Now They've Crossed The Line - A MacGyver Movie?!

March 15, 2009


It's a sad day for Hollywood. They've finally crossed that line that no one wanted them to ever cross. New Line has greenlit a MacGyver feature film. Legendary producer Dino De Laurentiis and his daughter Raffaella are producing, along with series creator Lee Zlotoff. No word on whether the original MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson, will be involved, but our guess is that he's not going to have anything to do with this. New Line hasn't hired a writer yet either, but they hope to find a script "that can acknowledge how the concept has staked a place into pop culture yet still makes for a serious and fun adventure movie."

As a quick refresher, MacGyver was an adventure TV series that first debuted in 1985 on ABC and eventually got two spin-off made-for-TV movies both in 1994. Richard Dean Anderson starred as an incredibly resourceful secret agent for the Phoenix Foundation who frequently would escape from dangerous situations with ingenious and lightning-quick engineering trickery (refer to this MythBusters episode). If this news itself wasn't painful enough, just listen to this pitiful pun from New Line's Richard Brener. "We think we're a stick of chewing gum, a paper clip and an A-list writer away from a global franchise." Goodness…

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Your right it is a sad day for hollywood, I mean COME ON!!!!!...Where the hell are the original scripts I mean theirs a lot of independent and indie films that come out but come on I want some good fresh franchise to pop up thats not 'based off of' something.

Cody on Mar 15, 2009


Billington, you freak out over the strangest things. MacGyver isn't some sacred TV series, in fact it seems ripe for fun summer popcorn fun.

Jake on Mar 15, 2009


Why, of all the things in the film world to be pissed off about, would you be this upset this much about a MacGyver movie? I mean, it's not like they're making Hill Street Blues into an Apatow ensemble comedy or Barney Miller into a gritty cop drama or Mary Tyler Moore into Confessions of a Shopaholic II: QVC Edition. I was a huge fan of Get Smart the series, and I thought that while the movie had problems, they didn't totally mess it up. It was a little too action-y, but there was a lot of heart to it, etc. There are better places to focus your rage.

Brendan M. Leonard on Mar 15, 2009


It has nothing to do with it being a sacred TV series by any means... It has to do with this being an absolutely terrible idea. MacGyver as a campy, 80's TV show not worthy of the big screen. You really expect to see a good "summer popcorn" MacGyver movie?

Alex Billington on Mar 15, 2009


Another shitty, unoriginal movie idea. Wake me up when there's actual news.

Chuck Norris on Mar 15, 2009


I'd see it. And really, the target audience for this isn't going to be old enough to remember MacGyver anyway. The series is something that people make fun of. How is this any worse than Transformers? A cartoon designed to sell toys gets two movies, but this isn't worth of the big screen?

Brendan M. Leonard on Mar 15, 2009


Not that big a deal. Maybe I'm numb to Hollywood, but I find it far more upsetting that people can be all right with movies based on action figures and cartoons like Transformers and GI Joe. I also think its funny that you'd complain about this when you probably haven't seen MacGyver except for constant refrences in the Simpsons and SNL. It might end up being a fun mediocre action adventure like the first National Treasure.

Adrian on Mar 15, 2009


Yeah, this is basically Burn Notice plus National Treasure if you do it right.

Brendan M. Leonard on Mar 15, 2009


I'm really looking forward to that Macgruber movie.

joe on Mar 15, 2009


This will probably come out before the Arrested Development movie...

justrobby on Mar 15, 2009


"It has nothing to do with it being a sacred TV series by any means… It has to do with this being an absolutely terrible idea. MacGyver as a campy, 80's TV show not worthy of the big screen. You really expect to see a good "summer popcorn" MacGyver movie?" I don't know yet, because it was just announced. But the MacGyver character has some big screen potential. Point is you have a really bad habit of completey righting off things before anything has happened. And if in a few weeks a really awesome director, screenwriter, or actor signs on to this, you're just going to become super excited. Give things time, plain and simple.

Jake on Mar 15, 2009


Jesus. I enjoy most of these adaptations or reboots but now they're just pullin shit out of the air. I bet they have a gigantic hat with randon ideas on paper and have a crack team of monkey's that pull 'em out. All that's left is a Frsier movie. At least that'd have potential.

Rorschach90 on Mar 15, 2009


I don't see why they have to make this now. they proved that it won't work with Indiana jones.

chris on Mar 15, 2009



Clark M. Lamson on Mar 15, 2009


Maybe it will be about some one who is making a movie ABOUT MacGyver and then it turns out the guy casted is really a secret agent! McG can even direct it. (I hope WB gets the rights to it!) starring Johnny Knoxville as McGroover AS MacGyver. I love it! I'm done with old TV shows being turned into movies. I can see some older people liking it (nostalgia ) but it's not going to be anything big, not worth the effort of making.

Jesse Gouldsbury on Mar 15, 2009


Seriously, Alex, I'm all for opinions and such (and the objectivity that is supposed to come along with good journalism) but if Aronofsky or Nolan's names aren't attached to it its like you could give two shits. A MacGyver movie is honestly not that bad of an idea. Not with the flood of garbage currently in production. (Candyland and Monopoly for fucks sake?) All they need to do is find a writer who gets the idea and can play to it's strengths.

Fuelbot on Mar 16, 2009


I'm seriously amazed that I'm getting so much crap for this! I can't believe you guys REALLY think frickin' MacGyver will make for a good movie?! Fuelbot, the point is not those names, but that Nolan or Snyder never would be a part of this to begin with, because it's going to be terrible in the end anyway. You've got to be kidding me...

Alex Billington on Mar 16, 2009


I would see this if they have RDA in it. Otherwise, not even worth a download.

Eli on Mar 16, 2009


i think it would be fun to watch! and also agree that in out of all the horrible tv shows (which this one wasn't) to be made into a movie this one is an excellent choice! sorry alex 🙁

ha1rball on Mar 16, 2009


I kid you not. This is like when you said a younger Flynn in Tron wouldn't make sense and didn't even know the context of the story. Stop jumping the gun. Snyder makes pretty pictures but has yet to make a film with any real emotional substance and while Watchmen runs in the right direction, and actually succeeds in a few scenes, it's far from the brilliance pedestal you've hoisted it upon. "Nolan or Snyder never would be a part of this to begin with, because it's going to be terrible in the end anyway." Who ever thought Christopher Nolan would direct a comic book movie? Or that Snyder would direct an animated movie about owls? Movies are a product of how much work you put into them. ANY idea can work if the vision is strong enough. So how do you know this is gonna be terrible when it hasn't even been written yet? The least you can do is give this the same chance as all the rest of the movies out there instead of simply dismissing it because you think it's stupid or beneath you.

Fuelbot on Mar 16, 2009


Yea... not that I'd be interested in this movie, but it's not an awful idea. I'd be okay with a negative reaction, but you seem seriously vehemently opposed to it, and that's sort of weird. I think you're having the wrong imagining, as if since this wasn't ever made into a feature-film, they're going to try to make it actually 80's-Macguyver-like. Yea, it'd probably be terrible if they cast Pierce Brosnan or Jason Statham or someone who takes action roles seriously, but if they made it comical or at least intentionally campy, I think it'd at least be entertaining if not great in anyway. It might end up being targeted toward a younger demographic, like Get Smart or Pink Panther. I know those were always intended to be comedies, but until I see them taking this movie seriously as an action-thriller, there really isn't anything to complain about next to the loads of actual shit out there.

Daniel Mace on Mar 16, 2009


Who the fuck wants to see another crappy tv show from the 1980's turned into a film. I grew up in the 80's and this show fucking sucked. I'd rather see a film about Punky Brewster than this shite. Ok I went a little too far with that last comment, but c'mon already. This is absolute bullshit.

Jamie on Mar 16, 2009


They are making an A TEAM and MONOPOLY movie - why not a MacGyver movie? I think it could be a great movie like a special mix of JAMES BOND and RAMBO. That would rocks. There a lot of MacGyver Fans worldwide, so they will go to the cinema. I give this movie a chance. I am sure, when the first Trailer will be online FIRSTSHOWING will make a MUST WATCH: MacGyver TRAILER posting 🙂

Millus on Mar 16, 2009



NeoSlyfer on Mar 16, 2009


Sad as it is, was anyone really surprised? I mean, in this climate, a MacGyver movie was pretty much inevitable.

Joshi on Mar 16, 2009


If Richard Dean Anderson is in it, playing MacGyver, OK, I'll watch it. Anyone else, is just a very, very, very bad idea

SamIam on Mar 16, 2009


yeah, this doesn't sound so great. I would've preferred a MacGyver video game. seriously, that'd be awesome! You'd be trapped in some room with a fairly short time limit and a handful of everyday objects, and the player would have to figure out how to use those objects to complete the various objectives. If it's done well, it'd be brilliant, I tells ye!

Andrew on Mar 16, 2009


they could go in the right direction and get the guy from SNL and make it a comedy/farce, maybe get pepsi involved and have advertisements the whole movie

harrison on Mar 16, 2009


Fuelbot speaks the truth

Buttons on Mar 16, 2009


I had a similar sense of dread regarding Transformers. I had no plans to see it... until I saw the trailer. I ended up enjoying the movie immensely. Any idea, original or not, can either be brilliantly executed or turn out to be a complete mess. I'll reserve judgment on MacGyver for now.....

David on Mar 16, 2009


This will undoubtedly be some good wholesome fun.

Tyler on Mar 16, 2009


Ew. Can't the people in Hollywood come up with some fresh idea as opposed to all of these remakes and film adaptations of various other forms of media. I'm sick of it and this is crossing the line.

Lacey on Mar 16, 2009


I remember playing McGyver in a first grade play. As classic as he may be, this is ridiculous.

Craig on Mar 16, 2009


Yeah, they'll "reboot" it; and make it all dark and edgy. Not too edgy though, they need a PG-13 so all the 10 year-olds will be dying to see it.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Mar 16, 2009


I'd see it and I'd bet most of you saying it's ridiculous and that you won't see it, probably would too. I have to agree with #2, MacGyver is ripe for a fun late spring/early summer or a late summer movie.

TookyG on Mar 16, 2009


surely tom hanks to star!

hey on Mar 16, 2009


If I were a studio I wouldn't sink major coin into a McGyver movie but to each there own. One has to wonder if we will see anything truly original anymore. Im amazed at the amount of remakes and re-boots in the pipeline. chuck on Mar 16, 2009


That line was crossed long ago...

B-Han on Mar 16, 2009


If they get RDA to do it and make it a "come out of retirement" tale it could work. Rebooting it though with new characters would just be corny and fail miserably. If they do something similar to what Stallone did with Rocky or Rambo than it could work because it's a fresh take on an old character rather than a poor reinvention that has no chance of living up to the original. I am surprised you're taking so much crap for this though from the same people who complain about reboots and adaptations everyday. I think people just like playing devils advocate to anything you say.

peloquin on Mar 16, 2009


imagine if they reboot the child's play films. you know they will.

Darrin on Mar 16, 2009


Darrin, a Childs Play reboot is already in the works my friend. Should be going into production very soon.

peloquin on Mar 16, 2009


With out Richard Dean ....this is Dead to me! simply CANNOT mention MacGyver and National Treasure (starring the worst "actor" ever) in the same sitting. "MacGyver....what's he doing?" in peloquin we trust.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Mar 16, 2009



rick on Mar 16, 2009



rick on Mar 16, 2009


Even the SNL MacGyver skit is not terribly funny, how this will work I have no clue.

Ryan on Mar 16, 2009


Pep-suber!!! That's about as entertaining as it got. But not my cup of tea.

Mr j Money on Mar 16, 2009


Huh? Are they really gonna do this? C'mon Hollywood, you can think of some better ideas than this!!!!!!

Ajax on Mar 16, 2009


Billington, this is no different than the plethora of TV adapations preceding it

Paul on Mar 16, 2009


Billington's top 10 movie list: 1) Lord of the Rings: Return of the King 2) Hackers 3) City of God 4) The Dark Knight 5) Saving Private Ryan 6) Starship Troopers 7) Donnie Darko 8) The Fifth Element 9) Kill Bill: Vol. 2 10) Ocean's 11 'nuff said.

Paul on Mar 16, 2009


Where the hell is Hollywood going at?! It just breaks my heart...

Fisherr on Mar 16, 2009


What the hell happened to the A-Team movie that was in pre-production?

avoidz on Mar 17, 2009


Yeah MacGuyver could be a really excellent film, but I could only see it and truly enjoy it with Richard Dean Anderson on board, if he's not involved, I'm not seeing it. And I'm sure they want Paul Walker or Hayden Christensen for the role.

LINKFX on Mar 17, 2009


BTW ALEX, I watched every single season of this show, and as a kid I really enjoyed it. I watched it with my whole family. MacGyver was my hero. I know now looking back that the show was campy, but everything looking back on it has a bit of camp if it doesn't age well. It was awesome back then when I was a little kid and I hope the theatrical version can capture the same spirit as the original, the same curiousity and inventiveness that drove me to want to learn more about all the things MacGyver's would be into.

LINKFX on Mar 17, 2009


MacGruber!!!! now theres a summber blockbuster popcorn flic dying to be made!!

lando on Mar 17, 2009

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