No District 9 Sequel Until Jackson & Blomkamp Are Ready

November 2, 2009
Source: Deadline Hollywood

District 9

Isn't weird that even though a movie makes lots of money and is considered a huge success, no one wants to see a sequel. And yet movies that barely make any money somehow get sequels that no one wants (e.g. Ghost Rider)? Well, the good news is that we probably won't see a District 9 sequel for a few years. That's good because I don't want a sequel to be rushed into production. But it's also bad because I'd actually like to see them make District 10 at some point. Over on Deadline Hollywood, Nikki Finke has a new update saying, basically, that Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson won't come back unless (or until) they figure out a story.

But those close to producer Peter Jackson and director Neill Blomkamp say only it may happen "at some point" when the duo "figure out what the story is and organize their respective schedules". (Peter is booked, and Neil is very much in demand now.)

I'm very relieved to hear that's the case. I was so happy to hear that J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves wouldn't be making a Cloverfield sequel unless it could live up to the original, both in story and concept. And I have a feeling that's exactly what's going on with Jackson and Blomkamp. I'd really like to see a sequel, because I loved the story and the movie and there's obviously more to it, but I don't want to see them make one unless they really believe they should. With District 9 crossing $200 million worldwide this weekend, Sony is obviously pushing hard for a sequel, but Jackson and Blomkamp are pushing back until the time is right.

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It should never be made, Neil should just keep doing origional Sci-fi. He should only do sequels if he plans them from the start.

shadow on Nov 2, 2009


..seuqels are just a very very bad invention...the practise of making them should be banned by international law..

JoePublic on Nov 2, 2009


Niel Blomkampp is definitely talented but I am more interested in him working without any Peter jackson support. I want to see if he can deliver same quality of movie on his own. If he does then that means he is truly a great filmmaker but if he doesn't then it will be obvious that PJ was the reason why D9 worked critically and commercially. Case closed.

JoJo on Nov 2, 2009


yay for sequels!

zeldaprimed on Nov 2, 2009


I think this is good news all around. While I would like to see District 10 at some point, I'd rather it be after Blomkamp makes a film or two of his own and after he and Jackson make sure the story is up to par. JoJo: Well, we'll probably find soon, once Blomkamp writes, films, and releases his new original project.

Corran Horn on Nov 2, 2009


Do it when you're ready so it gets done right. No need to rush it.

M-Cat on Nov 2, 2009


Was expecting a lot more from District 9 because of all the hype. It was just OK - wayyy to predictable from the beginning. I'll probably avoid a sequel if it gets made.

Antioch on Nov 2, 2009


no you won't, you'll be a troll just like everyone else and maybe even stand in line at the theaters waiting for the ticket booth to open so you can get a good seat to watch it

Jim Stines on Mar 11, 2011


let time pass. build a little hype. come out with it in like 4 years. like Terminator! but it was 10 year span!

LuckyLoser on Nov 2, 2009


the best way to follow up this headline - "ummm, no shit" I mean honestly, its common sense. No story here.

Al on Nov 2, 2009


Since the sequel on D9 is so predictable, I don't want to see it realised. 'An army of aliens attacks Johannesburg to free it's fellows. While they're at it, they might concer the world and colonise it. We didn't see their soliers yet, did we, and "Oh, my, such great warriors with more terrible weapons". After the mayhem, our hero becomes the infiltrator in the race to help earthlings take their planet back and gets help from his alien friend (full of remorse for what he has done to those poor humans) who still promises him to give him back his body. Earth is saved and the main character gets his body back. The aliens leave after admitting their mistake. End-titles...' No thanks. I'm really dead tired of 'save the earth' movies. Why don't they start saving the earth from global warming first. I promise I will watch... afterwards.

Peter T'Sas on Nov 2, 2009


Or maybe the alien come back to make a deal with earth to exchange their people for technology to travel to other worlds. We could just nuke their friends if we had to. Maybe the aliens are but workers for an even more advanced race that wants their workers freed. This just off the top of my head, there could be dozens of things that could be deveolped. Your story is sort of simple and not very imaginative.

Edgar on May 15, 2012


#10 has it down.

Al on Nov 2, 2009


Yay for sequels of movies that show the true nature of humans.

Cutty Sark on Nov 2, 2009


I wouldn't want it any other way

Nick Sears on Nov 2, 2009


as long as there are non American actors and more exploding bodies I'm in.

Karl on Nov 2, 2009


I agree. Exploding bodies (cgi of course) causes for great enjoyment.

Jim Stines on Mar 11, 2011


#10, what about? 'A rescue ship and/or small fleet returns to Earth to retrieve their brethren. The stupid humans attack them thinking that they're about to be attacked themselves (and MNU wants their space weapons, too). Hero fights his own (ex-)race to protect the aliens so he can get his body back, but then decides he wants to stay an alien cause they're nicer to him, and we all get to learn about ourselves again.'

case on Nov 2, 2009


there needs to be a sequel but than again it doesnt. there are a lot of things left open to imagination which is awesome but id like to see somethings answered by a sequel like do they come back just to get the ones left behind or do they come back to invade. i really would love to see a sequel of this more than anything at this time.

yupyup on Nov 3, 2009


First I would like to say, District 9 was a complete and utterly awesome movie. However I have to agree with there position on a sequel, I would very much love to see a district ten come out but I defiantly do not want another "dumb n dumber two" ( not saying the first one was any good in the first place ) I do think that they could have the story line of three years later, where he comes back to save his people and possibly fix that guy, but PLEASE DO NOT RUSH IT. I can wait a few years for a movie to be done properly. My one regret would be that I could not take the movie home from the theater that night lol. Great work guys! keep it up. peace

Patrick on Nov 3, 2009


This is a good thing for two reasons. Means when the sequel does come out, it will be done properly and not rushed along and half assed. And also means Blomkamp can direct the Dune movie be made right.

BLoos on Nov 3, 2009


But what about his hand, will it be the same, because remember he chopped off some of his fingers? thats what i am looking forward to in the sequel!

LuckyLoser on Nov 3, 2009


district 9 was pretty okay. Kinda neat, original, not special.

meatcarnage on Nov 4, 2009


Here's the sequel... The story picks up with Christopher (prawn) heading back home... When he gets home, he tries to explain how the human helped him escape, and he promised to go back in two years...they won't let him go. I would love to see an action movie from the perspective of the prawns, and their world, with Christopher struggling to make it back to earth... then we can have "District 10" as the final part of a trequal. Trip By the way, T2 proves there is merit to some sequels...

Trip on Nov 4, 2009


WHY? WHY do we have to see as sequel. It was good. Let them go make other movies ffs. I'm sure he'll make another good movie and everyone will say "LOL THAT WAS AWESOME, SEQUELIZE THAT"

overwatch on Nov 4, 2009


To #22 Overwatch, Because the story isn't finished you idiot. You obviously didn't even watch D9 so stop trolling. The end of D9 was the beginning of the real story, not the end. We have to see what happens to the aliens, what happens when they come back.

Dude on Nov 17, 2009


The reason why aliens visit us but wont show themselves to us humans is because we are a dangerous species, given the fact that we will attack anything that appears out of this world and not give it a chance, I loved District 9 and would love to see a sequel this time i would love to see the human race be shown a lesson and see the Alien prawns prevail, Please if you make a sequel take your time and make it worthwile for us the viewers Ossy

ossy74 on Nov 22, 2009


#10, there is a very high chance that you're completely wrong. I mean, these guys write great stories, I'm pretty sure you don't have any notable films out. And, by some stroke of luck you're correct, sometimes even a predictable movie sounds fun to watch regardless.

Noetic on Dec 16, 2009


I was all for a sequel. Pretty much expected it. But now I'm thinking what's the point? Really. It would be too predictible for we all know what would happen... Why ruin a perfectly good movie with a greedy sequel?

j on Dec 23, 2009


didn't christopher say he'd be back in three years?... just sayin'...

g.i. john on Dec 26, 2009


I see it as, the problem with hollywood isnt the fact that they make a sequel, but they rush it too fast sometimes. (transformers) I see it as, if they refuse to do a sequel cause they dont have a story that they feel is perfect then its there call. In my view I would like to see a sequel within the next few years, same as clover field or hell even qarintine but only (AND I MEAN ONLY) if its done right. thats the beauty of creation. for instance the whole thing being predictable, when I first saw the trailer hell, I thought it was going to be a funny movie (Witch it was to some degree) but after awhile and a couple trailers more, I realized that this was going to be something special. something that would go outside of anything in science fiction. I mean come on, #10's (Peter T'Sas) (ass) idea of being predictable is all he has then he must not know a damn thing about creating something of the imagination. for instance, instead of the whole coming back to take over the earth, what if chritopher sends his son back 3 years later with more ships to extract the residents of district 10 and then gets struck down and they land in another part of the world with MNU chasing them for more expieriments. Or maybe they(MNU) find the main charactore (cant think of his name right now) still hiding in district 9 and cristophers son has to find him and break him out to fix him like his father promised, maybe even the main charactores wife tags along helping him in some kind of way. I mean think about it. the whole taking over the world thing seems like a logical idea, but if that were they case then why were the prawns so afraid of MNU? Why did christopher say that they werent going to kill anyone when they broke into the lab to get the feul? they have emothion and emotion is a very important thing when it comes to movies of this nature. you see a prawn diggig in the trash and you think damn he must be dumb. but yet the made themselves function in district 9 and adapted to it. Alls Im saying is that you can be a critic all you want to, but until you have a good (AND I MEAN REEEAAALLLY) idea of what will happen. then maybe your idea of being predictable is a bit to far out there. think about the dark knight.

that 1 guy on Dec 27, 2009


I think it is best to just leave it open to the imagination. The point of the ending at some level was for us to be self-reflective. There is this race of aliens, that is technologically far more advanced than ourselves (proven with the fact that the human beings could not replicate their weapons and that we have not quite reached the level of space travel), yet they were still placed in deplorable conditions and spoken of as savages. These aliens obviously had weapons that could obliterate us pretty quickly, but they chose not to exercise such extreme violence. The reason District 9 was created was for the mere fact that human beings have huge egos and find it unbearable for any other creature (or in many instances a different culture) to be more advanced. Holding these aliens captive allowed human to gain time to attempt to replicate whatever the aliens provided, and therefore prevailing as still the more advanced species. District 10 was created as a response of "Uh oh, we might get attacked." Let us stop this and act like we were not giving the aliens such extremely deplorable conditions. I think that side of it is sick. The only element of beauty on the side of mankind was that main guy who transformed into an alien, but still loved his wife dearly, and his desire to help this other creature so intently at the end, that he was ready to give up his life. The movie was done beautifully, and I am satisfied with not fully knowing what is to be expected by Christopher. If there is a sequel, I think it will be difficult to measure it up, in that the subtle beauties captured in the movie as far as pain, hope, etc. that crossed lines from human being to alien will be difficult to recapture with the same essence.

A person on Dec 28, 2009


I agree with what you said about the aliens choosing not to exercise their weapons and obliterate any human that got in their way, but also remember (or did you know?) that D9 was meant to be a commentary on Apartheid and how blacks were treated in South Africa?  The "prawn" was really meant to be the black, albeit the aliens had much more power (space travel, incredible weapons that only their DNA could fire).  One thing I found interesting about the movie was that the doctor/surgeon foolishly believed that just because Wikus was transforming into an alien, his body parts could somehow be "harvested" so that they could be used to operate the alien technology. It's my theory that only a living prawn would be able to use their weapons.  All they would have had was a dead man and a bunch of dead limbs.  Otherwise, they could inject the DNA of Wikus into a bunch of unwilling/willing(?) human subjects and turn THEM into prawns, which would probably also change their personalities so they'd be back to square one again.  What do you think?  Also, you can never tell what will happen with a sequel.  What if he decides to stay a prawn? Three years is a long time.  What if his wife decides to become one?  There are a million different storylines.  I for one would like to see the sequel, not just out of curiosity...but because I loved the little boy, the lad who was so good with machinery.  He was so cute!  Also, Christopher was a good being.  One of the most painful parts in the film for me is when Wikus knocks him unconscious for his own selfish gain.  As if he would know what to do with the fluid to revert him back to human form!  Oh well.  Those are my ten cents (I would say two cents, but I had a lot to say.)   P.S.  How evil was Wikus' wife's father? Boy, is he going to hell.

Rhaella on Nov 1, 2011


I need closure and completely disagree about sequels. I say no more than three years (the obvious). I know the duo who made this one will produce a movie worthy of being a sequel. If you don't like sequels don't watch them.

PS Bryson on Dec 30, 2009


I wanna see more prawns in the sequel. d9 was fantastic i got it for christmas and watched it almost everyday now im down for a sequel i like number 21's idea and 19 i was wondering that also and 15 i was thinking hed stay as a prawn also im down for a sequel two thumbs up

canadianmoviebuff on Dec 31, 2009


Sequel-All the characters in the movie take a big ol' nasty poop right on the earth then they go live on another planet.

Sam on Jan 2, 2010


to #27: yes, he did say three years he actually said it through out the whole movie so the movie will come out in three years or the sequel will take place 3 yrs later, so to the morons that didn't think that a sequel was set, it was but the script and the FULL detail wasnt written down yet but it was always set.

alex on Jan 3, 2010


how about this for a sequel. starts of in district 10 with a the prawns, just like the first but you notice that there is a tighter law on the prawns and the human treating real bad, just like concentration camps. maybe a couple humans beating some prawns while they laugh and then a scene where they are beating a baby prawn but all of a sudden one of the prawns guts up to stop them(wickess) or whatever his name is and he gets beat up bad but safes the little prawn and all meanwhile he gets to be known to that one black guy who finds out that its wickes by his way of being i guess. later as it gets real bad and humans are basically killing the prawns and find out which one is wickes as he has build a little army of alien protesters and army to not take anymore neglect. they get his wife and are about to kill her, while they hold him down and he watches... the sky lights up and sound stops everyone... the mothership is back.... all of a sudden alien missels tare up the city around with explosions and stuff kind of like independence day. the aliens land on district 10 and push the humans back out.... but the interesting thing is that there arent billions or even millions of prawns. just maybe a few hundred if that. turns out later that when they came to earth they were looking for a new place which is why they were all unhealthy and stuff because they were running out of resources from they're old home. soo basically to rap it up the aliens have a battle with the humans to free the prawns with only a few aliens but are able to keep up the fight with their advanced weapons. the battle is over when wickes somehow stops the raged human general and convincess the humans to let the prawns go. so then the prawns leave to find another new home with wickes with his wife and stuff... something like that i guess

luis smith on Jan 6, 2010


You guys have no idea what you are talking about. The movie was in no way predictable. The reason this was "predictable," you idiots, is becaue you watched the trailers. Someday you will learn that they give away too much in trailers, and if you really want to enjoy a movie, you shouldn't watch those things. I have stopped watching trailers for that reason, and the experience is much better. Example: in watching District 9, I had no idea the main character would get infected and change or even go through a period of captivity, other than allusions made in the movie to an "incident" and interviewees talking about him in the past tense, as though some tragedy had occurred. All these allusions did, however, was heighten the suspense. That is the way it should be. Even up until the end, it felt like a toss-up whether the main character was going to live or not, and whether Christopher was going to get away or not. Even when the Nigerians were going to cut his arm off, it was suspenseful--the writer had already shown himself to be enough of a maverick that you weren't sure if it was going to happen or not. Only if you had seen trailers giving things away would you think you knew what was going to happen. Sequels aren't what is ruining good movies. Its the trailers.

Camber on Jan 9, 2010


Cant wait for the sequel... movie was great, it had some holes but was still great... explain y fuel messed him up, and what it would have done to the aliens... were all those aliens originaly human at one point in the past? abductions? do more in the sequel. and for the idiot that brought up global warming and the moron that agrees with him (#10 & #11) think, please think b4 u guys come on ne website to leave ur dumb logic onto it and taint the minds of people that are un able to think for themselves without doing ne research of there own, and believe everything they read... global warming is and has been descided to be false... look up global warming executive decision on youtube and see how the enviormental commitee ruled it out to be completly not true... quit believing everything u read n try to use that small brain of urs... funny how ur not smart enough to figure out real shit, but ur gonna try to make up a storyline for something fake... good job moron! A+ too u

Greg on Jan 16, 2010


The sequel has to be thought out. Who will be the main actor speaking and carrying the movie while Neil gets his body back, etc? Someone has to carry the movie and not a prawn. Maybe an A actress like Charlize Theron can carry it along with Neil as he transforms from prawn to human again. Lots to think through.

ike on Jan 18, 2010


District 10 has the potential to be even better than District 9. Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp will have a large budget, a good script, and Christopher is coming back with a gigantic fleet to save about 2 million prawns. Plus...perhaps they will show their home planet with the 7 moons. Perhaps they will show more of the alien technology...which was spectacular in the ending sequences. I want Christopher and his find and help Wikus Van De Merwe escape. I hope MNU goes down hard. In 3 years...I am there. The last 30 minutes was fun to watch...the sequel will have less background and more action for certain. I trust Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp will to take their time, and produce an impressive sequel. 'District 9' is disturbing and gross parts, not a chick flick, not a love story, and obviously, not for everybody. Now...some people just hate science fiction films, and opinions vary, but I liked it, and see tons of potential for a spectacular sequel. No reason to rip people a new one because they had fun watching it. Different strokes for different folks. It was very original...somewhat predictable...and some minor flaws, but I enjoyed it. I loved the sequence where the ship took off...that alien computer screen was one of the coolest things I have seen on the screen in quite some time. I am sure Avatar probably blows D9 away, but I have not seen that yet. Just my 2 cents. $200 million in profits and an Oscar nomination for best picture is very impressive for a science fiction film.

Drake on Feb 2, 2010


I think a sequel is totally necessary for district 9, you can't have it end with that prawn saying he will come back for Wikkus and then nobody ever knows if he does or not, and all those other aliens or whatever, we want to know if they ever get back to wherever they came from... Plus I'm sure they can think of some other ridicules thing to create a story.

Miss Brown on Feb 18, 2010


they will make so other movies, while doing this i can imagine story lines will pop into there heads, if they are good then they will make a sequel. a sequel wont spoil it as they are both great and wont just do it for the money, they will only do it if they get the perfect story

ste carey on Aug 1, 2010


I just watched it for the fourth time and I say sequel yes ASAP and want to see a demon child of the prawn guy and human wife !!!! Maybe even the sex scene!!!!! Let's think outside the box here!

Alfredomarco213 on Feb 16, 2011


Oh wait a sec the prawn guy is probably going to lay eggs!!! Freaky!!! Then he and the missus adopt the eggs legally!

Alfredomarco213 on Feb 16, 2011


It's already been done. Check out fanfics.

Anaris328 on Mar 11, 2011


You mean like "V" back in the 80's ?

Free4everuk on Apr 30, 2012


Sequels are nothing. Genuine continuation and development of the original story is so much more important. I hope to see a whole new idea behind the next movie in this series. "district 9-2" or even "district 10" would be a predictable failure. Let's have "RE-VOLUTION".

Free4everuk on Apr 30, 2012

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