Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game Movie Has Been Scrapped

January 6, 2009
Source: LA Times

Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game

I hate to be the bearer of more bad news (we already announced that Shazam was dead), but it looks like Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game movie has also been scrapped. The one and only time that we mentioned this before was back in April of last year, where we reported that Wolfgang Petersen (of The Perfect Storm, Troy, Poseidon) had left the project. An update on the whole adaptation situation has arrived today courtesy of LA Times. Orson Scott Card himself spoke with the newspaper recently in promotion of his newest novel, a direct sequel to "Ender's Game" titled "Ender in Exile", which first hit bookshelves last November.

Apparently Orson Scott Card is intricately involved in the development process, as any good author should be. In regards to the version that Wolfgang Petersen was attached to direct at Warner Brothers, it was scrapped in November because "Card did not feel comfortable with the movie's direction." He told the LA Times that "he was not interested in a 'tough-hero action film' and refuses to condescend to green-screen Hollywood." In turn, he imagines a "film where the human relationships are absolutely essential -- an honest presentation of the story." I don't think anyone is opposed to that, especially fans of the book.

The problem is that the story is about child geniuses who are bred to be soldiers. It's the "tale of a boy struggling to grow up into someone he can respect while living in an environment stripped of choices." As brilliant as this is to read, it's not exactly the kind of story that would be perfect for the big screen, especially considering most child actors aren't exactly smart enough to fit the character. Card eventually wants "Ender's Game" to be adapted, but only as long as it's done right. Same here, Mr. Card, same here. Is it ironic that my copy of the "Ender's Game" book just arrived tonight? Time to settle in for a good read.

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Damn! Forget Shazam, this is the one I wanted to see. Terrible news. Arrgh.

Devon Shaw on Jan 6, 2009


Actually I think it's ironic that you write about the book without even having read it, while presenting yourself as if you had read it.

Kevin on Jan 6, 2009


Either way, Alex, whether it's your first time reading it through, or your 10th, enjoy. Sorry to hear that we'll have to wait longer for a movie version, but it's promising that Mr. Card is so involved and cares about doing it right.

Jedi on Jan 6, 2009


I am so relieved that Orson S. Card kicked that guy to the curb. Enders game is a classic. I would hate to see it done by directors of such poor vision. Id rather not see Enders game made a movie at all rather then made a summer blockbuster

MacInger on Jan 6, 2009


Maybe if and when they decide to do it, they could do it in parts, in order to really flesh out the characters and plot, so as not to turn it into a cheap action thriller, to basically center on the story itself. I've never read "Ender's Game" (although I've meant to) but I've been reading Card's "Homecoming" series, and if his writing is true to form, there are many intricacies regarding plot and characters that should be handled by filmmakers who are sensitive and perceptive.

Marilyn Decker on Aug 16, 2012


Let me know how the book is Alex...I'd like to give it a read too, but don't want to waste my time if it's not worth it.

peloquin on Jan 6, 2009


its definitely worth; it i loved the book and i cannot wait for the movie.

gee on Jul 6, 2011


Alex. how can you mention Wolfgang Petersen's credits and NOT include the Neverending Story? really? how? shameful. and #4, really, do you even know what you're talking about? Petersen is an amazing director. perhaps not the right one for this film, maybe, i wont judge that, but I feel you are insulting a director with a solid track record simply because you are in love with the book. hmm. i ranted. sorry. it was necessary.

dave13 on Jan 6, 2009


Dave, I have to say I'm with MacInger on this one. Nothing against the director, it's just that you're right...I am in love with the book, and anything they put up on the screen is going to look wrong to me. I'd really prefer to have this one remain up to the imagination.

awordforthat on Jan 6, 2009


It wouldn't have made a great movie. The book is phenomenal, but there's hardly any way to translate it into a movie.

Korm on Jan 6, 2009


Fuck this movie. Read the comic. It's absolute genius.

Fuelbot on Jan 6, 2009


I don't like Orson Scott Card as a person but his writing is pretty damn good. Have fun with Enders (I'm surprised you formed such a radical opinion on the book before reading it, Alex). Dave- When you list a director's credits, you tend to mention their more well known movies. I like that movie as much as the next one but if you have to mention Spielberg films you aren't going to say Empire of the Sun, you'd say Jaws/Schindler's/Raiders/ET/Ryan etc.

BahHumbug on Jan 7, 2009


#9 Fuck the comic. Read the book. #10 So you can mention a b-flick like Poseidon and ommit Neverending Story ? I often wonder why and who are the people that decide what book is not fitting for the big screen. They said the same thing about LoTR and we all know the results. I just think the big problem was that Hollywood sees every single Sci-FI as an excuse to make big CGI blockbusters and Enders Game definatelly does not fit into that category. Also Alex, "considering most child actors aren't exactly smart enough to fit the character". What the hell is that supposed to mean ? There are tons of little smartass-looking child actors out there. Give them the lines and you have your Ender & co. Just look at Haley Joel Osment.

shige on Jan 7, 2009


#11 - Um, I have. And if you want to see the world of Ender realized in a completely stunning way I really recommend the comic. And I agree with Alex. Most child actors are not equipped enough to play characters this intelligent, but I know there's someone out there who can. Maybe Pixar can hire out their casting director. Also, where is Haley Joel Osment now? Getting arrested for marijuana possession. Hm.

Fuelbot on Jan 7, 2009


It's disappointing how many excellent Sci-Fi books aren't being - can't be? - made. Rendezvous with Rama is another example of books that are being dropped by studios for one reason or another. Ender's Game is one of THE classic SF books ... hell, series ... of all time. If done properly, as per Mr. Card's vision, this could be a truly compelling and entertaining movie. There are children actors out there that will have the chops necessary to bring Ender and his jeesh to life. Shige is correct in providing Haley Joel Osment as an example. Hell, take Dakota Fanning as an excellent example, as well. They're out there!! That's what Casting Directors are around for. It's time we get away from ruining SF books by being made into horrible movies - Battlefield Earth, for example! - and do things right. If it means stepping back and waiting a few years to get the right team together, to ensure the adaptation is cohesive, or to wait for cinematic technology to catch up, then so be it.

Hilander on Jan 7, 2009


#13 Battlefield Earth? Seriously? You think it was the _movie_ that ruined the book? Anyway... the problem, as #11 quite aptly put it, is that the studios are looking for blockbusters. Ender's Game could very well be made with few special effects other than the Combat Room, and these days I don't think you need expensive CGI to make it look real.

Luis M on Jan 7, 2009


From what I heard, they were trying to fit both Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow into one movie. While both books deal with the same events from different perspectives, I think that trying to do them both at once would have been difficult. The main characters of the two, Ender and Bean, have very different backstories, and while Ender's isn't all that complex, telling about Bean's life on the streets (of Brussels? I can't remember the city, it's been a while since I've read the books so I'm hazy on the details) is absolutely essential to understanding his character if he's going to take a leading role. They're both fantastic books, but I think trying to roll them into one is what killed the project. Personally, I think they should be two separate movies shot at once, and could even use a lot of the same Battle School footage, just edited differently based on who's supposed to be the main character. The problem with finding child actors is that the characters are so YOUNG. Are you really going to show one seven year old (or thereabouts) beating another to death? That's what's going to be the tough sell, not brainy dialogue.

Lady Aerin on Jan 8, 2009


#14 Yes, Battlefield Earth is a fabulous book. No doubt about it ... and Travolta shouldn't have gotten his crappy acting chops around it. #15 Bean grew up on the streets in Rotterdam. Achilles was originally from Belgium. And, I agree it would be a very difficult task bring the required background of Bean into an Ender's Game movie. But, then again, Ender's Game didn't go into Bean's background ... Bean was who he was in the book.

Hilander on Jan 9, 2009


I'm almost afraid if they make a movie out of this book. I can't count the number of times a fabulous sci-fi book was hosed up by hollywood. (Starship Troopers anyone?) I read this book for the first time in the fifth grade, and I still read it about once a year. (I'm 29 now) Every time I read it, I always notice something different, or pick up a different character nuance. Orson Scott Card is a master! As much as I have enjoyed the sequals and other books written by him, this one IMHO is truly his masterwork. If you haven't read it, WHY NOT? It'll set you back 7 dollars and a few hours of your time. I promise you won't regret it.

micah on Jan 10, 2009


I'm sad that you all think kids are too stupid to get Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow. I'm 9 and I love them and also have read the whole Piers Anthony Xanath Series. Hollywood treats kids like breathing sets. All of you are calling us stupid. So I guess you are right it wouldn't work. Good thing there are "Dude Where's my Car" type movies for all you really smart teens and adults to act in. If you love Ender then you should realize there are kids that could make this movie if Card found us first keeping the studio's out of it. I kinda thought a wind tunnel would be cool for Battle Room but you have movement and use your body to fly but in Battle Room you don't get to do that.

Hunter Ryan on Jan 11, 2009


That's a very good idea; Card, as the author, therefore the heart and soul of the book, should be the one choosing the actors, both juvenile and adult. He should also follow J.K. Rowling's lead and closely supervise the movie. It's his book; he should call all the shots.

Marilyn Decker on Aug 16, 2012


Given the difficulties with finding qualified 8 to 14 year-olds, I think this lends itself to being a high-quality animated film (Pixar?). And, with the central focus being battle school with many different perspectives in 3D space, it could be the first good 3D film that actually has a purpose for 3D. All that said, it simply wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't the best quality animated film ever made. Also, the books (add Ender's Shadow) use the characters' inner voices to give the audience a perspective on their motivations and levels of intelligence. This isn't impossible to overcome, but certainly more difficult without live actors (good actors). I might have to make it myself.

Jacob on Jan 12, 2009


I find it funny a lot of people out there that love the story of kid as a commander but can't accept that someone can could simply act the part in RL. I wasn't that dumb when I was little. Give the little ones some respect. They are going to be paying for your social security (or whats left of it) when you are older.

Matthew - Charlotte, NC on Jan 13, 2009


If Twilight can be made into a good movie so could Ender's Game. They both have the same problem in narrative vs movie content. But they still made it into a good movie. As far as kid actors there are plenty that could have done this. The movie would have done fine.

B on Jan 22, 2009


It has not been scrapped. If you e-mail OSC you will get a reply that tells you that they are going with another studio. In fact here is a copy of what was replyed to me form Thank you for your letter. What you probably read in the paper was simply a misunderstanding by the interviewer. The Warner deal is over with, but we're working with Odd Lot now and OSC is polishing the screenplay. So it's not dead -- in fact, it's very much alive -- just with different people and a new agreement. Thanks again for writing. Sincerely, Kathleen Bellamy Assistant to OSC So it looks like it was time to check facts before putting that headline up.

BD on Jan 28, 2009


Please never put Twilight and Ender's Game in the same sentence again. They are vastly different. One is a cheesy romance, the other is about killing a race of aliens by mistake, because one was following the direction of childhood brainwashing.

Philip on Feb 3, 2009


twilight the movie was terrible in comparison with the book. they completely revamped the main character. enter's game also has a lot more to lose by being made into a worse movie than almost any other book written by someone still alive. it is a sci-fi and those put into movies ended up being terrible in comparison to the originals. unless i am mistaken the only good books made into good or better movies recently are lord of the rings and Niel gaimen things (and possible watchman, but i havent seen it yet) even v is for vendetta lost a lot when they made into a movie. as a movie it was passable, as a graphic novel it was almost without peer

eric on Feb 6, 2009


Just to clear up a misconception brought up earlier, Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow storylines are not being combined in this screenplay. Card talks about trying to find people to make this movie in some length at the end of his audio book version of Ender's Game. Card wrote the initial screenplay and had to scrap his own screenplay a couple of times until he came to realize that he needed to use Ender's Shadow as a "perspective" for the Ender's Game screenplay. Not the story, just the perspective of Bean. It was the only way that he could show what was going on in Ender's head without having voice overs of Ender's thoughts. Card is adamant that this movie be done right or not at all and I'm glad he's so insistent. I still hope that it can be done. If done right, it can be a super movie and be a blockbuster as well.

Jeff Carter on Feb 7, 2009


Card, because of his insane political views and inability to shut up about them for any reasonable period of time and behave like a professional, is detested in Hollywood. A lot of people do not want to work with him, under any circumstances, which is one of the reasons Warner Brothers pulled out of the movie. Card has issues with Teh Gay, and thinks they all ought to be locked up before they destroy our society. No exageration, he's expressed that view publicly in more than one of his opinion peices. That really shouldn't matter, I mean the film industry is full of nuts (Tom Cruise and the Evil Psychiatrist Conspiracy for example) , but I know for a fact that he was unable to keep his trap shut about it during the Prop 8 madness and personally offended a heavy hitting Exec with a lesbian daughter. As far as it being "a good thing" that he's involved in the screenplay, please get your hands on a copy of "A Star Wars Christmas". You'll then understand why Card has only one screenwriting credit, other than stuff he's done for his church. Now, I don't mean to say the guy wasn't capable of writing great novels in the past, he was, but being a good novelist doesn't mean you can be a good screenwriter. Stephen King had his moments as a novelist, but did you see Maximum Overdrive? The films of his novels got good once he stepped back and just approved good screenplays someone else wrote - Shawshank, Green Mile, are prime examples.

Marc Abian on Feb 8, 2009


Good im glad an author had the balls to say no, keeping hollywood from destroying the one of the most intricate and interesting tales of the depth of the human condition.

Jay Impressed on Feb 16, 2009


I love the Ender series even though i read enders shadow first so i kinda like bean more than ender...... but they are all good books, love the intricacy, the depth and the structural grittiness of what it would be like in their position. The movie could be great or it could suck im hoping for great and seeing how good the comics are i think the movie has a fairly good chance of not ruining the awesomeness of the novels.

Warren on Feb 19, 2009


about peterson and the neverending story, even though i loved the movie... "The novel's author, Michael Ende, felt that this adaptation's content deviated so far from his book that he requested they either halt production or change the name; when they did neither, he sued them and subsequently lost the case" so yeah, i would prefer that peterson not be on the job for this. good call OSC

Neal on Feb 22, 2009


Most of these sci-fi properties are best done as straight up CGI. I for one would go nuts if Pixar's Brad Bird did a CGI "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress".

P on Feb 22, 2009


For all of you guys out there that claim that there are good child actors out there - there are, no question about it. But the entire premise of Battle School was that these kids were either chosen for their exceptionable mental ability, or were BRED for it. Where the hell are you going to find a child actor these days that can act like his IQ is somewhere about 200? Maybe someone, but I highly doubt it.

Andy on Feb 24, 2009


"Please never put Twilight and Ender's Game in the same sentence again. They are vastly different. One is a cheesy romance, the other is about killing a race of aliens by mistake, because one was following the direction of childhood brainwashing." Here is why I will bring it up again. Both books take place from the main character point of view. Or with Ender's game mostly from his point of view. So in both books you get more of what they are thinking then action and description. And if as seen by your comment above hate both books so bad why do you care anyway? Oh and just for you: Twilight and Ender's Game Twilight and Ender's Game Twilight and Ender's Game. Is that enough times in one sentence for you?

B on Feb 26, 2009


"the only good books made into good or better movies recently are lord of the rings" Even though Lord of the Rings was a good movie, it was a bad adaptation. The biggest reason I can think of is that Aragon didn't do what he did to save the love of his life he did it to save everyone. In the book anyway. Its stuff like that, that made LOTR not as good as it could have been. Ender's game will have its problems. But all movie book adaptation do. And thanks BD for the info on the movie not really being scrapped. And your right just like the media, not to check there facts.

Jim on Feb 26, 2009


While a live action film would be awesome. i think the fact that child actors will relied on so heavy is going to be a big Hurdle to over come. i love this series I've read them all and listen to them on audio book. my idea is simple Animate it and make it a series. I know i know Animation but the Japaneses have proven that animation can be tasteful and brilliant. more then it is to see it on the big screen i want to see cards Vision of the movie. i mean as a fan i know what happens and i know that no mater what happens all i'm going to do is say either, no it was crap or they did a good job ... read the book though. i don't know. the movie could be awesome but because of my love for Ender's Game i don't want to see something half ass come out. thank goodness that card would die before he let that happen. i guess time will tell. lets see what happens

Fatespinner on Mar 2, 2009


i aggree with the above post, actually i think ender's game would make an awesome anime serie 😉

hopper on Mar 5, 2009


Good news everyone. OSC has stated that the final screen play for the Ender's Game Movie is done and has been given to Odd Lot Entertainment for hopeful production...this might happen after all!!! Read for yourselves at

Melanie on Mar 12, 2009


All I know is, it can be done, and of all things ever, it deserves doing right. No pulling punches. Star Wars had historical archetype this, metaphorical that. Ender... we just need the right kid. Everyone in a potential audience has lived through childhood or is still living it, no further archetype necessary. Self It doesn't cut any closer to the bone than that. The hard part for me is imagining how to do it filling enough time and not being cheesy. On the screen the story could progress incredibly fast and loose a lot and be over in 20 minutes. And good grief I hope they don't overdo the video game thing Ender plays... That should be a delicate touch and not some far out fantasy screen adventure, enough to understand the significance, no more !!! Less is more !!! omg I hope they are good artists...

Allen on Mar 13, 2009


I'm glad to see so many people have an opinion on the outcome of Ender's game being made or not made into a movie. The common thread among us seems to be we can all agree the book is great. From experience i know children also love this book and can relate to the psychological aspects of it more than any of us might know. In a world where Harry Potter movies have taken off showing the mass amounts of young quality actors out there, i would think this movie could be made, and made well at that. While the Potter series is what i would consider watered down compared to the Ender's Game book, there are stiking similarities. A young boy who does what no one else can? A school for the gifted? A game adored by those students that happens in mid-air? An enemy named as the worst kind of evil? Can we all agree? Ender's game simply takes this formula (or i should say that the Potter's stories took Card's formula) and puts them into deeper emotions, amplify the human condition. If more movies could be made to show how great and terrible we can be as a people, then i think that would benefit us all.

Speaker for the Dead on Mar 14, 2009


I'm sorry if i missed it but has cgi been consiederd for compensation for the lack of ability of a live child actor?

Derek on Mar 15, 2009


Personally, I feel that we have seen many briliant child actors out there. I am certain that OSC will be able to find one to fill the shoes of Ender Wiggins! I think that he should also concider making it an animation, especially with seanes like the battle room and the actual time travel issues. These days with films like Cars and other animations, it is possible to make the characters and background look almost realistic! Something to think about...this way it doesn't matter how old the actors are...The old Milli Vanilli trick! Can't wait to see what comes out of this! I wish he would also consider ontinuing on the Shadow (Bean) Saga. There is still much more that can be told there. A devoted fan!

Melanie on Mar 15, 2009


Why is everyone so high and mighty on preserving the exactness of the story. Film is a different medium. We know some books simply do not translate well, so modifications are needed. I totally agree that Card should do what he wants with his story -- and not wanting his story massacred by Hollywood. It's hard to understand without knowing what things were proposed. BUT as a big fan of the book and avid movie goer, i'm very disappointed this movie isn't being made. I think the problem is poor negotiations. Probably some egos got in the way as well. There is so much that can come out of fruitful collaboration. Both Card and Peterson are amazingly talented individuals, and I know they could have worked something out. Perhaps it was an ego thing.. Perhaps it wasn't a conflict between them, but the executive producers that was pushing the different direction. We'll never know. We can only assume from what Card states, that the movie was going in the direction of a typical CG wet dream in the likes of that terrible I Robot film (what a joke). I'm sure Card would not want his movie to end up the same way. I have high hopes that a movie can be made with the right modifications for film. Maybe many of you might think I'm nuts, but I think David Lynch would make a great director. Think about it---there are some very surreal scenes in the movie as well as a high concentration on character development--both are his best strengths. He's not an action movie genre director, so there wouldn't be any conflict there with misdirection of the story. David is capable of keeping true to a story as he is in creating his own. At first I thought Michel Gondry might be suitable for a movie full of dream sequences, but really he's not capable of doing anything else! Anyway, I digress.

Scott on Mar 19, 2009


wooooot woooooot wooot wooot and to the guy who put enders game. and. twilight. in. the. same. sentence.... BLLLAAHHHGRRRRRRRAAAAAGGGGG lol.... woot.

woot woot on Mar 26, 2009


#41 please read #22! The movie IS going to happen. OSC has fininshed the Sreenplay and another producer is working on it.

Melanie on Mar 27, 2009


I'm glad that this movie is still going forward. It will be good. And to the person that put Twilight and Ender's Game in the same sentence... At least I know how to read things and put them in to context unlike some of posters here. I get the point. Both take place mostly in the mind, and if it can be filmed so can this.

YES! on Mar 30, 2009


Just hoping the movie will be made. Turn adult rated violent graphic scenes into animations and hit me with the real story !

JoepieNL on Apr 3, 2009


I'd rather there was no movie at all than having another novel butchered by Hollywood.

Nick on Apr 7, 2009


-The only book ever read by myself, no wonder people prefer the actual book to screenplay interpretations! I have just finished this novel for the third time since it was introduced to me as a high school homework assignment about three years ago. This book is timeless people. I am sooo glad the progress is continuing with production of the movie, yet at the same time I agree with 46. I have so many high hopes for this movie that I feel there is no way that it can give me the same feeling I recieved from the novel without making it exactly with the novel. Sure some parts can be left out but wow, I never ever ever ever read because it feels like such a tedious task. With this book though, I could not put it down. Wishing all the best to the production of this enchanting book, HUGE FAN #47

Gabriel on Apr 13, 2009


Haley Joel Osment would have been perfect for this role ten years ago.

CK in Dallas on Apr 16, 2009


thanks for updating the thread on the movie update... I'm totally stoked...

Scott on Apr 25, 2009


If the movie would end up being like twilight, then I agree, it should NOT be made. Twilight was a terrible movie. I've read the books, and they were OK. Just ok. The movie, however was one of the worst movies I've seen in a long, long time. If you want a real review of Twilight, what it seems every other place simply won't say because they feel it's the next Holy Grail in movie series... Feel free to read it here: I think that maybe the ender's movies should be done, but as either an animated adventure (all CGI, maybe ala the clone wars but better) OR perhaps as a TV series allowing the actual characters to develop. This way, you would see the course of the years at battle school actually take years. This may be difficult, however due to the characters ages. If, however, the start of the series was managed from the adult point of view (with the very young actors) and then slowly began to move to the children points of views as the seasons progressed. Picture Battlestar Galacta-ish. This way, it could be set for 5 seasons (or whatever) and span the timeline nicely.

Kevin on Apr 27, 2009


Ender's Game was a great book, I have read it many times in the last 20+ years and have given it as a gift to many people including my 2 kids and in another few years, I will give copies to my grandkids. Pathwatch is another great story by Orson Scot Card. I think it is about time to get the movie made, either animated or live. It will be either good or bad depending on who is seeing it; but getting the movie out there is better the not doing it at all. Plus if it can be done better in 5 or 10 years, it could be redone.

Joe on May 5, 2009


Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Im a massive fan of both the Enders Game and Shadow series and there is nothing I would like more than to see the film on the big screen! However, like with any adaptation there is always the danger that a story millions of readers fell in love with can be ruined when butchered by the near sighted inhabitants of hollywood. How refreshing to find an Author with principles and the respect his work deserves. Im a massive fan of O.S. Card and couldn't be gladder he didn't sell out his vision on something he wasn't fully comfortable with. I had faith from what he writes in his notes that he would always do what was right by the book and he duly delivered! Brilliant.

Stuart Stevens on May 5, 2009


i too am an avid fan of the series. I guess that is almost a must to be posting here 🙂 I think that Ender's Game has so much to say that it would be a shame not to make this into a movie. We know that not everyone reads, so why not get this story and the lessons in it into another medium. Personally I think that Card is being a little too critical with the script writes, what is this, the 4th, 5th, total re-write of the script? I think the deal feel through because he was delaying it too much. I agree that this needs to remain very true to its characters etc, but why can't it also be a blockbuster? it lends itself to that very nicely and would attract more people to it. To get this moving ahead I think OSC needs to stick with the script he has now, his own website he is very happy with it. Have some serious negotiations with Odd Lot Entertainment and accept that he may need to make some compromises. I would love to see this avoid the animated route, as I have yet to see animation up to the level required for this movie. Yes Pixar is great, but the style is wrong for Ender's Game, IMO.

sixfoot10 on May 7, 2009


Okay, I know alot of people object to an animated version of the film, but as a huge fan of Anime I know that it is possible for adult themes to be translated with grace and style into animated movies. IF you don't believe me you need to watch these movies; Jin-Roh, Ghost in the Shell, Akira. I think that if Card wants this to get the trement it deserves he should get a japenese anime version of it. I think the end result would be phenomonal.

Benjamin on May 8, 2009


Whoever did the movie AI should do Ender's Game. It has the dame depth of emotion and character and lends strongly to the study and complexity of the human condition - which is the main focus of Ender's Game. I sincerely hope this movie comes into the making in the way that Card has envisioned it. It will be a powerful and amazing film.

Cats on May 9, 2009


The problem with going with Pixar is that I have never seen them do a movie adaptation of a novel, and I can't really see them doing Ender's Game and not turning it into a basic and extremely watered down Disney version. While OddLott does great films that could very well capture all of the grittiness of Ender's Game without losing the story's basic humanity. If I am not mistaken this is the company that produced 300, and Sin City both of which were adapted from graphic novels. So they have already seen some experience in doing quality adaptations. As far as finding child actors that are capable of convincing portrayals of the Battle School brats I see two main problems. One is the fact that the story spans at least ten years, with the main plot taking place within about a four year span, children can change drastically between the ages of six and eleven which is where the main plot is centered. With that said I can see ways to work around the age thing, and will probably just ignore the time line from the novel. The other problem with casting would be Bean, he was five when he went to Battle School and looked to be about two or three years old. I can definitely see Bean's character being difficult to cast convincingly.

ticonderouga on May 10, 2009


I agree that it should be a real film rather than animation, but I really don't see where there is going to be such a big problem finding the cast. There are many babyfaced kids out there that I am sure are very capable of handeling these rolls. Besides, has anyone noticed how mature the kids of today are! Remember Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) from Full House, they were smart kids. Also McKaully Cullkin from Home Alone, and the kids from Seventh Heaven! Don't tell me it can't be done! Anything is possible. Like Card said, the right child for the part has already been born, we just have to find him.

Melanie on May 12, 2009


Both series were absolutely brilliant. I share the same concerns as many, casting child actors to fill a battle school of child prodigies. There have been some good examples, Haley and Dakota, but neither played a role as complex or intelligent as the children in battle school let alone Ender or Bean. Just to emphasize, Peter and Valentine were smart enough to comprehend and shape political tides throughout the world. Even the interactions between the students shows really no sign of there actually age and feels more like highly educated grad-student interactions. That being said, I also have absolute trust in OSC. He has already shown compromising the essence of the story is utterly unacceptable and he is more than willing to pull the plug.BRAVO. So my concerns are kept in checked by Card's fierce determination to get it right.....Can't wait. As to putting Ender and twilight in the same world....i threw up a little in my mouth.......

Chris on May 13, 2009


One has to also realize that in the day and are make-up does wonders fro making people look younger or older. As far as there inteligents go, well that is just a matter of being able to read the script properly. Look at a Dawson's Creek! Now there was a group of kids that talked too much and had an extreamly wide vocabulary! They too were playing rolls younger than they actually were. I feel that this will be a great movie, but it will take some time to make sure that it is all to the caliber of the books. For now I can't wait to see if OSC will bring out anymore books. I think there is a lot more to be said about Bean!

Melanie on May 15, 2009


Better to cancel a crappy movie than to turn such a brilliant book as Ender's Game into a catastrophe.

firepants on May 19, 2009


It would probably be better as a low-budget movie anyway. They could concentrate on artistic integrity instead of going for mass appeal. It would probably be something the BBC could do well.

Richard Thomas on May 20, 2009


everyone book i've enjoyed that turned into a movie has let me down.

light on May 27, 2009


besides the lord of the rings series, can't wait for the Hobbit

light on May 27, 2009


I really wanted to see this, the book was awesome and it would be an awesome movie.

Landon on Jun 3, 2009


This would be an interesting movie to see. Just finished Xenocide about 10 minutes ago, that was pretty good. I'm glad that Card didn't want to release a crappy film of a great book. On a side note, has anyone ever heard of Zero Punctuation? I just realized how weird it is that whenever I think of pequeninos, I think of the little imps that Yahtzee uses in his videos...

Glass on Jun 5, 2009


I was looking forward to a movie, but i really don't know how it would be able to compare tothe book. I absolutly love the book and read it all the time. When the movie is made, I will watch and purchase it as soon as I can but like I said, I don't think us Ender's Game fans will be completly satisfied with the way it will turn out.

Dynasty on Jun 11, 2009


Cheers Card! Don't let the bastards ruin your masterpiece!

Jett19 on Jun 11, 2009


Check around the interwebs some time. The movie is still a go, he's still drafting the script and looking for a company to finance him, while looking at a means of independently financing the movie. its all good.

No Worries on Jun 12, 2009


A lot of people have talked about it, with arguments on both sides, but I feel that the biggest roadblock for this movies would be casting. I know, I know, people have said there are a lot of talented, intelligent child actors, and there might be some who would be up to the task. But this is a school full of genius kids. Would there be enough kids who could pull it off? And another thing, the book spans five years, Ender starting as a six year old, and ending it as an eleven year old. So, there is probably the technology to be able to pull off all the special effects needed for the story, but then you need to find a kid who can look like a six year old, but manage to grow, physically and characterwise throughout the film. This doesn't just go for Ender, because the rest of the kids in Battle School are under 14. So, if we pray for a miracle, and you find the right director, producers, and all that jazz, but also the right actors, which is gonna be a thoughie, I believe it could be a great movie. Call me a cynic, but there ya go.

Fly Girl on Jun 16, 2009


I am still looking forward to the movie, and was dismayed to no longer find it listed on Given the casting challenges, what would be wrong with doing the movie as a CGI animation? Given the technical capabilities that have been developed for characters like Gollum, it should be possible to produce child characters with the depth and breadth of emotion and expression required by the book. Perhaps Peter Jackson should be approached to direct?

Clayton on Jun 16, 2009


Who can say what the movie will be, until its made. I thing that there are several reasons this would be hard, and many points in which to discuss. #1: (Movie VS Book)- I think many would agree that movie adaptation do not compare to original books. But movies are something in itself. If you go in expecting the deep thought and complex emotions of enders game, you will be dissapointed no matter how well they do it. If your going to see a movie, expect a movie. #2: (Actor Capabilities) These kids are YOUNG. But acting is not what is said, thats the scripts job. Acting is how well what is said, is presented through the actor, and thoughts and feelings are expressed through body language and inflections. Find an actor that can act, and the script will take care of itself. #3: (CGI Capabilities)- The advantages of CGI are vast and would illiminate many problems such as time passing and character growth and appearance change. But it does lack believeability and Realism in alot of aspects. CGI needs to have the right artist behing the controls, just as live action needs the right actor on the screen. #4: (CGI VS Live Action) Many will agree that a live action movie is almost always the desired choice. But surely those same people can agree that CGI has improved to exceptable standards and abilities. Find the right actors, and live action will dominate this movie. But many can see that child acting does, sometimes, have its limits (Harry Potter 1). The acting was fine, but the kid who is not a kid, is a difficult concept for even the most talented child actor to pull off. CGI can compensate where actors cannot, inoccence is harder to cover up in real life more that CGI. Like I said earlier, find the right actors and it should be done, but running the risk of butchering it is so high, maybe CGI should be written out of the possibilities. One thing i know for sure, a movie is a movie and a book is a book. If you don't like a book. Can you blame the author for not making it like a movie? In the same way we cannot expect to go to a movie and get a book. You simply cannot portray all the subleties in a movie that you can in a book, and you cannot portray all the action and giant explosion adrenaline feelings in a book as much as you can in a movie. Judge a movie by itself, and rate the adaption seperately. Just cause a movie did not hold fast to the book does not mean it was a bad movie, just a bad adaptation.... and that is my two cents 🙂 (P.s. please excuse my lack or paragraphes and proper grammar, i typed this on my phone on the mobile web and it doesnt let me do alot) ............................ ............................ ............................ ............................ ............................ ............................

JUSTIN on Jun 17, 2009


Ender's game the book rocks, and i appreciate orson only wanting to make it if it's done right. I've read the book about 8 times, and have recommended it to many of my friends. I was really looking forward to seeing the movie, hopefully we might see something in the future. To those who read the comic and have not read the book, read that book, it is the best sci-fi novel i have ever read.

Chaz on Jun 23, 2009


Just do it as an older Peter in flashback.

Adam on Jun 28, 2009


What the fuck that would have made a good movie I been waiting for them to make a movie of Enders game for years way r they not going to make it

James on Jul 2, 2009


Ok,So I LOVE this book,and it will be an absolute shame if it isnt made into some form of visual entertainment before I die.So,If real life action and CGI dont cut it for you,Mr.Orson Scott Card,then how about anime or some type of animation? Obviously,we're not going to find alot of 5 to 6 year olds who can play the parts of these grown up children.But I know you can find quite a few,if not alot,who can speak with the exact venacular of the BattleSchool kids.I would be so dissappointed if I never got to see an Ender movie or something.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MR. CARD,THE FANS OF THIS BOOK DEMAND IT!!!!!!!!

Nick on Jul 4, 2009


Please make this movie it is such a great book that i think it has chance to be one of the very few sci-fi movies to win an award ... perhaps even an Oscar PLEASE RECONSIDER!!

Steve on Jul 9, 2009


THANK GOD!!!the movie has been scraped.i don't want to see another magnificent scifi book turned into a pile of if only we could get some divine intervention to stop the hyperion movie

dave on Jul 11, 2009


What part of, the making of this movie is still in the works don't you people understand!!!! Follow the conversation....damn!!!

melanie on Jul 13, 2009


I agree with this. I doubt a movie could do the book justice. Some stories are best left in books.

nintendo on Jul 17, 2009


I'm suprised no one has mentioned the CGI used for the Final Fantasy movie...I think that would probably work well for an Ender movie. Also, for all of you lambasting Card, he has the right to free speech, just as any of you do. I have met the man (Southern Festival of Books back in the mid 90's) and I found him to be very kind and quite well-spoken.

Drew on Jul 18, 2009


Really? I'd figure his fellow Scientology nutballs in Hollywood would be fallen over themselves trying to produce it.

Baloo on Aug 11, 2009


exactly what #2 said. exactly.

malus on Aug 12, 2009


noooooo im an 11 year old boy i read it today and it rocked and now im sad

bob on Aug 15, 2009


e might see something in the future. To those who read the comic and have not read the book, read that book, it is the best sci-fi novel i have ever read.

Tiktech on Aug 27, 2009


A young boy who does what no one else can? A school for the gifted? A game adored by those students that happens in mid-air? An enemy named as the worst kind of evil? Can we all agree? Ender's game simply takes this formula (or i should say that the Potter's stories took Card's formula) and puts them into deeper emotions, amplify the human condition. If more movies could be made to show how great and terrible we can be as a people, then i think that would benefit us all. tiktech

Tiktech on Aug 27, 2009


As long as they don't replace all the characters with fifteen-year-olds for the sake of better acting, I'm fine with it. It's destined to be a crappy movie (whether animated or not), and it's also destined to make money, so why even bother arguing? Don't have high expectations on it, and try your best to enjoy it if it comes out. It's better for everyone. And from someone who's actually seen quite a number Japanese animations, I can tell you that it's nothing like cartoons. Anime's primary audience is teenagers and twenty-somethings, not children. Ender's Game too -- even though it's written about child characters and some children read it, it's more adult fiction, or at least young adult, and definately not something intended for the little ones. For that person who compared Ender's Game with Twilight (yes, I said them in the same sentence), Twilight has none of the emotional depth (there are emotions, alright, but none of the things most of us can easily relate to) explored by Ender's Game, so essentially it's much easier to be made into a movie, especially with the fanservice ready for use.

Burr on Aug 27, 2009


THANK GOD! This would never be as good on screen as it is in your own mind!!! I own 3 copies of this book (the older 2 being so worn out, I can't read them anymore but can't bring myself to throw out...) and have to say it is easily one of the best books I have ever read. I also have all of the books in the series.

Caitlin on Sep 1, 2009


I agree with this, I doubt a movie could do the book justice. Some stories are best left in books.

clothing and fashion on Sep 3, 2009


Dang! Well, atleast it isn't scrapped. It's more of a long term delay. Let's just keep praying.

Ender on Sep 6, 2009


First off, I'm going to deal with the issue of whether or not the movie should even BE made. When I first heard about the possibility of a movie, i thought what many others also had: that it shouldn't be. Such depth of story couldn't possibly be portrayed in a movie. As i thought more on it, I realized that i would love to see the movie made. after all there were only two scenarios that could happen when i watched it: 1. I hate the movie: 2. I love the movie. I am a huge fan of ender's game (so much so that I have to restrain myself from reading it all the time so that it stays fresh.) I realized that the movie, whether bad or good, couldn't change that. On the off chance however that it MIGHT enhance my Enderverse experience, verses that i have nothing to lose if it doesn't, I have reached the conclusion that it would be better to see it made. The second issue I am going to speak on is the animation possibility. Yeah, it could be a great anime or CGI, but it would be better as the real thing. The reason I believe this is that no matter how good the artist or computer is, nothing man-made can compare to real life. We want this story to be the very best that it could be, bar none. One of the benefits that animation could possibly bring is handling the casting and their growth, BUT it wouldn't handle the casting because there is still the voices to consider; as much emotion is portrayed through tone as the face. We need child voices to make it believable, which means they still need to act. It is hard to find excellent child actors. i'm not saying that there are no talented kids out there, but they are going to be playing roles as hard as any adult role. Acting takes talent, and it's not so much that they need a large vocabulary (words are easy enough to memorize), but they have to play their parts and show the emotion that is the base for the story. It wouldn't be so bad if they had to find one or two great child actors, but this requires many. The adult characters can't be overlooked either. We need talent to play the roles of Graff, Dap or Dimak, and Mazer. Also posed was the question on whether it would be better off as a series or a movie. The story should take priority and not be botched, if you can get all that in a movie great! But if for the story to be properly told takes a series then so be it. We want it to be Excellent. Ender's Game is my favorite book (besides the Bible of course!) and I would hate to see a butchery made of it. The fact that Card has stood up for making it the right way gives me hope about the movie. i really really REALLY hope it comes out.

christofyre on Sep 14, 2009


There certainly are challenges to making this movie aren't there? The book is simply an incredible read. I'm not sure a movie can give us the same feelings that we had when we read the inner thoughts of Ender on all of those pages. That said... I hope they rise to the challenge and succeed! I look forward to the day this movie comes out and I feel quite comfortable knowing it's in the author's hands.

theinvid on Oct 2, 2009


#11: The movie adaptation of LOTR SUCKED. Peter Jackson completely destroyed the story in his effort to add more CGI and screen-time for Liz Tyler. Half the stuff in the movie simply DOESN'T EXIST in ANY of the books, and a good 50% of what's in the books was completely left out. THAT'S why people are happy that Card is making sure his STORY isn't lost in these douche bag directors' attempts to turn it into another PLOTLESS, EMPTY "blockbuster" full of bad acting and even worse CGI, a la Transformers or the Star Wars prequels. I'd rather see it flop like the movie version of Heinlein's Starship Troopers than see another classic novel made into a CRAPPY movie like LOTR!

bookworm on Oct 11, 2009


Bookworm... have you ever read LOTR? i find it hard to believe from your comments. i have read them more than once - i am a LOTR fanatic. what i truly respected about Peter Jackson was the fact that he said he would try to portray Tolkien's meanings for the books, instead of his own. this shows a level of respect for the author that so many directors simply don't have. look around at the other movie adaptions of books, and you'll see the superiority of these movies. i personally prefer the books (of course) but i respect the fact the Peter Jackson honored Tolkien. he is leagues above the other movie-makers. and have you ever watched the special features? you'd be amazed at the care they took to present accuracy and quality in these moves.

DarthVader on May 14, 2011


First of all, Sir Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee, who are LOTR afficianados and experts, extolled the efforts of Peter Jackson in bringing the Tolkien books to the big screen (which is no small feat in itself). Secondly, I have read all three books, and Jackson, as well as the screenwriters, seem to have expounded upon the books (which, in some places, could drag into a dry narrative). I feel that they breathed a life and essence into the story that I just didn't find in the books. Jackson did stay true to the ideology and soul of Tolkien's tale. Granted, some parts were left out and some scenes were changed slightly (if memory serves me correctly, the Elves weren't at Helm's Deep in the book), but some of the changes were made to keep the movie from dragging, as it may have had everything been included. Besides, this was not a mini-series; Jackson would have had to make all of his movies two-parters in order to fit everything in. Add to all this the superlative acting by a superior cast and some really impressive photography and film direction (which really brought the heart and soul of Middle-Earth to us) and I feel that Jackson & Co. went above and beyond what was expected of a director, cast and crew. Lastly, seventeen Academy Awards don't lie. They actually set a record.

Marilyn Decker on Aug 16, 2012


There certainly are challenges to making this movie aren't there? The book is simply an incredible read. I'm not sure a movie can give us the same feelings that we had when we read the inner thoughts of Ender on all of those pages. That said… I hope they rise to the challenge and succeed! I look forward to the day this movie comes out and I feel quite comfortable knowing it's in the author's hands.

sfbsfbfb on Oct 22, 2009


I still think that ender's game should be turned into a tv series, preferably directed by joss whedon.

j on Nov 1, 2009


Don't get upset with Card for standing on his religious beliefs. They are what he believes in. If he didn't practice what he believes then he is an unbeliever/hypocrite. I admire him for standing strong on his belief and trusting God regardless of what others opinions might be.

Sheila on Nov 3, 2009


I have always wanted this book to be made a movie but at the same times thought it would be a very hard one to make. Child actors tend to be poor actors and with the majority of the cast of this movie being children it would be hard to make the movie any good. The only thing that saved the Harry Potter movies were the adult cast that in some ways canceled out the less than amazing acting done by the children. Ender's game would not have the adult cast to carry the mediocre acting of the younger ones. Until they can find some superb child actors I think it best to put it on hold so that when it does come out it will be a credit to the book and not a flop like The Golden Compass was.

Abbie on Nov 3, 2009


alright, i know the Harry Potter children actors were not 'amazing.' but they were very exceptable. as for children actors being poor - What about Elijah Wood in Forever Young? he stole the camera! and Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter was VERY good at what he was portraying. And the boy who played Tom Riddle in the 6th movie, he was very good too. actually, though i'm not listing many examples, children actors can be the best. the problem is, people often settle for the lessers because they believe they won't find a competent child.

DarthVader on May 14, 2011


A nine-year-old commenting on this page, nailed it; let Card himself choose the child actors, all the actors really. He knows the intricasies of his story and how it should be developed. Let him have a strong hand in how the adaptation develops.

Marilyn Decker on Aug 16, 2012


hi, to all of you idiots out there that even think of putting twilight and enders game in the same sentence are f**king morons!!! enders game is one of the most powerful books ever written and that is not only because of the AMAZING storyline and characters but also because of the excellent writing by orson scott card, and then the rest of the ender book and the shadow saga are also amazing. twilight isnt even as good as 'a war of gifts' the short story writen by orson scott card about battle school. i have read the twilight saga so i can be a good judge on this. stephanie meyer isnt a good writer, the saga has the potential to be good books but because of her writing it will never live up to its potential. with the ender saga and the shadow saga the writing is absolutely amazing, the storyline the depth of character the setting all makes you want you read more and more and more!!! only one of these sagas will live on in infamy, and its not that vampire crap. which lets face it isnt anywhere near as good as dracula of buffy!

francine evans on Nov 4, 2009


The arguments can be answered by the following: 1) Can Hollywood pull it off?: Hollywood doesn't have the cajones to pull this off correctly. They're a bunch of spineless pansies who would rather make people who didn't read the book happy because "they're the majority". Case in Point?: Eragon. The books were good. The movie was just atrocious. 2) Can children be found to be cast?: Yes. You people SEVERELY underestimate the acting ability of children. They're a helluva lot smarter than you give them credit for. 3) Well, how do we work around the "age" issues?: So the kids grow a little. It happens. Cast two different actors for each character that at least look SOMEWHAT similar but sound VERY similar. The thing about looks vs voice is we pick up on voice discrepancies much more easily than looks. If you get a 6 year old and a 10 year old for Ender and they both sound the same with similar vocal patterns and mannerisms, it almost wouldn't matter whether they looked too different or not. Voice matters most in acting. 4) Should we keep bringing up Twilight?: The answer is a resounding NO! Those "works" (if you can even call that junk a work) aren't even worth mentioning in the same page as Ender's Game let alone on the same website. 5) Should CGI/Animation be used primarily for this movie?: As with most movies, the more CGI in it, the harder it becomes to connect with the real characters-actors in the movie. The Battle Room obviously requires CGI but if it looks as fake and has poor physics like the Quidditch Matches in Harry Potter (which were also atrocious movies and books) then the realism will fall apart completely. Think Star Wars/Star Trek 2009. We need good physics in good CGI for it to be believable and acceptable. A few camera tricks never hurt either 😉 I would love to see Ender's Game made into a movie SO LONG AS they didn't F*** it up with bad CGI, poor casting choices, and a bad screenplay that doesn't follow the original storyline (which it looks like Card won't let happen - Bravo Mr. Card!).

Johnson on Nov 9, 2009


i completely agree with you about children actors, and Twilight. but not about Ender being a movie. there are things you simply cannot do on the screen that are in a book. and i'm NOT talking about special effects. i'm talking about the psychological qualities of the books, which were amazingly accurate and complex. if viewers simply see what's going on on the outside, it completely misinterprets the actual story.

DarthVader on May 14, 2011


A-MEN~ Twilight was not a good movie, the effects were horrid and the acting... oh, the acting, there are no words. Perhaps putrid, vile, unheard of. Emotionless. I guess there are a few. I hereby end the comparison between Twilight and Ender's Game using absolutely no official authority. I think Max Records would make a good Ender, if he could get the 'big-boy' act on. :] Children can be fantastic actors. Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. You stabbed me in the heart just now. Harry Potter is loved around the world, jee I wonder why, the books are certainly not atrocious. Alas. The Eragon movie was. But Harry Potter features depth, wit, storyline and a really cool writing style on Rowling's part. Twilight is 'loved' because of the enormous population of lovesick teens who are having their fantasies fed with every page, and HP is loved for the characters, cleverness, and plot. Why are people so bitter? I thought the LOTR movies were spectacular... as did the millions and millions of others around me... but that's just us.

Ven on Nov 13, 2009


 i agree with you. The only people who like Twilight are teens with fantasies. completely accurate. LOTR books and movies are my all time favorite, and i do like Harry Potter a lot. 

DarthVader on May 14, 2011


Ven: I understand what you're saying about the Harry Potter books. Truthfully I did enjoy the first three, but after she turned him into a bit of an angsty teen in the 4th book and even further turned him into a "whiny crybaby emo" in the fifth, I just got fed up with it and couldn't even finish Order of the Pheonix. It ruined the entire series for me. LOTR was spectacular. Books and Movies. Twilight was just... exactly what you said. Max Records... interesting choice. I saw WTWTA and I was honestly surprised by his depth of character. Good choice in my opinion (Although in all honesty I was a little disappointed with how WTWTA ended). Fun Fact: The actor Robert Pattinson in Twilight actually admitted to despising the character Edward during the making of the film and in several subsequent interviews. He described the character as too unrealistic and perfect to be acceptable.

Johnson on Nov 15, 2009


I been looking for the old Movie of Enders game. This moive that sopose to come out would be ok. But I remmber watching the Movie long ago. Maybe my mind playing tricks. But I rember peter killing small animals, Val and perter type on the net, and the end of the moive. Ender did not want to play the game anymore, but He ended playing the game. One of the teachers that, well played enders mind. Ender thought he was playing agents him. In the end, the teacher came out of a room he was in, that Ender saw him go. He came out with tears in his eyes. From there when Ender was inforemd that the game wasn't a game. Movie came out about 15 years ago, maybe longer. Like I said Old moive.

Past on Nov 23, 2009


great news, if this movie is made it should be made right im very proud of Mr. Scott.

Itai on Dec 5, 2009


wow wish i could have seen the movie. i wish they would make it too, but it SHOULD be done the right way. yeah i love twilight, but you are right it is a cheesy romance (which is probably the reason i like it), and i mean come on if warner bro. can fork over enough money to taylor lautner and robert pattinson JUST to take their shirts off then they can get a good director to make the book into the movie it should be. I applaud Mr. Scott for not giving in to hollywood :). Ender's game definitly knocked twilight saga off of my "best books ever list". Although i wish they could still make the movie, i rather they not make it then screw it up all to hell. So, way to go mr. Scott, for not giving in like some unmentioned authors *stephanie meyer, cough*........ 😉

wishful thinking that they would make it a movie :P on Dec 8, 2009


i heard Cameron doing another sci-fi movie after Avatar... also heard that name ender in the same sentence.... 🙂 sounds really nice

C on Dec 11, 2009


I want to say thanks to Mr. Scott for not letting the Enderverse fall prey to Hollywood's attempt to buy off all the popular classics to turn a quick profit. If more author's had the guts to stick by their books as he has, we would see much higher quality films being produced. Even so, there are many classics that I would rather not see touched by anyone, such as The Last Question or I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream.

AanonFC on Dec 22, 2009


Orson Scott Card is a brilliant writer, but when it comes to movies, he needs to learn to give a little. Yeah, the big fan based folks might be annoyed if the story goes off track, but, that is hollywood. Since when has Hollywood EVER gone directly by the book? I don't think they EVER have. Mr. Card, leave screenplay and movies to the professionals, leave the writing to you.

Travis on Dec 24, 2009


I am only just now researching the possibility of a movie - much more a book nut than a movie nut. Regardless, I am still pissed about Heinlein's Starship Trooper screen play. I would rather suffer the wait for a good screenplay rather than disappointment of another starship troopers.

sci fi nut on Dec 25, 2009


I am glad to hear it got scrapped. I would rather see an animated adaption. Movie adaptions can ruin the essential elements of a great story.

dane801 on Dec 31, 2009


I'd love to see a *multi-episode* animation adaptation of Ender's Game.

TC on Jan 4, 2010


These books are amazing, and when i was thinking about how great a movie for these books would be i only thought that if they were made, they would have to be done well. Dont have a movie made just to make money, if it is done right, then if money is what is wanted, there will be a whole lot more! Also have it be done with the type of technology done for this 2009 Star Trek movie made. It is real people, and looks real, and you can relate to the people, which would be needed to make this movie as amazing as it deserves to be. Make sure that it is as good as it needs to be according to Card, and take the time to work with it to make it better. Then, and only then should the movie (which i greatly hope will happen) be worth my money to see it multiple times. Whomever is working on the movie i think that it wouls be very important that they have all read the books, becasue they would not be able to grasp the intensity of the book and amazing storyline and characters if they have not read the BOOKS themselves, not just heard about them. The actors would be able to better relate to the characters that they would be playing, and the directors would be able to make the movie what it deserves and should be.

Cecil Jibbs on Jan 5, 2010


it is bad news, but kudos to Petersen for not caving in. ENDER'S GAME is one of my favorite SF books, and is a great coming of age story. The ending, while brutal is very subtle, and Petersen would have done a great job. WRITE to him. BLOG and Write to studios- w/AVATR making 1Billion in 17 DAYS, Science Fiction is hot- But ENDER is not a bang-'em up story.

patrick K on Jan 8, 2010


I can only see one way to solve all the movie making issues. Animated! Not the stupid cheese factor animation of recent years but the every once in a while jewel that can be made. I'm thinking something along the lines of "Titan AE". It was story driven and the lack of "live" actors didn't make the CG or other animations seem over the top but rather blend with just the right mix. I can easily see Ender in a film like that. For me, it's the only way to make the movie on a budget and make it make sense and still produce a great finished product. Anyway, just my two cents.

Stephen Baxter JR. on Jan 8, 2010


Coming from someone who has read the Ender & Bean series over and over until I had to buy new books, and then listening to the abridged audio of the entire series.. I have to say with OSC taking such direct interaction with his masterpiece, any direction he takes will be legitimate and thoroughly "Official" in my eyes and other devoted fan's eyes. Regardless of the Director, In my opinion, OSC should take a hand at directing it while teamed with someone like James Cameron. Everyone knows how well Avatar did. Personally I feel that the new 3d projection of movies is the way to go. With the CG that was used in Avatar being a spring board, and films like Final Fantasy's CG in its infancy. You take those elements mixed with Live actors or even Likenesses and you can eliminate the burden of using child actors at "half day" regulations. The movie *Should* be a blockbuster regardless of it's action or adult medium, due to the sheer history behind the book and it's devoted Sci-Fi fans. Doing the movie in full CG blend of Real life actors in 3d (RealD) would be the best bet for this movie, and using unknowns for Ender and his Jeesh would create the best spring board for a classic not only in story, but in the movie as well. Anyway. Feast on that. Goodluck OSC, don't listen to the naysayers. The devoted fans are there, and always will be. ***Ps.. Anyone else watch Avatar and realize that it's totally a rip-off of the Ender Series?? - EX: Battleschool type scene (beginning of movie in null G), Indiginous planet w/ Colony of Humans (Luscitania), Indiginous Species w/ Special connection to the planet (Piggies and the Descolada/3rd Tree life), Burning of the mother tree (Assault on Hometree in Avatar), and technically the list could go on and on.. it kinda made me sick. But seeing it, made me believe Ender's Game is more than possible.. It's NEEDED now!!! to smash Avatar in the face lol O=)

Skott J on Jan 16, 2010


To be honest, I could go either way on this. If the film never gets made, I would be okay with that. I can still read the book over and over again, and still appreciate it. However, if the film does get made, I feel that it would have to meet the standards of all of OSC's devoted fans. What makes Ender's Game so powerful and inspiring, is not its ingenuity, but rather the complex interactions between the characters, and the way these contrasts bounce off one another. I believe that there are some great child actors out there that can portray the characters as OSC intends, but finding them will take some time, and should definately not be rushed. On the other hand, I believe that the technology is not there yet to truly capture this film in 3D. Avatar was a technical feat in cinematography, but it comes far short than what I would like to see in Ender's Game. OSC should take his time in making his literary masterpiece into a visual masterpiece.

Jacob Alexander on Jan 17, 2010


Lets be honest, if the movie comes out, every fan is going to see it. If you hear thats its crap beforehand, chances are you're going to go see it anyway. To everyone who said that child actors are smart enough to pull this off, thats B.S. If it seems like they're smart, its only because the director spent days making them do the same lines over and over again until they finally got it right.

Trojan Truck on Jan 25, 2010


Maybe they should start looking into making it an animated movie instead of a live action. It would be easier to cast it and you could stay true to the story without, being all "green screeny". I mean they already made a comic book for it, and what's a comic book, but a full color storyboard. Plus you could spin off the whole Ender's Shadow series into an animated series. How cool would THAT be?

New age Ninja on Feb 4, 2010


Okay, First off: The Twilight Movies SUCK!!!! With all of the technology out there for theater that movie could have held to the book a lot closer. I understand the hesitation on Ender's Game The Movie. Especially if you have to work with crap like producers of Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, the only way this movie will come to fruition is if Spielberg, Michael Bay or someone of that caliber would make the movie. Just keep it away from George Lucas. Okay, I'm am through hating on crappy production. Shucks

Shucks Jones on Feb 10, 2010


Ridley Scott would pull it off better than right.

Travis on Mar 10, 2010


thank you Mr. Card its about f'n time that people stopeed allowing hollywood to desecrate books,comics,tv series, basically anything they can get their hands on. Take Avatar the last airbender love the show absolutely love it. The movie is gonna make me realize that the time i waste on it could have been better spent ramming my face into the fist of a bouncer im sure i can manage to piss off at my local drinking hole. well kudos Mr. Card thanks for saving a classic. p.s. Shaamalann......Go Fuck Yourself!

igotastove on Mar 19, 2010


This overall is a pretty good book overall. I have just found out that they WERE making a movie. I think it would have been a pretty good movie. Maybe someday in the future it will have another chance.

Josh on Mar 19, 2010


I'm really saddened by this news. At first it was slated for a 2008 release, but New Year's came and went and it still hadn't come out. I read this book as a junior or senior in high school and, not expecting it to be much, loved it.

Denny on Apr 15, 2010


Considering that card is a rampant and vocal homophobe (who has written articles about how homosexuals should suppress their nature for the Mormon press), I'm glad that the movie will not come to light if only because I don't want anyone to put more money in the pocket of someone like him. If his readers had any ethics, they wouldn't promote his books either as supporting him in any fashion is indirectly supporting his anti-gay agenda by giving his voice more weight and his wallet more power.

Orchid64 on Apr 24, 2010


id rather them leave as little out of the movie as possible and if they have to make it a two parter like the godfather and the soon to be released harry potter and the deathly hollows

joe on Jun 16, 2010


Orchid64: No agrees on every issue, Cards opinion on homosexuality is religiously motivated. It is card being true to his beliefs. I support and admire that. I support and admire anyone who follows their beliefs whether I believe they are true or not because they are doing what they believe is right. I do not think Card is unethical for doing what he honestly thinks is true. According to you're philosophy we should not buy anything that would give money to someone who holds an opposing viewpoint to a principle we hold important. Which makes it impossible to buy anything! I don't think it is unethical to support or read good literature because of who it came from. Let card do what he wants with his personal life, he does not bring anti-homosexuality in his books (as far as I know) so i'm not going to discard good literature simply because I don't agree with the author on his personal beliefs.

Onhech on Jul 19, 2010


So bummed about the movie. Although, I am confident it will eventually make it to the big screen. I just hope it does so under the supervision of the author. In response to Orchid64 Anti gay agenda?????? I've read most of his works, follow his site and never have i seen an anti-gay agenda. He has shared his beliefs but has in no way tried tried to force his beliefs on others or spent time and money promoting any anti-gay anything. He posted one article in a magazine talking about the very real hypocrisy of the gay community and they went ballistic because everyone has to believe what they believe and agree with what they do. Orson Scott card has written books with characters that were homosexual and has many friends who are gay. I'm bi and have a preference for my own gender. Most of my friends are bi/gay and feel the same way i do. The intolerance and hypocrisy of the gay community enrages and embarrasses me. Before you call someone a homophobe actually look into them first.

katt on Jul 21, 2010


How the hell u gunna bad mouth a man who has made good movies that are still watched today. Yeah I'm happy card is making it his way as it should be but u have no right to say that guy isn't good enough u dnt even know what these directors do just to direct a film its not very easy and why don't you read the book before sayin if someone can do it your a real moron

bull durham on Jul 28, 2010


Very sad news.

Disfuncion Erectil on Aug 13, 2010


I love the books, and I was really looking forward to the movie. Too bad. They most likely never got around to considering the cast, but I see Eminem as Dap and Vincent D'Onofrio as Graf. Oh, well. At least I get to see the "movie" in my mind.

tongueflap on Aug 19, 2010


The book was a very important work of art. It made a clear statement regarding how far a government was willing to go in order to win a war, even if winning meant genocide. It also showed the impact of training a 6 year-old to become a killer, from both points of view: the trainee and the trainer. There really is no way to make those views clear in a movie, or for that matter, a graphic novel. Anyone who thinks it is should read the book.

Xax on Aug 23, 2010


Caring people could endeavor to do this. Maybe this is a message that should be brought to light, especially in this modern age of corrupt governments. Someone could do it who has the sensitivity to really delve into the mind of a six-year-old, do research, find child actors who are of the caliber of Elijah Wood (he was and is remarkable). It could be done. For screenplay, directing and producing, I think that Stephen Spielberg might be good, as well as Mike Newell (who directed "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire").

Marilyn Decker on Aug 16, 2012


I think kids can act out the parts but I think the fighting parts are what's going to be the downfall of the movie, not so much the intelligence part. A lot of kids are smart, I'm sure, but would people really enjoy the movie because 7 year-olds are beating each other up? Not sure if the reviews would be great either.

SoySauce on Sep 29, 2010


It would be controversial to be sure; however alot of movies that didn't start out well at the box office found much positive critical acclaim, and those movies went on to win awards and accolades, when their worth was finally recognized.

Marilyn Decker on Aug 16, 2012


 i completely agree. Ender's Game couldn't possibly become a good movie. it's too complex, too psychological... it' not one of those action-packed army/superhero/thrillers. i absalutely love the book, it's incredible. but in all honesty, what could anyone think if they saw all the outward appearances of what's going on in the book without the inside view books provide?

DarthVader on May 14, 2011


I mentioned to someone else that they would have to do it in parts. They could even bring it out as an extended mini-series; this way they could touch on all the psychological complexities you mentioned. With today's technology and really good direction and acting they should be able to accomplish this. I'm going to have to read the book to gain the proper perspective (I've meant to, but haven't yet). And as I also commented to an earlier post, it would have to be done by someone sensitive enough to understand, to comprehend, all that Card was trying to convey. I'm reading his "Homecoming" series, and yes, they would need someone sensitive to plot and character development as opposed to the superhero action thriller.

Marilyn Decker on Aug 16, 2012


No. I didn't read the book. I heard it while driving long haul. It shouldn't be a shoot-em-up action, cliff-hanger show as Hollywood puts out. As I remember it, there is room for three parts. Pre battle school. Primary battle school up to where they end fighting in suits or else ending with the fight in the shower room. The third part is everything after that point. The scripts can be peared down so that thoughts are either expressed in action, movements, facial expressions or other ways. The scenes don't have to be glitzy. Normal should suffice. More thought. More words and expressions. Less shoot-em-up just for the sake of visual effects.

Gregg Weber on Jul 25, 2011


Card has been tryin to make a movie since the late 80's till now and honestly with the movie industry booming right now it would be quite well made, and the twilight company buying the rights to Enders Game would be profitable considering that they turned the twilight series into an enjoyable series of movies for those who read the books (not me my sister) but still liked the performance and detail that was contained in the movies. and people like my sister are nit-pickin for detail, i'm one of those people but i'd give any movie a fair chance and Enders Game is way past due for a chance. but i would definately like to see the outcome of a well produced "Enders Game" movie

JulianBean on Feb 14, 2012


I'd personally love to see the "Homecoming" series brought to the big-screen. With its intricate plots and sub-plots, and its tightly woven thread among the characters, it would be a series worthy of the time and effort.

Marilyn Decker on Aug 16, 2012

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