One Final Watchmen Poster Hits the Web!

January 28, 2009
Source: Yahoo

One Final Watchmen Poster Hits the Web!

No more taglines. It's just plain and simple: Watchmen. It's time to start counting down the days - only 37 more to go until this finally hits theaters, just as Warner Brothers promised us all along. The final poster for Watchmen has just debuted over on Yahoo and can be seen below in all of its glory. I've really enjoyed all of the Watchmen posters so far, they've all been fantastic, and this one just caps them all off. It's not anything new, and that's a bit of a let down because I was hoping to see something more, but it'll still do. Enjoy!

Final Watchmen Poster

If you haven't already seen it yet, check out the awesome official website:

Watchmen is directed by Zack Snyder (of Dawn of the Dead and 300) and is written by David Hayter (The Scorpion King, X-Men, X-Men 2) and Alex Tse. The film is an adaptation of Alan Moore's highly acclaimed award winning graphic novel of the same name. Watchmen officially arrives in theaters everywhere on March 6th, 2009. Stay tuned for even more Watchmen coverage, photos, and more here on!

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Reader Feedback - 26 Comments


First, and as a huge fan of the graphic novel, I am looking forward for this movie, im going to see it in imax on the day it comes out if its possible, i think this is going to be a great movie that will set the bar for future movies to come

Epic on Jan 28, 2009


Hmm. wonder how early one can reserve those imax tickets... I might see it first in regular theaters, just so I don't get too overwhelmed... haha.

dave13 on Jan 28, 2009


The poster's a little disappointing for a final, but still cool. As for the movie... OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD IT LOOKS SO AWESOME! I'm getting my plans together and calling in sick come March 6th.

Andrew on Jan 28, 2009


What a great poster! I love the rain and the glow off the title on the Comedian's hand. I think it would be even better without the "visionary director" line at the top.

michael sean on Jan 28, 2009


Great poster. The characters are everything in this story, and this poster drives it home.

bRINGER on Jan 28, 2009


Everyone should check out the viral site: The New Frontiersman. Its great you can get a countdown clock and a bunch of other cool stuff. I can not wait for this it is going to be epic!

Nate on Jan 28, 2009


Fark Yeh!

Nick Sears on Jan 28, 2009


I LUUUUUVE Malin Akerman's ass!

The Awsome Norwegian Dude With Sunglasses on Jan 28, 2009


i can't fucking wait for this film.

zetsu on Jan 28, 2009


"who watches the feo haters?" and great poster!

feohatestheworld on Jan 28, 2009


The visionary director thing just doesn't belong there. Watchmen can stand on it's own two feet without Snyder's name propping it up! Watchmen is going to be EPIC!

Hyacinth on Jan 28, 2009


So calling out especially since my job starts at 3:30 or I might just sleep after work the day before, get up, watch the midnight showing, and go to work deeply satisfied after watching Watchmen. 😀 Then IMAX later. Then in the theater again with my dad. And Again and again and again!!!!

Aravena on Jan 28, 2009


@ #4... agree with the "visionary director" part

Andy on Jan 28, 2009



thefriedone on Jan 28, 2009


Fuck you #14

notalent on Jan 28, 2009


Poster with just Rorschach walking alone much better,says a lot more.Snyder,a visionary directeor?I dont think so,300 was terrible,but he definetly has talent,just needs right project.I really hope this works.

leo on Jan 29, 2009


Anyone bashing the "visionary" bit- you can piss right off then. I LOVE everything about the movie so far except for Ozymandias. He looks too much like a wiener.

LLJK-Poochie on Jan 29, 2009


But key thing is that Night Owl did not have a cape because of what happened to...Dollar Bill.

Aravena on Jan 29, 2009


Anyone else think that this poster is rubbish? I was expecting better for Watchmen! I mean the Dark Knight posters from last year were classics (All of them). Bring back the smiley face.

neoninja007 on Jan 29, 2009


i dont think ive looked forward to a movie this much since superbad. this is gonna be so unbelievably amazing. it's a shame it wont make as much money as 300, seeing as how it might turn off some naive people who think its a superhero movie. does anybody know the final running time for this, because ill be very disappointed if its under 2.5 hours cause a graphic novel this good deserves to be as long as TDK

LeeMan on Jan 29, 2009


Yeah but it's rating might intrigue some people and realizing it's not just another superhero movie. It's so much more. Here's to the first R hero movie though and it's about time. I can't wait to see how they replicated everything in the book. @ #14, they have no idea. Probably never even read it. Just cause the guy in the movie looks like a tool which in the book he kinda does but a lot buffer. I don't think we've seen enough of him. he could be primed!

Aravena on Jan 29, 2009


i just came in my pants

jono on Jan 29, 2009


Looking emotionally epic.

Fisherr on Jan 29, 2009


ALL of the Dark Knight posters? The batpod one was garbage next to rest of them. Lo and behold, they used that one the most.

IK! on Jan 29, 2009


Looks awsome O_O

Yamika on Jan 30, 2009


The chars look a bit disjointed from the background. But in their defence they were cramming a lot into a small space.

Dating in Toronto on Mar 23, 2009

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