Paramount Debuts a Shiny New Star Trek Logo - Really?

February 21, 2009

New Star Trek Logo

Yesterday night, Paramount debuted a new logo for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. Although I'm a bit confused. A logo makes headlines? Well, take a good look, because that one above is the new one. It's basically the same iconic font turned metallic instead of white, and with a few new lens flare streaks. That's it? Maybe they're just trying to be very sensitive towards the fans and debut something like this in an official capacity rather than hide it in a trailer, but I guess I'm just baffled that a "slightly improved" logo is worthy of being breaking news. But who knows, maybe this is exciting for the right fans? Do you like the new logo?

I guess this was also an opportunity for Paramount to remind people that the newest full trailer for Star Trek is set to show in front of Watchmen in a few weeks. But I doubt anyone needs any more new reasons to go see Watchmen. Additionally, the rather badass official website for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek has also been updated - If you haven't spent some time rummaging through that site, I suggest you do so right now, because it's very well designed and worth a few minutes of your time. And of course, check back in a few weeks once we've got the new trailer posted up to chime in and let us know your thoughts.

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well, that and it doesn't seem to be italicized anymore. slanted letters were so last year anyway

Otacon on Feb 21, 2009


it feels like an old and a new logo put together. it gives a throw back to the old time fans and will bring in new ones as well. i dig it.

darrin on Feb 21, 2009


I like it, and I know the Hater of all Haters Feo, will despise it. He hates everything to do with Star Trek ya know.

feohatestheworld on Feb 21, 2009


A logo makes headlines? Alex, you know you have the power not to post this right? 😉

Chris on Feb 21, 2009


It'll work. I sure hope the flick lives up to the hype. I'm there! 🙂

Spider on Feb 21, 2009


They gave it a Transformers look... very original...

Rickmeister on Feb 21, 2009


I actually don't think it matters at all.

IK on Feb 21, 2009


It is frankly boring. That is the best they could come up with all the hype they have been dishing out lately? I went to see Quantum Solace and could not believe how long the ST trailer went on and on and on and on...........and THIS is the best they can do?

Rosalee on Feb 21, 2009


It looks cool. Could be from the official titles, hard telling. Though I find it ironic that the author of this article was sort of complaining about the fact that it was a headline... by making a headline about the logo? 😉

Tommy on Feb 21, 2009


"Yesterday night?" What does that mean, the the night before yesterday or the night before today? Everyone else just says last night.

Jim on Feb 21, 2009


#4 - I know, I know, but I still wanted to get SOME news up... Plus, I thought it'd be a great chance to mention the bit about the trailer in front of Watchmen and the website, no? 🙂

Alex Billington on Feb 21, 2009


honestly, who really gives a shit about this?

Conrad on Feb 22, 2009


I'm with you Alex Don't remember the old logo well enough to notice any difference. However I am eagerly anticipating this movie! Also, the commenting seems to be bugging out for me

Hand Knotted Rugs on Feb 24, 2009


so're protesting it's undeserved recognition by making a post about it that will only garner more attention? i did not know about this new logo, until now. hm, doesn't seem like the most coherent argument.

dan on Feb 25, 2009


im a Trekkie. this does NOT get my excited. 'nuff said. can't wait to see that full trailer though! ^_^

Nick S. on Mar 2, 2009

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