No Halo Movie from Neill Blomkamp Even if He's Offered It?

July 24, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

District 9

As we've often mentioned in relation to District 9 these last few months, my feeling was that this would be director Neill Blomkamp's movie to prove that he is a great director so that Microsoft would let him make the Halo movie. But it turns out, thanks to a recent interview with SlashFilm, that it's actually the other way around - since that movie all fell apart this is what he moved on to next. But would he still do a Halo movie? "The rumors are completely wrong…The answer is, I probably wouldn't do Halo if it was offered to me. But creatively, I would like to do it. It's kind of like I'd be sad to not work on it, but I would still say no."

Wow, this is definitely not what I was expecting to hear. Blomkamp goes on to explain why he feels that way.

"I worked on it for five months…I put a lot of sort of sweat and blood into Halo. Creatively, it's very compelling. I love it. But, when you work that long on something and you have it bottom out and collapse… I mean, I got District 9 out of it, I think I'm probably better off because it's more of a personal film. But yeah, I love the world of Halo. I don't think I would go back there."

Well that's quite unfortunate to hear. Coming off of just seeing District 9 last night, I can assure you that Neill Blomkamp would've done one hell of a job with a Halo movie. This guy definitely has the skill to bring that vivid and incredible Halo universe to life on the big screen in the best way possible. Anyone who saw those Halo: Arms Race shorts last year, made by Blomkamp, will probably be let down by this news as well. Now the question is, if a Halo movie ever does happen, who will be able to direct it? Is there anyone out there that really has the talent to bring Halo to the big screen and not screw it up? Any suggestions?

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why he would have hit movie gold and would have made halo even greater i still want to see a halo movie though. someone has to step up to it

????? on Jul 24, 2009


Look at the latest adaptations coming out now. Recently, game adaptations are getting some really good people behind them, such as Gears of War(Len Wiseman, who directed Live Free or Die Hard), Bioshock(Gore Verbinski, who directed the Pirates trilogy), Warcraft(Sam Raimi, who directed the Spiderman trilogy, the Evil Dead films, and Drag me to Hell), and Prince of Persia(Mike Newell, who directed Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). It seems video game films are taking the turn of the decade, so maybe...just maybe, that could happen to Halo as well(again). As you can see, I'm still having high hopes. People are starting to realize the potential when they pay attention to how much of a story a great video game can have. Guillermo Del Toro and even Ridley Scott were in talks to bring Halo to the big screen, but they ended up being too busy. I've read that even Steven Spielberg was going to take up the Warcraft adaptation, which really surprised me. Maybe someone will convince him to take up Halo.

grimal on Jul 24, 2009


#2 I have to agree it seems that studio heads have gotten...well their heads out of their asses and hired talented directors to helm video game adaptations. But as a fan of Halo I've given up on a film not because I think it will suck but because there we're way too many promises that never came true, but if a director who is talented and passionate about this project steps forth then count me in, but until then I'll remain wary towards it.

Xerxex on Jul 24, 2009


i think woody allen would do a good job. new york-ify the halo universe. a paranoid jew imbedded w/ the covenant sounds radical.

tarco on Jul 24, 2009


If any other director can pull it off it is Peter Jackson. He should just direct it instead of producing it in the first place. He is a huge fan of Halo so I know he would do justice to the movie. My second choice would by Danny Boyle, since Alex Garland wrote the script and Danny's previous films where by Alex and hope Alex can convince Danny maybe. Plus, I actually loved Sunshine. Danny can make a wide genre of films and brings something new everytime. But, he has not really made a big blockbuster so I dont know.

Degree on Jul 24, 2009


That's the thing, Blomkamp made a good short everyone liked it, the studio did nothing, he's made a great movie now and the studio might still want him to suck their dong. Blomkamp could have a lot of options after District 9 comes out, I'm sure if it becomes commercially successful they'll be wanting District 9 clones til wee baby Jesus comes back from the dead.

Crapola on Jul 24, 2009


Pretty much what #2 and 3 said....theres been so much bullshit surrounding the film I honestly rather see it just put to rest then some guy pop and say "O HEY, Ill do it dont worry" and have it totally blow. The only way I would really look forward to it if it got announced is if someone (I know this name pops up a lot lately) like Zack Snyder was at the wheel. This is sad news because hes one of maybe 3 directors who could truely pull it off...I mean we already saw him make an awesome short of it so you know where his minds at. Whats weird to me is he says he loves the universe so much and that he put so much work into it then says he really just doesnt wanna bother anymore. But if he has the money and the back up from District 9 why wouldnt he just go for it, he knows he can do it right now even after all the failed attempts.

Cody on Jul 24, 2009


Also Alex I know you cant say much but all I need to know is....Did District 9 live up to what you thought it was gonna be? Plz just answer me this cause its easily on my top 3 up there with Avatar.

Cody on Jul 24, 2009


Let's all get real here, those are some big Ol' words by Neil, but in the end, no matter what, if offered that film again he would return to it in a heartbeat. but it's nice to see that little dudes can have big threatening barks as well.

Jimbone on Jul 24, 2009


The reason so many people got behind district 9 in the first place was because they believed the same thing as you did. Him going public with this prior to the release of d9 is completely stupid. I think that this will be a good movie, however the excitement level for me and I am sure many other have gone down dramatically. This is some sad news.... However, there are others who can direct a Halo movie and make it awesome, a mix of big budget CGI and character development.

Stewie on Jul 24, 2009


... This is really sad news. I was looking to a Blomkamp Halo movie... I can't see anyone really pulling it off other then him, unless of course someone as amazing as Speilberg or Ridley Scott got excited about the project. Such sad news... I hope someone convinces Blomkamp to do the Halo movie despite it bottoming out last time. ...

Mondo Jay on Jul 24, 2009


I'll take Cuaron if a buttload of money doesn't change Blomkamp's mind.

James on Jul 24, 2009



Fuelbot on Jul 24, 2009


Snyder would be good (leaving out people that have projects) but I think Scott would make it quite excellent. I'm a bit disappointed in Blomkamp though. You don't give up on a passion no matter what. If I wasn't already excited for D9 I wouldn't see it now.

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 24, 2009


#14 - District 9 is his passion. Halo was a paycheck and notoriety. What are you talking about?

Fuelbot on Jul 24, 2009


Just wait until he sees the paycheck.

Richard on Jul 24, 2009


He might not be thought of as "dark" enough, but I say J.J. Abrams. The strength of the Halo story is its epic sweep and the relationship between the Chief and Cortana. Abrams would excel at both of those. Don't know if he plays the game, though, which would be key. I think Scott would be amazing, and Spielberg too if he had a good script.

Aletheion on Jul 24, 2009


Peter Jackson himself could do it!

Tom V on Jul 24, 2009


Oh gosh no to Abrams.

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 24, 2009


Abrams' Halo would have an amazing opening and first act and then devolve into drivel lol (don't get me wrong, I'm an Abrams fan) I think Cameron would do a fantastic homage to himself and Aliens (not happening with Avatar and Battle Angel), but I am still convinced Blomkamp is the man for the job. His take on the Halo-verse is the one I most want to see. However, that being said, I'd still like to see him do the story of Reach rather than Halo 1. The Fall of Reach is just an overall better story and Nylund nailed it. A Danny Boyle-helmed Halo would also peak my interest immensely, but now I think he's got too much cred coming off his oscar win and all...

Nelson on Jul 24, 2009


let me insert 'time-traveling' in front of 'drivel'.

Nelson on Jul 24, 2009


For the best. It's impossible to make a good Halo movie because the universe is just pathetic. One-dimensional characters, terrible alien design, and a story that never goes beyond futuristic human technology and giant alien artifacts that kill everything. 10 year olds can think up better sci-fi in their sleep.

Brad on Jul 24, 2009


I say adapt a script from the one of the novels, not from the game.

Xerxex on Jul 25, 2009


I agree the novels are what the movie/movies should be about. Also brad, if you havent read the books you know nothing about the Halo universe.... If your not educated on a topic, don't bash. If you don't like the games then okay.... However unless you have read the books you don't know the story or the universe. Its deep and the universe is enormous.

Stewie on Jul 25, 2009


Personally I think District 9 may be far better then a Halo movie.

JimD on Jul 26, 2009


peter berg, the kingdom looked good and so did hancock even though th story sucked

josh on Jul 27, 2009


I wouldnt care if the movie would suck but i want to see what it would be like. Someone needs to step up and do it.

I want a Halo movie. on Jul 27, 2009


My suggestion for who should director the halo movie is Michael Bay with Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg outside and intelligent imagination that nobody has and Peter Jackson knowledge of the game authenticity so if there are changes they wouldnt be dum ones and he knows drama meaning he know how to make people feel a movie as if they are the movie and its feelings. Michael Bay is the man when it comes to make action film with his slowmo action impossible camera shot that put u right in to middle of action

Sean on Sep 2, 2009


WTF! NO HALO MOVIE!!!!!! THIS GETS ME SO PISSED OFF! here ive waited and these news puts all halo fans expectations to the bottom...

joel on Sep 8, 2009


I agree with the idea that it should be set up on the novels. Screw a movie about the "Halo," I want to see "The Fall of Reach" as a movie. It would be ten times better. Also, what about Rupert Sanders? He did the recent "We are ODST" live action commercial for Halo3 ODST. I think he'd do a good job of it.

I'm not giving you my name on Sep 13, 2009


Whatever they do, I hope they keep Uwe Boll as far away from the project as possible. I swear his mission in life is to destroy any video game adaptation he can get his hands on.

Troy on Sep 30, 2009


i would offer it to Danny Boyle. he's capable and while 28 days later was completely different it had some great action sequences. that movie was made on a very small budget. go watch the movie Sunshine(far more twisted than the name suggests). give it to him. push the PG-13 rating to it's absolute limit to make Microsoft happy for merchandising, throw a large budget and contract weta digital. how thick is the red tape to do that???

brian on Jun 2, 2010

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