Official Poster for Clint Eastwood's Invictus Finally Debuts

October 22, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Invictus - Matt Damon

Can Warner Brothers repeat the success of Gran Torino twice? Yahoo has debuted the official poster for Clint Eastwood's Invictus, which stars Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela and Matt Damon as rugby player Francois Pienaar. We're not sure when the first trailer will hit (probably later this week), but I'm just as excited to see this poster, mainly because Invictus is the last big Oscar wildcard. Most Oscar pundits are saying that Invictus might end up the big Best Picture winner, but they're saying that without having seen a single frame of footage. This poster looks great, so at least they're off to a good start. Check it out below!

Invictus Poster

Follows Nelson Mandela after the fall of apartheid in South Africa and during his first term as president when he campaigned to host the 1995 Rugby World Cup game as an opportunity to unite his countrymen.

Invictus is directed by prominent filmmaker and actor Clint Eastwood, who has directed great films like Unforgiven, Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Letters from Iwo Jima, Changeling, and Gran Torino. The screenplay was written by Anthony Peckham (Don't Say a Word, Sherlock Holmes) and is based on John Carlin's book "Playing the Enemy". Warner Brothers is bringing Invictus to theaters on December 11th.

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Antioch on Oct 22, 2009


No way will this be better than Gran Torino.

Vegegeeta-geeta on Oct 22, 2009


@ #2 Gran Torino was horrible.

sean on Oct 22, 2009


really #3? wtf is wrong with u?

... on Oct 22, 2009


Yes, I agree Gran Torino was a big ole pile of dog poo.

yessir on Oct 22, 2009


are you sure thats morgan freeman in the background? im starting to think they pulled of a real picture of Nelson Mandela or the makeup artist is just too good

Spider94 on Oct 22, 2009


There is no doubt about it, Gran Torino was an excellent movie. About this movie: It will be top quality, but I don't want to see it because it is not my type. However, I imagine that a lot of people will love it.

Man With No Name on Oct 22, 2009


Love the poster

Colin on Oct 22, 2009


Gran Torino was a bit...obvious at times but it was a damn solid flick all around. Fresh off of that, I am psyched for this a lot as I always think a film suffers a bit more when the director stars in it. Keep on going strong, Clint.

Voice of Reason on Oct 22, 2009


lol @ # 4...Gran Torino was sooooo forgettable as Nat King Cole used to say

Trey on Oct 22, 2009


I'm with Voice of Reason. GT was a little too obvious at times, but still a solid film. This, I am very eager to see and was beginning to wonder why we hadn't seen anything yet.

Corran Horn on Oct 22, 2009


Weird, Grand Torino had no special effect's and, in Clint exception, neither cast. Even so was a pretty dam good movie. I don't have a doubt about it. Clint is even better director as actor.

D. on Oct 22, 2009


Gran Torino was bad it had very bad stereotypes about race, culture and young people plus Clint Eastwood singing at the end of the movie was a big WTF moment.

tazz on Oct 22, 2009


It's not much of a poster to me.

Robbie on Oct 22, 2009


its amazing that Morgan Freeman is playing a iconic figure Nelson Mandela but they wont show his face on the poster.

blaze on Oct 22, 2009


Gran Torino is is his worst compared to his other films. And this is looking good. Can someone please tell me the connection of these two?

xerxex on Oct 22, 2009


Dude... Morgan Freeman was born to play Nelson Mandela. Either way... I ahve high hopes for this movie. Freaking love Rugby

teyhtr on Oct 22, 2009


#13- I think you missed the point of Gran Torino. The racism and hatred and Clint singing was key to the story.

redeemingvalue on Oct 22, 2009


#18 redeemingvalue i know the movie ment to show about racism and stereotype but it did not feel natural i.e. that white boy who acted like his a Vanilla Ice wannabe i got alot of white friends who love hip hop but they dont behave like that guy. i thought that was a bad example of a white guy who like hip hop culture. Clint singing took me way out of the movie i could not stop laughing lol. but then again Clint Eastwood would be a good casting for Batman if they do Batman Beyond lol.

tazz on Oct 22, 2009


Interesting that, even in the poster, Clint Eastwood is hanging on to cinematographer Tom Stern's steely, slightly desaturated look. Eastwood has used that photographic style for every movie since "Mystic River"...

Dan on Oct 22, 2009


Jesus December is shaping up to be a busy month.

d1rEct on Oct 22, 2009


I love it! Looks very regal.

dexter on Oct 22, 2009


Why the hell is Morgan Freeman's name first? Matt damon is jason freakin bourne. People are gonna see it for Matt, not the guy who has been starring in straight to dvd films since TDK.

a on Oct 23, 2009


For #16: during Apartheid in South Africa rugby was the white dominant sport played by the White Afrikaaners ( The white dutch settlers who settled in South Africa during the 1800's, also known as the Boers, wikipedia Boer war or Great Trek). Soccer was the sport of the Black majority. Rugby and the South African team ( The Springboks) ( named after the african gazelle the patch on the S.A rugby jersey) became sysmbols of white oppression. It was thought that with the fall of Apartheid that Mandela and the ANC would get rid of the Springboks ( as a sysmbol and a team) however Mmandela realised that South Africa needed to move forward and heal or transform itself into a tolerant multiracial society (there are over 11 official languages in South Africa!) Francois Pienarr was the White poster boy ( Blonde Akrikaaner & amazing rugby player ) The movie is set during the 1st Rugby World Cup when Pienarr became the symbol for unity.. should be an excellent film, unfortunately Damon is too short and did not bulk up for the role. If you are interested in rugby and the tradition of South Africa look at this link : and: Any rugby movie is a food movie on my books...

ConnachtFan on Oct 23, 2009


#23 - Probably because Freeman is the lead and Damon has only a supporting role. Oh, and it's only been a year since TDK, and before that Freeman was in multiple films.

Corran Horn on Oct 23, 2009


@#23 you are a idiot first of Morgan Freeman is the lead actor in the movie plus #25 Corran Horn is right its only been a year since the TDK was released and before that his other movies was not released straight to dvd i.e. Wanted, The Love Guru, The Bucket List etc all been released in cinema. before you start complaining about Morgan Freeman now your information first.

tazz on Oct 23, 2009


Get ready, Eastwood, here comes your 5th oscar.

daniel on Oct 23, 2009


#24. The 1995 Rugby World Cup was the 3rd such tournament. The RWC was won in 1987 by NZ and by Australia in 1991. As for your comment that any rugby movie is a food movie on your books, do you realise the role food played in the 1995 RWC when the NZ team was struck down with major gastric problems 2-3 days before the final and deliberate poisoning was suspected?

slightlyrighty on Oct 26, 2009

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