Our Official 2009 Thanksgiving Movie Guide is Finally Here!

November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Movie Guide

Every year, Hollywood releases a big batch of new movies on Thanksgiving week. And every year, we bring you this guide to help you choose the best movies to see this week with your family or friends. To help tackle this year's beefy line-up, our writer Marco Cerritos has put together a Thanksgiving Movie Guide. He made sure to see every last movie playing in theaters this week, even the bad ones, in order to provide all of you with a cinematic compass of sorts. If you're struggling to figure out what to see this weekend, then look no further! From Fantastic Mr. Fox to New Moon to Ninja Assassin to The Road, he covers it all. Read on!

This is an alphabetized list containing 14 films that, as of today, are currently playing in most theaters.

Marco's Rating: B-

2012Directed by: Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow)
Starring: John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Chiwetel Ejiofor
Rated: PG-13
Length: 158 minutes
Review: After watching Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and his latest concerto 2012, the only thing left for director Roland Emmerich to destroy is the solar system. He's either obsessed with blowing stuff up or he's scared to venture outside his comfort zone (blowing stuff up). To be fair, Emmerich has never claimed to be a master filmmaker but when he's ventured outside loud, obnoxious end-of-the-world spectacles the results aren't half-bad (Stargate, The Patriot).

There is no possible way to spoil a movie like 2012 because once you buy a ticket, you're in agreement that you'll be getting a lot of brainless action and silly jokes. The real question is does the movie work. Kinda. The basic formula that Emmerich has used in Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow is still in place here (stereotypical strangers must band together and forget their problems to overcome monstrous odds) and the result is a strange hybrid of both of those films.

The real star of 2012 are the special effects and the human actors are just here to cash a paycheck. I guess this wouldn't be so bad if the film weren't so dull in the last third. Once we finally figure out where the main characters are going and the full evolution of the plot it, takes forever to actually get there, destroying any goodwill the film has built up in the process.

The Blind Side
Marco's Rating: C-

The Blind SideDirected by: John Lee Hancock (The Rookie, The Alamo)
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw
Rated: PG-13
Length: 128 minutes
Review: Trying her hardest to evoke Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich, Sandra Bullock does very little to pull the audience into the sassy character that she's supposed to be playing. The story of Southern socialite Leigh Anne Touhy convincing her family to take in an uneducated kid from the projects may be ripped from reality but as portrayed on film it comes off as sappy and manipulative.

The Blind Side is part of what I like to call A-B-C storytelling, you know exactly where the film is going every step of the way. And to make matters worse there's no hook for the audience to engage itself in. It's almost like everyone's trying too hard to make a message movie and it just comes off as transparent. Do we care about Leigh Anne and her struggle to help the underprivileged by buying them clothes and feeding them Taco Bell? Not really. Does it help that this type of formulaic sports story has been done better by the same director (The Rookie)? Nope. Is it OK to laugh when Leigh Anne mutters the cringe-worthy line "I'm not changing his life, he's changing mine?" Absolutely.

The Box
Marco's Rating: A-

The BoxDirected by: Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko)
Starring: Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, Frank Langella
Rated: PG-13
Length: 115 minutes
Review: Instead of trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat I'm going to try to convince you that you are missing one of the best and most misunderstood films of 2009. The story of a suburban family in the 1970's put in the middle of a moral dilemma is one of the last things I expected to grab me before I saw this mind trip of a movie. The fact that it starred Cameron Diaz and James Marsden didn't help matters either. But the central hook of the film (a cash reward for pushing a button and killing a stranger) is only the jumping off point for the craziness that ensues for most of the film's running time.

Director Richard Kelly can't seem to catch a break lately. His cult-favorite Donnie Darko went unnoticed in theatres, he got eviscerated for Southland Tales and now The Box, the best and most mainstream of his efforts is getting ignored too. The tension that Kelly brings to the film (primarily from co-star Frank Langella and a nuanced score by Arcade Fire) prove that he's matured as a filmmaker and has learned from his past films. Audiences may not be ready to go where he wants to take them just yet but there's always Blu-Ray and DVD to rediscover this gem when they're ready.

A Christmas Carol
Marco's Rating: C-

A Christmas CarolDirected by: Robert Zemeckis (Polar Express, Beowulf)
Starring: Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Robin Wright Penn
Rated: PG
Length: 96 minutes
Review: Robert Zemeckis' biggest crime wasn't making the 1000th telling of the classic Charles Dickens story. It wasn't even filming it with his irritating motion-capture process. It was making the finished product so damn dull.

Watching paint dry brings more excitement than sitting through this telling of A Christmas Carol. Most people watching this or any version know exactly where the story's going and because we're already ahead of the characters there's nothing left to do but wait for them to catch up. Sometimes this can be excused if the predictable path is fun or interesting along the way. "Bah-humbug" says Zemeckis. His insistence on taking his sweet time to tell the story in the most dull way possible brings down what could have been an updated or at least re-imagined version of the story we all know already.

Another insistence that wasn't necessary, Jim Carrey playing most of the lead roles, including the three ghosts (if you don't know what I'm talking about look up the cliffnotes). I'm sure it works wonders for his ego but as an artistic choice it's jarring and takes the viewer out of the movie. If you want a better family film to see for the holidays, just keep reading…

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Marco's Rating: A

Fantastic Mr. FoxDirected by: Wes Anderson (Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums)
Starring: George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray
Rated: PG
Length: 87 minutes
Review: This is the family film to beat this holiday season and dare I say it, 2009. While some may scream Up, Coraline or Where the Wild Things Are, I say "what the cuss are you talking about?" Those films are good examples of family fare but Fantastic Mr. Fox best walks the delicate balance of being entertaining enough for adults AND kids.

Fantastic Mr. Fox also marks the return of writer-director Wes Anderson who most feared dead after the cinematic disasters that were The Darjeeling Limited and The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. Anderson has brought back some of his regulars like Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, Willem Dafoe and Owen Wilson to provide key voices but also enlists A-list newbies like George Clooney and Meryl Streep to help out, too.

Another thing to report is that while Fantastic Mr. Fox is definitely recommended it also continues Wes Anderson's fascination with tumultuous family relationships. Every one of his films has had a family conflict at its core and the difference here is that instead of a family of humans fighting, this time it's a family of foxes. The film plays like an entertaining hipster movie that just happens to also appeal to kids. The tone and humor of Anderson's past work is on full display and fans of those movies won't be disappointed. In other words Fantastic Mr. Fox is pretty, um, well, fantastic.

The Men Who Stare at Goats
Marco's Rating: C

The Men Who Stare at GoatsDirected by: Grant Heslov
Starring: George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges
Rated: R
Length: 94 minutes
Review: It's obvious this is Grant Heslov's first time in the director's chair. My big question is did he really think The Men Who Stare At Goats was an adequate screenplay to tackle on his first time out? Everything from the look of the film to the tone feels cheap and out of place. There was a lot of buzz prior to the film's release that the Goats screenplay was a hot commodity in Hollywood. The lesson learned here is that no matter how good the script is, you still need someone experienced enough to translate it to the screen.

Thanks to his producing partner George Clooney and the strength of the original script, Heslov was able to lock in a great cast that included Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey and Clooney himself. The only problem is he doesn't know what to do with them and as a result top-level actors were left to deliver subpar performances. Bad decisions also come in the form of narration which in some films work and in some don't. In The Men Who State At Goats, the narration is the equivalent of a spoiled baby banging his head against a wall for attention. It's obvious there's a problem but the narration only brings more attention to itself by feeling tacked on and put in place to cover up holes in the story.

The Messenger
Marco's Rating: B

The MessengerDirected by: Oren Moverman
Starring: Woody Harrelson, Ben Foster, Jena Malone
Rated: R
Length: 105 minutes
Review: Anyone accusing Woody Harrelson of not being a good actor must take the time to see his new film The Messenger. Between him, Ben Foster and Samantha Morton there's a cavalcade of acting fireworks going on to impress even the most jaded filmgoer.

The setup is simple, Army officers Stone (Harrelson) and Montgomery (Foster) are assigned to deliver death notices to the families of fallen Iraq soldiers back home. The emotional turmoil that comes from delivering every one of these messages has turned Stone into a conflicted and bitter man. Montgomery on the other hand is new to this detail and slowly learning the ropes, including not to flirt with a fallen officer's wife. The direct consequences of these actions take the two officers cross country as they continue their job and their squabble with each other.

All three principle actors put in layered and nuanced work, slowly breathing their characters to life and raising what could've been a preachy war movie into something with heart and substance.

New Moon
Marco's Rating: C

New MoonDirected by: Chris Weitz (About a Boy, The Golden Compass)
Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
Rated: PG-13
Length: 130 minutes
Review: As a film critic, it's my job to be objective toward any film I review. Even if it's a teen fad like the Twilight franchise. I'm guessing most people reading this aren't caught up in the eternal romance of sparkles and tomboy but I guess the best thing I can say about New Moon is, at least it was better than Twilight.

You read that right boys and girls, I actually gave New Moon a well deserved compliment. While parts of it are just as dull and brooding as its fangy predecessor, other parts (primarily the finale in Italy) are pretty enjoyable. I give primary credit to director Chris Weitz who took the reigns from Catherine Hardwicke this time around and while he didn't manage to clean up the melodramatic dialogue, he did play with camera angles a bit to give the film a much needed punch in the gut. Given the film's massive opening, I'm sure tweens are full of happy pants either way but hopefully New Moon is a step toward progress in the popular franchise.

The Twilight Saga as it's now being called is a true cultural phenomenon. There's no stopping it as witnessed by the third film ready to hit theatres next summer. If New Moon is better than Twilight here's hoping Eclipse takes its title to heart and kicks the other two's ass.

Ninja Assassin
Marco's Rating: C

Ninja AssassinDirected by: James McTeigue (V for Vendetta)
Starring: Rain, Naomie Harris
Rated: R
Length: 99 minutes
Review: I don't know about you but when I see a title like Ninja Assassin I envision a badass army of ninja killers doing hardcore violence on the silver screen. The last thing I imagine seeing is a crappy story, bad dialogue, a ton of terrible looking CG blood and, most of all, have it all be boring.

Action producer Joel Silver, the Wachowski Brothers and director James McTeigue have made a boring ninja movie. A movie that blows its load in the opening five minutes and spends the rest of the running time trying to explain a convoluted plot and the fact that there's more talking than action in a movie called Ninja Assassin.

Korean superstar Rain does what he can with the limited role of an abandoned baby taken in and raised by a renegade ninja clan only to betray them years later. It's the same technique Joel Silver tried with Jet Li a few years ago to introduce him to American audiences, put him in action roles with little dialogue and let the ass-kicking do the rest. There's two problems with that formula this time around, the aforementioned lack of action and the fact that Jet Li has more of an onscreen presence than Rain. That's a double-whammy of suck any way you slice it (pun intended).

Old Dogs
Marco's Rating: D

Old DogsDirected by: Walt Becker (Van Wilder, Wild Hogs)
Starring: John Travolta, Robin Williams, Seth Green
Rated: PG
Length: 88 minutes
Review: If you're reading this and were charmed by the trailer for Old Dogs or have any vague interest in seeing it, please stop reading this article and go have fun with the other zombies at the multiplex. This is by far the worst movie opening this Thanksgiving weekend and it will probably be the most profitable. Why's that you may ask? Because people are stupid.

I understand the need to be entertained, I really do. I know that we go to the movies for escape and to have a good time. But if your idea of fun is to willingly pay good money to see bargain basement slapstick like people getting kicked in the balls or running into things then I have no sympathy for you. John Travolta and Robin Williams reduced to pratfalls and sight gags to pay the bills? I really hope that tenth airplane was worth it Mr. Travolta.

The story if you didn't already know revolves around Travolta and Williams being forced to drop everything and take care of a group of kids while their mommy goes away to prison. That's the weak setup which eventually leads to even weaker laughs and internal pain for the audience. Well that's not entirely true. There were a healthy chunk of moviegoers laughing their asses off when I saw this. But then again they probably laughed at Wild Hogs too which was coincidentally made the same filmmakers as Old Dogs. Wild Hogs? Old Dogs? Those two titles must be a pseudonym for watch us sell you the same crap twice and you beg us for more. Remember kids, only you can prevent crappy movies.

Pirate Radio
Marco's Rating: B

Pirate RadioDirected by: Richard Curtis (Love Actually)
Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Nick Frost
Rated: R
Length: 116 minutes
Review: Director Richard Curtis is a happy guy. He's written classic romantic comedies like Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral and also directed Love Actually and the one constant throughout his movies is that the character are always full of life. There's very little conflict (if any at all) and the bulk of the movie's running time is spent with his characters having fun and being whimsical. Not to say this is a bad thing, just an observation.

It's with this mindset that Pirate Radio falls squarely into the Curtis-verse of happy-go-lucky characters. The hook of the film are outlaw radio DJs broadcasting rock-and-roll music to British listeners in the 1960's. They're doing this from the high seas since they obviously can't do it from the mainland, causing a conflict with British authorities. But because this is a Richard Curtis film, the conflict is minor and it's cool for the wacky DJs to ignore threats and just keep playing music and getting laid.

This casual attitude is what keeps Pirate Radio light and fluffy, never delving into serious territory because it never planned to go there in the first place. Instead we have an excuse to listen to great rock-and-roll tracks and see wacky British antics for a few hours.

Planet 51
Marco's Rating: D

Planet 51Directed by: Jorge Blanco, Javier Abad, Marcos Martinez
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long
Rated: PG
Length: 91 minutes
Review: If Fantastic Mr. Fox is the pinnacle of family entertainment this holiday week, Planet 51 is the exact opposite. Dull, boring and featuring half-assed animation, this studio pickup reeks of direct-to-DVD fare slapped together by bad marketing and stunt casting celebrity voices to hide the crappy product.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long and Gary Oldman (wtf!) all cash checks in the name of starving actors everywhere to voice the story of an American astronaut who crash lands on a planet where he is the true alien. Kiddie hijacks ensue and you'll be checking your watch every few minutes. In case you haven't figured it out by now, you could do a lot better at the movies.

Marco's Rating: B

PreciousDirected by: Lee Daniels (Shadowboxer)
Starring: Gabby Sidibe, Mo'Nique, Lenny Kravitz
Rated: R
Length: 110 minutes
Review: Precious is a step in the right direction for director Lee Daniels whose last film Shadowboxer was a disaster of epic proportions. His work as a producer has been more fruitful with films like Monster's Ball and The Woodman under his belt and it feels like he's gone back to those roots to adapt the harsh novel Precious is based on.

The tale of inner-city suffering from the eyes of an overweight, uneducated African-American girl has been garnering raves from critics everywhere since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. It's safe to say Precious is tough to sit through but is a quality film, especially benefiting from an Oscar worthy supporting performance by Mo'Nique. Her portrayal of a motherly monster is the jolt that keeps the film alive and grounded in misery. Despite the sometimes bleak situations, in the end Precious is an uplifting story of triumph and compassion.

The Road
Marco's Rating: A-

The RoadDirected by: John Hillcoat (The Proposition)
Starring: Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Robert Duvall
Rated: R
Length: 119 minutes
Review: Speaking of brutal, The Road is a film I had to see twice to fully take in. It's an extremely tense and bleak ride through a post-apocalyptic future where man runs wild for survival at any cost. My first viewing was overpowered by the knots in my stomach as I saw the tense film unfold. The second trip to the theatre was obviously more relaxed and opened my eyes to director John Hillcoat's sad and lonely wasteland.

Now before anyone asks, I have not read the novel the film is based on so I don't have a basis for comparison. As it stands, the film is a masterpiece of storytelling, unabashedly depressing and ready to take it all the way. In the lead role, Viggo Mortensen continues to prove he's one of our finest working actors as he takes command of the screen as a desperate father trying to care for his son in a renegade future. At times loving and at others ruthless, he is the glue that holds the story together. Welcome supporting turns from Robert Duvall, Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce are also scattered throughout.

Have you seen any of these films yet? And what did you choose to see this week, if anything?

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wow....very wrong grades, Marco. Blind Side was great and The Box was a big disapointment....

GCC on Nov 25, 2009


My theatre only has two screens. We are showing Old Dogs and Planet 51. Wish us luck.

Black Jesus on Nov 25, 2009


Every film apart from The Road sucks balls.

jebb on Nov 25, 2009


Cannot wait to see the road and ninja assassin!

Linkfx on Nov 25, 2009


I actually really enjoyed Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol

CT on Nov 25, 2009


Love most of the reviews and even though I probably won't be seeing Old Dogs, I do ask you this "What the hell is wrong with slapstick?" It's one form of comedy. I for one am sick of all this dialogue-filled comedy. I can enjoy a film with it, but what happened to telling a film with visuals? Of course I haven't seen the film and the slapstick in it could be horrible. But I always seem to read opinions on anything with slapstick in it to be considered a huge pile of shit. Whatever, can't wait to see Fantastic Mr. Fox!

Tristan on Nov 25, 2009


Mr. Fox was perfect #3

DoomCanoe on Nov 25, 2009


I loved the Road and Fantastic Mr. Fox. Serious Man was great as well.

Alec Doherty on Nov 25, 2009


The Box sucked...seriously. That's not an opinion. That's like saying the Happening wasn't predictable...oh wait, people thought The Box wasn't either.

Tra la la la la di da on Nov 25, 2009


"The Blind Side" was a great drama. And you completely contradict yourself when you say, "The story of Southern socialite Leigh Anne Touhy convincing her family to take in an uneducated kid from the projects may be ripped from reality..." and then whine about it as "A-B-C storytelling, you know exactly where the film is going every step of the way." Sandra Bullock played the same character she did in "The Proposal" only this time, she had a southern accent(which I will say was decent). That one line, "...he's changin' mine" definitely should have been cut from the film, but overall it was a very good, moving dramatic piece. More worthy of soemthing in the B+/A- range.

Robert on Nov 26, 2009


Great movie guide for Thanksgiving.

Fisherr on Nov 26, 2009


Ha, "Pirate Radio" came out last year in the Uk and Ireland and was called "The Boat That Rocked". Very good movie though!!

David on Nov 26, 2009


I loved The Blind Side - very entertaining and Sandra Bullock was great in it. I think Bullock will do well in the awards season. The Box was very disappointing - I was looking forward to it ever since I heard that it was being made - but felt it left me confused, and regretting that I had faith in Richard Kelly. 2012 was fun. Marco your really off the mark with these reviews - Next you will be telling us that Eddie Murphy deserves an Oscar for Meet Dave.

mov on Nov 26, 2009


I hope marco doesnt get paid... The Blindside was a great feel good movie. As #9 said The Box was to predictable Old Dogs is a simple movie for simple minded people and their is alot out there so it will make its money Fantastic Mr. Fox was amazing along with The Road, Pirate Radio, and Precious

hale on Nov 26, 2009


i have seen the trailer for planet 51 i like the Alien Dog, also look forward to seeing Ninja Assassin just a popcorn flick no story but who cares it just ass kick movie with plenty of blood. Enough Said. ๐Ÿ˜€

Cineprog on Nov 26, 2009


everybodies a critic

Brian Barajas on Nov 26, 2009


Richard Kelly wishes to say thanks to Marco for being the only person to like the Box.

Matt Larner on Nov 26, 2009


The Boat That Rocked-AWESOME The Box-GREAT when does The Road have a wide release?

xerxex on Nov 26, 2009


I'm not entirely sure why you had to delete my comment... I thought I was being kind... but nonetheless... good work on the NEW reviews.

Man With No Name on Nov 26, 2009


A Christmas Carol should have had a higher grade. The effect of having the snow "falling" on the audience should have given it at least a C+. And you're being way too kind to The Box. It's only been out three weeks and it's already out of the top ten in ticket sales.

EJP on Nov 26, 2009


Marco = NOOB The Blind Side (C-) & Precious (B) were Great... and of course we all knew where The Blind Side was gonna go, it's a true story ya noob, it's not like it's going to have an alternate ending were he dies... and idk what movie you were watchin, 'All About Steve' maybe, but Sandra Bullock was great! 2012 (A-) & The Box (B-) SUCKED MY BALLS... and you call yourself a film critic! ...i come to this site to get Alex & Ethan's inputs, not some Marco noob... Marco needs to go away! MY RATINGS Precious: A The Blind Side: B+ The Box: D 2012: D-

Derek on Nov 26, 2009


Roland Emmerich, Michael Bay, and McG should all get together and make the Master of all Cluster-Fuck-of-a-Plot Movies ...it would be about giant alien robots who go back in time to 10,000 BC, to save the planet from being destroyed by another group of aliens in a giant mothership... but then the earth floods and everyone dies except 3 hot chicks with guns, who mate with Godzilla and out pops Christian Bale, THE END.

Derek on Nov 26, 2009


Why do we read reviews again? This guy is horrible, The box was utter garbage shouldnt have been released to theatres, and the Blindside was great, also Ninja Assasin was way better than you make it out to be. plus 2012 was garbage, please tell me you dont get a check for your opinion. The Fantastic Mr Fox looks like a kindergardner project that got an F in school.

Chase on Nov 27, 2009


Alex, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP running this terrible stuff from Marco. 'The Blind Side'... SERIOUSLY? It is not cinema gold, but is much better than you present, IMO. '2012' deserved NOTHING better than a 'D'... Killer graphics, (Yes, I agree), but when you read through your reviews and you rip on all the others for their formulaic stories and plot structure, I feel it is a ridiculous idea to not '2012' to that same expectation when looking at it from a grading structure, and give it a passing grade because "you're in agreement that you'll be getting a lot of brainless action and silly jokes" is irresponsible as a reviewer. The Box???? WOW really, and your mention formuaic elsewhere.. wow, OK... moving on Alex, you have not ran ANYTHING from Marco since last X-Mas and you should have kept it that way, everyone thought he was a tool then and these reviews hit the same chord. Christopher Campbell is even better than Marco... and I don't like Chris cause he is an admitted Theatre Hopper... hahahaha... Just kidding Chris, random one to bring up... haha

Dusty on Nov 28, 2009


WTF Why isn't The Road playing in my town, Im super pissed off, I've been waiting forever to see that!

Richard on Nov 28, 2009


To bad I wont be able to see The Road because its not playing around here. How come no movie sites stated it was limited,Marco/everyone else?

Ryan on Nov 28, 2009


I don't understand why everyone is ganging up on Marco? This was supposed to be a quick reference guide for all the films playing this week. Obviously you're not going to agree with him on everything, but it's his quick opinion from an experience professional critic. I haven't seen all of the films (like The Blind Side), but of what I have seen, he pretty much is dead on with what I would've rated each of them (give or take Ninja Assassin, which I loved). The Box deserves an A, it's completely misunderstand and a damn good film. And A Christmas Carol deserves a C, too. If you don't agree, then explain why YOU thought the film was better (or worse) than the grade he gave!

Alex Billington on Nov 28, 2009


Exactly! Thanks for the backup Alex. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, if you don't agree with mine that's OK. Just go ahead and explain intelligently why you disagree. Not say "Marco sucks" or "he liked The Box, boo!" Last year's movie preview and Cannes reviews got positive hits and this year's didn't. Doesn't matter. Hopefully you guys and I can agree next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Boxoffice Marco on Nov 28, 2009


First off a chrismas carol was great gem jim carrey played every roll with a different sense of pizzzaz and there is nothing emotionaly lacking in that movie besides the person who is watching it. Zemeckis has only gotten better with this new art and the 3d was fantastic although i wish he would go back to his live action days. Secondly ninja assiassn is based off a video game and it delivered as much as it possibly could the DIOLOUGE was the worst and the only real actor who did anything worth noteing about was rain But enough of that violence! violence! Thats what you should of cared about discared all the shitty acting the blood was suppose to look like that for the ultraviolent effect Oh,and one more thing to brandon alex and marco Jospeh gordan levit as The Joker Your Thoughts ?

kenneth houston on Nov 29, 2009


this nice review guide

wowguide on Nov 29, 2009


Good work Dusty!!! The biggest problem with Pirate Radio WAS the music. This story takes place in 1966, and many of the songs used were from 67 and even 1969. So that itself takes the grade down, and I wanted to love this film,. For some reason I really enjoy Richard Curtis. The Box and the Twi-"light" tripe should have received failing grades. ( it's easy to understand, just watch the films). Blindside was predictable but it is a true story....and with Ms. Bullock, receives a higher grade just for those two elements. This version of Christmas Carol is the closest thing to the Dickens story, and actually had the quick attack on the Church, just like the prose in the story, not the biggest JC fan, but that was a solid B+. 2012 gets the D grade, just because of the story matter. But we felt exhasuted upon leaving the theatre. Mr. Fox was just alot of fun, and I like the way the younger audience accepts the stop motion. The Messenger hits home to my Wife and I for personal reasons and we are not going to view it. If we have the guts, maybe on DVD. The rest of the fare does not interest me what so ever, with the exception of the Road. Maybe next week.

Clover on Nov 30, 2009


"2012" - As I mentioned above, I cannot believe you would mention the dialogue in the other reviews and ignore it in this one. "...the human actors are just here to cash a paycheck" does not cover the terrible interaction of the characters. This was a movie meant for the Discovery Channel as a documentary of what could happen, if that were the case I MAY have given it a B-, but as a mainstream cinematic feature, one CAN'T ignore the formulaic conclusion and ridiculous lack of cohesive story maturation. You CANNOT ignore other key elements because a story has pretty pictures IMO. These are the times that I would lead a review with "This was fun, but still a terrible movie." "The Blind Side" - Apparently we have a much bigger difference on opinion with regards to this movie. I felt the dialogue was appropriate (aside from Bullock's accent, though not terrible) and is a formulaic nearly to a flaw. But as you mention it as a distraction, I felt the transparency of the story was exactly the intent and did so brilliantly to drive folks to be more than what is given to them and to trust a helping hand when it is given. "The Box" - The score, instead of nuanced, I would have to go with obnoxious and overbearing. The story, wondering if we have to ignore the short story and The Twilight Zone episode, is interesting, but absolutely troubled with no clear direction once again, a sign of Richard Kelly's involvement. Again, I know this is one of those films that, like many out right now, certain tastes LOVE and others HATE, I must say I am in the latter, but can appreciate those that valued the film. "A Christmas Carol" - Nothing particularly bad or good about the film, I also feel it was drawn out. But, also don't feel there was anything done wrong with it. I may have gone a little higher on my letter grade, but probably nothing more than C+ or B- "Fantastic Mr. Fox" - Looking forward to it, but willing to wait for DVD. Have read enough good press to know it is an 'A' movie. "The Men Who Stare at Goats" - 'C' is fine with me "The Messenger" - Did not see - Too early for films of these types to be released IMO, and unfortunately, I will not support them with my funds. as a result "New Moon" - While I would have gone a BIT above C, probably would not have made B-. As you mentioned the melodramatic dialogue caused me to laugh at some supposed pretty intense times. "Ninja Assassin" - Not seen, but was confused with your absolute ripping of it, and giving it a 'C', the same as you did "New Moon", yet only made strong mention of the dialogue as the key troubles with "New Moon". "Old Dogs" - HAHAHA... can't argue against you on that one, except again in comparison to your other ratings... in comparison, it would mean that this one should have been at 'F' for FAIL "Pirate Radio" - Felt like a Music Video from beginning to end... and somewhere there was a story about folks that can't play Rock on the mainland. You didn't feel there was any conflict and I agree, however, that for me completely wastes the movie's possibilities to be great and drops it to a 'C' easily. "Planet 51", "Precious", and "The Road" - your reviews get no arguments from me. SIDE NOTE::: This is why I had not responded fully in the earlier post(I write a freaking book each time), as we don't have a means to maintain our own responses in a Forum or interactive community on this site. My comment earlier was in regards to the Thanksgiving movie guide of last year, not the year in review... sorry for my missed reference. (plus I know Alex will smack me for this long post next time I am in LA, ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Marco, you get a free pass, cause ya stand up for yourself and you are passionate about movies. Your final statement on that comment says you are cool by me... Not always agree, but it is really cool when we do.

Dusty on Nov 30, 2009


The Man Who Stare at Goats was one of the greatest movie i saw in a long time. In the same line as Rushmore, Little Miss Sunshine; not everybody can enjoy a good comedy. One with an actual plot line and that asks the one who watches the movie to difference comical and dramatic scenes. Yes, the humour is sometimes absurd, but i actually enjoy it. Both Clooney and Mcgreggor are fantastic. I can honestly admit that i watched this movie without spying on critics before, cause i hate going into a movie theater knowing what to expect. What a great effort. The end is very strong, i enjoyed the movie's message on war, i loved the flashbacks and the way they nourrish the events of the present. I enjoyed very much the movie.

Tabarnak on Nov 30, 2009


This guy has no credibility at all. How can you give Twilight, 2012, and The Box a better grade than The Blind Side? Seriously, this guy's a joke. The Blind Side is a great moving true story, and you'd have to have a heart of stone to not be touched by that movie. Twilight and The Box are just bad movies, that's a fact. Outside of the crazy pre-teen girl fans of Twilight, nobody likes that movie, because it sucks. The Box was horrible, and Rotten Tomatoes happens to agree with me. 2012 was action packed, but extremely sloppy and rushed. Don't listen to this retard.

Aaron on Dec 12, 2009

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