Nicolas Cage Wants to 'Reconceive' the Ghost Rider Sequel

July 15, 2009
Source: MTV

Ghost Rider

Is that even a real word? Nicolas Cage just told MTV in a recent interview that, "I would like to do a reconceive" on Ghost Rider 2. If you remember (you probably don't), back in January it was reported that Sony was moving forward with a Ghost Rider sequel, despite the pleas of fans everywhere to forget it and move on. Cage added in the interview that, "I would like to go in a whole other direction, and I think that’s what they’re talking about." He didn't want to say much more, but from the sounds of it, it seems like they (or maybe just Cage) want to reboot (which is another word for "reconceive") this franchise in a sequel.

I know, I know, no one wants to see Ghost Rider 2 ever get made. When asked what he might do to make things different, Cage said that, "I would make it much less of a western and more of an international story," whatever that means. I've heard some rumors that he wants to take the Ghost Rider character to the Vatican or otherwise. As I said back in January, the character has a lot of potential, so if even Cage knows that the first one was a giant piece of crap, then maybe he can help get the sequel on the right track. And with that in mind, maybe a reboot or "reconceive" could actually result in a better movie. Who knows?

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First! GR2 would have to be spectacular in order to draw in the crowds.

Michael Jackson Forever on Jul 15, 2009


Dude where to about get an actual good screenwriter! Then Cage needs to study up on his past films! Then find an actual good director! Finally make it the most f'd up Ghost Rider ever, I'm talking acid trip better!

Xerxex on Jul 15, 2009


helllll noooo Nicolas Cage sucks to much at his job to make Ghost Rider watchable in anyway.

DoomCanoe on Jul 15, 2009


I enjoyed the first one.... ok just a little cuz i was drunk but seriously better action better script better visuals DONT take it to the vatican!!!!

zach on Jul 15, 2009


i didnt hate the 1st one, but a new direction would be greatly appreciated if they were to do it again ps. can u ban that kid for spamming every other post?

lego on Jul 15, 2009


I enjoyed the 1st film. There is one question I have, doesn't Nicholas Cage own the rights to Ghost Rider? I'm almost sure he bought them from Marvel. The reason why I ask is, If someone gave me around $100m and the rights to Zelda, you would be watching the best labour of love ever created. I would make lord of the rings look like an un-researched BBC Children's program. The point I'm trying to make is that if your that passionate about something you usually want to do the bet you can. I can't help but feel Nicholas Cage wanted more from the 1st film. I would go to the theater for this though.

link1983 on Jul 16, 2009


No nO no NO FuCK NO !!!!!!!! I Don't Know How The First One Even Got To 200 Mill' , That Is Just Beyond Me .

CK on Jul 16, 2009


the fist one was sooooo bad, but i must say it was better then wolverine lol

Sancho on Jul 16, 2009


I liked the first movie. But it needs to center on more action. The first one was about him getting the powers. I hope the second one, he uses them to the max.

d on Jul 16, 2009


As bad as Cage was the real sticking point is Mark Steven Johnson - they need to get rid of him ASAP! If they got Guilermo Del Toro or Stephen Norrington I woudl be interested!

Sumit on Jul 16, 2009


Give it up, you're not Ghost Rider Cage. You're not. We need a competent Director, Writer and younger actor that doesn't need a wig. As far as I'm concerned rebooting this is not a priority.

Johnny Neat on Jul 16, 2009


I hope not, he is no super-hero; there are so many other actors better equipped to handle this role than Nicholas cage. If it is Nicholas cage, I wont pay to see it...Ill wait like 15 years until maybe it ends up on TV.

Behzad on Jul 16, 2009


Only if they flay off Nic Cage's face and set his skull on fire would be THE ONLY WAY I would have ANY interest in that movie. Go jump over a helicopter and die already, cage

Voice of Reason on Jul 16, 2009


Cage=WOAT ( worst of all time)

Clover on Jul 16, 2009


Get the guy that's been writing the latest run of Ghost Rider comics to write the script. Fantastic work.

S on Jul 16, 2009


After watching the first one, I considered writing a letter to Nicholas Cage asking for 2 hours of my life back. I definitely think he shouldn't of been Ghost Rider. I should be interested in what's going on in a scene, not staring at some ugly toupee. I don't know why he's even been in so many movies lately. >.< If they changed writers, and him...then I could see maybe it being better. Otherwise, I'm not going to even bother.

Sabes on Jul 16, 2009


That'll be good! First, a really good director must be chosen and the script must be top notch! A darker, grittier, more serious "Ghost Rider" flick will work! It will all come together when the filmmakers... and especially Cage, take the source material seriously!

Spider on Jul 16, 2009


If Eva Mendes is in it, I will be 1st in line at the midnight showing! Lol...

J Cal on Jul 16, 2009


Take the script and bury it............................

SHANEDAV on Jul 16, 2009


ghost rider is a good comic charactor,but not a good film charactor why?nick cage is wrong fucking choice his fucking shit always acting like his fucking stoned get someone new,also a punisher or daredevil team up would make the film alot fucking better,and a decent villian.

zetsu on Jul 16, 2009


i wouldn't mind a sequel, i thought the first one was good enough.. though cage is pushing it in terms of his ability to act like a young hero.

Jon on Jul 16, 2009


As long as it's "reconceived" without Nicholas Cage, it might have a chance. He's the worst action star EVER!!! Stick to comedy and drama,'re NEVER going to be an action star, get over it.

Kevin on Jul 16, 2009


Unless the rights to Ghost Rider and other Marvel characters go to Marvel Studios and the film is made by the Marvel Studio company, then I have no interest in this or any other crapfest comicbook film adaptions made by some money hungry studio trying to make a quick buck. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was the last straw.

Last Son on Jul 16, 2009


those element guys in Ghost Rider were cool but i can see what hes sayin , it was kinda redneck and like fantastic 4 . they need to make it more serious ..scarier . i mean u actually need to be afraid of this guy .

subcelsious on Jul 17, 2009


Ghost Rider was pretty bad. And I don't even blame Nic Cage for it. At least in that movie he had a haircut that did NOT look like roadkill. The worst for me was the terrible "bad guy". He was not scary, or even intimidating at all, he was fucking laughable. They need to cast people with actual charisma. Not some old man who looked like he was a Dracula fanboy, and some preppy douchebag on his way to his weekly goth kids meeting. The best part of the movie, was that original GR zooming along the road on his fiery horse. That looked awesome. I'd rather see some more of that, tbh. Oh well...wishful thinking, right?

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 17, 2009


They already made a sequel to Ghost Rider. Crank 2 the ending.LOL But on some real shit the first one was garbage it was one of the worst films based on a comic book. Is up there with Daredevil.

Ab on Jul 17, 2009


Oh God, why?

SlashBeast on Jul 18, 2009


Freakin haters, Nicolas Cage not an action star? Have you not seen con air. While i will admit that Ghost Rider was not awesome, it wasn't as bad as Daredevil or The Hulk. Nicolas Cage is a great actor. The only movie he lost point from me in was the Wickerman (DO NOT WATCH) I think he could improve the sequel if we can get some new writers in there.

Chaz on Mar 31, 2010

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