Paranormal's Oren Peli Headed to Area 51 for His Next Film

October 6, 2009

Area 51

You may or not may not know that big breakout horror hit Paranormal Activity actually had a writer and director (or at least, Paramount didn't want you to know that when everyone was out seeing it). His name is Oren Peli (you can find his own YouTube page here) and he's already started working on his follow-up to Paranormal, since that actually was shot three years ago in his own home. His follow-up is called Area 51 and is another "found footage" feature like Paranormal or Cloverfield. Based on that title alone, you should know where this one is headed, but if not, we have a brief little plot description that he's put out today.

The Area 51 storyline will center on three teenagers whose curiosity leads them to the legendary and mysterious Area 51 Air Force base deep in the Nevada desert. Area 51 will, like Paranormal Activity employ a "found footage" narrative strategy. Though Peli will enjoy a significantly larger budget than the $11,000 he spent to make Paranormal Activity, he will continue to work with undiscovered actors. "Actually, I'd rather not say anything about Area 51 except that I am very pleased to be working with the same team who have stood by me for the two or three years it took Paranormal Activity to get into theatres," Peli said.

If you enjoyed Paranormal Activity (or were scared by it), then just imagine what Peli will be able to do bringing aliens into the mix. I'm already getting chills thinking about it. What I hope he does, so as to not lose his edge, is only actually have one alien that the teens discover, not a whole group or army of them. What was so effective about Paranormal is that it was one demon and one girl. Same thing here and if done right, it could be very effective, and potentially another huge hit for Peli. In fact, I want to hear nothing about this until a trailer is secretly debuted. This needs to be marketed perfectly again, don't screw it up!

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Hopefully we can get a dark and serious Area 51 film finally? I've been waiting...since I was born.

M-Cat on Oct 6, 2009


it will be interesting to see how they manage to get inside a place where no media or anyone not directly associated with area 51 have ever been. I hope they don't screw this up though. I've always been interested in area 51.

Dan W on Oct 6, 2009



Robbie on Oct 6, 2009


The mere words AREA 51 stinks of every kind of cliche known to man (cough) Indy 4!!!! Tread lightly young Padawan.

esophus on Oct 6, 2009


I hope they don't actually get access inside Area 51. They have cameras and guards everywhere and it's one of the hardest places to get into on the planet. Paranormal Activity is getting rave reviews, so at least we know the director is competent. This should be great whenever it comes out.

Rorschach90 on Oct 6, 2009


My friend just got cast in this film. It should be great

Barnaby Barrilla on Oct 6, 2009


Thanks for the spoiler about Paranormal Activity Alex -___-. Not all of us had seen it yet, and I wasn't expecting any info about it in a post about Area 51 lmao. gg.

danielvutran on Oct 6, 2009


this is going to give me nightmares I was always afraid of Aliens when i was growing up

DoomCanoe on Oct 6, 2009


I think the "lost footage" strategy for stories like these is the best one. It makes the fiction spring out as if it was reality. Being one of those people who actually doesn't get sick with shaky-cam footage, I'm excited to hear that he wants to do a story around "Area 51" in this style. Something like Area 51 has tons of potential and fertile ground for directors and writers to use, because the technology they deal with has to be kept secret (for international/military purposes). I'm in no way saying there's aliens and stuff inside, but I can certainly go along with it and enjoy the ride when they're put in movies. "Lost footage" stuff is one of my favourite methods of telling a story, particularly if it has elements of fiction that you want to see blend in with reality as best as possible. And to me it's also much more immersive in certain scenarios.

JPCaetano on Oct 6, 2009


That isnt a spoiler jackass. you can tell by the trailer its one demon and one girl.

LC on Oct 6, 2009


Im so happy about Oren Peli's success story. its great to hear about unknown filmmakers who shoot to success. Oh, and i can't wait until Paranormal Activity is released nation wide.

Al on Oct 6, 2009


Of course they won't get into Area 51!!!! Thats why they have movie sets! Blend the footage and no one will know.

jvj the agnostic on Oct 6, 2009


But how will "three teenagers" that are curious make it into area 51 in the movie? Doesn't make any sense. i know it's supposed to be a movie and we can let things slide. But that just sounds ridiculous.

Dan W on Oct 7, 2009


just please, please, please dont make the characters as lame as the ones in that steaming piece of shit know, the kind that you wish would die within the first 5 minutes of the film...other than that , I am excited for this...

moldybread on Oct 7, 2009


#15...LMAO!...i agree !

heN.rY. on Oct 7, 2009


...sorry i meant #14 ! that was funny!

heN.rY. on Oct 7, 2009



Jericho on Nov 25, 2010


this movie completed post production in late 2010 what is the deal with it, im starting to go off it now, as i cannot be bothered wasting anymore time with it, my hopes have exceded, the excitement is down at 0% it will most likely be released October/Halloween for the theme of spooky scary times and if it isnt then screw you Oren Peli!

PaulTheAlien on Mar 15, 2011

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