Nu Image Gives Sylvester Stallone's Rambo 5 the Greenlight

August 30, 2009

Sylvester Stallone - Rambo

Wow. To be honest, I never thought this would happen. Variety reports that Nu Image/Millennium Films has greenlit a fifth Rambo movie following the fourth Rambo movie from 2008. The upcoming project's storyline revolves around Rambo fighting his way through human traffickers and drug lords to rescue a young girl abducted near the US-Mexico border. Production will start in the spring after Sylvester Stallone wraps up The Expendables. Stallone will also be back to direct and may also write the sequel. The first Rambo, titled First Blood, hit in 1982, and was followed by First Blood II in 1985, and Rambo III in 1988.

This isn't the first time we've heard about this sequel - Stallone has talked about another one since the most recent Rambo hit. We even ran a report a year ago saying "Rambo 5 Will Be Happening" with the sequel already appearing on Nu Image's slate. At the end of that movie he finally returns to his own home in the US after killing some 236 Burmese soldiers (kill count in each of the movies). Not only is the story in this sequel relevant to today's troubles, but it gels with the way that movie ended, which is thankfully a smart decision. I have a lot of faith in Stallone - he'll bring us another badass Rambo sequel for sure. Anyone excited?

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travis on Aug 30, 2009


Rambo 4 kicked all kinds of ass! Can't wait for 5

teyhtr on Aug 30, 2009


I really thought Rambo 4 was a cool movie. Nothing to write home about i know but it was a fun movie nonetheless!!! So it should be worth looking out for!!!

Matty on Aug 30, 2009


how old is he now? shiiiiit this is gonna be AWESOME!

erik on Aug 30, 2009


Rambo gets brainwashed and goes for Obama?

Joo Hunter on Aug 30, 2009


All he did in Rambo 4 was get on the vehicle with the machine gun and kill everyone. Not that great, but I love the mindless action...can't wait for the 5th, but the plot sounds like Liam Neeson's Taken.

Batman on Aug 30, 2009


holly fuck this motherfucka veyron owner will never stop, let's hope for the expandables cast+ even more badasses like butler+van dame+ seagal+ chuck norris LOL

qweqwu on Aug 31, 2009


Rambo 4 was more fun than a 3some with your friends' two hot moms and a pile of coke Scarface style. I'm on board!

PG on Aug 31, 2009


Oh yeah, heeeeeeeell yeah. I fricken loved 4.

usonnychiba1 on Aug 31, 2009


Stallone is getting deserved praise finally. Rocky Balboa was an excellent movie, impossible as it seems, it was nearly as meaningful as the original, and the last Rambo delivered exactly what we want in a Rambo movie, and more. I'm really looking forward to this.

Scott on Aug 31, 2009


and to think in first bloods original ending rambo kills himself...

harrison on Aug 31, 2009


Wow, I agree I didn't see this coming - Tho 4 was crazzzzzzy!

Nick Sears on Aug 31, 2009


Dude! I loved the latest Rambo, and the direction they're going with the fifth sounds great! Frickin' awesome!

Dan Geer on Aug 31, 2009


I'm not surprised. I just really really hope they don't tone down the violence. Wasn't something said a while back about the producers or someone saying they thought they lost some of the audience do to it's ultra-violence? Which is ridiculous by the way.

Syphous on Aug 31, 2009


Awesome news! Great for Stallone to be kickin' ass and showing Hollywood how it's really done. Putting Rambo in the midst of the human trafficking/drug wars at the border is a good idea.

Spider on Aug 31, 2009



Rick on Aug 31, 2009


As much as I love Stallone, I thought that with Rocky Balboa and Rambo, he would have finally closed the books with the respectable endings to such iconic and near legendary characters. Part of me wants to be done with Rambo because the last one was so well done and ended similar to the way Last Crusade ended...telling everyone "it's over". This new one could possibly end up in the land of Crystal Skull. Of course that's the worst case scenario. I see the Expendables as the litmus test to see if people are on board with another jungle running flick. Don't get me wrong I am all for Rambo, but when is enough enough? On the bright side, I think that similar to how Spider-Man reinvigorated the comic book genre, The Expendables and Rambo could do the same for action flicks...but that's just me. Lastly @10...good call!!

Marc on Aug 31, 2009


Rambo 5: 1st Pension. I'm with Colin, stop milking...

Crapola on Aug 31, 2009



Google the Oct8pus on Aug 31, 2009


The last one was mindless fun but because it was just that and different in that aspect, don't care for another.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 31, 2009


Some one needs to derail Sylvester Stallone's comeback train before we all have to suffer through another Rocky!!!!! although i do agree Rambo 4 was pretty good...because of the violence... and i am going to go see The Expendables...because of the violence...

DoomCanoe on Aug 31, 2009


That's sex!

Perturabo on Aug 31, 2009


I will watch Sly rip people's throats out in as many movies as he feels like making.

jamin on Aug 31, 2009


Loved the last Rambo movie! Totally looking forward to #5!!!!

Vold on Aug 31, 2009



TediusTed on Aug 31, 2009


Don't care what people say, I've always been a fan of Stallone, he knows what "guys" like. I'll be watching it for sure, not at the movie theater but i'll def watch.

r1000 on Aug 31, 2009


first i just read about another crappy "bad boys" movie going into production. then, there was rob zombie and ANOTHER remake of "the blob"; and NOW..........this dinosaur is going to star in another "rambo" movie?............WTF is going on in hollywood? three pitiful ideas that shouldn't have been greenlighted.

beavis4play on Aug 31, 2009


Rambo 6: Rambo In Space!!!

DukePhoenix on Aug 31, 2009


What is the *ahem* plot for this, not that it wont stop me from this, cause he's killed almost everyone Im thinking Rambo vs Vietnam Vet Zomibes!

TediusTed on Aug 31, 2009



TediusTed on Aug 31, 2009


Heck yeah Ted!!! World at War style!!! Bring on the zombies!

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 31, 2009


I heard many bad things about Nu Image and their low budget movies . hope Stallone will do good with this one .

ivan ivanov on Sep 1, 2009


they should come out Rambo the beginging when they show how he become Rambo!

daniel on Sep 1, 2009


Rambo 4 was awesome! Eff the story, but the violence and amounts of gore were just ridiculous. Not to mention the baby they threw into a burning building, wtf. Lol! Call me fucked up, but I laughed and cheered a lot while watching that movie. I want more, so keep 'em coming! P.S.: The title of the 2nd Rambo still makes me laugh every time. First Blood II, really?! xD

SuicidalOptimist on Sep 1, 2009


Defintely on board! Just like almost everyone else, I thought the last one was kick-ass (and we got to see Julie Benz!). Looking forward to The Expendalbles (where we get to see, among a cast of thousands, Charisma Carpenter!) Can't help it, love dem Buffy women! Oh yeah, the last Rocky was fantastic, too! Go Stallone!

kitano0 on Sep 1, 2009



wHiskey Tango.... on Sep 1, 2009


i loved this movie of him he was so bad asss

bankruptcy allternatives on Sep 2, 2009


Holly shit i cant believe this actually gonna happen fuckin love stallone and cant wait 4 the next rambo the last 1 kicked some serious ass so i can only imagine what he is gonna do this time. FUCK YER....

Donza. on Sep 4, 2009

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