Newest Beautiful Angels and Demons Poster Hits

March 24, 2009

Newest Beautiful Angels and Demons Poster Hits

There's juts something I love about all the posters for Angels & Demons we've seen so far. They're somewhat minimalistic, don't involve floating heads, have great color choices, and overall just look very polished, which I personally love seeing in a poster since we get so many of them are just a mess. This newest one features Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon standing in a crowded Vatican Square surrounded by Cardinals all wearing red. I really love the very minimal use color in this, with the focus on red, as it actually brings out Hanks a lot more. As great as all this looks, I just hope it leads to a successful opening.

Angels and Demons Poster

Angels & Demons is directed by prolific filmmaker Ron Howard, of everything from Willow to Backdraft to Apollo 13 to A Beautiful Mind to the previous The Da Vinci Code. The script was written by veteran screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, of Lost in Space, A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, The Da Vinci Code, and I Am Legend most recently. This film is based on Dan Brown's popular bestselling novel of the same name. Sony Pictures will be debuting Angels & Demons in theaters everywhere on May 15th this summer.

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Quanah on Mar 24, 2009


pretty sweet Watch 30 Rock on thurs. to see a new preview

woody on Mar 24, 2009


Beautiful? Looks like very pedestrian Photoshop work - A collage of random, low resolution images thrown together. What's with the streak of red on the left?

Zombie Chuck on Mar 24, 2009


@ Zombie Chuck Clearly you only took a simple glance at this before you started to criticize it. The "streak of red" is one of the Hats warn by the men in the photo. Probably there to add some depth.

Madigan on Mar 24, 2009


If you think that's "pedestrian Photoshop work", you're mental. I'm not even looking forward to this movie and I think that's a great poster. It tells you so much about the movie...Anytime you can use a poster instead of a trailer to say that much about a movie it's anything but pedestrian.

melvis316 on Mar 24, 2009


I have to agree with Zombie Chuck...a high school photoshop class could have done the Angel & Demons posters... I pride myself in really observing film posters..along with being annoyed by the floating head phenomena hoping for the revival of hand painted posters...the new thing is now poorly made photoshop that anyone can use adobe it seems like the effort for poster art is gone.... the red cloak takes up useless space...1/3 of the poster is the title and credits, that's something you don't often see..usually the main image is what the focus of the poster is....the background for the title/credits it isn't even blended with the image above...if someone said this was fan made I wouldn't doubt it...

Christopher M on Mar 24, 2009


If they think they can shave Tom's forhead to make his head look bigger and by that making him look smarter they fail. It's been bugging me since the first movie... or am I wrong? Something's fishy with his head though.. 🙂

Munson on Mar 24, 2009


I didn't ask what the streak of red was, I asked "what's with the streak of red"? In other words what's its meaning as it pertains to the plot of the film. I've read the book and am a big fan, in fact I think it's a better story than the Davinci Code and I'm looking forward to the film, but the poster does nothing for the story. The earlier poster art utilizing the angle/demon hybrid statue was amazing, especially in it's holographic form in theaters. I stood in front of it for 4 minutes. And by the way it's not a hat, it's a cloaks belonging to a Catholic Cleric.

Zombie Chuck on Mar 24, 2009


@7 - Yeah, I'm not sure why that is the hairstyle-of-choice for would be mystery solvers/historical detectives. (See: Nicolas Cage in National Treasure). Makes them look like old(er).

Aaron on Mar 24, 2009


look at him standing proud, what a legend, i'd watch Tom Hanks churning butter, painting a wall or just mowing the lawn, or hovering some stairs! legend love him!

standing proud on Mar 24, 2009


@standing proud You're right I'd watch him do anything. I'd even watch a movie where 40 minutes is him doing nothing but sitting on as isla-- oh wait a minute.............

David Wilson on Mar 24, 2009



rocken on Mar 24, 2009


Weird pshop collage. The odd focus work reminds me of Japanese posters.

sleepykid on Mar 24, 2009


Nice one! It shows Tom Hanks in the middle of a very chaotic catholic crowd. Really tells you what the movie is all about! I like it...

Matzematiker on Mar 24, 2009


Iden and concept quite good, but the realization just awful!!! If I had to make a poster of screen captures from a trailer I would probably made a better poster. Of course it is all a matter of artistic taste, but... just look at this poster, nothing unusula, I would ven say more... amateur work.

szkari on Mar 24, 2009


ps - sorry for the spelling mistakes 😉

szkari on Mar 24, 2009


Yeah, that doesn't look very good at all.

J on Mar 24, 2009


No way... After Ron Howard's miserable take on DaVinci, I don't think he can pull this amazing material. He's just so...Hollywood-like predictable. Lame...(and I'm not talking about Apollo 13, cause I'm not your regular comment-prick) I hope this will flop big time and that the REAL movies like Star Trek/Terminator Salvation/Up/Drag Me To Hell will each have it's part of one big fucking cake. Angels and Demons? Give me the BOOK, any time... Cool Poster? Meh, it's all marketing guys, not the real thing...Still, antimater will probably CGI-rock! Or, whatever... XDDD

m4st4 on Mar 25, 2009


very nice and mysterious love it i really hope this movie has a huge weekend cuz the trailer has just blown me away nad as for real movies this is probably better than salvation so i dont no whats wrong with people

alan on Mar 25, 2009


#19 whats wrong is that so called 'general audience' actually thinks Ron Howard can do a solid job after DaVinci Code...That movie was just terrible and stupid (compared to book). Sorry, but give me Christian pissed as hell Bale any time, even if he's directed by McG. P.S. Don't get me wrong, I admire Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor and Stellan Skarsgard, but this is going to FLOP.

m4st4 on Mar 25, 2009


#20 you got it right. As good an actor Tom Hanks truly is Ron Howard did a crap job on this first film and I totally think that this part does not fit Hanks. Where as Christian Bale would soar in the role. But maybe Howard and Hanks have looked at what they did wrong the first round and have finally mended them. The trailer does look interesting, but then again so did Davinci Code. Will wait and see.

Kal-el on Mar 27, 2009


I love this kid of posters using minimum amount of colors and the protagonist is in the front taking a pose...Lame but i like it.

Fisherr on Mar 27, 2009


Zombie Chuck is an idiot, and Christopher M, stop talking about something you clearly know nothing about. I usually try NOT to be rude even to anonymous people on the internet, but seriously, you people know don't know good work when you see it. This poster is great and caught my eye immediately; one of the few that actually make me stop and look in awe. You say the red cloak "takes up space"? Without it, the poster would fall apart. It's what gives the poster movement and unbalances it, and IF you were a so-called art expert which you desperately make yourself try to sound like, you would know that too much balance is bad. Who cares about the seemingly uneven photoshop work... the composition and choice of color is brilliant. There is nothing wrong with the focus, it's all on Tom Hanks. There is a sense of chaos and frenzy but at the same time, a nice control in the whole thing. Sure, I agree with the fact that there needs to be more hand-painted posters out there... but stop criticizing good ones. Anyway, do you seriously expect them to draw a poster for a major box-office movie like this?

Vee on Jun 23, 2009

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