NYCC: Early Reaction to First 45 Minutes of Pixar's Up

February 7, 2009

Pixar's Up

Tonight at the New York Comic Con, I caught a special presentation of roughly 45 minutes of Pixar's latest film, Up. This footage was first shown at AICN's Butt-Numb-a-Thon, but hasn't otherwise been publicly screened anywhere else until today. We've seen trailers and early footage from the San Diego Comic-Con last year, so we know what, and who, the story is all about. But let me just tell you, there is so much more in Up that we don't know about. Pixar has done a fantastic job of keeping things secret. And I'm going to reveal some of what I saw, because I think it's worth it, so you've been warned about spoilers below!

I've though long and hard whether or not to talk about some of the currently unrevealed parts of Up. But what convinced me was when I thought back to the reaction that my Pixar-loving friend had after the SDCC last year. I showed him the photos of Carl and Russell and told him about the story of Carl and how he always wanted to travel to South America with his wife Ellie. But the problem is that Carl just isn't as lovable as Wall-E at first glance. And there wasn't a hook with the story that Wall-E had. I was officially worried when I heard him say this and have been frantically searching for something to convince him otherwise.

Up kicks off with Carl as a kid. He's watching the video of an adventurer who traveled to Paradise Falls in South America and returned claiming to have discovered a new species. Scientist thought it was a hoax and he was discredited, but Carl was hooked - he wanted to be an adventurer, too. He eventually meets Ellie, who has the same adventuresome spirit, and we see a montage of their life together until Ellie has passed away. Here's where we pick up again - Carl is now 78 years old and grumpy. We all know what happens next, considering we've seen the trailer. We meet the annoying Russell, then away he goes in his house.

Up's DougSo what happens after that? Well after hitting a storm and being spun out of control, the two wake up not knowing where they are. After eventually working their way to the ground and tethering the house behind them with to drag it along in the air, they discover that they're already at Paradise Falls. But in their walk through the jungle, they first encounter a giant, colorful bird with a long red beak that Russell nicknames Kevin. The bird doesn't speak, but it's really goofy. It befriends Russell but doesn't like Carl too much. It's a huge bird and is quite acrobatic, throwing Russell around and provoking lots of laughs.

But it gets better. A few minutes later we hear another voice. At first Carl thinks its another person, but we soon see it's a talking dog named Dug. That's him seen to the right on the newest poster, and the bird is hidden in there too - his head is sticking out of the right side of the house. Let me explain - Dug has a collar around his neck that his master made for him that allows us to hear his thoughts. It's not as crazy as it sounds and believe me, it works, and it works very well. It's exactly like if you were to give a voice to a domesticated dog, meaning he even stops every so often and exclaims "squirrel!" out of nowhere. He's probably the funniest part of the movie I've seen so far. Soon afterward we're introduced to three more dogs, two of which are bulldogs, one of which is a doberman pinscher.

That's as much as we saw and I'm not going to really go into the importance of the characters for the sake of not spoiling any more of the story. But from that intro alone, you should know that Carl and Russell encounter some pretty crazy characters once they've landed in South America. I've got an idea where the story is going, but like Wall-E, I could be completely wrong and it could go in an entirely different direction. As always, Pixar does a fantastic job of keeping the second half of their stories completely secret until we see the full movie. I'm sure that won't change with Up and I'm sure this was only a small glimpse.

So do I feel that this will convince my Pixar-loving friend? Unquestionably! Well, he needs to see the same footage I saw, but when he does, he'll be convinced. This footage has that same magical feeling that Monsters Inc does (and every Pixar movie does), and that's of course thanks to director Pete Docter. I just know that when we eventually get to see Carl overcome his grumpiness and love life again, it'll be such an emotional moment. And while I was annoyed by the character of Russell at first, I'm delighted to say that Dug and Kevin even out the dynamic and deliver some one-of-a-kind Pixar entertainment.

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Question: you didn't get to see it in 3D, did you? Will the 3D be good?

Timothy on Feb 7, 2009


I was worried about this movie but now it sounds like it will actually live up to the likes of Wall-E and Toy Story. Hoo-raw.

Itri on Feb 7, 2009


all the pixars movies (and shorts) to date have been superb. with a track record like that i don't think people can worry about a movie they make until they make a bad one this will probably not be the exception and will delight fans around the globe. I look forward to it

Janny on Feb 7, 2009


Sounds promising. I really hope the 3-D is up to par. Loved Wall-E and Ratatouille.

bladerunnerF1 on Feb 7, 2009


It sounds awesome.... I just hope the dogs arent over the top.... Can the other dogs talk too??? The bird sounds like a random pixar character that everyone will know and loev hhaha

111 on Feb 7, 2009


pixar is sp bankable it really is not even funny. at all

LeeMan on Feb 7, 2009


Cars wasn't good.

Itri on Feb 7, 2009


YAY! I'm so glad this might turn out better than everything seemed to be going...

????? on Feb 7, 2009


I love Pixar, its one of my favorite companies ever! As far as their track record, they seem to be releasing classics year after year, but i didnt like Cars too much. But i have faith on them for this film, cheers!

Nikhil Hariharan on Feb 7, 2009


I have a funny feeling that James Lipton will be the only light on today's SNL

Buttons on Feb 7, 2009


Cars was shit, but at least UP doesnt have talking vehicles... Im looking forward to this.

Ramez on Feb 8, 2009


I liked cars .....................and I think This will be the PIXAR film to lose the golden #1 (1st week) spot in the box office.

insanartist on Feb 8, 2009


I thought "Cars" was a masterpiece.... It is the "worst" Pixar film thus far, but it was nonetheless superb, in my humble opinion. I think the major complaint that I've been hearing from people regarding "Cars" was that the movie was a little slow in the middle act. However, while I do agree that the middle act was slow, I think the pace was meant to be slow, essentially to give the audience the chance to just sit down (metaphorically speaking, to just "go out for a drive"), relax, and cherish the magnificent nature that surrounds us - something that a lot of people have forgotten to do amidst their busy schedules and fast-paced lives. I understand that for some people, the slow pace might not have worked (to each his own, after all), but for me, it certainly did. The character development during that part of the movie was also brilliant, I thought, allowing us to care more about these seemingly inanimate objects and leading us to that emotional ending. As for "Up", I'm really excited to see it. Quite frankly, its premise is more interesting than that of WALL-E (I was much more worried about WALL-E before its release - it was really the type of film that would either be a masterpiece or a complete flop, given the bold and risky choices that Andrew Stanton made for the movie. Fortunately, it turned out to be a masterpiece). I'm really looking forward to watching "Up", and I hope the movie turns out great.

Frolin Ocariza on Feb 8, 2009


It's me guys, I'm the friend that he's trying to convince, and you know what Alex, I have to say... I'm still not convinced. Now, this isn't to say that I don't have faith. Pixar has never disappointed me because I feel that the most important thing to them is the story, and they will do anything to create the best stories possible. This is unlike Dreamworks or Fox/Blue Sky animation, whose films depend on celebrity voice overs and topical, pseudo-adult humor. Pixar always has the story at heart, not a gimmick, not a celebrity, a story. It is this reason that I am in no way CONCERNED for Up. However, I am still skeptical. But as for the convincing, Alex, you haven't done it, and it won't happen until I have a reason to actually care about Up's main character Carl. I cared for Wall-e. My masculinity be damned, but I cried for the guy. So telling me about a dog whose thoughts the audience is able to hear or about a lovable bird just isn't going to do it for me. Make me care about Carl, and your convincing is complete.

Icarus on Feb 8, 2009


absolute masterpiece i think this will be very compatible with wall e cant wait to watch this one I mad a mistake by not going to wall e in theaters but no this time around i did not een watch this the first time around but bouy im i glad tho watch this now

alan on Feb 9, 2009


Yay! I hoped they included the dog! It sounds very intresting! This is like the first time in years that pixar has a dog(s) in thier movies! Can't wait! I'm going to see it first day!

Catz2 on Feb 13, 2009

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