No Surprise - Microsoft Says the Halo Movie is Still On Hold

August 12, 2009
Source: Kotaku

Halo Concept Art

Aww shucks! Last weekend a big rumor hit the web that claimed that Steven Spielberg was now attached as a producer (instead of Peter Jackson) on the Halo movie. Although IESB said that they had confirmed this multiple times, we sensed it was just either a very early development or a big rumor. Since that news hit, other people closer to Microsoft have tried to get confirmation, including the gaming website Kotaku. But alas, what they discovered, is what we expected all along - that it's still on hold. Oh and that they have "nothing further to share with respect to plans regarding a Halo movie." Of course they have nothing!

No one is talking about the Halo movie because either they a) just don't know anything about or b) don't want to lose their job leaking information that is sensitive. Here's what Kotaku heard from Microsoft:

"We're glad there's still a lot of enthusiasm in the entertainment industry surrounding the idea of a Halo movie. That said, the Halo feature film remains on hold as we focus on projects like Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach."

I'd take that response with a grain as salt, same as the Spielberg rumor. I hate to bust Kotaku's balls, as they're a good site, but this is pretty much the most bland response from someone not in the know I've ever seen. First off, the mention of Halo 3: ODST is an indication that their contact is from the gaming side of Microsoft. Even if Spielberg was starting early work on Halo, no one inside of the gaming department would know that was even happening. So really, this update is kind of useless, but people want to hear about it. Hell, I'm excited and I want to hear about it, but it's best everyone calm down until there are real updates.

In the meantime, while we wait years for the next official update, you might as well head over to Film School Rejects or PopWatch for some great articles about what Neill Blomkamp's Halo movie would've looked like.

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I guess in this Halo movie we gonna seee lots of bloood shits... and massacre... Well i m prepared for it 🙂

Rajj on Aug 12, 2009


they will probably announce the movie with the game Halo: Reach....

buonna notte on Aug 12, 2009


Yeah. ODST!?! What else do they have to do? Oh right, push back the release date like they do WITH EVERY GAME!!! Still...this won't happen for a LONG while. I say 2012 release with Spielberg's agenda. Maybe 2013 pending how big they make it.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 12, 2009


I've been waiting for this movie for a long time. I remember when the first Halo came out for the original Xbox. I was much younger then and really never thought too much of it becoming a movie. I'm 24 now and I shake my head at some of the game to movies I've seen recently and yet they let the good ones fall between the cracks. It should be a Rated R movie since the games are MA.

Allen L. on Aug 12, 2009


My comment from earlier seems to have vanished, so I'll post it again: Why don't you ask someone at Dreamworks, Alex, and find out the truth for us? Use some initiative! 😉

Mathieu on Aug 12, 2009


Feel. Really. Sad. Im still waiting for a good games to film adaptation....when will someone really have the brains to do that?

Wylles on Aug 12, 2009


Well this wont be a true game to movie thing.... the script is off of the novel Halo: Fall of Reach. It will make it so much better and lead to two more movies off of halo or more.

stew on Aug 12, 2009


Why am i the only one who is glad that this is on hold and i hope it stays that way. i prefer it as a game and book.

David C on Aug 12, 2009


Bungie says they are done making Halo games after "Halo: Fall of Reach" so i would expect the announcement for a movie being a little after the game comes out.

DoomCanoe on Aug 12, 2009


I really hope they make a movie and to have Peter Jackson and Neill alongside, could make it unbelievable. oh yeah MUST be Rated R or it will fail

Alex on Aug 14, 2009


I honestly don't see why a Halo movie would need to be R, it could easily be PG 13 without sacrificing alot. Now that I think about it I really don't feel like any of the Halo games need to be rated M. And if they did get the go ahead to make the movie R I feel like they would make it too graphic and loose the whole halo vibe and we would end up with something that looked like kill bill with boba fett.

Alex on Aug 20, 2009


I hope to God that Halo gets an R. Actually, a hard R. A PG-13 would RUIN everything and will make the movie a lame sell-out. It should be gritty, violent and graphic. If it will the have flood in it, I cannot see how it would get a pg-13. An M game deserves an R movie.

joebob on Jan 3, 2010

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