Oh Yes, We Have One More Watchmen Poster For You!

February 2, 2009
Source: MTV

Another Awesome Watchmen Poster

Speaking of posters, we've already seen three new ones today alone, but there's more! MTV has unveiled another extra Watchmen poster today, even though we thought we had already seen every last one. All of these posters are starting to remind of The Dark Knight, where even when we had thought we'd seen the best of the best, more kept coming. Those one is a definite improve over that "final" poster we revealed a few weeks ago and is something I'm going to be actively searching for in order to acquire a few copies of to put up on my walls and potentially give out to loyal readers. Is this your favorite Watchmen poster yet?

Note: This is an IMAX poster reminding you that the movie will be showing in IMAX theaters on the same day and date that it debuts in regular theaters. Yep, Watchmen will be showing on glorious IMAX!

Watchmen Poster

If you haven't already seen it yet, check out the awesome official website:

Watchmen is directed by Zack Snyder (of Dawn of the Dead and 300) and is written by David Hayter (The Scorpion King, X-Men, X-Men 2) and Alex Tse. The film is an adaptation of Alan Moore's highly acclaimed award winning graphic novel of the same name. Watchmen officially arrives in theaters everywhere on March 6th, 2009. Stay tuned for even more Watchmen coverage, photos, and more here on!

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Neat poster, but doesn't hold up to the other ones. By the way, just bought a stake in IMAX stock so EVERYONE SEE IT IN IMAX!!!!!

Ryan on Feb 2, 2009


I think this is the best poster yet.

Dylan on Feb 2, 2009


@1: lol, for sure ill be seeing it in Imax. I personally liked the other poster that was the "final poster" because this new poster seems to busy and claustrophobic. Either way i want all of the watchmen posters, i cant wait for this movie!

Nikhil Hariharan on Feb 2, 2009


I'm just waiting for the day the tickets go on sale!

Movieraider321 on Feb 2, 2009


i'll always like the poster where rorschach is standing in the rain the best, but this comes pretty close. only think i dont like about it is the constant "visionary director" brand on every poster. okay we get it he had this almighty vision, but it ruins every poster if you keep putting those same sixwords on it instead of making it simply just the six watchmen in all their glory

LeeMan on Feb 2, 2009


I like it. I like it a lot. Comes in second to the first teaser with The Comedian being tossed out the window, the universal event that binds the Watchmen universe together. Good, but still places rather than wins.

Vguy.72 on Feb 2, 2009


Zack Snyder's a good director, but insomuch as taking other people's visions and putting them on screen. I don't know if that counts as "visionary." I mean, 300 and what we've seen of Watchmen so far are very close to the graphic novels, so technically...Snyder isn't the one being visionary. Not a knock against the guy, but the line is a bit annoying.

DinoChow on Feb 2, 2009


I'm seeing the midnight showing. Then in IMAX and probably at least one more time in theaters. It'll be sweet!!!

Aravena on Feb 2, 2009


You all realize what this means right? Dr Manhattan will officially have the largest cock ever projected in film history.

Kent on Feb 2, 2009


I'd say the best poster so far has been that one with Rorschach leaning against that bus stop with his grappling hook gun in the rain. I wouldnt mind having that one

Dan W on Feb 2, 2009


I'll have to agree with #10 and i also liked the one were all of them are standing in different places.

Fisherr on Feb 3, 2009


I'll never understand why people get so worked up over posters. They don't sway me one way or the other. Ever. I do understand why you would want a framed copy, but drooling and arguing over them seems pointless to me. And the whole "final poster" thing needs to stop. There was the "final poster," then the "another final poster," and now there's this "one more poster." The movie doesn't come out for another month.

Zso on Feb 3, 2009


I just wanna see the movie already. There has never been so much coverage for a movie on this site than watchmen. Alex is obsessed lol. But that is a good thing. The movie im sure will be great, cant wait. Love the poster

big r on Feb 3, 2009


Dark Knight clearly had the best posters of last year and I think Watchmen is staking claim to that this year. All the posters have been awesome - I'm still partial to the first teaser poster with the Comedian falling out the window. But this one is cool.

Boo-Yah on Feb 3, 2009


The giant Manhattan head looks silly.

avoidz on Feb 3, 2009

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