Dec 17, 2009


Will this be the Twilightification of X-Men?

whomever on Dec 17, 2009


this might turn out good with the script rewrite and brian singer coming in,cant wait for the trailer

Spider94 on Dec 17, 2009


"I'm kind of excited, as Fox has made some good decisions." LOL. Is that a joke?

Outlaw on Dec 17, 2009

6 mean Twilight isn't part of x-men lore!

Lazarus from Sparta...DETHKLOK RULES!!!!! on Dec 17, 2009


Really like singer as a filmmaker because he makes, for the most part, films for adults. He should be doing something more mature, like Deadpool, not a film about teenaged mutants learning how to master their superpowers.

PJay on Dec 17, 2009


Good grief, let this shit die out already. I would have given the X-Men film trilogy a B grade overall, but thanks to X-Men: The Last Stand it only rates about a C-. The story of the adults still needs a proper finish before this gets started... ... I really need to hurry up and out grow this shit. It really isn't worth wasting time on any more.

K on Dec 17, 2009


There are more than enough mutants and characters to choose from in the X-Universe. These guys don't need to get on their high horse's and try to create new ones they think will work. Jezussss!! FAIL . . . . already.

Jo Momma on Dec 17, 2009


im with #3 and i dont think they need to create new mutants that are not in the comics like they did in x-men 3. this will be like twilight but with mutants

samuel j on Dec 17, 2009



Tra la la la la di da on Dec 17, 2009


#12 - I changed that sentence because it didn't sound right... But it was just my opinion. I love the X-Men universe, I want to see more movies in that franchise, as long as they're good. And Fox just made some huge steps in the right direction (with this news). So yes, I'm just a little bit excited.

Alex Billington on Dec 17, 2009


i think you and us have varying opinions of what a "good idea" is Alex

Otacon on Dec 17, 2009


Street Kings was a dark movie, so I hope First Class will be something like that =)

Robbie on Dec 17, 2009


it's got to be the original team just like the x-men first class comic,ALSO HURRY THE FUCK UP WITH GETTING THE DEADPOOL MOVIE ROLLING.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Dec 18, 2009


(Sigh)... Just what the world needs, another crappy Fox/Singer X-Men movie...

Metatasian on Dec 18, 2009


Fox and Singer should never be associated with making smart decisions, this has epic fail written all over it. Will Marvel please get their properties back from these hacks

Chase on Dec 18, 2009


hmmm i believe some of x-men continuity stories involves teens, even baby versions of our fav mutants 😀 i dont know how many of you guys and gals read Xmen comics and for how long but there are tons of good stories that are followed by bunch of fans that have teen mutants in it. Take Kitty, Take Jubilee, Take Generation x, New Mutants, X-Babies (yep they are a sold-out hard to track down and pretty valuable storyline characters :D). and When X men was founded the original class had the oldest one that was beast 😀 the iceman, angel were no more than 17, even cyclops was 20smth so the "first class" is supposed to be a teen actors movie of X mens youngsters years etc 😀

burak "Daequitas" on Dec 18, 2009


go back to your superman franchise . this guys style of movie pacing is boring to me. i rented superman returns and my 2 kids were so bored i told them to go play in the other room if you wanted and they did the first 15 minutes in. damit bring back ZOD!

subcelsious5g on Dec 18, 2009


@#19, Daequitas - As someone who has read a lot of X-Men comics, I take offense to what you just said. Firstly, as for your "there are tons of good stories that have teen mutants" is not entirely relevant. Yes, Kitty Pride and Jubilee were "teen mutants", but they were accessories to an older group. With Kitty a.k.a. Sprite a.k.a. Shadowcat, you had Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Storm, and Professor X to carry the story. Basically the same thing applies to Jubilee, but with varying characters like Psylocke and Gambit. Now moving on to your statement that Generation X and the New Mutants were "good stories"...did you read those comics? It was these additions to the franchise that I almost gave up reading X-men altogether. The characters were pure crap, and I lost a lot of respect for Marvel. And X-babies? C'mon man, they were in 1 or 2 stories. That storyline was more of a joke than anything. Finally... yes, you are right in saying that Iceman, Beast, Angel, and Jean Grey were Professor X's first students, and the founding members of the X-Men. They were also teenagers in those early days, as well as in the X-Men:First Class adaptation. But of all the stories, I consider those the worst choices for movie adaptations. Who wants to see a bunch of kids pretending to be superheroes? (Not counting Kick-Ass). While I am possibly speaking for myself, I would rather see over a hundred other Uncanny X-Men comics be made into movies. (Approximately Uncanny X-men #'s 94 - 214)

The Man With No Name on Dec 18, 2009


omg singer fucked all of the xmen movies and superman DONT LET THIS MOTHER FUCKER FUCK THIS MOVIE

shizz on Dec 18, 2009


I like those glasses Ben Stiller is wearing.

Me on Dec 18, 2009


#22 - Uh, Bryan Singer only directed the first two X-Men movies, which were both awesome. X2 is one of my all-time favorite superhero movies. The only way he "fucked all" of them up is by not returning for X3. But it was Brett Ratner who then went on to fuck it up. So as far as I can still tell, Bryan Singer hasn't ruined any of the X-Men movies and I'm quite excited to see him return to this franchise.

Alex Billington on Dec 18, 2009


Good to have Brian back.

Fisherr on Dec 19, 2009


LOL! #23! In my opinion the X-Men the last stand was the best one of the 3 . more friggin action , cooler mutants , a sentinal etc. I'm not hating on Singer but hes made 3 movies i don't really dig. I can watch the first 2 but i'd rather watch the 3rd. And superman was just boring , i mean when i was a kid my dad took me to see superman 2 an i had a blast , my kids think supermans a dweeb cause of this guy now.

subcelsious5g on Dec 19, 2009


@26 lol! The worst xmen movie was 3. There was nothing but generic mutants and subpar plotlines. And to top it off they kill off all of the good characters.

JussHaten on Dec 19, 2009


Clearly movie producers can create better comic style superheroes than comic book writers (do you hint a little sarcasm there)...

Big Vinny Diesel on Dec 21, 2009


hi there #21 "The man with no name" (cool nick by the way 😀 ooh no what have i done, may be some shithead producer reads this and tries to reboot the man with no name, please nooo, i take it back pleasee) i am sorry to have offended you but it was surely not my intention. i agree on all aspects of your reply to a certain degree but all the more i was just saying if the stories are scripted well enough even teen mutants have the potential to look good on screen, they can achieve what those stories have achieved in the comics. i mainly stated what the sales pointed out regarding those titles and issues that they had their moments then. i didnt say anything about a Wolverine, a Gambit or a Colossus or Nightcrawler (where is he by the way :(), Prof X or even Magneto not being in the scene to complete the picture and maybe play the "mentor/muscle/friend/dad/love interest" part whatever the point of view the youngsters look up to them for... we have seen what they, company men, did (or could not do and only ruined perfectly good material) with Xmen Origins: Wolverine. (as much as i love hughs portrayal of the old canucklehead and the effort he puts in the character Wolverine was not what it deserved to be in the X Men Origins:W, just another action movie with good sequences and bangs) they cant handle those hard edged, morally challenging/intense and deep, visually definetely R stories such as Days of future Past, Trial of Magneto oh and the lovely Mutant Massacre story lines. at least not under the roof of Fox. i would die to see them done justice on the screen as much as the next diehard fan, as much as you. would die to watch them over and over but for the time being as long as comic adaptations mostly kept at a certain rating (PG-13 duh... not even one of those issues you mentioned have stories that a 13 year old could easily really comprehend, they actually deal adult issues and stories) there is really not muchof a chance 🙁 yes i read almost all of the titles that i have mentioned and still have them in my collection. and yes they did have great stories that were fun to read, heavy on the action at the same time and dealt with lots of teen subjects. and they seeded great subplots that woud result in great stories later on. i meant no offense and still do mean none, all i am saying is, being teen or having powers as that you dont understand are not automatically a bad combination. it has lots of potential if done right. it could send great messages to the teens that will see it in the theatres. all it needs is a good script, and a loyal to the source visionary director who is not afraid of the film companies. of all the X themed movies my fav is the 2nd X which came closest to the xmen we knew. each had great moments, great characters, casts to them but as a whole only 2nd came close accomplishing to being that "X team". i believe marvel really should get all the rights to film for his characters. because it causes great pain to us all, to see our fav heroes being massacred. i am not trying to prove you wrong or anything, just those stories that you dislike have potential too if done right and it would not hurt to see them done right and it will not be another Twilightish teen movie. thats all i was trying to point out..(and Twilight fans also have their every right to love whatever they want to, its a matter of taste) (oh and the X Babies are a load of fun to read fast paced and action packed i gotta go read them again. at least even they had better stories than we were fed in X3 🙁 (minus the fastball special, the Sentinel scene :D)) Oh Kick-Ass will definetely kick some serious ass 😀 i loved the comic. and the trailers give the feel that they are gonna nail it ... cheers

burak "Daequitas" on Dec 21, 2009

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