Official Trailer for G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Arrives Last

May 1, 2009
Source: MySpace

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Trailer

Yesterday morning, the French version of the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra trailer leaked online early. But today we have the official US version in high definition, and it's not that different at all. Now that this G.I. Joe trailer is getting a second opportunity to impress me today, let's take a closer look at it, shall we? I might've called Wolverine a "big dumb action movie" earlier today, but this is the epitome of big dumb action movies. Normally I can sit back and enjoy this kind of crap on ocassion, but this time this just looks so bad, that I'm not sure I'll even be able to enjoy it at all. Try again next time, Stephen Sommers.

Watch the official trailer for G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the trailer for G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra in High Definition on MySpace

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra is directed by big action filmmaker Stephen Sommers, of The Jungle Book, Deep Rising, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and Van Helsing previously. The screenplay was co-written by Stuart Beattie, of Collateral, Derailed, and 30 Days of Night previously, as well as Skip Woods, of Swordfish and Hitman previously. The movie is based on Hasbro's G.I. Joe line of toys that debuted in 1964. Paramount will premiere G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra in theaters everywhere on August 7th this year.

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I think "big dumb action" movie about sums it up. Kinda disappointing.

Aaron on May 1, 2009


i could see this, but only to take my little bro to see it, would enjoy the explostions but that would it from the looks of things

James on May 1, 2009


those suits look ridiculous reminds me of mega man LOL

nelson on May 1, 2009


Dennis Quaid. Hot Badass looking girls. Excelerator suits. These are resons why I would probs go see this. Otherwise I'm not expecting to be blown away, just entertained.

Zachy on May 1, 2009


Heh I'll watch it. Might as well. I kinda wished they were all dressed in camouflage just like they used to look.

mandarin on May 1, 2009


America Fuck Yeah coming again to save the mother fucking day yeah...this movie is going to suck. Just watch Team America its way better

nate on May 1, 2009


its wanted meets speed racer, for all those that liked speed racer (i liked it). and i do agree with nate, i does look like team america.

darrin on May 1, 2009


this looks like shit.

zach s on May 1, 2009


I want to see cobra commander I'm really curious.

DarkPadme on May 1, 2009


What's with Destro's and the Baroness's accents? Where da hell did it go?! >:(

michael on May 1, 2009


#6 i totally agree with you the faster people ralize the ebtter because the source material is toys we used to get when we were 5 and a cheesy campy 80's cartoon

nelson on May 1, 2009


Aww that trailer was missing the only line that I actually liked from the french one. The one that was like "France is pissed" "Of course they're pissed"

WingcommanderIV on May 1, 2009


ok, that last part when they're dodging the missiles was right out of Transformers

Jason on May 1, 2009


This doesn't look that good at all. I agree Alex, this movie looks on par with, if not worse than Wolverine in terms of mind numbing action sequence after action sequence. Top it off with some really cheesy dialogue and you probably have another popcorn flick. And did anyone else catch the missile that flew IN BETWEEN the guy's legs at the end of the trailer? The CG department must have been cheering about that one. 'How can we make this even MORE over the top than it should be?' Sienna Miller's hotness may not even save this now. Be prepared people, to turn your brains... off!

Dan the Fan on May 1, 2009


#6, exactly. A film called GI Joe full of serious stuff with all sorts of realistic and believable action would be the same as having a movie called "Hannibal Lecter" and letting it be a documentary about pink fluffy beach towels; it doesn't make any sense. This film needs to be over the top and this trailer shows just that. This will never ever ever become my favorite movie of all time, but I can see myself enjoying it for sure.

Hans on May 1, 2009


I think that green misty shit is supposed to made up from 1 part acid, 3 parts weaksauce. I gotta give it up to Cobra though. Hitting the bottom support strut of the Eiffel Tower from halfway around the globe was a hell of a shot. *eyeroll*

kevjohn on May 1, 2009


Come on... It certainly looks big, dumb and ridiculous but it also looks like it could be pretty entertaining.

Farris on May 1, 2009


#6 and #15, the problem is that I grew up reading the GI Joe comic instead of watching the pussified cartoon show. The comic was indeed full of serious stuff and believable action, along with real weapons and vehicles, bullets not laser bolts, blood.... I could go on and on...

kevjohn on May 1, 2009


There's a jet of some sort flying under the tower in the shot just before it hits the bridge.

Nick Sears on May 1, 2009


YES! Finally I agree 100% with Alex. This movie is going to suck big time donkey balls.

one on May 1, 2009


im with darrin, its wanted meets speed racer, just a bunch of fun shit being blown up, which is a good thing.

drake on May 1, 2009


WOW. that trailer makes Van Helsing look like Citizen Kane. Why does the CG character movement make it look like Shrek? terrible, just terrible.......

drew on May 1, 2009


countdown until some dork reminds us that "this probably isn't the finished FX yet, so go easy on it." 10, 9, 8, 7.......

drew on May 1, 2009


I'm sorry but it's G.I. Joe. Does no one recall the show? The whole thing was a big campy fun mess. If you are expecting some sort of serious remake tell me -exactly- how that would work when the source material is basically The Village People fighting terrorists? Relax and have fun. I for one can't wait for this film.

Clink on May 1, 2009


the trailer is making it look more appealing than the trailers for wolverine (i have seen wolverine and the trailers didn't make it look that good and the movie blew) i just hope all the action wasn't shown in the trailer

Janny on May 1, 2009


They need to clean up the CGI it looks a little weak. I’m getting the feel like this is Power Rangers on steroids. And is it just me or did they take the name GI Joe and just apply it to the game Crysis? They are all just basically running around in Nano-Suits.

Richard on May 1, 2009


Huh, I see they went away from the norm of making a plausible movie out of a cartoon a-la X-Men, etc. Doesn't look horrible, though. Essentially the definition of Blockbuster Summer Movie. 90% of budget went towards CGI, and no story. I'm sure this movie will be about as good as Transformers... in fact the movie looks like Michael Bay made it.

D on May 1, 2009


As good as Transformers... are you on crack or....?

Richard on May 1, 2009


It looks like crap, definitely. BUT that being said. If you can throw any desire for a quality storyline and great FX, there might actually be a decent action-packed film waiting under a pile of bad FX-laden crap.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on May 1, 2009


Looks as shitty as before. I will still see it though. Nostalgic reasons of course. Definitely looks worse than Wolverine though, but Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow can make that up if the scenes are good enough. Really the only thing that has me interested.

Hey Ya on May 1, 2009


The only reason to go and see such crapfest is because of CGI and Im sorry to say this but CGI here looks worse than A Sound of Thunder which was the absolute lowmark.

Shige on May 1, 2009


The problem is you complainers are expecting some deeply twisting plot with apparently no CGI but still the demand of making great action and special effects. This is a movie that is an action flick. Entertaining, but mostly likely not deeply inspirational. So cut it some slack.

Chris on May 1, 2009


Unlike Terminator Salvation this is the kind of movie they can justify to rate as PG 13 or even G. For adult viewing it looks like garbage, but I think kids would love this stuff. The CGI work looks average, it reminds me of a beginning to a computer game. In a nutshell, I won't be watching it and I think a lot of other people won't be either.

ezza72 on May 1, 2009


@Shige: ROFL! I agree. A sound of Thunder was the lowest of lows when it came to CGI. The muppets were a lot more believable!

michael on May 1, 2009


Barones is fkn Hot.................................... Looks good to see

SHANEDAV on May 1, 2009


Effects could use about another $50M.

Ryan on May 1, 2009


Being British I have little or no understanding of who or what G.I. Joe is, and presumably I'm not alone in this. And to be honest this does look like nothing more than honest cheesy fun - a little like a kiddified Wanted crossed with Thunderbirds and Iron Man. I'll read the reviews and maybe give it a shot, but I don't see the point in laying on the hate this early.

sleepykid on May 1, 2009


whats the deal with the cgi this summer, the gi joe movie looks so cartoonish, james cameron should have said no to terminator salvation cause the finish fx shots with the jet thing crashing in the canyon looked horrible, wolverine blades looks so fake and the transformers 2 trailer was going good till devastator showed up and that looked like the cgi from speed racer. this is turning out to be the worst summer for movies, im going to watch MOON, Land of the lost and District 9, at least those people know how to show a finished film

Turbo on May 1, 2009


Hell, looks like fun to me!

N on May 1, 2009


They cleaned it up based on the last trailers. It looks sick though... in a mindless popcorn movie sort of way. It's a Sommers flick (!) and I have been DYING to see Snake eyes in live action since I was 3yrs old. I honestly can't wait to see it.

Mr j Money on May 1, 2009


We just saw that last shot in Transformers first. With the jumping and big explosions. I'm getting tired of everything being CGI too

D on May 1, 2009


"Try again next time, Stephen Sommers." While you'll probably be right, isn't that a bit much for you to report on your site having not even seen the film yet.

TheManWithNoName on May 1, 2009


Utter suckfest! Except for the ninja fight. I will give Sommers credit for being a better director than Brett Ratner.

Brandon on May 1, 2009


So you know how trailers sometimes give away the ending or just show the best parts or whatever...well this just saved me $12.50. Thanks. The only thing worth watching in this is going to be SNAKE EYES! It looks like they have ruined my favorite childhood memory, by making it some epic global end of the world showdown with horrible sfx (opening shot of this trailer). I could tell this was going to be crap once it was announced Stephen Sommers was directing and then they released photos of those costumes. What happened to doing a realistic approach with these iconic characters? You have the source material.

CCloud on May 1, 2009


#35 I grew up in Finland and we had tons of GI Joe's there in the 80s, every kid had loads of them. But either way, that trailer looks like crap!!!

Tomi on May 1, 2009


Watch GI Joe: Resolute on Adult Swim. Exactly how a GI Joe movie should be. I could care less if the old show was cheesy, that dosent give them a reason to make it a horrible movie. That reason just seems stupid to me.

ryan on May 1, 2009


i think that...........................%$"·"$%%$)=/(%&%$"%&... shame... poor me... i hope....

gabriel isea on May 1, 2009


Thanks for f*cking up my youth Stephen Sommers... this looks like taint.

Kevin Baughman on May 1, 2009


Not too different than the international trailer. Still not gonna see it.

aaron on May 1, 2009


Oi... something tells me we have another "Speed Racer" flop on our hands. And no, I didn't care for that film. And am I the only one who thing the suits look way too clunky and should not have glass visors. I was thinking something more along the lines of the Ïron Man" Mark II design

Ajax on May 1, 2009


Looks like a much more fun time at the movies than Wolverine.

Darunia on May 1, 2009


I'm confused..why does this look so bad? It looks like a really fun movie to watch.

Nate on May 1, 2009


Looks like a fun movie though. i know i know its cheesy, but I think that's what they're going for. Sure G.I. Joe should be done proper - cause hey, its G.I. Joe....but those bio-suits look crazy if u ask me.

Conrad on May 1, 2009


Ok, first the trailer doesnt make the movie look bad, nor is it lame. But that last part with the 2 suit guys dodging the missiles just looked funny, lol. I still dont like the suit idea....

Nikhil Hariharan on May 1, 2009


I don't understand what people are looking for. I think this movie looks great. I honestly think everyone is looking for movies to be like Iron Man or Batman now. Honestly Iron Man was great but it looked corny like this movie. Yes poeple it did. and Alex, come on, "Normally I can sit back and enjoy this kind of crap on ocassion, but this time this just looks so bad, that I'm not sure I'll even be able to enjoy it at all. Try again next time, Stephen Sommers. Like you have done anything. You just take from other websites and post them here.

AllmightyKeim on May 1, 2009


I'm with you alex. I won't be seeing this at all. About a year ago when they said Stephen Sommers was directing this I knew then how bad this film would be. Sure the original Mummy film was ok viewing but it's sequal The Mummy Returns and Van Helsing where just plan awful.

Bizzaro on May 1, 2009


Well they have 3 months to polish up that CG and try to figure out how to cut a trailer that has a little more exposition than explosions.

John Kuehl on May 1, 2009


THAT LAST PART WHAT THE FUCK!!!? I mean I know its suppose to be just fun but I cant enjoy an FX extravaganza when the animation looks worse than the really good graphic games I play. DID SOMMERS LEARN ANYTHING FROM HIS LAST 3 DISASTERS...apparently not

Cody on May 1, 2009


Oh dear.

Smiffy1 on May 2, 2009


Looks better than wolverine though. At the end its a brain switchoff popcorn movie. If you want to a movie which will fuck with your brains go watch synedoche new york. And oh , we all know what happened to wolverine. Worse than X3 by a mile.

Evilnik on May 2, 2009


What's really different from what you guys call "Transformers" and are exited about? massive explosions,girls and action... This is GI Joe!!! Do not expect it to be a deep movie about stuff like Da Vinci code or the like with an elaborate plot. As far as real fans are concerned, this looks Awesome!!!!

Solar on May 2, 2009


I must concur. This has all the same elements as Transformers, so should be good for a laugh....The comments seem a little harsh considering.

Godstrike on May 2, 2009


Looks like a lot of fun!

Chem on May 2, 2009


i agree with with Godstrike, it really does have the same elements like transformers. I feel i might end up enjoying it more.

Darrin on May 2, 2009


@ Cody 3 disasters? The mummy was a hit, Mummy Returns was the highest grossing movie of its year.... Van Helsing was crap though.

Darunia on May 2, 2009


dunno why everyone hating on it!

9mm on May 2, 2009


I had a feeling this movie had potential to bomb, I guess 1 and done with the Joe's.....only reason worth watching is how hott Sienna Miller is looking, besides that it will suck, what a dissapointment btw I don't remember any special suits back in the day

Blue Orange NY on May 2, 2009


I hope you guys realize that this is based on toys, which are meant for kids, and the movie is aimed at kids. Instead of thinking of it like it's being made for your 20 year old self, how about you grow a brain, and realize, this is spy Kids, but turned into something that parents won't have to take sleeping pill in order to get through it.

Darunia on May 2, 2009


yo peeps! simmer down now. I totally understand the source material it comes from, so I am NOT looking for some deep revisionist take on GI JOE filled with existential angst and ponderous philosophy. But I thought they were making a "live action" film based on a cartoon. But this still looks like a cartoon cuz the CG is embarrassingly bad. Seriously, is this the new Dreamworks animation movie? SUCK-FEST.

drew on May 2, 2009


I hope they are wise enough to pull this from the theaters and go straight to DVD. Maybe in a couple of years they can reboot the franchise and do something more along to lines of the new cartoon on adult swim (with a better story of course).

Dan on May 2, 2009


I understand the accelerator suits, as the current U.S. Army prototypes have so much promise for what the future may bring for these very REAL suits. But they don't belong in G.I. Joe. Not in the first movie, anyway. These suits belong in a G.I. Joe vs. Transformers crossover movie, which I'm assuming is a proposed goal for Hasbro. To use them in THIS movie is rediculous. They went with the G.I. Joe Sigma Six stupdity and thought it was a good movie idea. I think this movie will be entertaining, and I don't mind spending a couple hours in an air conditioned theater to watch it. I'm a diehard joe fan, but I expected better. IF there is a sequel, and I'm sure there will be, it had better be amazing and more along the lines of what G.I. Joe is really about.

Chris H on May 2, 2009


The first few seconds had me going, "aw yeah". Then it continued...and I must say it looks really bad. I don't know if I'm going to go see this or not. One more preview, and will make up my mind.

Brian on May 2, 2009


You know, it doesn't look bad in an action movie sense. The problem lies in calling this GI Joe. THIS IS NOT GI JOE. Outside of Snake Eyes and Stormshadow, there is NOTHING here that is remotely similar to the cartoon of the 80s. That's the problem and that's why this is a failure.

Kevin on May 2, 2009


Looks cool

MonkeyMowse on May 2, 2009


Big dumb action movie. You got that right. And it's not even going to be brutally violent, so who cares?

Syphous on May 2, 2009


still see this over anything with Shia Labeouf

Silver on May 2, 2009


anyone else notice the Halo grenade sound effect at 1:51

PJ H on May 2, 2009


i guess you comic buffs wanted platoon but with cobra commander instead of vietnam? it is what it is. a summer action movie that puts people in the seats. i doubt they had oscars in mind when they were making this. IT IS G.I. JOE. not saving private ryan.

get real on May 2, 2009


baroness & scarlett are fuck me hot,snake eyes vs storm shadow looked cool,maybe the film could be good fun.

zetsu on May 2, 2009


what i love is all the people saying that the old plot was too flimsy to base an hour and a half movie on. for those people i'd like to know what they think hollywood can do to IMPROVE the plot, and not ruin it like every single remake in the history of california. they could have at least kept 4.6% of the original g.i. joe material in stead of taking the name "G.I. Joe" and making up everything after the fact. this movie gets 5 d*cks down, with no hope of an erection. d

donovan on May 2, 2009


some cheesiness, but ill see it.

brian on May 2, 2009


#65 I meant disasters as in the quality of the movie not the money it made...lots of really shitty ass movies have made way too much money.

Cody on May 2, 2009


Looks better than Wolverine. I mean what was up with that shit? Keep the action going and forget the plot and they will be fine. Here's the plot of G I Joe, there is a threat, call in the Joes. That's it, done. Mindless action and we're good. These movies don't need a plot. Have we ever watched these things for a plot? A plot is what kills them, they think they are more than the are.

Moviegimp on May 3, 2009


Popcorn movie. Should be fun.

JimD on May 3, 2009


Looks like utter shit. Could Battle Field Earth be released from the role of worst movie ever?

teh staton on May 3, 2009


So far i like the trailer seems interesting but what i dont like is the metal suit???? and the metal Mask???

dadaba on May 3, 2009


Well, can anyone say Reboot in the near future? Lets do it right.

blahblahablahblah on May 3, 2009


COBRAAAAAURGPLUSH!! (thats the sound of Styephon Sommers sending my childhood down the tolet) Give me blue suited carbon copied infantry with no character any day of the week! Whats with the casting call for this mess, Denise Quade? Really? and was that a Waynes brother! snap! This is going to be a super duper, back flip, tuck and row, F L O P!!! There is only one thing that can save this wreck, Cobra Commander! Lets face it though, they'll prob F**K him up too. BRING BACK SHIPWRECK! BRING BACK SHIPWRECK! BRING BACK SHIPWRECK! BRING BACK SHIPWRECK! BRING BACK SHIPWRECK! BRING BACK SHIPWRECK! BRING BACK SHIPWRECK! BRING BACK SHIPWRECK! BRING BACK SHIPWRECK! BRING BACK SHIPWRECK! BRING BACK SHIPWRECK! And the twins!

Dano on May 3, 2009


Wtf is this kind of experiment? Bad taste for costumes and bad animated 3dfX...I´m so disappointed! The best scene...the guy in white springing out of the window...

pipo on May 3, 2009


well, i for one cannot wait to download this movie. The money i save on it will be wonderful. $20 dollers for this turd on a stick. Take it in the ass when you say " 1 please for G.I muther fucking JOE"

ben on May 3, 2009


I can't believe someone mentioned rebooting about a movie that hasn't even come out yet...

Pete on May 3, 2009


actions looks awesome...i dont care if its ridiculous as long as its ridiculously bad ass as far as acting looked horrible, but i'd see it to be entertained.

Gary M on May 3, 2009


I think this looks terrible. It will come-out. Be forgotten.

Stuart Mellor on May 3, 2009


Why couldn't they just give them all military outfits that would match their specialties, like the actual toys did? They all look like Snake Eyes with their black suits. And come on, the characters shouldn't need special suits to be good, all the Joes were just the best at what they did...without special suits. Cobra was the one who would pump-up their people with special suits to be able to stand a chance against the Joes. And yes, the original cartoon was a bit campy to an extent, but so was Transformers, and look what that movie did. The campy-ness comes more from the period it was created and some corny dialogue rather than the show itself. I'd like to think the show tried to take itself seriously. The movie looks like someone just took all the good action from Transformers and Iron Man and slapped the GI Joe name on it. I'm thoroughly disappointed. I get none of the anticipation I'd get when watching the trailers for the first Transformers movie before it came out. and Marlon Wayans? seriously? Marlon Wayans?!?!

TNo on May 3, 2009


jeez why all the hating on this movie? i bet if Megan Fox was in it, everyone would shut up. its got Channing Tatum for cryin out loud! the kid can do no wrong!

GoonieDog on May 3, 2009


Hey let's be honest. What is the movie based on? A pretty creepy drawn cartoon series. Without a really deep storyline. And for me the FX looks very good enough. Ok it's not Transformers. But who cares. I want good action and not some intellectual dialogs. Sorry it's "just" G.I. Joe.

MFX on May 4, 2009


OH GIMME A BLOODY BREAK! Why do ppl always cry when these movies come out? Were you expecting Oscar winning actors in a movie based on a cartoon series? Some ppl still go to the theaters and watch a movie for the entertainment factor, you know. To me the movie looks perfectly "G.I. Joe. I think regardless of what the critics say (and alex, who i think needs a chill pill) this will be a very successful movie. Go ahead and fry me for this, But i'm gonna enjoy the HELL outta this movie when it comes out. G.I. Joe Animated series: Action, action, funny dialogue, action. G.I. Joe Movie: So-called mediorce acting, action, CGI overdrive, action, cheesy dialogue, action. To me, perfect translation.

GiveItARest on May 4, 2009


the point is not that the old series was crap plots too. its that they might as well take the plot from any 2-bit-starving-to-death action writer in hollywood and just made the character names the same as the g.i.joe series. if you are going to CALL a movie G.I.Joe, at least make an attempt include a smidgen of the original. this movie has as much to do with G.I.Joe as Brokeback Mountain. they are both gay.

donovan on May 4, 2009


I don't know what looks worse. This movie or the shit I had to take after eating Snap-E-Taco last night.

clippersman on May 4, 2009


You can't use the excuse that since the original animated series was campy the movie adaptation should follow in its footsteps. Jesus, it's 2009. There have been many iterations of the G.I. Joe story that have attempted to evolve its content. What boggles my mind is that the new series G.I. Joe: Resolute on Adult Swim is more realistic, more mature, and taken more seriously than the LIVE-ACTION MOVIE. This is trash, plain and simple. Will I be watching it? Sure I will. Pointing and laughing is fun. Will I be paying for it? Just a couple of hours on BitTorrent. One more thing... the special effects here look no better than what was seen on Sommers' own The Mummy and that came out 10 years ago.

Frame on May 4, 2009


good and bad. bad becuz i have to pay 20 bucks. good becuz i get to feel a booby and there is lots of explosions. . . .

mrmr on May 4, 2009


#101 if you have to pay 20 rats to feel a booby that's pretty sad.

clippersman on May 4, 2009


All of you people are talking like you have already seen the movie. Alex included (Which actually makes your site look kind of crap, but I'm used to it.). When the movie comes out, we've seen the plot we've sat in our seats with popcorn and have something to actually base a review on how about then we call the movie shit?

Clink on May 4, 2009


It looks like a fun movie, as long as the effects don't look as whack as Wolverine's claws then I'm good. Ever since the Dark Knight, people want this serious ass movies....chill out, I might be pretty straight..... and #101, if your paying $20 for a movies and a lap dance or Boobs aren't included??? then you need to start bootleggin' movies bro...

Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebook me!) on May 5, 2009


This looks better than the crap that was the wolverine movie! GI Joe was a toy line for kids, this looks exactly what I would expect, FUN imaginative action adventure.

lando on May 5, 2009


For the tone of the film, they should reference GI Joe: The Movie (cartoon) rather than the series.

TNo on May 6, 2009


Does anyone besides me see the obvious Halo influence on this? The biosuits and the troop transports look like they were lifeted right out of the game...

WindWalker on May 6, 2009


you know the best part of all you fucking little children and your idiot ideas about a how bad a movie is going to be by the trailer? you little shit heads will still go and see it. you'll still pay the bills for them so that you can analyze what you hated most about the movie like anyone truely gives a fuck about what your opinion is. and to all the people who denounce the movie in objectional ways instead of acting like a 9 year old with the vocabualry of a pittbulls dick(99, 90,85, and about 40 othe infant little pricks) thank you for at least trying to make a point form an adult point of view. for the rest of you, go jerk off to megan fox pictures and suck a transformer cock.

flipdwun on May 7, 2009


This looks to be pretty interesting. Not groundbreaking by any means but fun enough to warrant going to see it.

Eric on May 9, 2009


This trailer is TERRIBLE, and when it previewed at the theater, the audience started laughing. It's obvious Hollywood has run out of ideas when they have to make movies about toys. And I don't know why some people think Channing Tatum can do no wrong. He's one-dimensional as the solemn, straight-faced "thug white guy" in all his movies.

Annoyed on May 12, 2009


This looked like a good popcorn action flick until I saw the suits. WTF! They look like a retarded master chief. The chick playing baroness looks hot though.

Vondoom88 on May 13, 2009


The reason it's cheesey is simple. Hollywood is incapable of making intelligent scripts using fantasy characters engaged in battle. They just can't do it. SO TORTURE THE SHIT OUT OF THE STUDIO BY BOYCOTTING THE FILM! GI JOE: RESOLUTE treats the series with respect. Hollywood shits on the audience.

MrMr on May 26, 2009



Castro on May 27, 2009


A russian chick with no russian accent. Its definitely going to be just a popcorn flick.

Dating in Toronto on May 28, 2009


Excuse me #110??? Dear John, Public Enemies, Eagle of the Ninth.. Face it, Tatum is the future!

GoonieDog on May 31, 2009


this movie do remind me of halo alil bit but i dont c y ya sayin its horrible honestly, it lookz live to me, im not a fan of G.I. JOE but this trailer looks real good

Tana on Jun 2, 2009


Seriously, half of you are losers for say it's shit or gonna be horrible. God some of you really need to grow up or just get a life.

Kris on Jun 6, 2009


#110 you give retards a bad name...They were laughing at you laughing at movie. When I seen it I actually laughed a little cause I didn't expect it at all...Just DEAL with it dumbass.

Kris on Jun 6, 2009


I'm only seeing this because Sienna Miller is disturbingly attractive...

jep on Jun 7, 2009


btw...I hated the Accel. Suits when I first saw them, now i'm kinda interested to see what they can do with them, plus Ray Park is a badass

jep on Jun 7, 2009


Awesome. There are no other words to describe this. This could be bigger than mega shark vs giant octopus. I seriously can't wait for this!! GO JOE!!!

wake07 on Jun 9, 2009


118 when you criticize someone use correct grammar. "i seen it" makes no sense. i'm sorry it's just a pet peeve

dur? on Jun 20, 2009


You wanna know what I think, personally, I know when the trailer had showed in theaters, I know for a fact the audience didn't laugh, that's just you, and 2....I don't see how anyone can say this trailer is terrible, it look so damn good to be labeled "terrible" if the new york times and the OFFICIAL critics say it was terrible then leave it to them, because ya'll be making ppl not want to go see a good movie YA'LL would most likely miss out on In conclusion, leave all ya rude and bad comments to yaselfs, I don't see how a real good put together trailer is terrible, jeesh ya got no type of imagination at all,

Tana on Jun 20, 2009


Old thread, but wanted to say that I am looking forward to seeing this one. Sure it's mindless entertainment, but that's what summer block busters are about. Main reason I want to see this one, Lee Byun Hun. Excellent actor making his "hollywood" debut.

Tushka on Aug 3, 2009


What's wrong with you people? Are your lives so sad that if you find the time to comment on a movie that hasn't even come out yet, but you already hate. Plus, some of you are perverts who are just going to look at scarlett and the baroness. To the comments about the suits, if you listened to anything abou the movie, it's set ten years in the future. THAT means some of this stuff could be possible, as well as in one of the trailers, it says that they cost millions of dollars to build. Think about it with an open mind.

Wraith on Aug 4, 2009


Yo...I just watched this flick. Its got hot chicks, action, & explosions. Its a guy flick. WTF is there not to like!

Drake on Aug 5, 2009


Just saw the movie tonight! It ROCKED!! It was way better than I thought it was going to be! Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow were awesome, and so were Duke and Ripcord...though Cobra Commander was a little weird for me..I wanted to see the blue hood, and the cobra troopers..maybe a sequel?

metroguy on Aug 7, 2009

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