New X-Men Origins: Wolverine Photos and Footage Debut

February 12, 2009

New X-Men Origins: Wolverine Photos and Footage Debut

In a very odd decision, 20th Century Fox has decided to go against the norm and release new footage from the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine in three separate instances on TV. Beginning this Sunday, February 15th, viewers will see three special 60-second TV spots that will air over the course of three nights. Together, with one spot leading into the next, they will form a narrative revealing the origins of Wolverine. In essence, instead of showing us a new trailer, we get this 3-minute glimpse at X-Men Origins: Wolverine as seen on Fox's cable TV network. In anticipation, four new photos have been revealed as well.

The first spot will air Sunday, Feb. 15 during "Family Guy" (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT); the second on Monday, Feb. 16 during "House" (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT); and the third will air Tuesday, Feb. 17 during "American Idol" (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. As excited as I am for Wolverine, this is the cheapest and dirtiest trick in the book. All they care about is getting more viewers for their TV shows and making more money from commercials. Well, that's Fox for you - the slimiest bastards in Hollywood! We'll do our best to pull these off the air as soon as they debut for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the new photos!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Wolverine lives a mutant life, seeks revenge against Victor Creed (who will later become Sabretooth) for the death of his girlfriend, and ultimately ends up going through the mutant Weapon X program.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is directed by South African filmmaker Gavin Hood, of the Oscar winner Tsotsi and Rendition previously. The script was written by veteran screenwriter David Benioff, of 25th Hour, Troy, and The Kite Runner previosuly. The character of Wolverine was first created by Len Wein and John Romita Sr. back in 1974. Fox will debut X-Men Origins: Wolverine in theaters everywhere on May 1st.

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It's all good. Lord knows TV ratings are at a steady decline and the economy is in shambles. Yeah, those slimy bastards at Fox are on their home turf. In the end, we watch and they gather ratings. What can we do about that?????

Blue Silver on Feb 12, 2009


This "Wolverine" flick is gonna kick ass. These pictures are pretty cool.

Spider on Feb 12, 2009


Um...yeah, like I'll have to watch those shows to see the preview. It'll be on the internet not long after. Still won't go see this because of what they did to Watchmen.

Emma Watson is so f***able on Feb 12, 2009


these photos look cheesy as all hell like that helicopter scene!! lol. i'm looking forward to the movie because i love all things x-men but i have my reservations. i have some faith based on what was said in the trailer because that sounds just like what a wolverine movie should sound like (suffering, pain, and blood-thirsty revenge) but the visuals themselves not so much. here's to hoping they surprise us!

andrew on Feb 12, 2009


They did the same thing w/ the Hulk. I think a real "vote of confidence" would resemble Transformers' move to open ahead of schedule. I could be wrong - I mean, we all know I'm seeing Wolverine anyway, no matter what!

Jimbo Slims on Feb 12, 2009


oh also why make us suffer through american idol to see the 3rd tv spot. its not like they need more viewers. and couldn't they have shown the last one on a genre show that fans of wolverine could fringe or something?

andrew on Feb 12, 2009


Yeah, Fringe is definitely awesome! I'm so hooked on that show, it's insane. Fox is definitely wanting money or Watchmen. Fringe showed the theatrical trailer for Watchmen in one of their short commercials. I love that they have short commercials!!!

wassssssuuuuuupppppppp on Feb 12, 2009


As time ticks by I'm less and less excited for this movie. Watchmen will overshadow it like an elephant to an amoeba.

Dan W on Feb 12, 2009


these do look really really really bad!!! I mean what the hell is that second sabertooth pic? it looks obsured! the movie still looked good from the trailer awhile back, although it might end up being quite different than that trailer. but still it is x-men, as long as it isnt as bad as x-men three Im fine with it.

s on Feb 12, 2009


When the hell did Gambit turn into Jubilee?

Fuelbot on Feb 12, 2009


LOL "When the hell did Gambit turn into Jubilee"

????? on Feb 12, 2009


I alwas thought Wolverine got his claws when he became part of Weapon X. That last image with him as a kid suggests differently.

Chris on Feb 12, 2009


this looks so lame! omg lmao

adrian on Feb 12, 2009


Well #12, I've never read the comics but seeing as one of his powers is regeneration it makes sense that they needed something to work with to make the adamantium claws.... And this Gambit faggatory is lame.

Merc on Feb 12, 2009


#12 Wolverine had bone claws in the beginning. When he entered the weapon x program they used his ability to be able to regenerate to graph his bone structure with adamantium plating.

Tyler on Feb 12, 2009


@ #12 yes wolverine was born with claws, the implanted memories from the weapon x program made him forget that. Still it should be an interesting translation from the comics.

S.Dot on Feb 12, 2009


That top picture is friggin EPIC. Screw you naysayers, this looks fun as hell. (Note I didn't say good... I said fun)

Icarus on Feb 13, 2009


we all know that 12 doesnt read comic books and this movie just looks like crap!!!

FewQuestion on Feb 13, 2009


i think the first pic looks tight as hell. the other ones i dont care too much for.

Q on Feb 13, 2009


That last pic also looks like Hugh there laying by the kid. I could be mistaken, but it looks like him. Wonder if this is a dream pic? Then again I could be wrong...haven't had my caffeine yet this morn. Think the movie is sooo gonna rock!

Kyn on Feb 13, 2009


God I hate the whole bone claws retcon. It really sucks that now if I wanna see the Wolvie movie (or rent it, or catch it next year on FX) I have to be subjected to the utter bullcrap that was Origin in movie form, and now people new to the franchise are going to think that horrible idea is canon. I'm still praying that Origin is a memory implant. And the fact that they made his real name James Howlett instead of Logan is insulting. 'Howl'-ett, like a 'howl'? Really? Ugh.... Good article on why bone claws are lame:

Paigey! on Feb 13, 2009


wowo now this is worth the price nice love it but a little cheesy but who the f**K cares i m there

alan on Feb 13, 2009


If memory serves, Wolverine was NOT born with claws... he was born with mutant regeneration ability. His claws were implanted when his bones were grafted with adamantium during weapon x program.

Ari Rubenstein on Feb 13, 2009


There are two stories that i know one of them Wolverine when he was a child because of the shock for his dad's death boned claws pop up off his hand and when he grew up they were covered with admantium as a result of the Weapon X and the other story is that Wolverine have a fast healing factor and he volunteered for the Weapon X program to get the admantium merging into his body. The first one was the one in the 6 Origins issue, the one i like is the second plot for the character.

Fisherr on Feb 13, 2009

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