Oh Yes, Full Trailer for Lesbian Vampire Killers!

February 16, 2009
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Lesbian Vampire Killers Trailer

One movie we've been anxiously waiting to see is Lesbian Vampire Killers from the UK. We debuted a short, but sweet, teaser trailer for this back in December, and today we've finally got a tasty full-fledged trailer for your pleasure. There's really no need for an intro, because Lesbian Vampire Killers delivers exactly what it promises - lesbian vampires, and, I guess, killers of said lesbian vampires. I'm sure you'll just want to watch this no matter what I say about the title or the story or whatever. Though I'm not sure how many of you will still want to see this after watching the full trailer. Anyway, feast your eyes on this!

Watch the full trailer for Lesbian Vampire Killers:

[flv: 480 270]

For more madness, head to the official website:

Lesbian Vampire Killers is directed by British filmmaker Phil Claydon, of the 2002 horror flick Alone. The script was co-written by Paul Hupfield and Stewart Williams, both of the British TV series "Balls of Steel" previously. For those from England, the film stars James Cordon and Mathew Horne, the duo from the TV series "Gavin & Stacey". Lesbian Vampire Killers is scheduled to hit theaters in the UK in March of 2009, but doesn't have a US distributor yet. With some luck, we can expect to see this sometime in 2009!

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Haha. This movie actually looks pretty funny. Perhaps a rental though.

The_Phantom on Feb 16, 2009


Haha, looks like a nice rental. Don't see this going wide in the US at all though.

Ryan on Feb 16, 2009


Looks pretty funny. I guess the final line gives them the title for the sequel, doesn't it?!

Mathieu on Feb 16, 2009


James Cordon is a naturally funny dude and a good writer also. Definitely not for everyone, but he is often quite honest and brutal, which people have problems with. < On Madonna < On having sex with Keira Knightley.

Crapola on Feb 16, 2009


White blood?

The Awsome Norwegian Dude With Sunglasses on Feb 16, 2009


Looks shockingly terrible.

Capatain Subtext on Feb 16, 2009


Looks like a combination between Shaun of the Dead and my last bowel movement.

JCVD on Feb 16, 2009


Ha ha looks awesome

B-Han on Feb 16, 2009


This looks like its going to be one of those so bad, it's good movies.

Melissa on Feb 16, 2009


hehehe, this is a joke right?

OnlineRouletteGame on Feb 16, 2009


wow that looks sooooo bad. Wow, I'm now laughing at the pure unrelenting shitiness that was that trailer.

jman571 on Feb 16, 2009


I can't help but be reminded of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg with this pairing of actors. Only it's a not good version. Looks like they are trying to hard to BE like the Simon/Nick combo. Unless that is some character pairing that I don't know about from the UK.

Stacia on Feb 16, 2009


not for me.

dan on Feb 16, 2009


yeh reminds me of simon pegg and nick frost, i actually like the fake frost tho.

Allen Sharpe on Feb 16, 2009


I lold and what's with the white puke and blood coming out off them?!

Fisherr on Feb 16, 2009


I would say a rental... but I will be extremely happy if I have a chance to see it in advance of that... just not have to pay for it that is.

Dusty on Feb 16, 2009


Wow, you're kidding. That fat ass reminds me of the guy from Shawn of the dead and hot fuzz except this guy is not funny and the other guy is.

Ariel on Feb 16, 2009


White blood...hmmm....looks more like another body fluid to me. Hint a male fluid. I can already hear every cultural and textual grad student clamoring to be the first to do a feminist psychoanalytical critique of this film. Might be okay in the same way Spike Network is okay...when nothing else is on.

Goudos on Feb 16, 2009


So basicly they try to get some attention with the "whacky" title and some hints of another Shawn Of The Dead. Well they fail at both.

Shige on Feb 16, 2009


DUDE I wanna see this right now!

Richard on Feb 16, 2009


i would totally rent this, fucking looks mad funny

midnightlight on Feb 16, 2009


They're a comedy duo from a UK shopw called Gavin and Stacy (which is pretty funny). Very different to Frost and Pegg, but I can see the comparison. An odd style of humour, but one that definitely grows on you. It looks pretty funny, though! 🙂

MikEy on Feb 16, 2009


this looks so good, i think i will watch it again

kornet on Feb 16, 2009


Its like the same nostalgic affect that Shaun Of The Dead left me with. Hopefully ill rent it and it becomes very entertaining like Shaun...

Nikhil Hariharan on Feb 16, 2009


Wat lijkt me dit een kanker film

Kankertje on Feb 17, 2009


A combination of From Dusk till Dawn and Shaun Of The Dead, pathethic!

Kankertje on Feb 17, 2009


I love it! Going to watch that trailer again and maybe again. Silly and dumb and a little gross, what more do you want. Sucks that this will probably not play at theaters, at least near me, and I'll have to wait for vid though. Bring on the gay werewolves LOL!!!

Moviegimp on Feb 17, 2009


It looks bad but damn if it doesn't look hilarious, the comedic timing on the larger fellow is ridiculously flawless. Hopefully it'll hit the US at least on DVD.

Homero on Feb 17, 2009


looks awful and hilarious. have to see it on DVD at the least. with a very large group of people. possibly while drinking beer... hahaaha.

dave13 on Feb 17, 2009


They saved money on having to buy fake teeth by filming it in the UK....

9mm on Feb 17, 2009


looks funny enough ill prob rent it

harrison on Feb 17, 2009


They're not only Lesbian Vampire's but they're also androids from the Weyland-Yutani corporation.

ThatGuy on Feb 18, 2009


Christ #30 that was so funny. Your mom said the same gag to me last night, well tried to but her mouth was full.

Smiffy1 on Feb 18, 2009


lol. 33 mad.

9mm on Feb 18, 2009


mmmmuuuuuuccccchhhhh better than the first

neonblue on Feb 21, 2009


This looks so....american. But there's....british people in it. Please don't start taking after us in film making Britain!!!! Noooo!!!

Maria on Feb 23, 2009


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?

rolf on Feb 23, 2009


Shaun of the Dead

chacha on Feb 26, 2009


give the guys a break!! It's not trying to be something it's not. It's cheesy, simple and fun, no bullshit, just a good laugh, you ppl are way too sceptical and cynical on here! give it a chance! Can't be worse than 'disaster movie' or 'super hero movie' or any of those rubbish zzzz' films

big_toe_super_hoe on Mar 4, 2009


Looks like a cool rental!!

Spider on Mar 12, 2009


give me a break critiquing this movie like people are going for the storyline or anything else. Its a guy flick anyone watching this is in it for the breast and lesbian scenes what kind of poofter goes to a movie like this for graphics or plot. And the fat guy from shaun of the dead was boring at best, act like hes hilliarous or a good actor.

john on Mar 16, 2009


It does look funny and I will definitely be renting it when it comes to the States, but I absolutely got the Frost/Pegg vibe from it. I hope they're more unique than a carbon-copy.

Fed Up With Hollywood on Jun 27, 2009


It does look funny and I will definitely be renting it when it comes to the States, but I absolutely got the Frost/Pegg vibe from it. I hope they're more

??????? ??? ?????? on Jul 11, 2009


unny and I will definitely be renting it when it comes to the States, but I absolutely got the Frost/Pegg vibe from it. I hope they're more on Jul 11, 2009

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