Official US Trailer for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li!

January 6, 2009
Source: IGN

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li Trailer

Fox has officially unveiled the US trailer for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li on IGN. You've seen it in Japanese, now watch it in English! I don't know why everyone thinks this looks so bad? It's probably the best looking Street Fighter movie we'll ever get, it looks exponentially better than Dragonball, and it stars the extremely gorgeous Kristin Kreuk. What more could you ask for?! To top it all off, Neal McDonough is one of my favorite actors and as the villain M. Bison I have a feeling he's going to be one of the best parts. So give it another chance, watch this trailer in English, and try not to be too harsh.

Watch the US trailer for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li:

[flv: 598 254]

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li is directed by ex-cinematographer Andrzej Bartkowiak, who directed Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, Cradle 2 the Grave, and Doom previously. The script was penned by up-and-coming screenwriter Justin Marks, who also wrote the screenplays for Masters of the Universe and Voltron. Hong Kong fight choreographer Dion Lam, who previously worked on The Matrix Trilogy, Spider-Man 2, and all of Bartkowiak's previous films, is handling the fight sequences. Fox is debuting Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li in theaters everywhere on February 27th. See you in theaters!

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Reader Feedback - 67 Comments


looks good tbh

fmkid on Jan 6, 2009


I think that looks pretty good...the fighting is tight and looks well choreographed and Vega looks like the villain we've been begging for as Street Fighter fans for years. My only gripe is with the casting because my girlfriend makes me watch Desperate Housewives so that blond guy to me is just a bad actor and I don't know if I'll be able to get over that to enjoy this...looks much better than dragonball though, but the buzz surrounding Dragonball seems to be much more frequent for some reason(over a hundred comments on the last article you posted alone).

peloquin on Jan 6, 2009


If anyone actually hates on this movie, it says more about there disposition than anything else. This looks like a perfect Friday night.

Vegavega Balrog on Jan 6, 2009


i think dragon ball gets more bashing because it is loved more and is not just some fighting video game i think dragon ball will have better fighting to be honest

nelson on Jan 6, 2009


i doubt that any live action movie will ever surpass the greatness of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie it looks like a decent stylized martial arts flick but to me it doesn't look like street fighters (a game based on 1 on 1 fights between well, street fighters) and to #2... will they call him vega? cause the japanese street fighter versions have vega as balrog, balrog as bison and bison as vega

Janny on Jan 6, 2009


Hey, it doesn't look bad at all. I am now really interested in it.

Ajax on Jan 6, 2009


@ 5...I didn't know that all the names got changed around. I hope that's Vega with the mask unlike the long haired version we saw in the 90's.

peloquin on Jan 6, 2009


thought the jump from exlposion bit was a bit cheesy but other than that it could be as Vegavega said... a perfect friday night flick. and having liked Neal McDonough for years now i'm glad to see him more out there.

Nick Lawless on Jan 6, 2009


This looks absolutely stupid... But I'll watch it for Moon Bloodgood.

teyhtr on Jan 6, 2009


For a Chun Li movie, where is Chun Li in the trailer and poster? I hate how they're marketing the movie, and trying to hide the fact the movie is about a strong Asian woman who kicks ass.

Cammy on Jan 6, 2009


Alex what is problem? it in job description to throw diggs Dragonball on every martial arts related post.I got nothing against SF, trailer, but i would not made a comparison with this trailer.

MJC on Jan 6, 2009


There he is! That's the guy that should play Captain America! Neal McDonough! Could never remember his name...

Chris @ on Jan 6, 2009


Another quality movie from fox!!!! aahahahaha

Darunia on Jan 6, 2009


First: Neal McDonough rocks. Second: I would see this one even if he wasn't in it. Third: I'm sick of everyone ragging on the casting, in general. There's no way to please everyone and it's not that big a deal, is it? Fourth: Neal McDonough ROCKS. 😉

ErinM on Jan 6, 2009


It reminded me of the first Ninja Turtles movie from back in the day... in a good way.

Michael on Jan 6, 2009


Looks about as good as the Dragonball movie, tbh. It looks like serious amounts of garbage.

Movieraider321 on Jan 6, 2009

17 what exactly does that film have to do with Street Fighter?

Sean Kelly on Jan 6, 2009


Neal McDonough is a good actor, but that fact doesn't really determine whether this will be good or not. I mean, the guy doesn't turn down a roll. It seems like he is in everything, good or bad. Overall, I'll give this one a chance. The topic is pretty corny but I love the fight scenes in the Matrix trilogy, Romeo Must Die, and Spider-Man 2. Plus, the trailer kicks ass. I'll probably see it, nothing good comes out in Feb. anyway.

Gene on Jan 6, 2009


Neal sucks, hes always the same guy, same personality, always trying to act tough or scary and never being able to.

Richard on Jan 6, 2009


BARF-A-ROO!!!! This movie reeks of absolute SHIT. Anyone who is looking forward to this movie or thinks this trailer is good, in any capacity, is an absolute idiot. A goddamn idiot. A fool, even. Fuck. You people are worthless.

Voice of Reason on Jan 6, 2009


You are a goof Alex....this looks completely lame...and to say this is the best SF movie we will ever see is the most idiotic thing ever stated....try watching the Animated movie from the 90s or the series Street Fighter V...if the idiots of hollywood would just follow anything close to those cartoons they would have a hit....but they would rather cater to the tastes of twits that say this crap they have made looks decent...BULLSHIT !!!



I hope that masking in the various 'leaping from an explosion' guff is all rough cut because it looks like a right dog's dinner.

Chris on Jan 6, 2009


What a load of pap.

Smiffy1 on Jan 7, 2009


Not nearly as bad as what some people are making it out to be. It wont be a great film but I dont think its gonna be as bad as people are making out to be.

Wasabi Steak on Jan 7, 2009


Looks watchable, I agree with #8 though, the explosions look a bit tacky / unrealistic but i'm hoping it's just the trailer.

cpr on Jan 7, 2009


i kid you not, as lame as the movie might end up being, the COSTUMES look better than those in watchmen...

fanboy d on Jan 7, 2009


I can't wait to see this movie. I'm a big fan of Neal McDonough and I like this kind of movies. If that makes me an idiot like some people think, I've never cared about what people think about me and I'm not going to start care now.

byg on Jan 7, 2009


Neal haters blow off! IN YOUR FUGLY DREAMS! Neal is THE MAN. Not sure about the movie, but since its Neal, I'll be there!

Angie on Jan 7, 2009


It's gonna be a hell of fun to watch!

Elliot on Jan 7, 2009


Oh that explains it. . .the owner of Slammin Salmon is Balrog. . .

Jaf on Jan 7, 2009


Neal McDonough is one boring actor. And he doesn't look that good in this. I want my Bison to be like in the first movie, even though that one sucked - I bet this one will suck even more. I think this will flop big time.

ryderup on Jan 7, 2009


I'm still not seeing Bison. Isn't he supposed to be huge?

vu on Jan 7, 2009


yea the only guy i recognized was vega

harrison on Jan 7, 2009


hell yeah... go Vega Go... They had better give us a long ass fight sequence with Vega

Dusty on Jan 7, 2009


Honestly, Street Fighter isn't exactly a game you can take directly from a game to a movie. The character's lame excuses for backstories and their half-witted attempt at developing those as the games went on wouldn't fit well into a movie. Street Fighter wasn't a game built on plot, and there's nothing wrong with that. It was a game built around beatin' the shit outta people. Therefore, I don't understand why people would whine that a character from the game isn't included in the movie. How do you grow attached to a character that you know so little about? I'll hop off my soapbox for now, and say, "What the hell? Are you seriously calling *Neil McDonough* an actor capable of playing Captain America?" Please tell me that's sarcasm. That static and bland actor could never carry a movie. I don't even know how people know his name to be honest. He's been in Desperate Housewives...also starred in such quality films as "The Guardian" and "Timeline". All terrible. The only thing I can call him decent in, was "Band of Brothers" and even then he was outshined by the other actors.

Will S. on Jan 7, 2009


Last word: I'll give the movie, and Donough a shot. I'm really jaded against the man simply because of everyone of his movies. He's competent on television, but he has yet to do anything worthwhile in film. I don't have any faith in this sort of movie, as it'll rely solely on action and very little on plot or character development. I really hope most of this footage is rough cut, as it looks a little sketchy. Just bleh.

Will S. on Jan 7, 2009


I will stream it and I am not sure if I want to do that......................Kruk is so hot

insanartist on Jan 7, 2009


not bad at all it looks good to me

alan on Jan 7, 2009


This movie looks terrible. It will be good for little kids, but other than that there's really nothing else there

Dan W on Jan 7, 2009


Was that a Kikoken at the end? If it was...coool!

Sketch on Jan 7, 2009


Even though I believe I just saw the whole movie, I will sadly say that I'll never have those minutes of my life back ever.

L on Jan 7, 2009


looks better in english... but still doesn't look great. maybe i'll catch the dvd...

dave13 on Jan 7, 2009



Fisherr on Jan 8, 2009


Looks decent enough, alot better then what I was expecting but I have no expectations for a halfway decent storyline. I hope I am presently suprised.

Anthony on Jan 8, 2009


it looks qiute good, i wanna watch it

Mo on Jan 8, 2009


@21 It's called the Legend of Chun-Li for a reason you tard. Go get a life. You and #20 can go lick each other's nuts.

that guy on Jan 9, 2009


Can anyone explain, why Chun-Li? I mean seriously... why? Looks lame.

Syphous on Jan 9, 2009


#21 There is a reason the movie is title "LEGEND OF CHUN-LI." The whole story revolves around Chun-li and the only reason this movie was made is because they wanted to introduce street fighter again to the public. I think on this site or maybe IGN ran an article on the making of this street fighter movie, and the director or producer or someone clearly said its an intro to the street fighter genre. If this movie those good then they will probadly make another one with more street fighter characters. This is not in no way a REBOOT!.... for those that cant get understand a simple concept should learn how to think before they talk because you might sound like an IDIOT! BESIDES LEARN TO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

LC on Jan 9, 2009


Absolutely cheesy...and that's not JUST the narrator's lines I'm talking about. Did anybody else have a problem with the way that white-haired dude flipped up in the air like that?...or that whole jumping from the explosion thing?...or her multiple kicks on his chest?....or that floaty orby wispy thing? looks horrible!... It's time these ppl understood anime is the way of the future. All these lame-ass attempts at live-action for a story with this much action just won't cut it. There's so much you can do in an animated film that you could never do in these films without looking absolutely lame. I mean, this is the trailer, so you know that what you see here are probably the best scenes the film has to offer. If that's true, you have NOTHING to expect from this but a few good laughs...maybe a tear or two... And I haven't even started on the empty plot.

Akeem on Jan 10, 2009


Like with Dragon Ball Evolution, I'm gonna wait till I see the finished film to pass full judgement. The new trailer for this film still doesnt raise my hopes any, but atleast its in a language I can understand.

soul_reaver265 on Jan 10, 2009


Straight to VHS! 1) nothing in the clicp reminds me of street fighter. 2) Where the hell is Chun Li? she's Asian right? 3) no mention of any Street Fighter characters in the clip.

chuck on Jan 12, 2009


KRISTIN KREUK SOOOOOOOO HOT AND SUPER GORGEOUS!!!! the action pack look fantastic! Thi8s movie will be #1 in box office! i tell ya!

Iwan on Jan 13, 2009


Very Cool! It`ll be BIG.

Jared on Jan 14, 2009


Whats it rated? I hope she doesn't end up beating M. Bison. Hes supposed to beat her ass.

TIm on Jan 16, 2009


Horrible looking movie. I'll still watch it lol. I love street fighter, but this doesn't look like it has anything in it streetfighter related other than vega and chunli.

Scott on Jan 16, 2009


is the white hair guy the business man BISON

hoos on Jan 18, 2009


i hope ken,ryu,and guile get their movies as well guile is the man.

chris on Jan 18, 2009


kreuk hot.nuff said!

Jo on Jan 18, 2009


Still looks better than Street Fighter (EX) IV.

shingallon on Jan 19, 2009


It`ll be BIG!

Pete on Jan 19, 2009


Looks awful. But Kristin is a cute girl. Very gorgeous in person. Too bad she's still too "exotic" for most mainstream hollywood movies, otherwise we'll see more of her in better roles than this. (Not to diss Street Fighter I very competitive when it comes to fighting games).

OMG on Jan 20, 2009


That actually looks fairly cool... I'm just wondering where, y'know, the street-fighting comes into it. Given that pretty much the whole Shadowlaw, secret island etc stuff was a massive retcon in order to sell comics.

tahrey on Jan 20, 2009


Also assuming the white-haired guy is Bison... putting aside the need for some dye, shouldn't he be built like fort knox, rather than some anonymous looking businessdude? I seem to remember a neck you could use as an anvil, and a chin you could mistake for a sledgehammer, for starters. Just doesn't look scary or evil enough. I know subtle, obscured evil is the "in" thing right now, but it's a cartoon setting. Occasionally you need a Big Bad cartoony all-evil villain who gives you pause for thought on first sight.

tahrey on Jan 20, 2009


IT does looks GREAT!

Zohny on Jan 25, 2009


OH BOY. let's revive a 20 year old franchise that -BOMBED- the first time around. Fuck this garbage. I'm about as excited to see this as I am to watch the Dragonball live action adaptation. Another uninteresting cookie cutter martial arts movie, only this one has tits and ass. yeah, no thanks. I'd rather lower my IQ watching 'OUTLANDER'. Keep the games in in the arcade, and out of the movie theatre. *yawn*

Nerbomber on Jan 29, 2009


looks awful

jrat on Feb 6, 2009


This is the worst movie I have ever seen. I saw it last weekend and it sucks balls

TIm on Mar 2, 2009

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